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Management Consultant specialised in developing transformational rollout strategies and managing the delivery and supervision of change projects.

Projektmanagement Changemanagement Prozessentwicklung Process Development Stakeholder Engagement Project Communications Executive Reporting Prozessberatung
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1 Jahr 3 Monate



development of rollout strategies

Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

PUMA is a German multinational cooperation that manufactures athletic footwear and apparel. Responsibilities include leading roles in different IT Retail projects focussed on global rollout strategies, IT vendor management and the enhancement of current processes and software solutions in various international markets.

  • Vendor management and definition of KPIs for new design and process standards for PUMA?s global Point of Sale (POS) provider, including mobile solution

  • Lead Project Manager responsible for the development of rollout strategies for a new Restock Tool application in diverse international markets

  • Analysing current vendor engagements and developing long-term strategic recommendations for executive stakeholders in IT Retail and related business functions

Dubai / Herzogenaurach
8 Monate



Developing behavioural change materials

Senior Change & Transformation Manager
Senior Change & Transformation Manager

Zalando is the leading E-commerce company in the European fashion retail industry. Responsibilities include roles in different organizational excellence projects related to change and process implementations. Lead roles in strategic initiatives to support growth targets and international expansion with change initiatives focussing on automation on Zalando?s leading platform in the European E-commerce fashion market.

  • Development of an integrated approach for automated communication and order management channels with Zalando?s major global suppliers

  • Developing behavioural change materials and conducting workshops (200+ buyers) to introduce automated communication and new order management processes

  • Establishing standard delivery lifecycle methodology for an integrated approach for data exchange with Zalando?s Top 5 suppliers

  • Managing all senior enterprise stakeholders to drive execution and lead re-scoping exercises for large scale, multi-year, change initiatives

Zalando SE
London / Berlin
1 Jahr 4 Monate



Preparation of a business plan

Founder & Director
Founder & Director

Founded a FinTech start-up to provide a solution for a structural problem in the UK revolving credit market. {Firmname on request} aims at avoiding debt-accumulation and social

problems by connecting savers with borrowers to reduce reliance on traditional banking, allowing for positive profits on deposits and lower credit charges at both ends.

  • Relationship management and stakeholder engagement including UK regulators and 3rd parties specialised in legal, compliance, finance, IT and data security

  • Led the recruiting process and line management of a team of up to 10 professionals working on workstreams including product, operations, regulatory and finance

  • Preparation of a business plan, product roadmap, cost & revenue forecasting, HR planning, marketing strategies and regulatory roadmap

on request
3 Jahre 1 Monat



complexity and fragmentation

Change Management Consultant
Change Management Consultant

Developed standard delivery lifecycle methodology from a project and portfolio perspective in a ~£1bn, multi-year, enterprise outsourcing agreement. Addressing the complexity and fragmentation of operational change initiatives related to Cloud. Managed stakeholder engagement and executive reporting functions in all stages of a large-scale outsourcing deal.

  • Programme Communications Lead for a portfolio of ~£400m annual transformational change projects

  • Assisted the preparation of quarterly funding drawdowns for ~£400m annual transformation programme

  • Established robust governance structures utilising JIRA to ensure attainment of objectives throughout Cloud Target Operating Model projects

Lloyds Banking Group
4 Monate



Planning and deployment

Financial Services Associate
Financial Services Associate

Strategic planning for the deployment and implementation of Target Operating Model changes to achieve technological and operational benefits through Private Cloud. Specialised in stakeholder engagement and executive PMO focused on organisational infrastructure services and technology outsourcing.

  • As-is/to-be analysis of current operating model prior to operational and technical transformation initiatives

  • Supported large-scale change implementations including readiness for and rollout of Private Cloud

Carbonado Ltd.

1 Monat



Master of Science in Management

Master of Science in Management (First-Class Honours), EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
Master of Science in Management (First-Class Honours)
Institution, Ort
EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
  • Semester abroad at Peking University HSBC Business School in Shenzhen, China

1 Monat



Bachelor of Science in General Management and Business Law

Bachelor of Science in General Management and Business Law, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
Bachelor of Science in General Management and Business Law
Institution, Ort
EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht in Oestrich-Winkel, Germany
  • Semester abroad at Jönköping International Business School in Jönköping, Sweden

Top Skills
Projektmanagement Changemanagement Prozessentwicklung Process Development Stakeholder Engagement Project Communications Executive Reporting Prozessberatung
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


Bilingual (German & English) Management Consultant specialised in managing the delivery and supervision of transformational change projects. Adept in all stages from

project scoping to business plan development, transformation execution and multi-project Programme Management Office (PMO) responsibilities. Enabling on time and in

budget project execution with major experience in senior stakeholder engagement. I find excitement in driving data analytics from internal and external stakeholders

across multiple projects to facilitate day to day change coordination, swift management reporting and senior decision making. Responsibilities included the delivery and

documentation of management information to the executive steering committee for a ~£1bn, multi-year, enterprise outsourcing agreement and acting as Communications

Lead in a ~£400mn, multi-project, change programme.

  • Built governance around and ownership of various internal change management tools to ensure compliance with baselined targets including plan, scope and budget

  • KPI tracking and milestone quality assurance at all project stages related to product, operations, regulatory and finance

  • Experienced in supporting waterfall and agile (scrum) delivery methodologies, particularly progress tracking against baselined change execution

  • E2E process management for vendor service engagements including process optimisation, change implementation and regular reviews

  • Experienced in the delivery of organisational restructuring and operating model changes specialising in organizational change

  • Developed and maintained a central reporting dashboard derived from various project initiatives as well as introducing Agile methods to implement and oversee ~£10m Cloud Target Operating Model programme

  • Chaired formal governance forums including weekly working groups, service delivery reviews and daily stand-ups

  • Experienced in setting up weekly governance forums for full RAIDD (risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies, decisions) management and internal documentation

  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office applications and vast experience in stakeholder management which includes writing minutes and actions to support executive planning, decision-making and change implementation for projects including the rollout of cost, information security, automation, testing and risk controls

  • Excellent oral communication and people management skills to ensure active stakeholder engagement and managing teams with a high number of project managers and multiple workstreams

  • High willingness to travel paired with a high degree of experience in working abroad and adapting to new teams and cultures quickly

  • Team player with the ability to motivate teams and raise productivity by implementing robust governance structures to support ad hoc requests and assure delivery in high-pressure project phases


  • Agile

  • Transformational Change

  • Executive Management Information Reporting

  • Project Plan Development

  • Milestone Planning & Dependencies

  • Delivery Governance

  • Cost Forecasting

  • Full Reporting Lifecycle Management

  • Change & Programme Risk Management

  • Process Development & Implementation

  • Change Portfolio Management

  • Project Lifecycle Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement & Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Project Communications

Technical experience

  • MS Office

  • Jira

  • Confluence

  • Clarity

  • CMT

  • SharePoint


2014-10 - 2015-01

Role: Debt and Credit Markets Analyst

Customer: Crédit Agricole CIB, Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


  • Advised on debt issuances and debt restructuring for international corporations with capital demand between ?50-500m

  • Experience includes bond market pricing sheets, currencies, market updates & pricing indicators, data bank updates and deal documentation

2014-07 - 2014-09

Role: Project Manager

Customer: Just Spices Dusseldorf (Germany)


  • Assisted the Board of Directors to develop strategic planning and cost modelling to access the domestic retailer market for a range of groceries and related products

  • Analysing cost-saving potentials from various strategic partnerships focused on corporate expansion and outsourced production stages in diverse European markets

2011-03 - 2011-07

Role: Management Consultant - Financial Services

Customer: Accenture Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


  • Project strategy and analytics on service innovations for financial institutions as part of Accenture?s High Performance Business Programme

  • Experience includes strategic planning, resource allocation, cost forecasting, project planning, stakeholder engagement and reporting

  • Additional work experience includes Commerzbank ? Transaction Banking and the Supreme Court of India ? Legal Assistant

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