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Senior Back-End Developer

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Ganz Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
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Der Experte ist ein festangestellter Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens aus dem IT- und Engineering-Bereich.

10 Monate




Angular JS Spring Boot Swager ...
Working with an agile team to create a modern version of a desktop application used in the medical supply stores, application that facilitates the process of ordering medical supplies by insured patients
  • Implementing various UI components for different modules inside the application 
  • Implementing a payment interface to be used for ECCash payments done through a hardware terminal 
  • Implementing various backend components to be used by different UI components 
  • Integrating a WEB Prescription scanning solution to be used for scanning prescription and attached them to an order created inside the application 
  • Coordinating the team members in order to accomplish faster merges 
  • Testing and reviewing code 
  • Refactoring of the state implementation from NGRX to NGXS
Angular JS Spring Boot Swager RabitMQ Docker
7 Monate



Webtown Austria

Liferay DXP Java Freemarker ...
Customizing Liferay DXP instances for various clients 
  • Setting up content pages in Liferay DXP, setting up structure and the basic parts for content publishers 
  • Implementing custom plugins and fragments to accommodate various customer requirements, not directly supported by Liferay DXP
Liferay DXP Java Freemarker Javascript
8 Jahre 3 Monate



Web service for restaurateurs

React JS String Spring Boot ...
Working on a service that offers restaurateurs the possibility to create, manage, publish and print menus from a single online place. Main Responsibilities 
  • Debugging and improving an already existing version of the theme builder in order to resolve for more of the user needs 
  • Developing menu builder version 2 from scratch using an entirely new concept and technology stack (Lead Developer) 
  • Developing an SVG custom layout manager in order to display the user menu data based on a layout defined by a theme 
  • Developing a Theme Builder, a tool used to create out of the box themes for the user to use to create their menus 
  • Integrating OSCommerce as a ecommerce platform for handling print orders. Implementing various customizations in order to accommodate MHM needs 
  • Re-Implementing the entire payment module in order to integrate with a new payment provider (Recurly) and support multiple functionalities offered by Recurly (multiple plans, upgrade downgrade, automatic refunds, cc validation and declined retry automation) 
  • Being part of the Menu Builder v3 development team, a web based menu builder developed in React and based fully on HTML5 in order to support complex menu design capabilities and conversion to various formats (HTML to JPG/PNG/PDF). My main responsibilities here were to solve various html rendering issues in order to achieve almost identical results on the most important browsers and in the image and pdf exports. Most of these problems involved identifying the root problem of a certain rendering issues and find the right set of HTML components/ CSS rules that are likely to create the exact same result on the most important browsers and in the exported image and PDF. One of the most complex issues here was having the configurable line height of the text being rendered identical everywhere. Another was having the exact same wrapping of the text in a div being the same everywhere
  • Reimplementation of the zoom functionality. 
  • Re implementing the authentication module in order to support single sign in into two web based apps developed independently on two separate environments 
  • Lead developer (and the only developer) of an application that allows menu creation and publishing in the MHM directory. This application is intended to be used by users to create basic landing pages that show well on a mobile devices and desktop, and that can be easily shared using a qr codes
React JS String Spring Boot Struts Tomcat Hibernate jQuery KnokoutJS DWR SVG AsposeWords Eclipse CSS HTM Couchbase Recurly API
1 Jahr 2 Monate




Wordpress HTML CSS ...
Implementation of small and medium dynamic websites in Wordpress or pure php
  • Transferring a few websites from a proprietary CMS into Wordpress. This process involved the conversion of the existing site into a Wordpress site, by making a theme that fits the existing design, or in some cases a new design created by a designer and approved by the customer, and installing and configuring the right plugins to achieve the required set of functionalities. In some cases customization of certain plugins was necessary in order to achieve various effects or functionalities that were not supported out of the box
  • Creation of Wordpress sites from scratch based on a given design and a certain set of requirements
  • Creation of php website from scratch, based on a given design and a given set of requirements
Wordpress HTML CSS React JS Knokout JS PHP Cold Fusion
2 Jahre



Elance Development

Web-, PHP- und Java Developer JDK1.6 Spring Apache Http-Client ...
Web-, PHP- und Java Developer
  • Provide fixes for different JavaScript issues reported by some of my clients on their sites. Most of the reported issues are issues related to Cross Browser Compatibility
  • HTML/ CSS/ JS integration for multiple sites provided as PSD Templates. Some of the HTML integration jobs required additional integration into external CMS such as Adobe Business Catalyst, Square Space, Big Ecommerce
  • Fix different PHP issues that were reported by some of my customers on their sites. These types of issues were encountered mainly to PHP version changes, bad initial implementation that was not build to consider all the required scenarios e.t.c
  • Provide solutions for custom functionalities on Word Press Platform. The things I have implemented in these types of task were custom functions for displaying the posts, theme alterations, payment integration, access external resources such as RSS feeds and other API for external feeds
  • Provide solutions for different performance issues present when transferring larger amounts of data from a PHP server backend to an AJAX caller
  • Working on a visual Designer developed in JavaScript with Servlet backed for making a DHTMLX tag library as easy to use as possible. The prerequisite for this project was a JSP tag library to be used in Java based Web Application for integrating DHTMLX JS library in an easy manner avoiding too much use of JavaScript code inside the JSP pages. My responsibilities were: 
    • To make DHTMLX components such as Grids, Charts, Forms e.t.c available in a component tree from which the user can drag and drop them into a work area as he wanted them to be shown on its web applications 
    • To create a sample spring application that will be used as support for the generated JSP files that resulted from the user work area 
    • To test the whole Designer and Tag Library and report issues for things that were missed in the export process from the Designer equivalent, for things that are not working as expected and for possible features in Jira
JDK1.6 Spring Apache Http-Client AJAX JS (jQuery ExtJS DHTMLX) Eclipse CSS HTML PayPal Api Google Maps API Google Checkout API FTP SSH
Multiple Customers
4 Jahre 10 Monate



Ecommerce applications for pharmacy industry

Project Manager JDK Apache Ofbiz Framework Lucene ...
Project Manager
Build online ecommerce applications (online shops for pharmacies) based upon Apache Ofbiz framework. The Apache Ofbiz version that was used has suffered lots of customizations and performance improvements in order to support multiple medium to large online pharmacies on an already defined hardware infrastructure. 

To be mentioned here that and Apache Ofbiz Instance was customized to host as many online pharmacies as the hardware infrastructure allows. 

The development was split in two areas: admin area and shop area. 

The admin area allow customers to customize things like promotions, blacklists, product descriptions, custom content, user accounts, orders, payment methods, complex restriction based on user credibility ratings e.t.c.

The framework offers connectivity to a lot of external services such as Credit Card Payment Providers, Paypal, User Credibility Service Providers, Address Validation Service Providers e.t.c. 
  • Developer of different modules. (Content Management module, Shop Search module, Price Calculation module ? price is calculated based on different rules that are created depending on the logged customer and product groups, Caching) 
  • Designer for different shop layouts 
JDK Apache Ofbiz Framework Lucene OSCache AJAX JS (jQuery ExtJS) Eclipse CSS HTML FTP Ebay API
9 Monate



Reklama360 ? Private project

JDK1.5 Struts JSP ...
Building an entire application used for tourism locations presentations with virtual tours. The application is composed from two parts: Administration and User UI. Application is built like a framework and offer support for multiple websites. Another website hosted by the same infrastructure is (URL on request)

The administration area provides features for managing the contents presented on the site such as adding locations, upload pictures, add pictures description, publish/ un-publish, set expiration dates for the locations preview each location as it will be presented on the website. The user area provides features for searching, sorting and filtering the location, virtual tour preview for each location, pictures gallery, contact form. 
  • Defining the specifications with the client 
  • Implementing the application features 
  • Provide the design and logo for both applications
JDK1.5 Struts JSP AJAX Hibernate JDBC JS (jQuery ExtJS) Eclipse CSS HTML Photoshop
2 Monate



Webcrawler - Private project

Developer JDK1.5 JDIC Eclipse ...
Desktop WebCrawler
1 Jahr 1 Monat



Hotline Application

JDK1.5 Struts JSP ...
This project was intended for the Hotline department employees of the company. Main features of this project were case management from the creation until closure using different statuses and functions depending on each status, application user?s management, and an additional online chat function (implementing using AJAX Server Push mechanism) that was intended to be used with an in-house software provided by the company to its clients. 
  • Participating in the specification definition process 
  • Implementing the application features 
  • Creating the design of the application
JDK1.5 Struts JSP Servlet Hibernate AJAX JS (jQuery ExtJS) Eclipse CSS HTML
6 Monate



Car Announces Website - Private project

JDK1.5 Struts Tomcat ...
Web based application for managing car announces. This application was intended to provide professional services (price evolution in time, alerts for different announce appearances, price and features comparisons between different announces) for users that want to buy a second hand car. Main feature of this application was the search engine created using Apache Lucene. Additional functionalities: Chart statistics generation using existing announces data , implementation of an external payment mechanism by SMS. 
  • Create the site design and logo 
  • Implement the site functions using Java Struts Framework 
  • Provide a connectivity solution with an external SMS payment service
JDK1.5 Struts Tomcat Eclipse Apache Lucene JFreeChart
9 Monate



Nexus Business Enhancer

JDK1.5 JBoss app server Hibernate ...
Web based service provider platform for more web applications (provider for payment services, subscriber administration, report generator, e.t.c). The purpose of this application was to provide a bridge between more company applications and a list of external payment providers. Using this bridge all the ?client? applications were able to provide different payment methods using a single common service which further becomes responsible with handling the different external payment providers. The implementation of this interface was done using JSF and more exactly the ADF Faces implementation available at that time. The backend services were implemented using EJB. 
  • GUI development (View-Controller part of the MVC) , using Oracle ADF Faces and Java Server Faces
  • Servlets development for simulating different external services to be used as mockup until the actual external services became available. The servlets were implemented following the API documents coming from the external providers
JDK1.5 JBoss app server Hibernate Mysql database ADF framework + JSF Mbean Servlet Ant Clearcase Any
Siemens PSE Vienna
4 Monate




JDK1.5 JBoss app server SEAM ...
Web based application that manages the work resources of a region. This application was intended to provide a matching service between providers and employers from the same area. My main responsibilities were to fix some compatibility issues between different JSF implementations like Trinindad /Tobago/ Tomahawk and to implement custom components to be used by further team members in order to complete full functionalities of the application. The team was a multinational team and the communication was done via skype so the way that the components were provided had to be very precise and required a well done documentation. 
  • GUI implementation using JSF
JDK1.5 JBoss app server SEAM Hibernate Mysql database JSF (MyFaces Trimidad Tobago Tomahawk) Any
Object Vision LTD
4 Monate



CV Track

JDK1.5 JBoss app server Jbuilder ...
Employment process management application which provides functions for register, delete or update recruits information, functions for scheduling the recruits to interviews, functions for sending notifications for the users when recruits are added in the database, updated or programmed to interviews. This was an interesting application because offered me the opportunity to work with Spring framework. Another interesting thing that worth mentioning is the notification service which was created using a JMS queue to register the messages before they were sent by an external application
  • Implementation of the main functionalities 
  • Application Design tuning 
  • Database design tuning 
  • Testing
JDK1.5 JBoss app server Jbuilder Hibernate Spring Framework PostgreSQL database Log4J JMX JMS Any
Siemens PSE Romania
2005 - 2006 (1year): New Home Imob - Real Estate Agency Bachelor Degree Project

Kunde: University of Transilvania - Brasov

A real estate agency web based application used to post real estate announces on the website, searching for announces matching different criteria, view the latest announces, e.t.c. This was only an experimentation project that I have used at my bachelor degree exam.

  • Defining the requirements for the entire application
  • Choosing the technologies to use
  • Designing the database
  • Creation of the web design
  • Development of the entire application

JDK1.4 Eclipse3.0 IDE, Tomcat5.0 , Struts framework, Servlet, Jsp, Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX, MySql

2004 - 2005 (14 months): Web Design

Kunde: Eteric Ro Net

Providing layout designs and HTML integration for company websites. During this time I was working also on small task using PHP with MySql.
  • Design of web pages using AdobePhotoshop CS
  • HTML integrations of the designs using Dreamweaver MX

Photoshop CS, Dreamweaver MX, PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

2 Jahre 11 Monate




Programmer license, Colege of informatics at ?Transilvania? University of Brasov (Romania)
Programmer license
Institution, Ort
Colege of informatics at ?Transilvania? University of Brasov (Romania)
3 Jahre 11 Monate




Programmer license, Computer Science high school of Brasov
Programmer license
Institution, Ort
Computer Science high school of Brasov

Senior Back-End Developer

English excellent
German medium
Italian medium
Romanian native

  • Enterprise Java Web Development (J2EE, Spring, StringBoot, Struts, JSF, Apache Ofbiz) 
  • Frontend development (Angular JS, React JS, Knokout JS, JQuery, AJAX, Node JS, DWR, HTML, CSS, JSP, Tiles, Facelets) 
  • Database programming and normalization techniques (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2) 
  • No SQL Database management (Couchbase) 
  • Java Application Servers (JBoss, Tomcat) 
  • Software integration experience (Ant, Maven, GIT, CVS, SVN, Team City) 
  • Backend Java Technologies (Lucene, Hibernate, Hibernate Search) 

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
  • Graphic tools
    • Adobe PhotoShop
    • Corel Draw
  • Other areas of expertise
    • AWS S3
    • EC2
    • RDS
    • Cloud Front

Windows Linux
Java Php JavaScript
JQuery, KnokoutJS, React, Angular
  • J2EE 
    • Servlets and JSP under Tomcat Web Server Spring 2/3/4
    • Spring Boot
    • Struts 1.2/1.3
    • JSF (MyFaces, Oracle ADF, ICE Faces, Trinidad) 
    • Hibernate
    • Lucene
    • Hibernate Search
    • Apache Ofbiz
    • App Servers
      • JBoss
      • Tomcat
      • Apache
      • IBM WebSphere J2EE design patterns and their implementation Apache Ofbiz 
  • Databases
    • Mysql
    • Progres SQL
    • Couchbase
    • DB2 
  • Web Servers 
    • Apache
    • Tomcat
    • JBoss 
  • Tools/IDEs 
    • Jbuilder
    • Eclipse
    • MyEclipse
    • JDeveloper
    • Photoshop
    • Dreamweaver MX 
  • Web Design 
    • Wordpress themes design
    • Design of Website layouts using Adobe Photoshop
    • HTML integration using Dream Weaver or Eclipse IDE
  • Others 
    • GIT
    • ANT
    • Hibernate
    • Server Push using JSP
    • JPivot
    • Mondrian
    • WordPress
    • Business Catalyst
    • Square Space
    • PayPal API
    • Google Maps
    • Google Checkout
    • Recurly API
Database programming and normalization techniques (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2)
No SQL Database management (Couchbase)
Java Application Servers
JBoss, Tomcat
Building gaming PC?s from components
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