Turnaround-, Krisen- und Programm/Projekt-Sanierungen in Geschäftsprozessen, IT und Fertigung, gerne im internationalen Umfeld, Portfoliomanagement
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Turnaround-, Krisen- und Programm/Projektmanagement/Sanierungen: Geschäftsprozesse, IT


Aarau (+300km) Hongkong (+100km)
Österreich, Schweiz

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Arbeitserlaubnis: CH und EU

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Die folgende Liste beinhaltet die wichtigsten Programmes/Projekte seit 1989:
2017-2018 Development and optimization of new process controlled multilevel go to market concepts in order to improve the whole organization towards business excellence and to become a first class process and digital driven company in the media industry in China. Multiple sites.
2016-2017 Implementation, integration and transition to go live of a fully secured and encrypted hybrid HCM Cloud solution, containing of staff recruiting, scheduling and rostering. Indian offshore process solution PaaS development with cloud integration. This is a worldwide, multiple sites and region oriented implementation for one of the major UN organizations with the main site in Geneva.
2015-2016 Coaching and supporting a transition program to improve the organization towards business excellence and to become a first class process and digital driven company in the Media, Commodities business - Multiple sites, PR China

2015 For the other major Swiss Pharmaceutical Company planning and implementation for the Transformation of the global and decentral demand and portfolio management processes to a centralized solution, containing of centralized Governance and responsibilities.


2014-2015 Development of the initial global Program Management Method Manual for the Diagnostics Division of a major Swiss Pharmaceutical with orientation to the company?s existing processes and to the PMBOK 4th and 5th edition and PMI Program Management 2nd and 3rd edition and supporting Lessons Learned CIP Process implementation.


2014 Situation analysis for a Medical Laboratories company of a Fix Price project in the Arab Region with its own specil culture. Coaching project team in terms of the project method and sustainable financing in a crisis situation. Multi-stage action recommendation for the project and the financing.


2013-2014 Data Center, Turnaround Management with an ad hoc takeover of a new task force to ensure a fast initialisation by full operability for the daily business. Main focus: reducing the amount of tickets, improving the process of performance accounts for the active customer portfolio. Planning with milestones by taking into account the daily business plus the several running competing projects. Environment Linux, IBM Host, Core Processes EDI, SUMEX I+II, DWH, SYRIUS, eClaim, IRIS, Swiss DRG, Workflow/Office Integration CASD


2011-2013 Business Program Management for this Swiss health care insurance, with full business implementation responsibility by a high end-to-end process automation level. Going Live exactly in time after a successful re-launch. Program Size >100 People with Data Centre In-sourcing(!) and operation implementation. Planning the Project Portfolio for the next steps, containing e.g.  Damage and Accident insurance part together with a DWH/BI. Linux Red Hat 6.x Enterprise, Intel x64 Blades, Citrix Clients, Oracle DB, AdCubum Syrius ERP Rel. 3, Abacus Finance and Payroll, Credit Collection, Mass Printing


2010-2011 Media, ICT-Services, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Program Coaching and Support for Business and Accounting processes re-engineering and consolidation. Health Check and Security Review support for the group IT-environment. The project forms the major part of the customer?s ERP process optimization in the field of the Media Business containing bespoke Purchasing, Order Management, Inventory, Financials, Assets, HR and Payroll solution for the HQ and all branches in the country. Intel x86 + x64 systems, Linux, Windows, XML, HTML, PHP, JAVA/J2EE, Open Source CMS


2010-2010 Program Management for and on behalf of this international IT Services Group.
Complementary to the already certified branches have the subsidiaries in Poland, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia been audited and added to the certificate scope of the group?s international ISO 9001:2008 management system.
Sites: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Poland, Swiss HQ, LINUX, Windows Server 2008

2008-2010 Major Premium Automotive, Stuttgart, Sindelfingen, Radstatt, Bremen, etc. Germany
Programme Management containing different different Projects for the upgrade
(PeopleSoft 8/Tools 8.21 to PS 9/Tools 8.49.x) of the highly customized PS HCM/IPW/Paisy
Payroll Solution for ~200000 employees, incl. new developments, i.e. recruitment,
preferable by using standard functionality where possible, incl. migration and rollout
to the different sites.
IBM 590/595 P6, AIX 5.3, IPW Payroll, DB Oracle 11g, PeopleSoft 9 HCM, People Tools 8.49

2008 Major Automotive, Stuttgart, Germany
Project Management Fit Gap Analysis for the upgrade of the highly customized current
HCM/Payroll Solution PS 8 to 9 and People Tools 8.21 to 8.49.x towards standard
functionality. Definition of the new HCM, Payroll and Pension Capital Process Map.
IBM 590/P5, AIX 5.3, DB Oracle 9i, PeopleSoft 8 HCM + IPW Payroll, Tools 8.21

2007 Process Manufacturing, Food Industry, Heidelberg, Germany
Programme Healthcheck/Review for this multi-site, multi-legal entity, multi-organization and multi-language Oracle eBusinessSuite 12, SOA based solution. The implementation was original initialized end 2006 with an eBusinessSuite Solution Partner from India - unfortunately with no real progress. Recommendation was made for the future implementation, the solution objectives and the approach became changed to a more advanced structure. Also is the implementation now part of Oracles early adopter program with direct line to Oracle's US-Development.
LINUX, Dell Xeon, eBusinessSuite 12, Process Manufacturing, Proj. Manufacturing, Supply Chain Mgmt, Order Mgmt, iProcurement, Financials, CRM Suite, Oracle 10g

2007+2009 Legal Expertise, Financial Services Industry, Munich, Germany
Expertise on behalf of a German legal firm for a not successful implemented finance solution. The supplied solution was incomplete and not working as defined. Additional have also critical performance issues been identified. The full solution environment was classified as "business critical".
Red Hat Linux, Intel Xeon, eBusinessSuite 11i Financials, Oracle DB10.2.x

2007 IT Services, Financial Services Industry, Oberhaching, Germany
Supporting a customer to analyze and describe the faults of a by an Oracle Partner supplied and implemented, incomplete, not fully working SOA based financials solution. Oracle eBusinessSuite based. Parts to be specially considered have been the fixed assets depreciations, the balance sheet (HGB and IFRS). This customer is hosting the solution for few financial service companies.
LINUX, HP Intel Xeon, eBusinessSuite 11i Financials, Oracle 9i

2004-2006 Object Leasing, Financial Services Industry, Gruenwald, Germany
Turnaround Programme, overall Programme and Project responsibility (with 7 different Projects) on behalf of the Customer (No.1 in Europe in the competitive world of structured asset finances and investment participations with an investment of approx. 36 billions EUR) for a replacement implementation of the existing financials and the front end systems for up to 2000 companies (leasing objects). Full SOA based solution for the migration of 2000 legal entities (set of books) from different legacy systems to the new one, incl. the automated generation of the balance sheets, Bank transfers, VAT, etc.
Feasibility study for the current and future SOA IT-Environment within the group of companies, ICS, KPMG CISA and Audit financial services compliance attestations for the overall solution.
Intel Red Hat LINUX/XEON, NAS, Oracle 9i, 10g, OAI, eBusinessSuite 11i GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, HRMS; OSO, Contracts, bespoke development in Java, J2EE/Oracle Forms for special complementary functionality.

2004 IT-Services, Hospitality, Bolton, UK + Hamburg/Hannover, Germany
Project responsibility for a new Hospitality Solution, transition to the solution "Oscar light", especially for the European market. Includes marketing mix and sales channels development. Additional was the support organization been build from the scratch.
W2K, XP, LINUX, Oracle 9i, MS-SQL, JAVA, J2EE

2003-2004 IT-Services, Media and ICT, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, China
Analysis and Definition of a bi-language web portal (English and Chinese). Feasibility studies/business projects for different offshore solution projects, to be delivered by mainland Chinese resources/companies.
W2K, Linux, Java, J2EE

2002-2003 IT-Services, ICT-Service Provider, Duebendorf, Switzerland
Conception Support fort the implementation of the IT-Services SOA oriented new architecture around the Oracle Services solution
Windows Server, Oracle eBusinessSuite with CRM GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, INV

2002 IT-Services, Financial Services Industry, Zurich, Switzerland
Pilot Project Collaboration suite, Feasibility and TCO Study for a Global Bank.
Windows Server W2K, Oracle 9i, Collaboration Suite, Oracle Discoverer,

2002-2003 Manufacturing, Locking/Security, Zurich + Herzogenburg, Austria
Project Responsibility, Solution and Conceptual Support, integration of SAP Configurator and feasibility study for additional countries: Sweden, Belgium, etc.
Windows Server W2K, Oracle 9i, eBusinessSuite CRM, Configurator, Order Management, Contracts, Financials, Oracle Discoverer, SOA oriented, JAVA, etc.

2002-2003 Transportation, International Airport, Geneva, Switzerland
Project Turnaround Management, Migration and multi curreny implementation Oracle Financials and HRMS/Payroll from version 10.7 to 11i, additional, implementation of Oracle iProcurement
Windows Server W2K, Oracle 9i, Oracle eBusinessSuite GL, AP, AR, FA, HRMS, Payroll and iProcurement, Oracle Discoverer, currencies CHF, EUR

2001-2002 Pharma, Intermediate Goods, Lugano, Switzerland
Project Coaching to an Italian Oracle Business Alliances Partner, Implementation full ERP system with Process Manufacturing, Financials, HR/Payroll, FDA- Reporting
SUN 8xxx/Solaris, Oracle 9i, Oracle eBusinessSuite GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, INV, PO, OM, OPM, BI, HRMS, Payroll, Oracle Reports and Discoverer

2001-2002 IT-Services, Financial Services Industry, Zurich, Switzerland
Project Management Global Accounting, Feasibility Study, prototype and implementation, Project Executive Support for the Implementation of the Global Enterprise Accounting Reporting system (GEAR)
>10 million postings/hour, 30 accounting segments, up to 2**32-1 Code-Combinations / Accounts, data export for reporting in Sun E15000 (double mirroring, 16 TB Disk, 32 GB RAM), Solaris 9, Oracle 9i, Oracle GL, most advanced GL in the world

2001-2002 Logistics, Steel Trading, Lugano, Switzerland, Farrell, USA
Project Turnaround Coaching to KPMG and IBM, worldwide implementation Oracle Financials and Trading System, JiT-Business Reporting with Oracle Discoverer.
IBM RS6000/AIX and PC's Windows 2000, Oracle 9i/RAC, Oracle eBusinessSuite GL, AP, AR, FA, CE, Treasury, Manufacturing and Distribution, BI, Oracle Reports and Discoverer

2001-2002 Web-Portal, Internet Banking, Zurich, Switzerland
Project Coaching eBanking Project, Financials, fully integrated in a secure Bank environment
W2K, Oracle 9i, Oracle GL, AP, AR, FA, HRMS, Java, HTML, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports

1996-2001 IT-Services, Software Industry, Basle, Bern, Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland
Implementation of different EMEA Quality Management Systems ISO9001 and TickIT for the Business Lines Customer Support, Consulting + Education. ISO 9001, TickIT, Certification.
2x finalist EQA Award Business Excellence, Different Systems

2000-2001 IT-Services, Financial Service Industry, Zurich, Switzerland
BPR, OCM, Project Management, migration/upgrade existing bank accounting solution RWBE form Oracle eBusiness Suite 10.7 to 11.5.4, and to a new hardware and Web access integration in the banking security environment. Increase of the transfer capacity from 400'000 to 20'000'000 Postings/hour, 28 Segments, with up to 250 Mio. Code Combinations (Accounts). Integration to the feeding and reporting systems
Sun E10000 (double mirroring, 4 TB Disk, 8 GB RAM), Sun Solaris 8, Oracle 9i, Oracle GL

2000-2001 HR-Payroll Services, Pharma Industry, Basle, Switzerland
Project Management, Web based front end Remuneration system with integration to SAP HR R3 and Peoplesoft HR, considering the whole existing organization hierarchy.
Sun 4800, Sun Solaris 8, Oracle 9i, Oracle Application server, Apache Web server, HTML, Oracle 11i HRMS, SAP HR 4.6, PeopleSoft HR 8, ITIL, Cristal, JAVA, HTML, Oracle Discoverer

1999-2000 IT-Services, Financial Services Industry, Zurich, London, New York
Programme Management international Oracle Human Resources / HRMIS and Projects Implementation for a Swiss based reinsurance, integrated with local financials and payroll solutions for approx. 60 subsidiaries, incl. world wide rollout. COBIT Framework to secure the needed compliance level.
Sun Solaris 8 and Windows NT, Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 11.03 HRMS, Payroll, Projects, Financials, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports

1998-1999 IT-Services, Pharma/Microbiology, Geneva, Switzerland
Programme Turnaround Management for a recently sold Geneva Company, international Manufacturing and Financials Implementation, using a new build template, approach for approx. 45 subsidiaries, e.g. Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, Israel, Japan, USA, etc.
IBM RS6000, AIX, UNIX, Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 10.7SC, GL, AP, AR, FA, PO, INV, Manufacturing, HR, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports

1996-1999 BPR/IT-Services, Merchandiser, Zug, Dusseldorf, Kowloon, Shanghai
Programme Turnaround Management for an international Merchandising/Order Management (Y2K issue) Programme with 6 Projects, containing of BPR, development and implementation in Switzerland and UK. Rollout in countries like China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, India, Switzerland, UK and Germany.
Online web training and management of the production full support during the first year in production
IBM SP2, AIX, Tivoli, data mirroring between the machines in Switzerland and Kowloon/Hong Kong, Oracle 8i, BPR, Oracle Forms, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Reports, integration of SAP and EDI-Unifact, QC

1995-1998 HRMS/Payroll, Retail/Store Chain, Geneva/Basle, Switzerland
Feasibility Study, Project Management HRMS implementation, incl. integration of the operating data, payroll, finance.
Front end development personal budgeting for 80 stores and distribution centers in an advanced multi lingual environment.
DEC Cluster/OpenVMS, Oracle DB 7/8, Apps 10.5-10.7SC HRMS, Discoverer, Reports

1994-1995 BPR + ISO 9001, Manufacturing, Kitchen Sink, Aarburg, Switzerland
Project Lead on behalf of the customer, BPR + ISO 9001 certification, for the BU's industrial and Kegs.
Intel/Windows, IBM AS400/MAS90

1991-1994 Process Manufacturing, Molding, Reinach/Aesch Switzerland
Programme Management on behalf of the customer, dealing with at least one dozen projects from IT to the High Bay Warehouse. BPR for the plastic cap Production (5-000-000-000/year), with a new printing facility and a new high bay storage. Introduction of an automated quality control system for a molding plant and also for cap printing facilities in accordance with FDA and with ISO 9001.
Intel/Windows, C+, Clipper, DBase

1991-1992 Process Manufacturing, Luxury Watches, Biel, Switzerland
Project Lead re-organization and implementation of a transportation system (AGV) in the new Plant 4 in Biel for clockwork and watch bodies.
DEC MicroVax/VMS, Intel/OS-2, Pascal, Modula, C+

1989-1990 Media-Printing, News Paper Center, Zurich, Switzerland
Over all Project Management responsibility for logistics and EDP: in planning, engineering, RFP's for the logistics and controlling part of the new plant for the in house transportation with AGV's, High Bay Storage, Conveyors, Storage for print roles, cylinders and half and finished Goods.
DEC VAX/VMS, diverse Micro Controller

-> Bisher in einigen Dutzend Programmen/Projekten direkt in Verantwortung, bzw. beteiligt gewesen! Zusätzliche Infos verfuegbar falls gewuenscht.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Enwicklungs-, Projekt-, Qualitaets- und Risiko Methoden: z.B. Prince, Cobit, PMI PMP/PgMP, Oracle, Compass, Christal/ICE, Houston, SAP, Hermes...
Studium Internationales Management, Dipl. Schwerpunkt Projekt Management, Sarasota Fla
Studium BWL, Diplom Betriebswirt AKAD / NKS
Studium Qualitätsmanagement Dipl. (QM, TQM, Audits, Assessments)
Studium Managementlehre, Dipl. AKAD / NKS
Selbststudium Informatik (Programmierung, Analyse)
Studium Elektrotechnik, Ingenieur Schule Zürich, ISZ
Lehre Elektrotechnik/-Planung
IMD Executive Development
HCM Taleo Cloud Solution Training


Für Lieferanten als auch Kunden:

  • Programm/Projekt Krisen und Turnaround Management (Projektsanierungen) für Business- und ICT-Programme/Projekte
  • Portfolio/Programm/Projekt Management +Coaching
  • Governance, Risk, Methoden
  • Qualitaets Management, ISO 9001/TickIT, EQA, SOX


-> Erfolgsreferenzen/Kundenempfehlungen vorhanden



Turnaround-, Krisen- und Programm/Projektmanagement/Sanierungen: Geschäftsprozesse, IT

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Produkte: Oracle, SAP, Peoplesoft, Adcubum, weitere, Standard Applicationen, Web, JAVA/J2EE...
Portfolio Management
Programm/Projekt Turnaround Management
Programm/Projekt Krisen Management
Programm/Projekt Management, oft in internationalen Projekten:
ERP und Personal/Lohn System Implementierungen und Rollouts
Diskret & Prozess Produktion -> System Implementierungen und Rollouts
Cloud Lösungen
Entwicklungen und Anpassungen von und fuer System Implementierungen und Rollouts
Programm/Projekt Coaching
Programm/Projekt Health Checks, Governance
Programm und Projekt Implementierungs Methoden
Methoden Frameworks: Prince, Hermes, ITIL; Cristal, AIM, CDM, PJM, etc.
Programm und Projekt Qualitaets und Risiko Management
Portfolio Management
Trainer fuer Projekt Management,
Trainer fuer Projekt Implementierungs Methoden, Qualitaets und Risiko Management


hab ich ja selbst programmiert, inkl. OS und Debugger!
Amiga OS
sogar selbst programmiert fuer Z80, 8080 und M6809
Mac OS
RTOS (Real Time OS)
SUN OS, Solaris
Windows CE
Seit 1977 mit den verschiedensten OS's zu tun gehabt, teils selbst noch RealTime OS programmiert!


verschiedenste in den letzten 3 Jahrzehnten, selbst aber nur div. Assembler, Macroassembler, C, PL/1, PLM, Pascal, Fortran, Modula und ADA benutzt


Lotus Notes
diverse in den letzten Jahren, aber nur sehr beschraenkt selber programmiert


Internet, Intranet
LAN, LAN Manager
parallele Schnittstelle
X.400 X.25 X.225 X.75...
Diverse, z.B. EDI/Unifact, Webservices


in der Armee
Data General
Airport Geneva
embedded Systeme
Fuzzy Controller
Hardware entwickelt
bei der Firma Digitron, ISPAG
IBM RS6000
Metro, Duferco
bei der Firma Digitron
Digitron, Kull
Proprietäre HW
verschiedenste in der Automation
Steuer und Regelsysteme
Oracle diverse Kunden
Coop Wangen
Seit 1977 mit den verschiedensten Hardwaren zu tun gehabt, teils selbst dafuer programmiert


Sehr breites Spektrum:






Finanz, Bank, Investment

Gesundheitswesen, Medizin, Pharma


Industrie, Produktion







Transportation, Bahn, Airline





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