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1 Jahr 8 Monate
2022-02 - heute

Interim IT Projects

Senior .NET Developer
Senior .NET Developer
on request
8 Monate
2021-06 - 2022-01

A telemetry service for vending machines

Full-stack developer .Net Framework4.8 Web API ASP.NET MVC ...
Full-stack developer

A telemetry service for vending machines that gives a complete overview of the state of the vending machine, allows tracking its statistics and managing both maintenance and service. Operators can remotely control their machines and make a deposit, reset the machine or change the prices. Different vending machines can be connected to SmartVend: washers, coffee machines, snack machines, game attractions, lockers, self-service laundromats and many others.

  • Full cycle of implementing front-end, back-end, unit and integration tests.

.Net Framework4.8 Web API ASP.NET MVC SQL Server VS Studio 2019 Git TFS Dapper Automapper jQuery JavaScript NUnit MSTest
8 Monate
2019-06 - 2020-01

A solution to improve the available software for cash registers

Full-stack developer .Net Core 2.2 Web API Sql Server NLog ...
Full-stack developer

Our team developed an innovative system that consists of two parts - the admin panel and the user interface panel. The system is designed to work in both offline and online modes and continues to save data even if the connection to the Internet is lost (by storing the data on local servers). Once the connection is restored, the system synchronizes with an online database and transfers all the data to the online storage. Such an approach enables secure data backup. One of the challenges that the team successfully resolved was writing different drivers specifically for Android and Linux platforms since the initial version of a product supported Windows only. The solution includes the functionality for uploading an Excel document with a list of all the products to the system so the system can automatically process it and add each product to the database. One more notable feature is a distributed server load which is especially beneficial for the big chain stores.

  • Implementing back-end part and web admin panel

.Net Core 2.2 Web API Sql Server NLog Swagger. VS Studio 2019 Bitbucket
3 Monate
2019-04 - 2019-06

A restaurant directory and loyalty program

front-end developer Reactjs TypeScript SASS ...
front-end developer

A platform that connects restaurants that offer special discounts with its cardholders. A client's card can be purchased either on a website or via a mobile application. Both apps have an integrated map and an option of advanced filtering to help the customers quickly find a restaurant of choice in the nearby area. As well, the service uses the customers' history data to automatically provide the most relevant recommendations and display them on a map.

  • implementing front-end part, html markup based on design templates
Reactjs TypeScript SASS CSS HTML5 VS Code Bitbucket
4 Monate
2018-10 - 2019-01

Graphical Planning Board

Back-end developer .NET 4.7.1 C# MSSQL ...
Back-end developer

A graphical planning board for local and international bus drivers based on the Gantt chart for Navision (Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client using .NET Control Add-in)

  • Extended Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client using .NET Control Add-in (Netronic VARCHART XGanttChart control) contained the Gantt chart for Navision.
.NET 4.7.1 C# MSSQL Dynamics Nav Netronic XGanttChart control Azure DevOps VS 2017
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2017-06 - 2018-10

A tool to drive business automation and IT alignment

Back-end developer .NET 4.7.1 C# MSSQL ...
Back-end developer

A tool to drive business automation and IT alignment for companies across various domains. Our team was working on Storyteller - a Blueprint's main product. Storyteller's visual modeling enables business and IT stakeholders to collaboratively define customer journeys, value streams, and business processes. Workflow feature enforces Standardization, task assignment and the automation of common manual tasks. It helps stakeholders to automate business alignment throughout solution planning and delivery.

  • implementing new features for the back-end part of development, bug fixing, and writing unit tests
  • responsible for integration tests

.NET 4.7.1 C# MSSQL GitHub Dapper Jenkins Jira VS 2015
6 Monate
2016-07 - 2016-12

Implementation of API and business logic

Full-stack developer Visual Studio Agile TFS ...
Full-stack developer

Project - E-learning solution for staff training, testing and certification.

  • Implementation of API and business logic for new parts of the application

Visual Studio Agile TFS .Net 4.5 C# Asp.Net MVC 5 Angular 2 Web API LINQ LESS/CSS MS SQL 2012 Entity Framework 6 Azure
8 Monate
2015-12 - 2016-07

Implementation of new features and API

Full-stack developer .Net 4.5 C# Asp.Net MVC 5 ...
Full-stack developer

Corporate application for HRs and employees of a company designed to simplify communication between employees, automates many HR processes, improve corporate life and speed up new employees' adaptation.

  • Implementation of new features and API
  • Improving website to responsive design supported by mobile devices

.Net 4.5 C# Asp.Net MVC 5 Angular 1 Web API LINQ JavaScript jQuery HTML LESS/CSS MS SQL 2012 Entity Framework 6
8 Monate
2015-05 - 2015-12

Implementation of company management module

Full-stack developer Visual Studio JIRA Agile ...
Full-stack developer

Corporate schedule management system - provides a simple solution to managers and business owners for managing staff time off. The system can cover an array of different leave types including, annual leave, sick leave, force majeure, maternity leave etc. Provides functionality to create, request and approve days off, manage holidays and non-working days on various levels (country-wide, company-wide, etc.)

  • Implementation of company management module and leaves and absences management module
  • Multilingual support
  • Responsive design supported by mobile
  • Implementation of Azure Web Jobs, which generates and sends email templates

Visual Studio JIRA Agile SVN Cl Bamboo .Net 4.5 C# Asp.Net MVC 4 Angular Web API LINQ LESS/CSS MS SQL 2012 EF 6 Azure
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2013-09 - 2014-12

Redesign the style of the project

Full-stack developer C# .NET 4.0 ASP.NET Web Forms/MVC4 ...
Full-stack developer

Education project for schools focused on creating HTML5-based books for reading on Android or iOS. Set of online portals and services - Coordinating take-back processes for mobile devices with a network of repair partners.

  • Redesign the style of the project.
  • Deploying portals into production.
  • Localization project to several languages.
  • Redesign database.

C# .NET 4.0 ASP.NET Web Forms/MVC4 MS SQL Server HTML/HTML5 JavaScript (jQuery/ AJAX) CSS/CSS3
1 Jahr 1 Monat
2012-09 - 2013-09

Developed new specific sub-parts

Back-end developer ASP.NET Web Forms/MVC MS SQL Open XML
Back-end developer

Online reporting systems for internal corporate usage by top market players in Pharmaceuticals.

  • Participated in the development and support of the project. Developed new specific sub-parts for clients, based on existing site-template functionality.
  • Profiled and optimized SQL query execution.

2 Jahre
2010-10 - 2012-09

Participated in the development and support

Full-stack developer .NET 3.5 C# WPF ...
Full-stack developer

The drawing and ordering System allows the creation of personal wardrobes and cabinets for local dealers with different licenses, variations of interior accessories, colors and sliding doors. It includes 2D/3D-model building, viewing and invoices for clients.

  • Participated in the development and support of the project. Detected and fixed memory leaks.
  • Decompiled and fixed some bugs in application components by using .NET Reflector.
  • Migrated database from MS Access to MSSQL.

.NET 3.5 C# WPF MS Access MSSQL

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Belarusian National Technical University Major in Information Processing and Displaying


Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


  • I have over 11 years of extensive experience and hold the position of senior .NET Developer with a focus on Web Applications.
  • I am hardworking, responsible, aspire to obtain new knowledge and am experienced in working both in a large team and independently.
  • I effectively combine solid technical and analytical skills and I have participated in all phases of the enterprise project lifecycle including requirements development, creation of automated tests suites, functional, technical and training documentation, post-live support.

IDE/Development Tools

  • Visual Studio
  • IIS
  • Fiddler
  • Postman
  • NPM
  • Webpack
  • Confluence
  • Visual Studio Code
  • ActiveDirectory

Development Technologies

  • .NET Framework
  • ASP.Net MVC
  • ASP.Net WebForms
  • ADO.Net
  • AJAX
  • WinForms
  • Entity Framework
  • ASP.Net Web API
  • Dapper
  • jQuery
  • NLog
  • NPM
  • Automapper
  • CSS
  • Preprocessors (Less, Sass)
  • .NET Core
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Signal R
  • JWT Bearer
  • WPF
  • Silverlight
  • Vue.js
  • Xa marin.Forms
  • ReactJS

CI/CD Tools

  • MSBuild
  • Jenkins
  • JetbrainsTeamCity

Issue Tracking / Version Control System

  • Jira
  • SVN
  • TFS
  • Git
  • GitLab
  • GitHub
  • Bitbucket

Development Methodologies

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Waterfall


Visual Basic


MS SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
MS SQL Server CompactEdition (CE)
Azure SQL Database

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