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Senior C# Backend Developer (.Net Core bzw. .Net 5.0), DevOps & Test Automation

C# Java REST ELOenterprise Test Automation Document Management System Ant Subversion ZeroC Ice-Framework WebsphereMQ Visual Studio Skype4Business MXML Murex SQL ASP.Net WebAPI Git Linux Docker Resharper Aspose Gradle Asterisk
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2018 - 2020

Customer: EURO-LOG AG ? (Hallbergmoos, Germany)

Role: Solution Architect and Senior Software Developer

As Senior Software Developer designed and implemented

  • Build Automation using gradle and the msbuild-plugin
  • Test Automation as a hybrid test console for instant test execution or generation of test case
    files for existing old test automation used by QA-department.
  • Customer's Portal Integration using SAML
  • Extended Transport Management System to customers' needs

As Solution Architect and Senior Software Developer designing and implementing new Container
Management System (Management of repositioning empty containers to suppliers).

2007 - 2017:

Customer:Consultant for UBIS part of UniCredit Group(Munich, Germany),
Role:Chief Architect and Lead Tester

Working in a highly demanding Markets & Investment Banking environment led the software
development and testing activities for proprietary Interest Rate, Credit and Commodity indicative
pricing system which supports two of the 3 largest business lines in the UniCredit Investment Bank.

  • As the Chief Architect (on a team of 9 people) designed and implemented full production
    infrastructure for a rich web-based application used by over 1000 financial product
    strategists and sales representatives
  • Implemented the RESTful pricing interface respecting the HATEOAS principle
  • Integrated Skype4Business-chat to allow web-users to get help from product experts
  • Built up distributed computing using the ZeroC Ice-Framework
  • Set up the web environment and produced software for customized release
    management required for agile and flexible development of the system
  • Provided in-depth technical and user support
  • Managed production infrastructure through coordination with IT on server, router,
    proxy set-up, load balancer, etc.
  • Coordinated application release on the global intranet: New York, London, Munich,
    and Eastern Europe.
  • As the Lead Testing Engineer conceptualized and implemented a sophisticated and RADcompatible (semi-weekly releases) testing environment
  • Led and performed the testing activities, including designing and executing test cases
    and strategy, for both infrastructure and business components of the system. Dealt
    with the fast-changing environment and functionality by closely interacting with
    customers, business analysts, and financial engineers to determine the critical
    updates and the most effective test approach.
  • Maintained the extensive and critical testing backbone including the computing grid
    required for computationally intensive tasks performed by the system which were to
    be tested
  • Coordinated with developers to keep track of all changes and bug fixes, develop
    unit-testing, test all new components, and still keep in line with the tight deadlines
  • Performed and coordinated all standard and feature-specific release tests with
    extensive documentation which was critical because the size of the trading position
    would mean that even slightest unchecked differences could turn into potentially
    large losses
  • As Build Engineer implemented customized build automation software in order to
    continuously build checked in code and perform intraday testing using Ant, Apache
    Continuum and other tools
  • Coordinated with team members globally (London, Milan, Munich) to make sure critical
    deliveries are made on time


C#, ASP.NET WebAPI, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, Web Services, ZeroC Ice,
Aspose, Skype4Business, Windows, Ant, Gradle, Subversion
Team: Quant IT for Exotic Interest Rate and Credit Products, Markets and Investment Banking

2002 - 2006

Customer: Consultant for BMW AG ? (Munich, Germany),
Role:Infrastructural, Release, and Testing Engineer

As Requirements, Testing, and Release Manager for BMW Vehicle Configurator (internet
application to configure BMW vehicles) worked with national sales companies and third party
contractors to roll out new features and maintain a productive web platform used by BMW
customers globally

  • Worked with customers in 9 countries (e.g. www.bmw.es) to collect requirements
  • Compiled and specified requirements for developers
  • Maintained the testing environment, developed and executed test plans
  • Rolled out new features as well as new localized sites to production
    Technologies: Java-Applet, Java-Servlet, BEA-Weblogic, Oracle, Windows, Unix, VMWare, Ant.
    Rotated through several critical projects in the company as Software Testing Engineer
  • On the MILES project (Management Information and Logistic Expert System) worked with
    responsibility in the conceptual design of test specifications, test execution and
  • Planned and executed test scenarios for Logistic Expert System for automation of cars'
    shipping from the plant to the reseller. Compiled and presented reports to upper
    management on stability, performance, and reliability of the application.
  • Planned and performed tests on BMW human resources planning and management
    information tool (web application). Focus was on data exchange with external applications
    like SAP and other proprietary systems.
    Technologies: J2EE, Java-Applications, BEA-Weblogic, SAP, Windows, Unix, Oracle, Precise,
    Toad, JUnit, Loadrunner, Winrunner, XML.
    Worked as Software Engineer on BMW workflow management system for product recalls (web


Java-Servlets, BEA-Weblogic, Windows, Unix, Oracle, Toad, stored procedures.
Team: E-Commerce and others

Since 1992

Customer: Hebel Consulting GmbH (Munich, Germany) 
Working for my own company (formerly Latest IT - Office Solutions) which specializes in
delivering full solutions for companies and individuals in computer networks & telecommunications
area and is partner of Lancom Systems and ELO Digital Office GmbH.

  • as a Field Engineer analysed customers? processes and requirements and provided
    conceptional design of possible full integrated solutions
  • installed, configured and maintained LANs (incl. servers, routers, VPN, WLAN, unified
    messaging systems), telephone systems (ISDN and VoIP) and ELOenterprise document
    management systems.

1996 - 2002

Fernuniversität Hagen, Hagen, Germany. Business Economics: information systems,
fiscal law, business law. Thesis research focus: application usage and human/computer interaction
analysis (BMW Car Configurator as test application).

English spoken and written
French Basic language
German Nativ
Italian spoken and written
Portuguese Basic language
Spanish spoken and written

Top Skills
C# Java REST ELOenterprise Test Automation Document Management System Ant Subversion ZeroC Ice-Framework WebsphereMQ Visual Studio Skype4Business MXML Murex SQL ASP.Net WebAPI Git Linux Docker Resharper Aspose Gradle Asterisk
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Programming languages:
C#: 14 year experience. Development and testing (financial analysis & logistics applications).
Java: 9 years experience: Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Applets
HTML, Javascript: intranet applications, development of customers' websites.

Relational Databases:
SQL: 24 years experience, database design, development of stored procedures, application
integration (PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2)

Operating Systems:
Windows 30-years experience at system administrator level: Win NT - Win 2012 R2, Win 3.1 - 10
Unix 9-years experience using Solaris
Linux 19-years experience (administration and deployment of RHEL)

Products and Tools:
ZeroC Ice: 11 years experience. Implementation of distributed computing.
Asterisk: 10 years experience. Installation and configuration of PBX systems for VoIP.
Selenium WebDriver: 3 year experience. Implementation of automated web application testing.
ELOenterprise DMS: 7 years experience. Installation, maintenance and user workshops

Internet Protocol: 28-years experience in installation and configuration of LAN, WAN, Router, VPN,
Wifi, Wifi-Controller, services DNS, DHCP, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP(S), FTP, SSH/SCP, SIP, QoS
Analogue PSTN: 27-years experience: PBX
Digital PSTN: 23-years experience: PBX, ISDN BRI (PTP, PTMP), protocols X.75, V.110, V.120

Software Development & Testing:
14 year experience. Development of financial analysis applications & test automation in C#.
9 years experience. Development and execution of test plans for J2EE applications. JUnit.

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