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IOS, IOS SDK, Objective-C, Xcode IDE, Swift

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Der Experte ist ein festangestellter Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens aus dem IT- und Engineering-Bereich.

2 Jahre




KOMPASS-Wanderkarten is an app that offers access to real hiking maps and over 1000 editorially approved hiking tours - offline uses included. collaborated productively with product managers and designers in order to adapt the release cycles according to the changes worked on redesigning and implementing new features using the MVVM architecture, proactively make UI/UX suggestions in order to maintain consistency between iOS and Android make architectural decisions and continued to refactor the app while implementing new features creating databases using CoreData to handle online/offline usage updating CocoaPods dependencies developing unit tests for testing the most important parts of the app 
5 Jahre 4 Monate




  • An app that allows to view the conference's information, event details, session titles, speakers and all other data about the Codecamp Conferences. implemented the app from scratch. I was responsible for maintaining the app and publishing in App Store creating the design of the app maintained Swift code developing the app architecture following the MVC design pattern. working with MapKit - CLGeocoder, Local Notifications, Notification Service Extension 

  • A trivia music game that offers different ways of playing. Also, it has a social network part that is based on user location. handled a huge codebase written in Objective-C. integrated new RESTful web services worked with the design team to improve the UI/UX for a better user experience, and also to fit it on all of the new iPhone?s ratio created a complex customized layout, improved the user experience by adding custom transitions and animations developed features like 1vs1 game, In-App Purchase, Geolocation, Preferences. Added social media integration, including Google and Facebook. refactored parts of the app using Swift, AutoLayout and Storyboards 

  • A platform for software management. The application is based on the public Planbox API, and it contains only parts of the features. added new features based on the REST API provided by Planbox - Task sort, Task filter, Task editor prepared the app to be deployed on iPad by implementing a new navigation flow. Refactoring some of the old screens to be reused, adding specific views for iPad designed UI for the new features migrated app to swift 3.0 improved UX on iPhones that has smaller size

A monitoring app designed to improve technician's work
  • Through the app, technicians can check their schedules can see all the equipment orders they have made, can place new orders, can monitor working time and more. working as a team extension learned development and delivering best practices - implemented automation testing, unit testing, advanced git concepts, demos, continuous delivery, etc. implemented several features, including a Side Menu, Orders screen, Calendar screen 

An app designed for smart buildings
  • The app can be used to open the doors, call elevators, grant access to visitors even if the user is not home. developing the project using VIPER architecture collaborated with design and product teams to design improvements to UI/UX by revising navigation workflow, simplifying layout integrated Alamofire for the networking layer, and Starscream for WebSocket communication implemented Login/Registration, Onboarding flow, Settings screen creating different reusable views 

Application for the survey of equipment that combines elements of both native apps and web applications
  • The app offers the possibility to read QR codes, scan NFC tags and monitor regions for beacons. integrated CoreNFC for scanning NFC tags implemented beacon monitoring logic implemented WKWebView to handle the login process

2012 - 2015
Study - Computer Science
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi
Degree: Bachelor

Romanian native
English Professional working

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Swift Objective-C iOS SDK 3rd party SDKs and API(S) integration Xcode IDE iOS Attention to detail
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