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2017 - 2021: PR

Role: PR-specialist

Customer: Phystech Schools Development Fund

2017 - 2017: Economics and Finance

Role: Assistant Vice-Rector for Economics and Finance

Customer: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

2020 - 2022

Skoltech, Moscow, Russia

Major: Applied mathematics and Physics

2020 - 2022

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Major: Applied mathematics and Physics

2021 - 2022

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Major: Science-intensive technologies and economics of innovations

2016 - 2020

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia

Major: Applied mathematics and Physics

Bachelor?s thesis: Spectroscopic study of LiNiPO4 crystal

BSc thesis:

Polarized IR reflection spectra at wide temperature range were measured on a Fourier spectrometer using a helium bolometer in a wide spectral range (50?5000cm?1). The sample was cooled in a closed-cycle helium cryostat. Processing of the spectra with the dispersion analysis made it possible to obtain the parameters of optical phonons (the SCOUT and RefFit programs were used). Using the structural data, we performed a group-theoretical analysis. Spin-phonon and spin-electron interactions were observed with the frequency shifts of the absorption peaks at Neel temperature.

Industrial immersion 2021:

The task is to calculate and study the structure of the ground state of a two-dimensional electron system with a strong Coulomb interaction in a quantizing magnetic field (integer quantum Hall effect mode). This is to be done in the basis of exciton birth/death operators, which should be presented as a structure in C++ program, then the matrix of Coulomb Hamiltonian should be constructed and eigenstates found. I have realized a C++ class of multiexciton operator. Then I have made a lot of algebraic operations (summarizing, multiplying, commutation and so on) and function, which initialize a basis in terms of excitonic operators. As a next step, I?ve realized the function. Finally, I have made a function, which calculate the equation for Coulomb Hamiltonian. As a next step a matrix A should be calculated. The eigenvectors of this matrix should be found. But to realize this calculation it requires to use Python code.

MSc thesis:

The spectroscopy investigation were continued. Polarized IR transmission spectra were measured in spectral range 15 ? 150cm?1. Six of seven spin excitations were observed. Four resonance frequencies and amplitudes of modes have been calculated theoretically by me with the Landau-Lifshitz equation. Three another lines were supposed to be two-magnon interactions. Some absorption lines of spin excitations are also observed in the paramagnetic phase due to the long-range order correlations. The temperature dependence of magnetic order parameter has been plotted and showed, that lithium orthophosphate is 2D-magnet.

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Website design mobile Anwendungen
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knowledge of LaTeX

C C++

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