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Software Development Project Management Solution Architect Scrum JIRA Agile C C++ C# J2EE Spring Boot Hibernate MSSQL-Server Oracle MongoDB Apache Cassandra SOLID SOA Design Pattern Python Linux RedHat MacOS Unix Microsoft Server
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4 Jahre 6 Monate



Sr. Manager - Software Engineering

Software Engineering Agile SCRUM C# ...
Software Engineering

• Accountable for the delivery of software development teams spanned across multiple locations (Houston-USA, Celle-Germany and India)

• Responsible for identifying, analysing, measuring & managing risks from delivery perspective.

• Responsible for the preparation, active tracking and managing of Project Plan, Schedule and Key Performance Indicators.

• Ensure effective quality control processes are in place to monitor deliverables produced.

• Working close with Product Line, SMEs, Product Owner group to create release plans aligned with the product roadmap.

• Lead the Architecture & Delivery Workgroups.

• Preparing and cascading project status reports to key stakeholders and upper management.

• Augmented software development teams for different product lines and managed the work from inception till finding out successors to lead those product developments.

• Key stakeholder in a product development which does analyse the drilling data for benchmarking and predictive analytics. Currently this data is learned to develop an adequate model and tune it for developing software simulators to simulate downhole conditions w.r.t. formation evaluation.

• Possess strong mentoring skills and managed approx. 30 direct reports before the organisation moved to helix model.

• Effectively lead teams and inspired others to achieve their goals.

• Identify strengths and weaknesses of team members to improve team interaction, motivates the team and effectively organize team work.

Agile SCRUM C# Spring Boot Java Python Cassandra SQL Server
International Oil & Gas Corporation
USA, Germany, India, Remote
8 Jahre 2 Monate



Software Engineering

Project Manager C# WPF Spring ...
Project Manager

Major project includes:

  • UServer – A java based application, mainly focusing on customer, order, license and machine management. Used effectively in production control and workflow management of Production Company business cases. The client side was implemented using Java, Spring MVC and the service layer used Java, Spring and Hibernate
  • ECM Suite – A flagship product of German GmbH. ECM suite provides the facility to capture, manage, preserve and deliver contents and documents related to organizational processes. It has got a thick client interface developed using Java Swing and web-based interface developed using Vaadin framework. The business layer is implemented using JAX-WS, which returns corresponding results or service faults.
  • SpotMarker – A C# and WPF based HMI application used to drill specific shapes in metal plates which is widely and commonly used for German railways. The application uses a 2D view of circular/ring shape/s. Complex calculations and mathematical formulas are used for drawing circle in various patterns like rectangle, ellipse and also for creating transformations. The module for exporting the circle attributes after calculating the least distance optimal path for drilling purpose was also calculated.
  • Prodobo – A web application, which is intended to capture the activities and processes of an organization most comprehensive and detailed. The aim is to achieve a high level of transparency in the companies in which even extensive processes can be visualized using a simple modelling approach, in which several people may be involved in parallel. Though clear vision of responsibilities and stringent role descriptions, even complex processes can be detected by a simple operating concept. The project was developed using JEE, spring, JSF, JAX-RS, Maven and Tomcat.
C# WPF Spring Java MS Project JIRA MySQL JSF JAX-RS Apache Tomcat Maven WPF
Diverse Customers
3 Jahre 7 Monate



Software Delivery & Client Accounts

Senior Manager JEE REST Android ...
Senior Manager

• Consultant and SME in the design & development of various Human machine software’s communicating with Siemens PLCs to automate the production line for Production Company.

• Successful in hiring and managing an offshore development teams for German GmbH and established processes for effective execution. Managed this account from 2012 till 2016.

• Successfully hired and managed the delivery of the offshore developments for German GmbH and established processes for effective execution. Managed this account from 2014 till 2016

• Worked as an Account Manager for German AG offshore teams and established processes for effective execution.

• Enabled to transform teams in data analytics using Hadoop/MapReduce/HBase framework.

Designed and Developed few short-term projects:

  • Application-energy monitoring & management app.Developed REST based service layer to cater the requests from Apps developed using Android and iOS SDKs
  • REST based service layer using JAVA/JEE for Yachting-11, a mobile App to cater all kind of sailors who owns different kinds of Yachts
  • Java based HTTP server as micro service– interact to a Spring HttpInvoker and then communicates over HTTP/HTTPS
Spring Boot Java Mongo DB Hadoop C# Apache Cassandra MS SQL Server
JEE REST Android iOS SIMENS PLC Hadoop MapReduce HBase Android SDK iOS SDK Agile Scrum
Diverse Customers
OnSite, Offshore
3 Jahre



Software Engineering

Technical Lead C# WPF S7 ...
Technical Lead

Major project includes:

  • Geotzfried Timeticket – Developed a Java based application, which mainly focused on themanagement of wok rate, timetickets and scheduling of tasks for the employees. Theclient side was implemented using JSF and the service layer in REST, Java Spring and Hibernate.
  • Procuction Company embossing software–Developed and Customized the HMI of Embossing software of Company Machines for their different client locations. The HMI is connected to Siemens PLC which is then control different sensors, relays and hydraulic components.
  • Greenearn - Designed and involved in the development of the green-earn application which reward green points to every day consumers who help preserving the environment through their daily environmental actions. The services offered to its Members and Partners where developed using J2EE, Java Web Services, MySQL and deployed in Glassfish container.
  • Mailfinder - This MS Outlook plugin project for Machines SSH International, it was developed using C# and utilized the power of WCF. Applicationis mainly for filing the mailitem and taskitem of outlook under different projects. It communicates with legacy software named Archetype.
  • ECM Suite - Involved in the migration work from Axis1 to JAX-WS. The web service was to change from rpc:encoded to document:literal model, created service wrapper for client side and also implemented the “dataonly on demand“ workflow.
  • Opticare - Designed and involved in the development of the web based application aimed at streamlining and controlling the day?to-day working of home care providers in the UK. The application was developed using ASP.NET using C#, many business cases were realized in Stored procedures using PL/SQL.
C# WPF S7 Spring Oracle MSSQL J2EE JAX-WS JSF WPF WPF ASP.NET Siemens PLC PLC programming
Diverse Customers
7 Jahre 3 Monate



Software Engineering

Senior Software Engineer JEE EJB Visual C# ...
Senior Software Engineer
  • Process Component (Graph) – Software component developed for German Company, which is a high performance process monitoring line/bar graph component which can be dynamically rescaled and resized in all directions. The software component is being used for their QA check and control process in production system.
  • Easy Upload - developed for Machines at German Company. An applet used to upload the pictures to the server. Supports various types of images which being converted to JPEG. For faster uploads chunking is also enabled. This tool was developed using Java, JAI in Linux platform.
  • Campaign Engine - developed for Company, Norway is a campaign engine designed for running campaigns via Internet, email and SMS. It is anideal tool for marketing analysts and non-techie business users. This tool was developed using Struts MVC with Java and Hibernate.
  • Automatic Embossing Software - developed for Machines at Production Company, is a product, which communicates with Siemens PLC through RS232 interface. A basic workflow is part of the product, which is then customized to their client requirements. This product was developed using Visual C# and SQL Server as database.
  • Human machine Interfaces - developed for Machines at Production Company for their registration system application. Developed software by defining protocols to communicate with F+D Card printer, F+D Label Printer, Zebra Barcode Printers. These products were developed using Visual C# and MS SQL Server as database.
  • Designed and developed an Online Shop for Company Inc, USA. Project deals with online shopping both for buying and selling. Credit card validation has been done using secure Google checkout API. The web front-end was developed using Struts MVC and the Business logic implementation was done using EJB’s. The application was deployment in WebLogic
JEE EJB Visual C# PLC RS232 Struts MVC SQL Server Hibernate
5 Jahre 1 Monat



Software Engineering

Software Engineer C++ Java SQL ...
Software Engineer
  • Developer for projects using technologies C++, TCL, Java, SQL & PL-SQL
  • FormsRec – Customization of this ICR software using TCL/TK programming languages to adapt different workflows for the clients.
  • Instant Site - developed for an ISP in Netherlands was a tool mainly for their subscribers to create their own websites with a few mouse clicks with the help of some predefined templates. The project was developed using Java, Servlets and MySQL
  • E-Marketing tool – developed for Company, has the capability to handle the marketing strategies. This toolkit has automatic response tracking system and can generate various reports and send it to the administrators. The project was developed using Java, Servlets and MySQL. 
  • DocNet – This web based engine is a web engine capable of satisfying most the web-??portal requirements of doctors as well as patients through the medium of Internet. Docnet has many features likes appointment system, statistical analysis reports, Medical history tracking, address management and search features. This project was developed using Java, Servlet, JSP and MySQL.
  • D’bookcase developed for Company in Netherlands, is a product specially designed for the antiquarian booksellers in EMEA. The tool is a multi-??user program with Authorization, Import/Export of existing data, Extensive reporting and History maintenance of books and customers. The product was developed using Delphi and Oracle Database.
  • Invoice Management tool - for German Company. This intranet--?invoicing tool for their “medical picture website”. This invoicing tool will collect the download information from the server and on the basis of this; it will prepare invoices for their clients. This tool was developed using PHP and MySQL database
C++ Java SQL Pl-SQL TCL Oracle PHP MySQL Delphi JSP Servlet TCL/TK
1 Jahr 1 Monat



Software Engineering

Software Engineer C++ Java ASP ...
Software Engineer
  • Designed and developed an e-commerce application for a EastCoast based company, for their registered users to buy the listed products online. Admin part was also developed where the administrator maintains the site, listing of products etc.
  • Developed a product “Cyber Manager” for which helps the web browsing centres. The product is developed using Java Sockets, which in turn communicates with the Linux server to serve Internet connections after authentication.
C++ Java ASP SQL Server Java Sockets PL-SQL
Several Customers
1 Jahr 11 Monate



Project Executive

Developer C Pro * C SCO Unix ...
  • Implemented the product “C-TRA” at different locations of “Department of Telecommunications, India” and customized the product according to the different business rules.
  • Designed and Developed couple of data conversion programs to read data from existing files and dBase database and transfer the data into Oracle after validations
C Pro * C SCO Unix Unix Scripting PL-SQL

6 Jahre 5 Monate



Information Technology

Master of Science, Annamalai University, India
Master of Science
Institution, Ort
Annamalai University, India
  • Master’s degree (Information Technology) from Annamalai University
  • Bachelor’s degree from University of Kerala 
  • Executive Professional Development Program in Strategic Management from IIM, Rohtak
  • Diploma in Software Engineering

Top Skills
Software Development Project Management Solution Architect Scrum JIRA Agile C C++ C# J2EE Spring Boot Hibernate MSSQL-Server Oracle MongoDB Apache Cassandra SOLID SOA Design Pattern Python Linux RedHat MacOS Unix Microsoft Server
Agile Scrum
MS Project
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Android Android SDK SIMENS PLC
ASP.NET C C# C++ J2EE Java JAX-RS JAX-WS JEE JSP PHP Pl-SQL Pro * C Python SCO Unix Siemens PLC Spring Boot TCL TCL/TK Unix Scripting Visual C#
Apache Cassandra Cassandra HBase Mongo DB MS SQL Server MSSQL MySQL Oracle SQL SQL Server
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