Data and Software Engineering, Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, DevOps and Cloud
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Hamburg (+50km)
Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz


1 Monat
2023-08 - heute

Vision Quality Control

IT Consultant - Machine Learning Python MLFlow Azure ML ...
IT Consultant - Machine Learning
Creating a Computer Vision Framework and Service that allows the client to do visual quality control on the shop floor
Python MLFlow Azure ML Azure Functions Object Detection DevOps CI/CD Git
Manufacturing Industry
3 Monate
2023-05 - 2023-07

Software Transformation and Data Migration

Data & Operation Engineer SQL (SAP Postgres) Bash ...
Data & Operation Engineer

  • Migration and integration of various ERP and legacy DWH Systems to a modern BI, Planning, Reporting and analytics solution + migration to data vault and cloud architecture
  • Complete renewal of the data infrastructure and data model for Tagetik

SQL (SAP Postgres) Bash OData VM Admin. + monitoring on MS Azure Tagetik ETL Engine Power-BI SAP HANA (BW S/4)
10 Monate
2022-10 - 2023-07

Inhouse Product Development

Data & Operation Engineer SQL (SAP Postgres) Bash ...
Data & Operation Engineer

  • Development of an automated SAP S4/HANA interface including data migration Transformation to the Tagetik consolidation software
  • Outsourcing of ETL processes in cloud env. and industry standard tools
  • Pipelines via Python scripts and Postgres on Docker 
  • Creating DAG pipelines via Airflow ETLs and connect to GCP (Data Lake/DWH), connect dbt and create models
  • GCP infrastructure deployed dynamically via Terraform Batch processing / stream processing and data transformation 

SQL (SAP Postgres) Bash OData VM administration + monitoring on MS Azure Python Docker Airflow GCP dbt Terraform PySpark Kafka
Consulting Industry
7 Monate
2022-10 - 2023-04

Software Transformation and Data Migration

Data Engineer & Operations REST-API/OData PowerShell Bash ...
Data Engineer & Operations

  • Migration and Integration of various ERP/CRM DWH Systems to a modern BI, Planning, Reporting and analytics solution + Migration to Cloud 
  • Server administration + configuration of services, required middleware and infrastructure, Development of an automated interface for data migration SAP HANA > financial consolidation system (Tagetik), ETL development and deployment

REST-API/OData PowerShell Bash JDBC- Integration services VM administration + monitoring on Azure JAVA (Apache Karaf) SQL Python
6 Monate
2022-04 - 2022-09

Software and Analytics Platform Development

Project Lead Platform Azure Data Lake Power-BI Confluence ...
Project Lead Platform

  • Modernization of front- and backend of a power plant control software connection to new IOT-device system and Azure Data Lake, embedding of new visualizations and advanced analytics features

Azure Data Lake Power-BI Confluence Jira Python Numpy Bash IOT stations based on JAVA
Energy Industry
3 Monate
2022-02 - 2022-04

ML Platform development

ML & Data Scientist Python Pandas Numpy ...
ML & Data Scientist
  • Predictive maintenance / anomaly detection approach for hard drive failure of data center storage
Python Pandas Numpy Plotly Matplotlib MLflow Flask CI/CD GitHub UNIX Bash/ZSH Supervised Learning (sk-learn Tensorflow) Optimization
Data Center Provider
3 Monate
2022-01 - 2022-03

Various Data and ML Projects

ML & Data Engineer Python MLFlow PostgresSQl on GCP ...
ML & Data Engineer
  • Research on indicators and air pollution metrics based on weather station data; Analysis of connections and irregularities in the housing market around Seattle (all projects incl. model development + visualization/documentation and presentation for stakeholders)
Python MLFlow PostgresSQl on GCP FastAPI Flask Streamlit Heroku CI/CD Git Actions Plotly Matplotlib Optimization + Tuning

Aus- und Weiterbildung

5 Jahre 8 Monate
2013-09 - 2019-04

Mechanical Engineering

Dipl.-Ing., HTW Dresden
HTW Dresden

  • Various working student activities in business and research 
  • Scholarship and stay abroad in the USA and Brazil 
  • Graduated with Grade 2.0

4 Jahre
2008-08 - 2012-07

Vocational training as Toolmaker

GTBBZ Zella-Mehlis
GTBBZ Zella-Mehlis

  • Vocational training and subsequent work in prototype construction and maintenance
  • Graduated with 1.6



Machine Learning / Data Engineering


  • Data and Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps and Cloud


  • Engineering & Infrastructure Know-how in IT and Energy Technology
  • Technical Principles
  • Communication
  • CI/CD
  • DevOps


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