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Der Experte ist ein festangestellter Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens aus dem IT- und Engineering-Bereich.

Mobile-App Development Manager and API Designer

Development of a mobile app which serves as an aggregated platform for booking and participating on different recreational and sporting activities provided by multiple businesses.

Team: 7-8 members

  • Develop back-end modules and implement third party libraries
  • Discussion with client for requirement finalization and planning
  • Deploying and updating test servers, deployment script
  • Debugging Activity Provider app (Ionic app)
  • Requirement engineering for Customer app
  • API Design for Customer app
  • Team Lead - Customer app development (Flutter app)

Technologies Used: Flutter, Symfony, Ionic, MySQL, Redmine, Gitlab.

Product Owner and Technical Architect - Real Estate Aggregator

Development of an aggregator platform for real estate listings with custom search and property manager backend for in-house listings.

Team: 5-6 members 

  • Conceptualize the project structure and UI design planning
  • Database and software architecture design
  • Development of Admin Panel for backend operation
  • Technical resource allocation and operation management
  • Project lead in the scrum process.

Technologies Used: PHP (Symfony, Sonata Admin), Leaflet, PgSQL, Gitlab, Elasticsearch, Mapbox, OSM, Python (Scrapy), Redis, Dialogflow



Graduate Project and Graduate Thesis

An algorithm implementation for determining profitable location for taxi drivers to help them find the next passenger.   
Team: Solo Project at University for Master Studies

  • Graduate Project: Implementation of computer model as described in research paper.
  • Graduate Thesis: Extend Graduate Project by proposing a novel technique to improve the profitability calculation of the existing method
  • Development of mobile app to verify the feasibility of the application in mobile platform
  • Development of simulator to compare the two models and prove the effectiveness of the proposed novel technique

This thesis work is published in the internal journal of Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University
Tools Used: PHP, Ionic, Firebase, MySQL, Open Street Map, Google Directions API, Leaflet, Javascript, Mapbox, Geohash


Backend Developer - IVR Configuration Platform

An IVR application for conducting surveys and configuring survey questions from the backend.
Team: 3-4 members

  • Development of platform for configuring survey questions to be used by Asterisk IVR
  • Testing and Deployment
  • UI Planning

Technologies Used: MariaDB, Symfony, Docker



Backend Developer - ICO Onboarding

Web application for facilitating ICO onboarding for customers.
Team: 3-4 members

  • Development of platform for potential investors to invest on ICOs
  • Automated Identity verification implementation
  • File encryption implementation

Technologies Used: MonogoDB, Symfony, IdenttAPI, GnuPG



Project Lead, Technical Architect

Develop a proof of concept for voice bot application.
Team: 1-2 members

  • Conceptualize the conversation flow
  • Technical procurement
  • Chat-bot development with voice interaction ability
  • Managing contexts and intents, chatbot training
  • GCP Cloud function integration with web hook for updating database
    using voice / text messages
  • Documentation, debugging and testing

Technologies Used: Dialogflow, Node.js, Firestore, GCP, Google Speech API, Asterisk


AI Engineer - SAFE DRIVE

Development of a mobile application for providing a safer travel experience.

Team: 5-6 members

  • Development of voice bot to interact with the Mercedes Benz Car API via a mobile app
  • Ionic development, test case preparation and debugging

Technologies Used: Ionic, Dialogflow, Mercedes API, Google API, Firebase

Backend Developer - Hospital Management Training Application

Development of symfony backend for hospital management training simulator.

Team: 4-5 members

  • Development of symfony backend that connects with the Unity app for providing instructions during the simulation and keeps track of the game progress.
  • Testing and debugging with complete simulation run, while guiding the team throughout the simulation process.

Technologies Used: Symfony, MySQL, MsExcel, Unity


Mobile Application Developer - App for Medical Therapy

A mobile application for tracking the progress of a medical treatment.

Team: 2 members

  • Development of mobile app with dynamic bar UI for tracking medicine use, recording user experience and facilitating treatment
  • Remodeling the app for using in-app database instead of conventional database usage to secure medical data

Technologies Used: Ionic, Javascript Libraries


Mobile Application Developer - International School of Geneva

Application for use by staff and parents to track the education progress of their kids.

Team: 3-4 members                       

  • Development of mobile app for usage by staff and parents
  • Implementation of SSO for sharing contact directory
  • Maintain overall system security by limiting information access

Technologies Used: Ionic, Javascript Libraries, Auth0


Technical Architect - KIOSK for Government of Nepal

A kiosk for displaying information related to services provided by a government agency. The KIOSK was developed on top of a Raspberry Pi.

Team: 3 members                      

  • Development of web app to be run by the kiosk
  • Debugging of python script in launching the kiosk
  • Hardware assembly and product testing, deployment

Technologies Used: HTML, Javascript, Python, Raspbian

Developer - RFP Searching Tool

An in-house product for acquiring all published RFP and EOI at one place.

Team: Solo Project                     

  • Technical architecture finalization and source filtering
  • Development of a portal that fetches RFP, EOI from multiple sources and notifies administration when certain requirements are matched

Technologies Used: Javascript, MySQL, Core PHP



Backend Developer - Conseil Geneva (Financial Application)

A financial management tool for SME.

Team:  3-4 Members                     

  • Development of web application for managing business operation
  • Configuring backend scaffold for further extension by the team

 Technologies Used: Symfony, Javascript, MySQL



Mobile Application Developer

Development of multiple mobile applications using Ionic

Team:  2-3 Members                     

  • Life Shields (January 2017) - Application for color therapy
  • ICT (November 2016 - December 2016) - Employee activity tracking and management
  • Swiss Army Service Log (October 2016 - November 2016) - Personal Military service tracking
  • Do it for me (September 2016 - October 2016) - Job posting and job search portal
  • Where can we dance (June 2016 - August 2016) - Dance event promotion platform

 Technologies Used: Javascript Libraries, Ionic, Firebase, Social authentication APIs



Web Developer - Choobs Business Management Tool

Development of new modules and extending existing modules along with the team.

Team:  8-10 Members                     

  • Make CBM Backward compatible
  • HR Module : for maintaining HR related information of employees
  • Reporting Tool : dynamic custom reporting tool for generating reports based on user requirements
  • HR Lib Export : for exporting selected information from one module to another
  • ICT Holiday Module : for handling holiday requests and allowance of employees
  • Organization chart : dynamic, editable tree structure of the organization
  • Corporate Entity Module : for managing organizational structure
  • Password Sharing Module : for sharing passwords among employees, secured using crypto library
  • Badge Builder : for creating employee badges with onboard picture editing
  • Appraisal Module : for handling employee appraisal in the organization

Technologies Used: Symfony, MySQL, Core PHP, Propel, Javascript



Developer, Order processing for printing service business

Development of web application to be used by the customers for placing orders by customizing their requirements with in-app design tool.

Team:  2-3 Members                     

  • Database design and development of Javascript tool that enabled users to design postcards, posters etc. and order bulk printing online

Technologies Used: Javascript Libraries, MySQL, PHP



Developer, Web application for a football club

Development of a web application for the team management.

Team:  2-3 Members                

  • Website development and Database design for a local football club along with team management tools and other strategic tools for the team

Technologies Used: Javascript Libraries, MySQL, PHP


Backend Developer, Web application with custom SEO Dashboard

A web application with customized dashboard for clients to visualize SEO and analytics statistics.

Team:  3-4 Members                    

  • Development of a dashboard for the SEO clients to simplify and present the analytics data with onboard reporting tool
  • Develop a generic web based system for providing backend service to business websites along with personal advertisement manager

Technologies Used: Javascript Libraries, MySQL, PHP, Google Analytics

Project Management
Agile Project Management, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban

Platforms and Tools

Docker, AWS, GCP, Dialogflow, Asterisk, Gitlab, Trello, Redmine, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi

Programming Languages/Frameworks

PHP - Symfony 1-4, Sonata admin, Admin LTE, Easy Admin,

JavaScript - Node.js, Angular, Leaflet.js, React.js

Database - MySQL, Firebase, PgSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Hadoop

Flutter (Dart), Python, Latex, Elasticsearch, Redis, Blackfire, Scrapy

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