Beratung und Interimsmanagement in den Bereichen Chemie und Pharma, Schwerpunkt: Vertrieb, Marketing, Business Development, Entwicklung und Produktion
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3 Jahre 1 Monat
2021-01 - heute

Solid, in-depth knowledge of the global market

Company Owner and Managing Director
Company Owner and Managing Director

HBChemPharm is a consultancy company which supports its customers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the acquisition of new projects and products, the marketing of free capacities and internal and external project management as well as interim management, project management in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing (mainly for active pharmaceutical ingredients ? API)

  • Expertise: Solid, in-depth knowledge of the global market for fine chemicals, intermediate products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), extensive knowledge of the legal bases and framework conditions of industry:
    • Federal Emission Control Act - BimSchG / BimSchV
    • ICH guidelines (cGMP)
    • German Narcotics Act (BtMG)
    • EU GMP guide part 2 (Active ingredients)
  • Network: Worldwide network of contacts in the areas of development, production and purchasing.
  • Experience: Management of projects in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing, experience with government inspections (e.g., US FDA, EMA etc.), company restructuring, company sales and interim management

HBChemPharm, Dresden
10 Monate
2023-01 - 2023-10

Projektmanager Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Projektmanager Pharma Chemie Projektleit

  • Improvements of the CDMO project execution model by working with key stakeholders and interfaces on refining processes,
  • responsible to manage existing and new contract manufacturing projects with global customers all the way from proposal generation to project closure,
  • single point of contact for customers,
  • manageing all internal aspects of the project execution in close collaboration with Commercial, Process and Analytical development, QC/QA and Manufacturing teams,
  • ensure projects meet their timelines and budget,
  • ensure financial health of the project and provide reliable revenue forecast and project risk assessment.
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Intermediate REACh
Pharma Chemie Projektleit
Merck KGaA
Darmstadt und remote (Dresden)
1 Jahr
2020-01 - 2020-12

Sales / Marketing / Business Development

Managing Director
Managing Director

  • Direct reports:
    • Production / Technical services / Quality / Finance
  • Personnel responsibility: > 220 employees
  • Revenue responsibility: EUR > 94 million
  • Reporting line: Shareholder of the Lipoid Beteiligungs GmbH

Main tasks:

  • Taking over the responsibility for the business from the former CEO and founder of the Customer 

Notable achievements:

  • Increase Revenue from EUR 86 million to > 94 million 
Lipoid GmbH, Ludwigshafen
6 Jahre 6 Monate
2013-07 - 2019-12

Sales / Marketing / Business Development

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
  • Directly subordinate corporate functions:
    • Sales / Marketing / Custom Manufacturing / Business Development / Project Management
    • Production / Development / Technology / Quality
    • Finance
  • Personnel responsibility: 140 employees
  • Revenue responsibility: EUR 32 million
  • Reporting line: Shareholder Jossa Arznei GmbH (Dr. Andreas Strüngmann)

Main tasks:

  • Sales / Marketing / Business Development / Custom Synthesis / Custom Manufacturing and Project Management:
    • Management of existing and new contract manufacturing projects with global customers from proposal generation to project closure
    • Determination of annual revenue planning and budget preparation (target markets, target customers and product sales planning)
    • Specification and implementation of business development goals
    • Regular visits of international customers and trading companies domestically and abroad ? single point of contact for selected key accounts
    • Coordination and prioritization of project work with chemical development, ensure projects meet timelines and budget, risk assessment and revenue forecast
    • Corporate management / planning:
      • Initiation and completion of a fundamental restructuring of the company (2013?2015):
      • Streamlining the product portfolio:
        • Expansion of the value chain through backward integration with chemical syntheses
        • Discontinuation of unprofitable products
        • Reduction of dependence on Asian suppliers
        • Takeover of contract production for an external manufacturer
    • Conversion from 4 to 3-shift system
    • Socially acceptable staff reduction (90 employees) as part of the restructuring process
  • Communication with shareholders:
    • Strategy coordination

  • Initiation of the necessary shareholder decisions to implement the strategy and needed investments
  • Conclusion of a long-term profit and loss sharing agreement between the shareholder and Arevipharma
  • Representation of the company with authorities and political decision-makers


  • Investments to improve the efficiency of the company and remove bottlenecks:
    • Investment of EUR 1.1 million in a new thin-film evaporator to secure market position for a strategic active ingredient (2017)
    • Investment of EUR 600 thousand in the construction of a new GMP kilo laboratory for the production of small quantities of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Investment of approx. EUR 1.5 million in a small batch production plant:
      • Elimination of bottlenecks when upscaling chemical reactions from the laboratory to production
      • ?Production of active agents under clean room conditions
  • Obtaining the general approval in accordance with the Federal Emission Control Act (still ongoing)

Notable achievements:

  • Achieved turnaround of the company after several years of losses:
    • Realized savings of EUR 7.5 million in personnel costs per annual revenue plan
    • Reduced operational costs by EUR 1.2 million
    • Increased revenue per employee from EUR 127 thousand (2013) to EUR 230 thousand per employee (2017), thus improving the benchmark compared to other competitors in the industry
  • Successfully audited by national and international drug authorities:
    • Successfully completed a ?General Inspection? by the US-FDA; received confirmation of an excellent quality assurance system
    • Obtained all necessary GMP certificates from the local approval authority of the Saxony Regional Office
    • Successfully completed the audit by the Brazilian regulatory authority
  • Reduced energy consumption:
    • Realized savings of approx. EUR 500 thousand per year in natural gas costs
    • Received reimbursement of energy taxes saving up to EUR 750 thousand per year 
Arevipharma GmbH, Radebeul
8 Jahre 3 Monate
2005-04 - 2013-06


Commercial Director
Commercial Director
  • Directly subordinate corporate functions:
    • Sales / Marketing / Business Development (including Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing)
    • Purchasing
  • Personnel responsibility: 9 employees (2 in the USA)
  • Revenue responsibility: EUR 36 million
  • Reporting line: Managing Director

Main tasks and projects:

  • Sales / Marketing / Business Development:
    • Determination of annual sales planning and budgeting
    • Managing existing and new custom synthesis and contract manufacturing projects with global customers (mainly API projects)
    • Managing all internal aspects of the project execution in close collaboration with Commercial, Process and Analytical development, QC/QA and Manufacturing teams
    • Contract negotiations and conclusion of supply contracts with end customers
      • Application for the manufacture of these high-priced compounds
      • Development of a business plan and contacting potential customers in China and Japan
  • Purchasing:
    • Ensuring punctual and high-quality delivery of raw materials and GMP starting materials
    • Conclusion of supply contracts and monitoring compliance with contract conditions
    • Backward integration of a pharmaceutical raw material for the production of the API Terazosin:
    • Problem: high purchasing costs at a Belgian contract manufacturer
    • Solution: Development of an alternative process, transfer to production and validation
  • Acquisition of liquid crystal businesses (contract manufacturing):

  • Development of price targets for raw material suppliers,accounting for delivery reliability and product quality
  • Active participation in negotiations with the private equity firm Barclays Private Equity (now Equistone) and presentation of Sales, Marketing and Business Development

Notable achievements:

  • Increased revenue 16% in the years 2005?2008 with an EBITDA margin of approx. 30% per year
  • Maintained positive EBITDA margin despite a loss of almost 45% of company revenue due to the economic crisis 2008
  • Achieved the turnaround in 2010 and increased revenue by approx. 50% while increasing EBITDA margin to 25% by 2013
  • Business Development:
    • Secured long-term business by acquiring new customers, especially by gaining business with the US Veteran?s Administration
    • Increased revenue by EUR >2 million via exclusive production of liquid crystal precursors with a manufacturer in Japan
    • Doubled revenues of the API Ketamine to over EUR 8.5 million and massive expansion of the market position in the USA
    • Negotiated and concluded a long-term supply contract for the annual supply of a special coolant for nuclear power plants in the UK
  • Initiated significant process improvements for some active ingredients and exclusive products, including a >50% reduction in manufacturing costs for Terazosin and enabling continued successful product sales
    • ?Reduced raw material costs in relation to production costs to 27% (well below the competition's average of 33?37%)

CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH, Lahr
1 Jahr 3 Monate
2004-01 - 2005-03

business development

Director Business Development
Director Business Development
Responsible for business development in Central and Eastern Europe

Main tasks, projects and achievements:

  • Establishment of the Custom Synthesis business:
    • Acquisition of new customers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and performance materials sectors, including Bayer (generation of EUR >0.5 million)
    • Establishment of a network of new customers and acquisition of new products for production at the production site in Loughborough (East Midlands, UK)
    • Improvement of the connection between the Geel site (sales, quality control and trade) and Loughborough site (production)
  • Distribution of the bulk chemicals portfolio
on request
4 Jahre
2000-01 - 2003-12

Development and implementation of a worldwide marketing strategy

Manager Business Development ? Specialty Chemicals
Manager Business Development ? Specialty Chemicals
Development and implementation of a worldwide marketing strategy for the newly founded ?Custom Synthesis and Services? division:

  • Analysis of the new, current situation arising from the acquisition of two companies with a total of four locations:
    • ?Enabling the production of highly active steroids (hormones)
      • Marketing of free capacities at the Monaco site
    • Creation of a consistent company-wide sales and marketing strategy
    • Standardization of corporate profile externally and creation of corresponding presentations
    • Worldwide customer visits, especially in Japan, North and South America
    • Acquisition of projects
    • Coordination of development work and communication with end customers worldwide (key account management)

    Notable achievements:

    • Successfully developed the Custom Synthesis business:
      • Acquired new business for Merck KGaA in the multi-digit million-euro range
      • Significantly increased steroid business revenue
    • Established a uniform supply chain for the production sites active in custom manufacturing
    Merck KGaA, Darmstadt
    3 Jahre 9 Monate
    1996-04 - 1999-12

    Technical customer support for color developer products

    Technical Manager ? Specialty Chemicals
    Technical Manager ? Specialty Chemicals
    Notable achievements:
    • Expansion of the color developer business into a globally successful revenue driver for the company:
      • Market leadership and displacement of the former market leader Eastman-Chemicals
      • Introduction of modified color developers for special technical challenges
      • Avoidance of crystallization of the finished color developer by developing special crystallization inhibitors
    • Successful sale of eutectic salt mixtures for BMW?s latent heat storage devices
    Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

    Aus- und Weiterbildung

    1992 ? 1995

    Humboldt University of Berlin

    PhD studies at the Faculty of Chemistry

    Certification: PhD / Dr. rer. nat. (magna cum laude)

    1987 ? 1992

    Technical University Leuna-Merseburg

    Chemistry studies

    Certification: M. Sc. in Chemistry (Dipl. Chemiker)

    1985 ? 1987

    Basic military service

    1983 ? 1985

    Technical University Leuna-Merseburg

    Certification: High school diploma (Abitur)

    1973 ? 1983

    14th Polytechnic Secondary School, Berlin-Grünau



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    • Custom Manufacturing
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Chemie
    • Feinchemie
    • Pharma
    • Generika

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