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Automation Quality Engineer

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Der Experte ist ein festangestellter Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens aus dem IT- und Engineering-Bereich.

1 Jahr 1 Monat



ASO Web Application

Senior QC Engineer Java 8 & Java 11 Maven Cucumber ...
Senior QC Engineer
  • Do manual/automation Testing
  • Build/define/design testing Cucumber Test Framework for the client?s company
  • Integrate Cloud Testing (Browserstack, LambdaTest) and TestCases Management (TestRails) with Automation Framework
  • Built Jenkins in Local and integrate with Automation Framework
  • Test API both manual and automation by Postman
  • Read and analyze the requirements with PO
  • Write and Review test case with other QC
  • Report and verify bug every Sprint
  • Training business, test cases and supporting for new member
  • Training the Automation Framework for QC team
  • Support Team Leader to manage the TestCases, TestRun and Report
  • Application Type:
    • Web based Application
Java 8 & Java 11 Maven Cucumber Selenium Postman Jira Confluence TestRails Jenkins Git
on request
3 Jahre 9 Monate



Insurance Tax Project

Senior QC Engineer
Senior QC Engineer
  • Read and analyze the requirements
  • Write and Review test case
  • Report and verify bug
  • Demo for client
  • Training for a new member for the project business
  • Test API by Postman
  • Application Type:
    • Web based Application
    • Web Application
Nashtech Global Company
7 Monate




QC Engineering
QC Engineering
  • Read requirement and analysis
  • Write a test case for each component
  • Testing on components of the website
  • Input content in CMS (Sitecore System) in English and Arabic language
  • Regression test for the pages
  • Application Type:
    • Web Application (Desktop and Mobile)
Sutrix Solution Company

2013 - 2017
Study - Computer science
Sai Gon University
Abschluss: Bachelor of Science

Senior QC Engineer

English Reading and Writing/ Listing and Speaking

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
  • Development experience
    • More than 5 years with QC Engineering position
  • Analyst Business
    • Ability to understand the overall and detail business requirements
    • Analyze, review and feedback to the requirement
  • Design Test Cases
    • Knowledge on apply testing technical design to write test cases
    • Review and feedback test cases
  • Testing Technique
    • Knowledge on Web Testing 
    • Knowledge on API Testing 
    • Knowledge on Automation UI Testing (Selenium) 
    • Knowledge on Database Testing
    • Knowledge on Web Service Testing
  • Testing Process
    • Knowledge on Agile Scrum Process
    • Following the testing process 
  • Programming
    • Knowledge on Java/JavaScript
    • Knowledge on built Automation Framework (Selenium +Cucumber)
  • Database 
    • Knowledge on SQL Server 
  • CI/CD
    • Knowledge on Jenkins and integrate Jenkins with Automation Framework
  • Cloud Testing
    • Knowledge on integrate automation with Cloud Testing Server (BrowserStack, Lambdatest)
  • Testing Tool
    • Knowledge using Jira to manage the tasks and bugs
    • Knowledge using the TestCases Management tool (TestRail)
    • Knowledge using Document Management tool (Confluent, SVN)
  • Communication
    • Being open and willing to speak up when needed, and in a way that different contributors -technical and non-technical -can understand
    • Raise concern/question with at least one solution related to work assignment
    • Able to lead the simple meetings for internal or external clients with the attendance of peers and/or next level management
    • Disagree with others without offending
  • Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring
    • Ability to training for new member
    • Maintain and keep populating the QC knowledge base where all members shall find information about the best practices, common issues , how-to and further guides
  • Problem Solving
    • When there is an issue on a project, actively suggest solutions or alternative
    • Work independently to complete critical tasks on time
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
    • Willing to accept and handle well unfamiliar work assignments or changes
    • Respond with energy to new challenges, the unfamiliar and the unexpected
    • Make an effort to apply a positive mindset when facing with new situations at work, adapting to new ways of seeing and doing things
Java Selenium JMeter Postman
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