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Java-Entwickler und Business Analyst mit hohen technischen und Soft Skills. - Java, Spring, Oracle, MSSQL, UML, BPMN

Java 11 Oracle UML Angular Spring Boot Maven GITHub Selenium MS SQL Datenbanken JUnit Hibernate Flyway MVC BPMN Atlassian JIRA Mockito
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11 Jahre 10 Monate



Various projects

Developer, Team Leader, Lead Business Analyst, Business Analyst, Requirement Manager
Developer, Team Leader, Lead Business Analyst, Business Analyst, Requirement Manager


The purpose of the project is to develop a system for maintenance of land register and will be deployed in all German Lands. End client is German Ministry of Justice

  • Implementation of features of the system (Java) 
  • Coordination of the team tasks and issues 
  • Scrum master activities - scope definition, planning, sprint review 
  • Support team with continuous integration tasks (Jenkins, Sonar Qube, Git, Maven)
  • Tracking Progress and reporting 
  • Moderation of scrum meetings


The purpose of the project is to develop a system for registration of legal entities in Germany. System will replace existing application and will be deployed in all German Lands. End client is German Ministry of Justice

  • Design and implementation of system modules 
  • Managing of development team 
  • Project control over development and resolution of project issues

Farm Survey Structure

Analytical project which consist of 3 main phases. Analysis of business process and requirements definition, Analysis of existing solution and gap identification, Proposal of new technological architecture. Project held for European Commission.

  • Analysis of business processes of the client 
  • Design of processed using BPMN

IdM 2.0 GUI

Web User Interface module for the Identity Management system for NSN

  • Analysis of business needs and system requirements 
  • System design and architecture


Rollout of the main internet portal for BMW company. Area of focus in the projct was gathering of functional requirement of the portal and investigation of possibility of integration with existing systems. GDC Wroclaw was involved in rollout for Russia and Turkey

  • Analysis of clients requirements 
  • Analysis of integration solution


Project held for Eurostat, statistical department of European commission. The project concerns migration of statistical data to dissemination database.

  • Analysis of customer requirements, architecture and design of the system 
  • direct communication with customer regarding requirements, project progress and resolution of project issues 
  • scheduling of team activities 
  • software implementation and testing

Other activities within Atos SIS:

  • preparation of response offers to RFPs 
  • trainings for PM office regarding development processes
  • participation in Estimation Team

Siemens SIS/ AtoS SIS

2010 - 2011: iLogistics

Rolle: Owner, Developer

Kunde: on request, Wroclaw


System for managing deliveries, routes and truck fleet for a logistic company. Project held under self driven IT firm.

  • Analysis of customer requirements, architecture and design of the system
  • software implementation and testing
  • direct communication with customer regarding requirements, project progress and resolution of project issues
  • Managing contract with the customer
  • scheduling of team activities

Other activities:

IT consultancy for EU grant application

2010 - 2010: Tarczynski

Rolle: Independent consultant, T-SQL Developer

Kunde: Columb Technologies S.A., Wroclaw


Implementation of data warehouse for the Tarczynski S.A company. Solution is based on MS SQL Server 2008 database and application Columb Controlling. First phase of the project was creation of data warehouse cubes which contain data concerning wholesale.

  • Analysis of clients requirements
  • Implementation of data integration and data warehouse

Personal achievements:

Implementation of sale cube for Tarczynski S.A.

Other activities within Columb Technologies SA:

  • Creation of functional specification for a software module e-Delegacje
  • Implementation of ETL processes
  • Creation of report on MS SQL server 2008 performance

2007 - 2010: IT Phase 2

Rolle: Business Systems Analyst, IT Systems Analyst

Kunde: 3M Poland, Wroclaw


Second step of IT systems implementation in the production company. After first step: implementation of base ERP system for limited number of products, in second phase products portfolio was expanded and systems connected to quality and manufacturing were implemented.

  • Analysis of internal clients requirements
  • coordination of activities regarding implementation of projects for quality systems
  • achieving agreement on shape of systems and a future use of applications
  • Creation of functional specification

Personal achievements:

  • Implementation of MES ? system for quality control
  • Implementation of application for document management
  • Implementation of other smaller applications in the area of EHS, trainings management, shop floor control

Other activities within 3M:

  • Implementation of many other systems and tools (in the administration area, document flow) during 2,5 years of work in the company
  • Creation of procedures for implementation and development of local applications
  • Creation of functional documentation for local application (fixed assets reception, new product introduction etc.)
  • Coordination and support on SharePoint platform for internal clients
  • Support on implemented systems ( functional problem solving, first line of support)
  • Conducting trainings
  • Taking part in IT Audit

2005 - 2007: Advantage

Rolle: Consultant / Software Engineer, Developer

Kunde: Capgemini / sd&m, Wroclaw


Enhancement of existing banking system based on mainframe technology for one of the largest banking company that processes credit card transactions

  • Extending and implementation of new features of the system
  • Creation of technical documentation based on the functional specification

Personal achievements:

  • Implementation of new system functionalities


Creation of system for managing deliveries for Schenker company. Leading technologies in that project were Oracle and Java.

  • Implementation of reports
  • Cooperation in creation of specification

Personal achievements:

  • Implementation of reports and printout engine of the system


Creation of system supporting planning, invoicing and verification of orders for Deutsche Post AG. System was based on Oracle database and implemented with the use of J2EE

  • As the member of TechTeam participation in support for project integration (technologies : Maven and Python)
  • Implementation of application components

Personal achievements:

  • Implementation of interface components
  • Taking part in building architecture regarding printing

Other activities within Capgemini:

Taking part in Job Fairs in Krakow

2004 - 2004: K2

Rolle: PLSQL Programmer / Trainee, Analyst/Developer

Kunde: Accenture, Wroclaw


Implementation of ERP system for large financial company (Lukas Bank). The goal of the project was adjusting existing system (EKIP) for the requirements of the client and Polish environment. Main database system was Oracle. Application was made based on the J2EE platform.

  • Implementation of ETL tasks with the use of PLSQL and Warehouse Builder
  • Defining end clients needs in the area of printing

Personal achievements:

  • Creation of interface concerning printing

2003 - 2003: Self contained creation of e-commerce solution

Rolle: Programmer / Trainee, Programmer

Kunde: Alpal LTD, Northern Cyprus


Self contained creation of e-commerce solution during traineeship organized by student organization AIESEC. Technologies which were used for the purpose of that internet application were mySQL and Java/JSP. Application enabled secure connection with a web portal to the retail system, viewing and buying of offered products with the use of credit card.

  • Defining user needs
  • Design of database and solution architecture
  • Implementation of application
  • Creation of user manual

1998 - 2004-09

Computer Science at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Department of Information technology

Acquired Master degree in computer sciences

Additional trainings and courses

  • Professional Java SE 11 Developer (Oracle)
  • Professional Scrum Master (scrum.org)
  • Prince 2 Practitioner (APMG)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (PMI)
  • Software Requirements Engineering ( Squam)
  • MS SQL Developer (Microsoft)
  • Project Management (Kontekst HR)
  • Effective Communication ( Kontekst HR)
  • Professional Presentation ( Kontekst HR)
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training (3M)

English upper intermediate
German intermediate/good (Zertifikat Deutsch)

Top Skills
Java 11 Oracle UML Angular Spring Boot Maven GITHub Selenium MS SQL Datenbanken JUnit Hibernate Flyway MVC BPMN Atlassian JIRA Mockito
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


The freelancer during his eighteen years of professional experience gained various skills and knowledge in many IT areas. He has been taking part in the whole cycle of software engineering process. Starting from creation of technical infrastructure, through defining needs, to the implementation of applications. Large number of projects he took part gave him opportunity to become acquainted with many lines of business such as manufacturing, logistics, banking. Thanks to that he has knowledge which enables him to freely operate within those branches. The freelancer is an open and creative person with high analytical skills that can contribute to the development of the company. His interpersonal skills help him not only to integrate and motivate the team but also build professional relationship with a client.

Libraries & Frameworks

Spring Boot, MVC, Swing, AWT, SWT, JSF, JUnit, Mockito, Power Mockito, Angular, JQuery, Hibernate, Liquibase, Flyway, Selenium


Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, Maven, GITHub, SVN, SharePoint, Katalon, Selenide, Kubernetes, JIRA


Enterprise Architect, Jazz , ARIS


UML, BPMN, database design, acquaintance with manufacturing, data warehousing and e-commerce

Windows Linux
Java C# SQL Angular OQL PL/SQL Python JSP XML HTML
Oracle MS SQL Server MySQL
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