Fullstack-Entwickler in weitreichenden Anwendungsgebieten, v.a. Spezialisierung im Frontend (TypeScript, React und React-Native)
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2022 ? today: designed and implemented a side-project

Role: Universal Clipboard Manager
Customer: Pano

Single-handedly conceptualized, designed and implemented a side-project (currently in closed beta): A multi-platform clipboard manager application using Electron, Node.js, TypeScript and React offering an extended featureset for power users dealing heavily with text-based work in their day-to-day (recruiters, programmers, office workers, etc.).

2015 ? Today: Full-stack, Web-, React-Native- & Android Development

Role: Freelancer

I worked on key projects for globally renowned companies in a wide range of industries like Finance, Automotive, Sports, Fashion and Apparel and Telecommunication. A non-exhaustive list of these customers includes household names like Klarna, adidas, Vodafone, Leica Camera, Deutsche Telekom, trivago or Postbank Germany.

2021 ? 2022: Klarna Chrome Extension

Customer: Klarna Bank AB

Joined a newly formed group (migrating from a company which was bought by Klarna) and helped port allfunctionality to a brand-new version of Klarna?s Chrome Extension (using TypeScript, React and other modern frameworks). Also helped refactor major pain points regarding Developer Experience, which affected most of the ~6.000 developers at the company.

2019 ? 2020: Urban Sports Club App

Customer: Urban Sports GmbH

Joined a newly formed team in one of Berlin?s most prolific startups with the purpose of building a React-Native app from the ground up, which allowed users to manage their membership while also simplifying and modernizing the discovery of and check-in process at participating sports venues.

2018 ? 2018: YOUNG MONEY

Customer: Postbank AG

Worked on a team which built a completely new React[1]Native banking app specifically targeted at young customers at Postbank (one of Germany?s top banks in the private sector). My responsibilities included implementing a pixel-perfect UI with a lot of fluid animations and working on the business logic of the app. The app has since been discontinued

2018 - 2018: fitogram

Customer: fitogram GmbH (2018)

Single-handedly built the iOS and Android app in ReactNative for fitogram, a search engine and booking platform for fitness and sports studios.

2018 ? 2018: Terrapin X

Customer: Safran Vectronix AG (2018)

Based on the work done for the Leica Hunting App. Both apps use the same BLE device communication layer but differ slightly in app functionality and consumer-faced features of the devices

2017 ? 2018: Leica Hunting

Customer: Leica Camera AG, Sportsoptics division

Single-handedly built iOS and Android apps in React-Native which let users configure and update all aspects of their Laser-Rangefinder device remotely by using Bluetooth-LowEnergy (BLE) technology. Firmware for devices where actively developed with my help and input, which required creating a low-level communication library in JavaScript.

2017 ? 2017: Telekom ?Urlaubsmodus? Smart-Home App

Customer: Telekom AG (2017)

Worked on a team which built a smart-home interlinking app in React-Native, which allowed users to prepare smart-home devices for the user?s absence (e.g. before holidays). My responsibilities included implementing a conversational UI (AI powered) with a pixel-perfect design and elaborate animations.

2017 ? 2017: adidas CLICK

Customer: adidas AG

Worked on a team which built a new B2B-ordering platform from the ground-up, which now handles all B2B-sales for the company. My responsibilities included working on the business logic layer (retrieving data from the Salesforce backend) and advising/helping the team working on the UI layer in HTML5 technologies (JS, HTML, CSS).

2017 ? 2017: mouzCMS

Customer: mousesports Ltd

Single-handedly built a custom CMS in Laravel/PHP (on top of an open-source CMS called PageKit) for one of the most popular e-Sports teams in the world, featuring custom backand frontend-solutions for managing team rosters, adding social media posts,

2016 ? 2017: PayWithCapture

Customer: Access Bank Africa

Single-handedly built a banking app (in React Native, so iOS and Android versions) for Access Bank, Africa?s third largest banking conglomerate. This included top-tier security mechanisms, a fluid UI/UX and a whole lot of performance optimizations. More info available on request.

2015 ? 2015: trivago

Customer: trivago AG

Worked on a team that built the trivago Android app (hotel price searching/booking platform), with all features (and some additional ones) that were available on the web app, including detailed search parameters, result filtering, displaying results on map, etc.

2014 ? 2014: BVB 09 App

Customer: Borussia Dortmund

Worked on a team that built the then-new Borussia Dortmund Android app, which featured nifty animations, an elaborate news section, match-day information and even a live radio stream. The app has since been renewed, but some core elements seem to be still in-tact (matchday page

2014 ? 2014: Vodafone Promotional App

Customer: Vodafone

Single-handedly built a small game (natively in Android/Java) to be used in Vodafone stores in a one-off, nation-wide promotional campaign.

Aus- und Weiterbildung

University of Bonn

Bachelor of Science, GPA: 2.3, Bachelor Thesis on Request



ReactJS TypeScript Front-End REST Continuous Integration Back-End Node.js JavaScript

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

I?m a highly experienced and technically adept Full-stack Developer (albeit more specialized in Frontend frameworks like React and React-Native), who can writeclean, maintainable, and optimized code in multiple programming languages like TypeScript, Java, C#, Ruby, PHP and HTML5. By virtue of an excellent understanding of complex data models and algorithms and the ability to get acquainted with and make use of cutting-edge developments and frameworks, I can be a very productive and helpful addition to any development team. I?m also able to manage and guide groups of fellow colleagues, as proven at several client projects where I have overseen small development teams or at my employment at the University of Bonn as a tutor / mentor in courses like Software Technology and Object-Oriented-Programming.


  • Javascript/TypeScript (including state-of-the-art frameworks based on JS like Node.js, React, React-Native, Angular, Vue etc.).
  • Java, Android, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby (and Ruby-on-Rails), HTML5)

Work Experience
2015 ? 2016
Role: Lead-Android Developer, Designer and Product Manager 
Customer: ChatGrape

Worked as Lead-Android Developer, Product Manager and Designer at a new and upcoming European startup called ChatGrape (now Grape). I established and led the Android team while also bringing fresh ideas to the table as a Designer and Product Manager, helping to shape and advance the product.

Role: Freelancer Web & Android Development

Worked on projects for high-profile companies like trivago, Vodafone, etc. as an Android developer for Rheinfabrik GmbH (contractor company), where I helped creating and/or improving existing Android apps with millions of users using the latest technologies.

2012 ? 2014
Role: lecturer assistan
Customer: University of Bonn

Worked as a lecturer assistant and tutor / mentor for fellow students.

2011 ? 2012
Role: traffic data analyst for Europe and Middle East
Customer: Navteq GmbH

2008 ? 2011
Role: Freelancer Web Development

Designed, implemented, and maintained web applications on a freelance basis.

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