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Ich bin ein Javascript rockstar.

Javascript Clojure Haskell HTML CSS Design Frontend u. Backend Entwicklung
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2015 - today: Developing

Role: Clojurian

Customer: WhiteCity Code


  • Developing for WCC, I got to work as a full stack developer with awesome technologies like Clojure, ClojureScript, React.JS, Node.js and deploying with Docker and Jenkins

yTravel - API and admin dashboard

I have developed from scratch a web system in Clojure (using Stuart Sierra's component). The Architecture of this monster of an API is this: I interact with 5 to 10 endpoints that serve us hotels occupancy and packages. I've set this up as an automated system that runs on parallel threads and using transactions - interacts with MySQL database and maps out each hotel coming from different API services to one that's already saved in the database. This backend is the most complex system that I've worked on in my entire life, as it has different protocols and safeguards that I've had to implement, as well as grabbing hotels via SOAP and REST systems that are completely different from each other (ugh, so many standards) and had to unify them all with a threshold of matching degree. This is also adjusted manually if all safeguards fail, by an admin for which I've put up a dashboard in place using Hoplon framework for ClojureScript. I use Ring library for emitting signed JWTokens, I interact from front-end with the backend using GET/POST and update state in a Reactful web framework - with components and children components that render their state when async responses come through.

Technologies used:

Clojure, ClojureScript, Hoplon, RESTful APIs, MySQL, JavaScript

WebBased Auth API

For my final CS project at the university, I worked on a project that uses a Baesyan system to map out places on a google map that the use has been to and then uses that information as a KBA web system to login the user on a website. This was more of a proof of concept and was based on a paper I've read and enjoyed working for it. The algorithm is based on a formula that calculates the probability of a user being in a certain place by accessing WiFi sensor and Google Places API and excluding other possibilities which are randomly generated. The interaction with the user is simple : instead of login username and password, the app prompts for a question on the user's phone (i.e. "Have you been at Framm's Cafe yesterday at 4pm?") and based on data gathered and evaluating this - the user is given or denied access to a web interface.

Technologies used:

Java, JavaScript, HTML+CSS, Google Places Api interaction, Swift

2016 - 2017: Upwork projects

Role: Freelancer

Customer: Upwork.com


  • I've worked on various Upwork projects during the weekends and sometimes 30+ hours per week, and I am still actively being recruited there

2013 - 2015: Various projects

Role: Web Developer

Customer: Studio Better


  • I got to develop plugins for Wordpress and Joomla, I coded templates and offered customer support for various projects
  • Mostly leveled up my PHP skills and front end on HTML 5 and CSS 3. Also, used a lot of jQuery

2012 - 2013: Web designs

Role: web designer

Customer: AtlanticMoon


  • Photoshop artist for web designs, implementations as Wordpress themes mostly
  • Minor brushups and customizations for existing templates

2013 - 2016

BSc Computer science

UAB, alba IULIA, Romania

UAB University taught me coding. From low-level Assembly language which I got pretty good at, to C/C++ for school projects and exams, a bit of Arduino and C for Embedded, but mostly here I leveled up my Java and MySQL skills. I am now really good at SQL language and I use it every day on my current projects and WCC.

Top Skills
Javascript Clojure Haskell HTML CSS Design Frontend u. Backend Entwicklung
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
Clojure & libraries
Clojure is an awesome language that transpiles to JVM. It runs on any machine as a jar, it is easy to use and it's a dialect of Lisp, which makes it incredible !
Having read "Javascript - The Definitive Guide", Vlad worked up to ES6 from there and is confident to using js daily, althoug who uses vanilla JS anymore
PHP with Symfony framework Node.JS and NPM
Messy, that's all I have to say about that.
Docker is the best thing that happened since the advent of VMs


The Freelancer is a proficient web developer that started out learning front-end and decided it was time to move up to back end. Self taught JavaScript and PHP , Vlad went on to get a degree in Computer Science and worked in his junior years as project-based web designer and developer for various projects. He is now happily employed as a Full Stack Developer at White City Code and CCM Value. It is here that he learned Functional Programming. He enjoys coding in Haskell and Elm, Clojure and Clojure Script. He is a big fan of Fedora and deploying using Docker and Jenkins onto the web.   

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