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Project Management Officer, PMO, Projekt Support, Portfolio Management

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07/2019 - 09/2019

3 Monate

Business Project Management Officer

UBS Asset Management AG

Tools: Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint

Main Tasks: Monitoring of Project Financials, creating Accruals, preparing Status Reports for different Boards

09/2018 - 06/2019

10 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Portfolio Management

Client: Bonuscard.ch

Portfolio Management

Tools: Excel, SharePoint

Main Tasks: Monitoring of Project Financials, creating Accruals, preparing incoming Invoices for Accounting. Status reports for Executive and Governance Board of BonusCard.ch AG

04/2018 - 09/2018

6 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Spring Professionals

Client: UBS

Senior Project Management Officer

Locations: CH, GB, USA

Tools: CA Clarity, Excel, SharePoint

Main Tasks: Financial controlling in Clarity PPM, Resource Management in PPM, Analyzing financial figures, RAID and Tollgate Management in JIRA



CA Claritiy

Microsoft Sharepoint

12/2017 - 04/2018

5 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer


Senior Project Management Officer

Locations: CH, GB, USA

Tools: CA Clarity, Excel, JIRA, SharePoint

Main Tasks: Verifying data accuracy for D&E Portfolio within Clarity PPM, Point of Contact for PM`s regarding Clarity PPM, Booking Manager for Sector, Workforce Management, Training of Users in Clarity PPM, Financial controlling in Clarity PPM, Resource Management in PPM, Analyzing financial figures, RAID and Tollgate Management in JIRA

01/2017 - 10/2017

10 Monate

Senior Project Management Offier - Project-/Portfoliomgmt

RMIT Group working at SIX Payment Services
  • Assist the Portfolio Head with creating the Portfolio Report
  • Monitoring and Maintenance of the Project Portfolio
  • Adding and maintaining of Projects within the PM Tool
  • Guiding the PM`s through the approval process for Projects according to Prince2
  • Monitoring of Projects with regards to Time, Costs, Budget, Status etc.
  • Accruing of Costs
  • Stakeholder Management
  • PMO Tasks like preparing Meetings, writing Minutes, preparing Workshops, creating PP Slides etc.
  • Adjusting and creation of PMO Documentation
  • Training the PM`s on the PPM Tool Planisware
  • Supporting the PM`s on maintaining the PPM Tool Planisware
  • Creating Cost Elements and tracking their status
  • Manual migration of Projects from old System PMT to Planisware
  • Analysis of Portfolio Figures

10/2016 - 01/2017

4 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Project PMO
Pragmatica AG working at UBS AG Wealth Management
  • Assist the PMs with financial and planning views
  • Review and validation of 2016 actuals and forecasts
  • Preparing an overview about financials
  • Validates and adjusts JIRA Tollgate entries
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Contract Management – Accrual Management
  • Assistance in Cost Object creation
  • Verify if accruals are correct
  • Creation of financial controlling excel for PM`s

04/2016 - 10/2016

7 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Credit Risk IT – working for Portfolio Head
Pragmatica AG working at UBS AG Corporate Center
  • Controlling of Portfolio financials
  • Managing of project closures in eXtract
  • Managing of project forecasts
  • Supporting project leads in managing financials
  • Contracts management e.g. setting up new contracts, if required HR extension etc.
  • Controlling of 3rd party invoices
  • Analyzing and reporting of financials to Portfolio Head and Project Managers
  • HR: On-boarding of new employees

06/2014 - 04/2016

1 Jahr 11 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Records Management IT – Project PMO
Pragmatica AG working at UBS AG Corporate Center
  • Reports, reviews and analysis financial plans
  • Owner of cost and budget plans
  • Manages invoice schedule plan
  • Collects and tracks actuals
  • Reviews invoices
  • Setting up a confluence page
  • Verifies planning accuracy
  • Reports and analyses financial forecasts required for project controlling
  • Supports Program Managers with project financial controlling
  • Supports Program Manager in creation of the semi-monthly status reports (collects input from various project leads)
  • Supports Program Manager in preparing monthly status reports in eXtract and PSR
  • Onboarding of new project members / employees in HR
  • Organizes Steering Committees and alignment meetings before Steering Committee
  • Supports Program Manager in organizing workshops and off sites
  • Organizes and takes minutes at project core team meetings
  • Supports the WPAS process for new project team members
  • Responsible for infrastructure rights before onboarding
  • Supports Program Manager / Project Leads in ensuring required access rights and applications
  • Manages Program pending items (tracks, updates, reminds and escalates)
  • Manages Program documents repositories (e.g. SharePoint, DocWeb)
  • Supports Program Manager in Baselining related tasks (e.g. Milestone Tool, DocWeb)
  • Supports Program Manager in project communication and coordination
  • Ordering of Project Document space e.g. SharePoint, Shared Drive etc.
  • Organization of Events
  • Interface between Vendor and Program e.g. administration of support cases
  • Supports the development, collects, tracks, updates and forecasts the resource plan
  • Ensures that infrastructure is ready / in line with work force plans
  • Monitors and escalates if appropriate
  • On- / Off-boarding of employees (support HR)
  • Supports Program Managers in creation and maintenance of project plans
  • Maintains program organization charts
  • Supports Program Managers for specifically agreed tasks (e.g. RACI Matrix, Communication, Stakeholder Register)
  • Runs periodical project reports (collects, QA, consolidates, reports)
  • Supports periodical project planning update sessions
  • Supports Program Managers in compliance processes
  • Tracks project risks, issues, action logs and project deliverables on behalf of Program Managers
  • Supports the escalation process in case of risks (e.g. run rate, spending level, resources not used as planned)
  • Owner of the risk list

01/2014 - 06/2014

6 Monate

Subject Matter Expert

CDC Department – Assessment and Certification
Stamford Consultants working at UBS AG Investment Banking
  • Gathering information from SWC manager reg. SWC
  • Kick off the scanning process
  • Creating SNOW requests
  • Raising JIRA Tickets
  • Creating and maintaining SharePoint and Excel lists for tracking
  • Data cleanup
  • Reporting project progress
  • Checking accuracy of data inserted in different tools
  • Guiding / giving advice to SWCM if needed for updating/creating data-set entries
  • Collecting data for other departments in order to create evidence tests
  • SharePoint

07/2013 - 12/2013

6 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

CDC Department
Stamford Consultants working at UBS AG Investment Banking
  • Scheduling and execution of CDCi surveys
  • Guiding users through the survey
  • Creating and maintaining of tracking sheets for surveys
  • Writing minutes of survey calls
  • Tracking open tasks from surveys

10/2012 - 06/2013

9 Monate

Job seeking

09/2012 - 10/2012

2 Monate

Senior Project Management Officer

Security project, Vacation replacement for 3 weeks
Reutax AG working at Atos Bern
  • Senor PMO for the sub project leader
  • making changes in the DB (Responsibility for maintaining Central DB)
  • (soliciting quotations) Solicitor for Project related quotations
  • sending out material (Responsible for any project related materials and their appropriate distribution
  • maintaining (Maintenance of centrally managed Excel lists)
  • Responsible for new SW on staff owned PDAs

06/2010 - 07/2012

2 Jahre 2 Monate

ICT full T&T Outsourcing Project

Senior Project Management Officer
Win2you GmbH working at Atos Zürich
  • Central PMO for (the overall) the Program and their sub projects and sub project leaders
  • Budget controlling
  • Creating risk-/issues lists and tracking
  • Creating presentations for the customer and the Management Board
  • Collaborating by planning the resources and acquisition
  • Organization of meetings, writing and distributing minutes (writing protocols)
  • Central Administrator of the internal SharePoint platform
  • Communication interface between the customer and the team in German and English
  • Working on the project plan (MS Project)
  • collaboration with the controllers concerning clearing of third party invoices
  • Organizing workshops, preparing required material
  • Preparing decision memos
  • Personnel management e.g. soliciting CV`s, contract extensions, work permits etc.
  • Translation of tech. documentation from German to English
  • Leading project meetings
  • Training PM@Siemens

06/2006 - 05/2010

4 Jahre

Canzler Informationssysteme (freelancer)

Projekt Management Officer
IT, Chemie, Automobil
  • PMO for the overall project management and the sub project leaders
  • Budgetcontrolling
  • Arranging meetings and writing protocols (case management for the PL and the sub project leaders)
  • Responsible for the communication internally and externally e.g. distributing protocols, announcements from the PL, distributing the project plan etc.
  • Creating lists e.g. issues lists, cost reports
  • Supporting Recruitment with Candidate evaluation
  • Staff management and onboarding (e.g. familiarization of new colleagues, ordering accounts etc.)
  • Organizing meetings
  • Organizing workshops and preparing info material
  • Budget controlling by means of reporting’s from the controllers
  • Milestone tracking
  • Creating presentations in Power Point for the PL, the sub project leaders and the Steering Committee
  • Soliciting offers
  • Procurement of general materials (Ordering material from 3rd parties)
  • Assistance to create and track the project plan
  • Writing Business Lettners
  • Preparing decision memos
  • Tracking Issues
  • Creating project documentation e.g. the project handbook, technical handbooks for the customer.
  • Ressource planning
  • Preparation of Overall Budget reports showing actuals vs forecast (operating figures)



02/2001 – 12/2005          

Team assistant

Employed at Canzler Informationsysteme

IT trading company. Trading with network components, security equipment (surveillance cameras, alarm systems and server rooms) and installation of those parts

  • Generating Invoices
  • Generating circular letters
  • Paying invoices via online banking
  • Writing offers
  • Soliciting bids
  • Customer advisory service
  • Accounting
  • Generating the sales tax summary report
  • Maintaining the online shop
  • Supporting the customer via Phone e.g. advice to install switches in the network, install network cameras etc.
  • Re-installation of computers
  • Installing of network surveillance cameras



01/1999 – 01/2001          

Maternity leave


04-1996 – 12/1998    

Team assistant

Employed at Pargos electronic GmbH Munich

Representative of ST Microelectronics

Branch: Trading                                  

  • Inserting orders in an Ingres DB
  • Monitoring delivery dates
  • Organizing replacement deliveries in case of an impending production stop
  • Collaboration with the customer’s developers in order to send them the needed samples
  • Generating offers


01/1996 – 03/1996          

Job seeking


07/1995 – 12/1995          

Team assistant

Employed at Randstad temporary work company Munich, working at Siemens Munich, dept. systems engineering

  • Inserting orders in a DB
  • Inserting orders from the Siemens Service Shop in a DB
  • Inserting price lists in a DB
  • Writing offers
  • Collaboration with DB developers to create a new DB


09/1992 – 06/1995          

Apprentice "Office Manager"

Company: Steinberger GmbH, Munich

Branch: Bookbindery

Diploma from the German chamber of crafts for Munich and upper Bavaria                                   

  • Payroll accounting and administrative accounting
  • Generating invoices
  • Preparing the annual statements for the tax counselor
  • Learning matter: HGB (Handelsgesetzbuch), BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch), BWL (Betriebswirtschaftslehre), Bookkeeping,


1991 bis 08/1992              

Employed as a Hotel industry expert

Pension Beck Munich,



1990 – 1991     

Apprenticeship as a Hotel industry expert

Hotel Altano Munich

(no certificate)


08/1989 – 1990

Internship as a Hotel industry expert

Hotel Altano Munich







verhandlungssicher in Wort und Schrift

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen
CA Claritiy
Microsoft Sharepoint


  • MS Office
  • SharePoint                                     
  • JIRA
  • DocWeb
  • Redmine
  • SNOW
  • CDC-i
  • i-SAC
  • FCRA
  • ECMS
  • Confluence
  • Planisware



1992 - 1995                     

Vocational school for trading and administration Munich

Certificate as an "Office Manager"                                      


IPMA Level D Certified Project Management Associate