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Business Intelligence, DataWarehousing, Informatica, Data Stage

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05/2011 - Heute

8 Jahre 5 Monate

Retail Traget Platform(RTP)

Development, ETL Testing, Magellan Deployment Specialist
Deutsche Bank AG
Frankfurt, Germany

Project Description:
Retail Traget Platform (RTP) is for the development of a unified, modern IT process for the
new sectoral bank platform.
Deutsche Bank and Postbank(another German bank), have Private & Business Clients
(PBC)s with the main strategic brands surgically separated into two powerful active distribution
Modules (I worked on): KUMV Spladder
Scope of KUMV Spladder:
KUMV-Spladder is a connector between payment format of SAP/BCB and payment format of
Deutsche Bank to transform.
K2B process is the ETL transformation of the transactions from ZVKK to BCBPS.
It takes KUMV file on the mainframe of the ZVKK system is the input file and creates mandant
(legal entity) specific XML,TXT and ZIP files as the outputs in a dropbox mounted on unix. Also
a mainframe dataset is created with the transactions which have errors.
B2K process is the ETL transformation of the transactions from BCBPS/SAPDM to ZVKK.
The XML & TXT files from BCBPS/SAPDM act as inputs for B2K process and KUMV output file
and error file are created on the ZVKK system.
EoD process is the end of day process which involves collection of eDATA records from all the
B2K processes run during the day and create the mainframe dataset for eDATA

Key Roles:

  • Involved in all phases of SDLC from requirement gathering, design,
    development, testing, production, user training and support for production
  • Create new mapping designs using various tools in Informatica Designer like
    Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapplet Designer and Mapping
  • Used Informatica reusability at various levels of development.
  • Developed mappings/sessions using Informatica Power Center 9.1 for data
  • Performed data manipulations using various Informatica Transformations like
    Filter, Expression, Lookup (Connected and Un-Connected), Aggregate, Update
    Strategy, Normalizer, Joiner, Router, Sorter and Union.
  • Developed Workflows using task developer, Worklet designer and workflow
    designer in Workflow manager and monitored the results using workflow
  • Pre and post session assignment variables were used to pass the variable values
    from one session to other.
  • Optimizing performance tuning at source, target,mapping and session level.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Resolution of various bottlenecks that came across.

Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1

Informatica PowerExchange 9.6.1

Oracle 9i/12c(

Windows 7 Enterprise

06/2010 - 04/2011

11 Monate

Markdown Optimization(MDO), SEARS


Project Description:
The objective of the project is to process the data from source
files by performing ETL to develop job streams for the interfaces, which will process data from
source files to target files and generate automated reporting capability for its client businesses.
These are met by the Extraction, Transformation, Loading and Reporting using Data stage.

Key Roles:

  • Involving in meetings with business team and analysts to gather the
    requirements. Understanding the functionality of the system & understanding
    business rules.
  • Used most of the stages like lookup, transformer, copy, joiner, filter, aggregate,
    sequence and modify etc.
  • Responsible for creating data stage jobs considering the performance issues.
  • All file paths must be parameterized to allow runtime flexibility and ease of
    migration between various server environments.
  • Time to time analysis of performance of jobs and making performance tunings as
    and when required.

IBM Information Server 8.0

Oracle 9i

Windows NT/2000.

04/2009 - 05/2010

1 Jahr 2 Monate

Consip’s RGS Data Warehouse


Project Description:
The target project is Consip’s RGS Data Warehouse (or DW-RGS): the decision support
system developed and maintained since year 2001 by the Italian government to support the
national accounting and balance policies.
The DW-RGS consists of three database functional areas, each identified by at
least one separate database schema: the Staging Area (“STG”), the Enterprise Data Warehouse
(“EDW”) and the Data Marts (“DMA”). The STG structures are loaded partly by directly
importing data from the originating systems by means of database utilities and partly using
source systems flat files processed by ETL jobs, while the EDW loading from STG data and DMA
loading from EDW data are done using ETL jobs.

Key Roles:

  • Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from oracle sources, flat files into oracle database
  • Developed Parallel jobs using stages Transformer, Aggregator, Sort, Modify, LookUp, Join, Oracle Enterprise, Peek, Funnel, Remove Duplicates etc
  • Consolidation of job designs and Fixing jobs according to informatica jobs
  • Involved in preparing issue documents.
  • Using Aqua Data Studio to check the data in the Database like Oracle
  • Involving in Unit testing
  • Involve in taking the backup of whole project for Daily-basis and weekly basis

IBM Information Server 8.0

Oracle 9i

Windows NT/2000.

01/2008 - 03/2009

1 Jahr 3 Monate

AXA- DBV Winterthur

Köln, Germany

Project Description:
Axa is a leading insurance company in Germany. Axa has acquired DBV
Winterthur, another leading insurance company in Germany. This acquisition has brought the
need for the merger and hence the challenging W-2-G migration project.

Key Roles:

  • Designed DataStage ETL jobs for extracting data from DBV mainframe systems,
    transform and finally load into the AXA mainframe systems.
  • Working on DataStage Designer tools for creating Mainframe Jobs.
  • Developed Mainframe jobs using stages Link Collector, Lookup, Aggregator,
    Transformer etc.
  • Involved in ETL Processes to load data from Complex Flat file, Multiformat Flat file
    into target DB2 Load Ready Flat file applying business logic on transformation
  • Generate COBOL,JCL modules that run on the mainframe and perform the actual
    data translation.
  • Prepares the jobs/ maps as per the mapping Testing.
  • Preparing Test cases for the Jobs.

MVS DataStage 8.0

Windows 2000


06/2007 - 12/2007

7 Monate

Cycle Data warehouse

Coned Edison, USA.

Project Description:
Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison), a regulated utility, provides
electric service in New York City (except for a small area of Queens), and most of Westchester
County. The company encourages customers to learn about other electric and natural gas
companies — known as energy services companies (ESCOs) — and to compare the pricing
options and services that they offer. When a customer chooses to buy the energy their home or
business uses through an ESCO, however, Con Edison still continues to deliver the electricity and
gas, and responds if there is a service emergency

Key Roles:

  • Analysis and design of ETL processes.
  • Have used Transformer, Lookup, Joiner, Remove Duplicates, Merge, Pivot Stages
    and Funnel for data processing. Identify other source systems like Oracle, related
    tables and fields and ensure data suitably for mapping.
  • Involved in exporting and importing data stage jobs
  • Using Sequential file Sage, to extract data as a source, to target using oraOCI9i
    Stage, Using Transformation Stage, Aggregator Stage, Modify Stage for Data
    preparation to server jobs in DataStage Designer.
  • Validating Jobs from DataStage Director
  • Have used Peek stage for debugging.
  • Have used stages like Row Generator, Aggregator, Sorter also and Surrogate Key

DataStage PX 7.5

Oracle 9i


05/2006 - 05/2007

1 Jahr 1 Monat

S.I.P (Single Insurance Platform)

Norwich Union Insurance
Norwich, UK.

Project Description:
Norwich Union is the world's sixth-largest insurance group and the biggest in the UK. It is
one of the leading providers of life and pensions products in Europe and has substantial
businesses elsewhere around the world. Its main activities are long-term savings, fund
management and general insurance.
The purpose of this Project is to migrate NUI Huon Policy data to Exceed
of the SIP Conversion Project.The scope of this Project covers Policy migration including Policy
Common and three lines of business, i.e. Motor, Travel and Household.This would focus
primarily on Solution Architecture and ETL (Extract Transform Load) Strategy.The challenge
involved in the conversion is to have smooth transition from HUON to Exceed in terms of Data
Quality, Data Integrity, validations & handling complex conversion rules , all this in a parallel
phased big bang approach with smaller migration window.

Key Roles:

  • Understanding of Exceed data schemas, business processes and system architecture.
  • Designed DataStage ETL jobs for extracting data from Huon, transform and finally
    load into the Exceed.
  • Working on DataStage Designer tools for creating Mainframe Jobs.
  • Developed Mainframe jobs using stages Link Collector, Lookup, Aggregator,
    Transformer etc.
  • Involved in ETL Processes to load data from Complex Flat file, Multiformat Flat file
    into target DB2 Load Ready Flat file applying business logic on transformation
  • Developing the Migration Suite for HUON to Exceed
  • Generate COBOL,JCL modules that run on the mainframe and perform the actual
    data translation.
  • Comparison of extracted HUON and Exceed data elements and structure
  • Prepares the jobs/ maps as per the mapping Testing.
  • Preparing Test cases for the Jobs.
  • Server Manager to Schedule and monitor different sessions and loading.

DataStage(MVS Edition) 7.5

Windows 2000



Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen

Technical Skills

Data Warehousing

  • Informatica PowerCenter 9.1.0/9.6.1,
  • Informatica PowerExchange 9.1.0/9.6.1,
  • DataStage 8.0/7.5 (Designer, Director, Manager, Administrator)


SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++.


Oracle, Netezza, MS-SQL Server, MS Access.

Operating Systems

Windows-9x/2000/NT/XP/7 Enterprise, UNIX .

GUI Tools

SQL Developer, Toad , Aqua Data Studio.



  • Having Niederlassungserlaubnis in Germany.
  • Total experience in IT Industry: 8+years
  • Have been working for 8 years on various data warehousing technologies for development, migration, production support, Deployment and enhancement projects.
  • Have been working extensively with ETL tools, viz., Informatica PowerCenter 9.6.1,
    DataStage PX, DataStage (MVS Edition) etc.
  • Worked for projects on Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing and Telecom domains.
  • Worked at various client office locations viz., NUI-Norwich(UK), AXA Insurance-
    Köln(Germany), Deutsche Bank-Frankfurt(Germany).
  • Possess the ability to understand business rules completely based on high level
    document specifications and implement through the data transformation methodologies.
  • Adept at implementing ETL process in Informatica Powercenter(9.x) applications.
    Designed and developed the Workflows, Worklets, Mappings, Mapplets, Sessions, Tasks,
    Transformations and schedule the Workflows and Sessions.
  • Extensive experience using DataStage and developing Parallel Jobs, Mainframe Jobs,
    Server Jobs; Also used DataStage Manager to Import/Export projects from development
    server to production server.
  • Have expertise in ETL Testing.
  • Was involved in production support for resolving the ongoing issues and troubleshoot
    the problems.
  • Have good knowledge in Data Warehouse concepts and Data Mart for business analysis.

Additional Information

  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good at analytical and logical skills.
  • A good team player and a quick learner.
  • Good understanding of a complete project life cycle.

Professional Experience

  • Worked as a Senior Consultant with Datamatics Global Services Ltd, Mumbai from
    May 2006 to June 2014.
  • Working as a ETL Senior Consultant with my-it consulting GmbH, Germany from July
    2014 to July 2016.
  • Working as a ETL Senior Consultant as Freelancer with HAYS GmbH, Germany from
    July 2016 to Till date.



  • IBM Websphere IIS DataStage Enterprise Edition v8.0


  • Master of Science and Information Systems (MScIS) from Nagarjuna University.
  • B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from Nagarjuna University.