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Deutschland: 100% flexibel und mobil

Arbeitserlaubnis: H1B-Visum fuer USA liegt vor (nicht firmengebunden) bis Januar 2006

Weitere Länder: internationale Projekt-und Roll-out Erfahrungen in Belgien, Suedafrika, Thailand, Singapore und USA (aktuelles Projekt)


Full lifecycle: Umfangreiche Erfahrung in Prozessmodellierung, Customizing und roll-out in verschiedenen Service-Industrien


Period:        March 2012 – ongoing

Customer:      Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Tarrytown, NY,United States of America

               Project DX Factory - Release 3, site Mishawaka, IN


Instrument- and Reagents factory integration into Siemens Healthcare worldwide template for logistics and manufacturing.


Function:      Roll out Lead consultant SD and MM responsible for on-time integration

               of new acquisition into global template.


Deliverables:  Project planning and functional consulting in alignment with project

               approach utilizing project methods and tools with Accenture and Siemens


  • Set up of Mishawaka project plan and milestone definition
  • Document SD and MM functional design specifications for an Instrument manufacturing and Reagents site, including approvals by process owners
  • Coordinate harmonization and development with central team
  • Test plan definition and execution, including training of key users 

Period:        March 2011 – February 2012

Customer:      Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Tarrytown, NY,United States of America

               Project DX Factory - Releases 1 and 2 in Flanders, NJ and Sudbury, UK


Production planning and execution rollout into Siemens Healthcare worldwide template for logistics and manufacturing.


Functions:     Member of project management team to realize successful rollout with a

               team of Accenture, Siemens H IT consultants and business process experts.

  • IT Project manager responsible for planning of rollout to two Instrument sites
  • Test- and Cutover manager for go-lives in 10/2011
  • Application Service Delivery Lead


Deliverables:  Ensure site project management aligns with H IT road map for manufacturing

               rollout of Global Instrument and Reagents template  

  • Test management and issue tracking
  • Cutover manager for Sudbury, UK and Flanders, NJ sites
  • Team lead responsible for planning and delivery of localization workshops and delivery of local design and change request documentation


Period:        October 2010 – February 2011

Customer:      Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Tarrytown, NY,United States of America

               Project DX Unite 


SD and FICO Integration of acquisitions from Bayer, DPC and Behring into Siemens Healthcare worldwide template for logistics and manufacturing.


Function:      IT Project manager, responsible for roll-out of SAP ECC6.0 to

               Atlanta and Brookfield sites


Deliverables:  Site project management for roll-out of Global Instrument and Reagents

               template for SD/CS/MM/WM implementation in Phase 1

  • Hypercare – intensive Go-live support and defect management
  • Test management and issue tracking
    Phase 2 implementation will add Production Planning and Execution to nine sites across the US
  • Align program plan with site specific activity, and ensure on-time delivery

Period:        September 2008 – September 2010

Customer:      Siemens Industry (former SE&A), Atlanta, United States of America

               SIPAC (Siemens Internet Pricing And Configuration) Project


Market leading application for IPC based implementation for complex products in Power Distribution & Circuit Protection with full integration to SAP backend as replacement of various legacy systems.


Function:      SAP integration lead for Make to Order with Engineering and Sales

               processes, including design of interfaces – Modules SD, MM, PP, PS


Deliverables:  Successful implementation of initial prototype for Low Voltage Switchgear

               utilizing SIPAC as frontend.

  • Interface design based on RFC’s using BAPI’s for inquiry, quote, sales order, documents, Bill of material, engineering changes, status updates and master data synchronization
  • Configuration of SD, with close integration to manufacturing including engineering planning, time collection and master scheduling further optimizing existing processes at
  • Change management, training and go-live support


Technical aspects of SD / CS and integration PP / MM / FICO:

  • Customizing for multi-level configurable product structures
  • VC procedures and dependencies to influence task lists for engineering scheduling using account assigned service orders
  • Integration of various manufacturing models (MTO flow-though, custom engineering; sourcing models include purchase-to order and drop ship

Period:        January 2002 – August 2008

Customer:      Siemens Energy & Automation (SE&A), Atlanta, United States of America

               CONCERT Project, Reengineering SE&A Design & Deployment Phases

Function:      SAP consultant lead for Customer Service, Sales and Distribution and

               Project Systems – Modules CS, SD and PS


Deliverables:  Program implementation of SAP at 26 different SEA – business units across

               theU.S.and manufacturing facilities inMexico.

               Ensuring successful implementation of harmonized business processes for

               recent acquisitions in decentralized organization leveraging E-business

  • Conduct process mapping with process owners and decision makers
  • Configuration of CS and SD, integration to MM, PS (CCM/PoC), FICO
  • Defined a company standard ‘Make-to order with engineering’ process suite
  • Ongoing roll-out of solutions into multiple divisions/locations (Automation & Drives, Industrial Service Division) integration of new businesses’ scope


Technical aspects of SD:

  • SLA’s and maintenance contracts, repair service contracts (OEM)
  • Resource related quotation, billing and pricing
  • Spare parts orders and returns, customer repairs processing
  • Make to order production using variant configuration, assembly processing or MRP including costing, order promising and scheduling of engineering time
  • Delivery execution inclusive shipping and shipment cost


Technical aspects of CS - Customer Service and Project Systems:

  • Technical Objects, Installed base, serial numbers, equipment records
  • Call Management, Pre-sales activities and Installation (SDI)
  • Solution business including WBS-structures, networks and activities, using standard templates, validations and substitutions for project
  • Time- and expense recording using CATS including approvals and reporting
  • Preventive maintenance, task lists, scheduling (time/counter), refurbishment


Technical aspects of MM:

  • Purchase orders, Goods receipt, Service entry and invoice verification
  • Goods movements and bill of material

Period:        March 2004 – May 2004

Customer:      Siemens Automation & Drives, (Division World Headquarter), Germany

Location:      Siemens Factory Automation Engineering, Beijing, PR of China

Function:      Audit: SAP post-implementation review for Customer Service/Projects Parts

               Logistics including Repair to ensure corporate standards and compliance


Deliverables:  Optimization of process application to headquarter-specific guidelines

  • Analysis of cost / value flow, warranty handling and IntraCompanyClearing
  • Based on findings, first level support to accelerate users’ efficiency
  • Revised role-model including job roles, authorizations, information- and document flow to reduce process circle times and throughput periods



Period:        October 2002 – January 2003

Customer:      Siemens Energy & Automation (SEA), Alpharetta, GA, USA

               Project Harmonization and Standardization at SEA

Function:      Lead consultant for customer service process analysis and project



Deliverables:  Process roadmap, implementation concept documentation and SAP-prototype

  • Business process analysis and reengineering based on SCOR-model
  • Process mapping in ARIS-suite
  • Integration of CS-processes into SEA-e-commerce landscape
  • Project management and close cooperation with implementation project
  • Project planning based on ASAP-roadmap for definition of project milestones


Technical aspects of Customer Service / SD / PS:

  • Call Management
  • Service Level Agreements and contracts (service level and preventative maintenance)
  • Advance shipment and returns, returns material authorization
  • Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) and integration of offline solution for field service
  • HR-organization- and HR-mini master set-up for field service personnel
  • Order Costing, results analysis and settlement for integrated value flow
  • Integration to SD-, MM- and CO/PS-modules

Period:        March 2001 – August 2002

Customer:      Siemens Automation & Drives, Erlangen, Germany

               Project VSR (regional sales organization) Sales, Service and Accounting

Function:      Business Analyst, Master trainer and implementation management


Deliverables:  Scoping the business blue print for plant and turnkey business

  • Phase 2: realization of additional developments (CS/PS) and performance optimization of the current system Implementation
  • Integration of CS-processes into Projects
  • Planning and organization of integrative tests using Auto-tester
  • Project management and close cooperation with implementation project
  • Phase 1: Master Trainer and implementation management, training lead and end user training including on-site support for about 250 SAP users acrossGermanya services industry


Technical aspects of Customer Service / SD / PS:

  • Call Management, Customer repair and refurbishment customizing
  • Service Level Agreements and contracts
  • nstallation using projects and WBS-elements
  • Technical back reporting and offline solution for field service
  • Integration to SD-, MM- and CO/PS-modules

Period:        April 2000 – February 2001

Employer:      Siemens Business Services GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, Germany

Customer:      Project at Siemens Shared Services, Bangkok, Thailand

Function:      Senior Consultant lead for a team of 3 consultants and 2 trainees


Deliverables:  Full lifecycle Customer Service-implementation at Siemens affiliated

               companies in Asia-Pacific developing a template to enable successful

               future roll-outs

  • Close co-operation with the regional project management and headquarters of Siemens divisions
  • Planning of resources and work packages within the CS-team
  • Co-ordination of CO and SD-Integration
  • Workshops and presentations on processes and master data
  • Performing workshops with responsible business process owners (Commercial managers, CFO’s, Process consultants)
  • Reengineering of business processes in alignment with the international Siemens road-map (one client solution-multiple plants) for global service processes (Business Blueprint)
  • Concept and organisation of integration tests and Power-User training


Technical aspects of Customer Service / SD / PS:

  • Call management solution on SAP’s Customer Interaction Center (CIC)
  • Customer specific repair and refurbishment processing


Technical aspects of Plant Maintenance:

  • Maintenance contracts, -plans and –strategies; task lists


Technical aspects of Project System:

  • WBS-structures
  • Networks and Activities
  • Project controlling, results analysis and settlement

Period:        September 2000 – November 2000

Employer:      Siemens Business Services, Munich

Customer:      Project at Siemens Ltd., Midrand, Republic of South Africa

Function:      Responsible business analyst for Business Blue Print-analysis for

               telecommunication division and CS processes


Deliverables:  Business analysis and blueprint for SAP-implementation

  • Analysis of business processes (core processes: contracts, call management, repair) and integration into the Global solution of I&C
  • Sign-off the Business Blue Print including the solution of CS-Processes within the roll-out of global template
  • Workshops and scoping with business representatives and SAP Consultants (SD, MM, CO)
  • Configuration of a prototype and specification of add-ons
  • Mentor of trainees (module PM/SM)


Technical aspects of Service Management:

  • Technical objects (Telecommunications systems, switches)
  • Contracts and preventive maintenance
  • Call Management using an interface to 3rd-party system
  • Integration of HR-requirements (organisation and time management)
  • Order cost planning and controlling

Period:        October 1998 – August 2000

Employer:      Siemens Business Services, Munich, Germany

Customer:      Siemens S.A., Brussels, Belgium

Function:      Module consultant for PM/CS-modules for roll-out of a ‘Basis

               Telecommunication Solution (BST)


Deliverables:  Roll out of template solution (full lifecycle)

  • Conducting workshops: process analysis (as is-) and organisational structures of service processes of the local company
  • Presentations on template (BST)-processes and master data
  • Development of Business Blue Print and Implementation in R/3
  • Customising and Implementation of BST
  • Specification of enhancements
  • Process documentation

Period:        March 1998 – July 1998

Employer:      Siemens Business Services, Munich, Germany

Function:      Module consultant PM/SM (started as trainee) developing a template

               solution for Siemens Public Networks telecommunication service processes


Deliverables:  Template solution for global roll-out in Siemens regional companies

  • Analysis of processes in accordance with SIEMENS Roadmap for Global Telecommunication Solution (BST)
  • Established business blue print and implementation concept
  • Implementation and customizing the SM-processes
  • Developing a process documentation and mapping in ERM-software package (ARIS)


Projekt SAP C4.6 Asia Specific CS, 04/00 - 03/01
Referenz durch Senior SAP Consultant (intra company business) vom 30.07.01

"Mehrsprachiger SAP R/3-Consultant für die Module CS, PM mit mehr als 3-jähriger internationaler Projekterfahrung. Er hat das Projekt in allen Phasen von der Spezifikation über die Entwicklungs- bis hin zur Testphase begleitet. Neben seiner besonderen fachlichen Qualifikation ist seine Flexibilität im Asia-Pazifischen Umfeld hervorzuheben. Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle dafür bedanken und den Consultant anderen Projektanbietern weiterempfehlen."


Telekommunikation: Template und roll-out eine Branchenlösung
Anlagenbau: Training und Schulung
Industrie: umfassende Lösung für konzernübergreifende Prozesseanalyse und Einfuehrung von SAP im Industriellen Service Business


fliessend, 5 Jahre Projekterfahrung
gute Kenntnisse
fliessend (da Studium)


Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen
SAP R/3: Module SM, CS, PM, PS

Mehrsprachiger SAP R/3-Consultant (full-lifecycle) mit mehr als 5-jähriger internationaler Projekterfahrung.
Hauptaufgabengebiete sind:
- Geschäftsprozeßanalyse,Reengineering
- Soll-Konzeption
- Customizing
- Implementierung
- Training

Durchgeführte Projekte folgenden Brancehn:
- Telekommunikationsindustrie
- Anlagenbau
- Medizintechnik
- Services Industry

Multi-lingual Senior Business Analyst and SAP R/3-Consultant covering the implementation of SAP Sales, Customer Service, Project Systems solutions. More than 14 years of full lifecycle international projects experience at Siemens head quarters and affiliated companies with focus on logistics integration SD, CS, PP, MM, PS and value flow with FI/CO.
Main areas of responsibility include business process analysis, reengineering, customizing, implementation, rollout, training and post-implementation audits. Project management experience includes test, cutover and rollout project manager.

Project Experience


  • SAP-R/3 Lead consultant with strong team focus
  • Senior SAP-consultant with strong knowledge of integrative aspects of logistics and finance
  • Senior business analyst in multi-national company
  • Project management, scoping and implementation method based on ASAP


Type of Projects:

  • Feasibility studies, base line definition and project definition
  • Business process analysis and reengineering
  • SAP Implementation projects, customization, development of enhancements
  • Siemens template projects ‘SPIRIDON’ with realization and roll-out inSoutheast Asia,China, North America andMexico.
  • Corporate IS system review and standardized process audits
  • Training project including concept and delivery
  • Project and implementation management

Industry Experience


  • Automation & Drives (large/small drives)
  • Power Distribution & Circuit Protection (low/medium voltage, MCC, panels)
  • Plant engineering and construction (solutions, customer service, contracts, preventative maintenance)
  • Medical (Healthcare Diagnostics)
  • Telecommunication (public / private networking)
  • Consulting (business consulting and training business)

Role in projects

  • Business Process consultant for Sales&Distribution, Make-to order, Service, Projects
  • Lead consultantSAPSD, CS/PM
  • Master trainer
  • Lead in audit project
  • IT Project Manager for rollout projects

SAP Tool Knowledge


  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • SAP R/3 Rel. 4.7 CS / SD / PM / PS:  Full lifecycle projects
  • PP / MM / CO / HR: integrative aspects of delivery execution and service processing
  • ARIS: business process analysis, process harmonization and documentation


SAP-R/3 Rel. 4.6 Courses:

  • LO600, 650 SD config.
  • D46 CS: Delta 4.6 -SM
  • LO840:CICCustomerInteractionCenter
  • WB915: ASAP
  • CA820: Project Management – Logistics
  • CA500: CATS



  • SAP R/3 PM/SM- certified consultant


English: fluent

German: native

Russian, Swedish: basic to intermediate


Mitarbeit gern auch in internationalen Projekten aufgrund meiner Erfahrungen und Sprachkenntnisse.


08/99 Zertifizierung SAP R/3-Berater PM

03/98-06/98 Trainee SAP Service, Siemens Business Services, München

- 02/98 vgl. Diplom-Betriebswirt, internationaler Studienabschluss:
Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business Administration,
Gothenborg School of Economics and Law, Schweden
(Master of Science (M.Sc.) Business Administration, Gothenburg University, Sweden)