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GULP Information Services GmbH, established in 1996 as online job exchange for IT contractors, is the most important source for staffing IT and Engineering projects with external specialists in the German-speaking countries. In addition to the services of a modern recruitment agency, GULP offers a comprehensive online information portal focusing exclusively on the interests of the participants in the relevant market.
Key Data
Company Name GULP Information Services GmbH
Established in 1996
Type of Company GmbH
Subsidiaries GULP Consulting Services GmbH, GULP Schweiz AG
Headquarters Munich
Branch Offices Cologne, Frankfurt / Main, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Zurich (Switzerland)
Management Michael Moser, General Manager
Jan Ole Schneider, General Manager
Turnover 278.4 million EUR in 2013 = increase of 13.3 % compared to the previous year
IT Contractors on Assignment 3,532 in 2012
Project Enquiries processed 161,899 in 2012
Permanent Staff currently over 240 employees
Countries Austria, Germany, Switzerland
  • more than 85,000 resumes of IT specialists, among them more than 15,000 focused on IT-related engineering and more than 5,000 interim managers in the GULP database
  • all skill levels: junior / expert / senior, an average work experience of 22 years, average rate per hour of 71 Euro
  • widest skill ranges, experiences and positions
  • representing a market coverage of more than 90% of the free market in Germany according to Mikrozensus 2011 of the German Federal Office of Statistics, Wiesbaden
  • An average of 600 new entries per month
  • An average of 500 resumes updated daily
  • More than 110,000 documented interviews and personal contacts
  • 19,000 personally verified and published references
  • more than 1,400,000 project enquiries processed
  • more than 3,500 clients
  • across all industries
  • of all sizes: from system companies to multinational corporations
  • from different sectors such as recruitment agencies, consultancies, software providers and system companies, IT and Engineering service providers and end customers through to multinational corporations
Information Portal
  • articles, market analyses, statistics, polls and interviews
  • service tools: hourly rates calculator, trend analyzer, index of the IT project market
  • experts portal with a yearly symposium, exclusively for clients responsible for the procurement of IT services
  • regular newsletter including up-to-date information for the participants within the relevant market
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