Frontend Developer, a highly skilled frontend developer with 4+ years of experience in designing and implementing user-centric web applications
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React Js
Next Js
Material Ui
Ant Design


Heidelberg (+50km)
Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz


10 Monate
2022-11 - heute

Developed and maintained responsive, user-friendly web applications

React frontend developer React js Context Tailwind ...
React frontend developer
  • Developed and maintained responsive, user-friendly web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Implemented dynamic user interfaces with React, integrating state management and efficient component-based architecture for scalability and maintainability.
  • Utilized various styling libraries and frameworks, such as Material UI, Ant Design, Tailwind, and Bootstrap, to create visually appealing and consistent designs.
  • Integrated APIs using Axios and React Query, enabling seamless communication with backend services and facilitating real-time data exchange.
  • Employed Formik and React Hook Forms for robust form handling and validation, enhancing user experience and reducing input errors.
  • Leveraged TypeScript to enforce type safety, improve code readability, and reduce runtime errors.
  • Optimized web performance through lazy loading, skeleton screens, and code-splitting, resulting in reduced load times and improved user experience.
  • Conducted regular code reviews and adhered to best practices, ensuring maintainable and efficient codebases. 
  • Stayed up-to-date with industry trends and emerging frontend technologies, incorporating relevant advancements to improve application performance and usability.
React js Context Tailwind Axios i-18next React-big-calendar react-google-login apex charts react-youtube
Scientech Solution
4 Jahre 6 Monate
2019-03 - heute

Conducted performance optimization

  • Utilized JavaScript frameworks, including React, to develop and maintain engaging, user-centric web applications.
  • Delivered custom software solutions to a diverse range of clients, from startups to large corporations.
  • Managed end-to-end project lifecycles, from requirement gathering and planning, to development, testing, and deployment.
  • Worked with APIs, databases, and other technologies to create complex, interactive, and responsive applications.
  • Conducted performance optimization, debugging, and code reviews to ensure software quality.
  • Stayed up-to-date with latest industry trends and advancements in web development
8 Monate
2022-03 - 2022-10

Delivered two high-quality websites

React frontend developer React Js SCSS Eslint ...
React frontend developer
  • Delivered two high-quality websites that provide a great user experience and meet the client's  requirements
  • Connected both websites to their respective APIs using the Axios library
  • Developed 60+ web pages for maximum speed and scalability
  • Collaborated with backend developers and web designers to improve web page usability
  • Participated in the entire lifecycle of 3 projects from drafting a technical specification to releasing in production and everything in between
React Js SCSS Eslint Formik Firebase Axios Material UI
Nova IT


Software development / programming



React Js Next Js Typescript Javascript CSS Scss Material Ui Ant Design Tailwind

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Frontend Developer (2019-Present) A highly skilled frontend developer with 4+ years of experience in designing and implementing user-centric web applications. Proficient in JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, and React, with extensive knowledge of Axios, React Query, and REST APIs. Adept in various styling frameworks and libraries, such as CSS, Material UI, Ant Design, SCSS, Tailwind, and Bootstrap. Experienced with form handling using Formik and React Hook Forms, as well as TypeScript integration. Dedicated to optimizing web performance through techniques such as lazy loading and skeleton screens.



React Js, Next Js, Typescript, Javascript, Styling(Css, Scss, Material Ui, Ant Design, Tailwind)


Redux, Context, Formik, Axios, React-hook-form,React-query,

Leadership & soft skills:

Adaptability, Teamwork and collaboration, Mentorship.


  • - is an all-inclusive platform designed to manage your vocal lessons online. It aims to help your students improve their singing skills more rapidly!
  • - Crafted the frontend of a startup platform website.
  • - Devised the frontend of an administrative panel for controlling a startup platform.
  • - Established the administrative panel for controlling the management and sales of AKFA composite panels.
  • - An administrative panel with user-friendly interface, allowing users to stay informed about prices and sales at the AbuSaxiy bazar
  • - Created the administrative panel for managing sales and installations of heating systems.
  • - Built the frontend of an athletes' score assessment website.
  • - Developed the frontend of an online furniture sales shop.
  • Eyeclinic - Implemented the frontend for the website of EYECLINIC, an eye clinic.
  • "BIR" - Engineered the frontend of a startup that included a marketplace (, a travel agency (, and a cinema ticket booking service (
  • - Worked on the frontend development of a website for an association of clinics in Tashkent, aiding in doctor and clinic searches as well as appointment booking.

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