Experienced Quality Manager with over a decade of banking and insurance experience.
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Test Management
Test Strategies
Test Planning
Testing Process
Test Methodologies
Process Design
Project Management (PRINCE2)
Atlassian Tool Stack
Embedded Software Testing
Software Development
Firmware (FW) and Hardware (HW) Testing
B1.2 (studying daily)


8045 Zürich (+10km)


10 years 5 months
2012-08 - 2022-12

Various Projects

Project Manager
Project Manager
  • Strategic Test Leadership:
    • Demonstrated strategic test leadership by developing comprehensive test strategies aligned with business goals, effectively managing resources, mitigating risks, implementing test automation, and ensuring regulatory compliance
    • I have a proven track record of improving testing processes, enhancing test coverage, and delivering high-quality results within budget and on schedule
  • Global Test Management:
    • Effectively managed and coordinated two India-based automation teams, showcasing my ability to lead global teams across multiple projects.
  • Complex Transformation Programs:
    • Ensuring the quality and compliance of critical programs such as the MiFID and Hong Kong HKMA regulator-required initiatives, reflecting my experience in managing complex transformation programs within the financial services industry
  • Test Automation and Framework Design:
    • Introduced automation best practices, improved automation execution speed, and significantly increased coverage through a well-designed Robot Process Automation framework, demonstrating a deep knowledge of testing activities on both IT and business fronts
  • Risk Management and Mitigation:
    • Identified, managed, and mitigated risks associated with testing and development, collaborating closely with stakeholders, mirroring the responsibility of identifying and managing risks
  • Program-Level Oversight:
    • Successfully managed end-to-end testing for numerous UAT programs across multiple systems and regions, which aligns with the orchestration and management of F2B test activities on a program level expected in the Head of Test Management role
  • Integration and Collaboration:
    • Designed program QA strategies and ensured integration with the overall program delivery concept, encompassing test planning, test data management, and program status reporting, in line with the need for close collaboration with other functions within the program governance
  • Release Management:
    • Delivered over 80+ releases into production without any outages or financial losses, showcasing my structured and goal-oriented approach to managing critical projects, a crucial aspect of the role
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensured compliance with regulatory requirements, including those of FINMA and HKMA, underpinning my strong financial services background
  • Leadership and Communication:
    • Consistently demonstrated leadership skills, improved team performance, and maintained open communication channels, making me a strong communicator and leader
  • Education and Language Skills:
    • I hold a Diploma in Physics, a bachelor's degree in Science, and a FETAC level 7 master's degree equivalent qualification, fulfilling the educational requirements, and I am business fluent in written and spoken English, German B2
  • Willingness to Travel:
    • ?Open to travel as required.
With this extensive experience, I am well-prepared to take your Test Management function to the next level, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your global testing strategy and ensure the successful execution of complex projects across multiple locations.
1 year 9 months
2010-10 - 2012-06

Coordinated QA activities across San Diego and Israeli

Quality Manager
Quality Manager
  • Websense is a cloud-based internet and email provider. I defined the QA strategy, planning, staffing, and effort estimates
  • Successfully delivered a waterfall big bang cloud project of 18 months duration without service outage and within commercial SLAs
  • Management of an on and off-shore automation team
  • Delivered a new automation solution based on WebDriver/Selenium
  • Coordinated QA activities across San Diego and Israeli
  • Transitioned the quality department from Waterfall to Agile
1 year 11 months
2008-12 - 2010-10

Designed a SIP automation framework

Quality Manager
Quality Manager
  • Avaya is a voice conferencing provider. I was responsible for test planning and scripting, creation, execution, and reporting
  • Designed a SIP automation framework
  • Designed load scripts for voice conferencing systems
2 years 3 months
2006-04 - 2008-06

Managed the QA of a television distribution system

Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant
  • SQS now called Expleo is the largest quality consultancy in the world. I was responsible for defining test strategy, test planning, metrics reporting, and test analysis
  • Managed the QA of the refactoring of an end-to-end Home Insurance Program
  • Managed the QA of a television distribution system

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Test Management Test Strategies Automation/Steuerung Test Planning Testing Process Test Methodologies Process Design Project Management (PRINCE2) Atlassian Tool Stack Embedded Software Testing Software Development ISTQB Firmware (FW) and Hardware (HW) Testing

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Experienced leader with a track record of optimizing test strategies, enhancing automation, and delivering excellence in complex environments. With a proven ability to manage global teams, mitigate risks, and drive regulatory compliance. I am ready to lead your testing efforts to ensure precision, efficiency, and innovation.


  • Test Management
  • Firmware (FW) and Hardware (HW) Testing
  • Test Strategies
  • Test Planning
  • Testing Process
  • Test Methodologies
  • Process Design
  • Project Management (PRINCE2)
  • Atlassian Tool Stack
  • Embedded Software Testing
  • Software Development
  • ISTQB Jira
  • Jenkins
  • Java
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Bugzilla
  • TestLink
  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • virtual test environment tools
  • mobile application testing tools
  • LoadRunner
  • security testing tools
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Confluence
  • Test Analytics
  • networking


  • Jira
  • Tricentis Tosca
  • Jenkins
  • Linux

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