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Deutschland, Österreich


3 Jahre
2020-09 - 2023-08

E-Commerce SW Development / Industry 4.0 - optimization of manufacturing processes

Software Engineer / Solution Architect - Linode Python MongoDB ...
Software Engineer / Solution Architect

Software Engineer:

Project 1

Working mainly within the sphere of e-commerce, e- marketing and media platforms with content aggregation. Entirely focused on cloud solutions and cloud services.


Reviewed and revised software designs, assist in research, design, and development of product features, architectural improvements, service optimization, oversee of multiple projects, client integration.

-   Technologies: Linode, Python, MongoDB, FastAPI, Django, Celery, Docker, Kubernetes

Project 2:

-   Focused on creating data products for a video-on-demand streaming platform

-   Responsibilities: Build data systems and pipelines, collaborate with data scientists and architects on several projects, evaluate business needs and objectives, explore ways to enhance data quality and reliability.

-   Technologies: GCP, Python, ArgoCD/Argo Workflow, FastAPI, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab CI/CD

Solution Architect:

Industry 4.0 solution helping manufacturers optimize and monitor their manufacturing process.


Reviewed and revised software designs, assisted in research, design and development of product features, architectural improvements, service optimization, and collect client requirements.


GCP, Python, MongoDB, FastAPI, Celery, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI/CD

- Linode Python MongoDB FastAPI Django Docker GCP ArgoCD/Argo Workflow Kubernetes GitLab CI/CD Celery
Mazedonien / Deutschland
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2020-07 - 2022-12

Plattform development

Senior Python Software Engineer Lambdas ECS Athena ...
Senior Python Software Engineer

  • Working with an international team using Scrum methodology.
  • Start up atmosphere.
  • Developing recommendation and trending platform built for personalisation of the sport betting and gaming industry.
  • Responsibilities: Designing solutions, adding new features, product development, handling client integration, optimizing and converting existing parts of the system to be more maintainable, mentoring of new employees

Lambdas ECS Athena DynamoDB Kinesis Python Ruby Docker
Großbritannien / Deutschland / Mazedonien
7 Monate
2020-07 - 2021-01

Software Design & Development

Python Software Engineer Python Django PostgreSQL ...
Python Software Engineer

  • Designing and developing a software solution for tracking and ensuring the well being of elderly people.
  • Responsibilities: Designing solutions, adding new features, product development

Python Django PostgreSQL Docker
Gordian Technology
7 Monate
2020-01 - 2020-07

Data acquisition

Data Engineer Python NoSQL MongoDB
Data Engineer

  • Data acquisition through multiple sources(Scraping, REST, Multiple DBs)
  • Responsibilities: Collect data, structure the acquired data, align architecture with business requirements, use data to discover tasks that can be automated and optimized

Python NoSQL MongoDB
öffentliche Hand
Mazedonien / Deutschland
10 Monate
2019-10 - 2020-07

Supply Chain Development

Python Softwarea Engineer Python Django PostgreSQL ...
Python Softwarea Engineer

  • Working with an international team (50+) using Scrum methodology.
  • Developing supply chain management(SCM) SaaS platform.
  • Responsibilities: Adding new features, analyzing bugs and developing appropriate solutions, performance optimization, translating strict and complex business requirements to code

Python Django PostgreSQL Docker
Virtualstock Ltd.
Großbritannien / Deutschland / Mazedonien
3 Monate
2018-06 - 2018-08

Deep Learning (im Rahmen des Studiums)

Intern Python Pandas Scipy ...

  • Built a conceptual solution for detecting grammar errors in English text. Worked on both statistical and Deep Learning models as well as comparing the results with already publicly available solutions
  • Responsibilities: Research existing solutions, create datasets, train and test possible models, present findings to superiors.

Python Pandas Scipy Keras Pytorch SQL .NET Core
Televic Education
Belgien / Mazedonien

Aus- und Weiterbildung

4 Jahre 1 Monat
2015-01 - 2019-01

Informatik - Computerwissenschaften und Ingenieurwesen



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