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SAP Oil and Gas
projektsicher, ich habe zahlreiche Projekte in Englisch durchgeführt.


Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Weitere Länder: Ich habe ausgedehnte Auslandserfahrung (ca. fünf Jahre) u.a. GUS, Aserbaijan, Saudi Arabien, Jemen, und anderes. Ich bin weltweit einsetzbar außer in Hochrisikogebieten.



September 2007 - February 2008

SAP MM Consultant on a SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.6c IS-Oil 4.6c) implementation in a liquefied natural gas plant in Yemen

Project: Implementation of SAP incl. IS-OIL in a plant for liquefied natural gas production
Role: SAP MM Consultant (Freelancer), member of the SAP MM team
Project language: English
Project location: Sana'a (Yemen)
Main achievements:
Conducting business blueprint work shops, writing business blueprints and business process flow charts, customizing of the SAP MM module, writing test scripts, executing test, training the users
Subject of the above mentioned achievements had been all MM objects and processes, such as set up of test master data for material master, vendor master, bills of material, info records, MRP, inventory management, purchase requisition, purchase order, goods receipts, physical inventory, external service management (MM-SRV), etc.

September 2006 - March 2007

SAP MM Consultant on an SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.70 IS-OIL 472) implementation in a leading gas and oil company in Romania, responsible for the successful SAP MM roll out into two refineries

Role: SAP MM Consultant (Freelancer); working as responsible manager of the role out implementation of the MM module template (except of hydrocarbon management) into the two Romanian refineries
Project language: English
Project locations: Romania
Main duties
Managing the roll out of an existing template into two refineries
Safeguarding the time schedule for a roll out project: System configuration and customization, integration test, user training and go-live regarding all MRP, warehouse and procurement procedures
Coordination and support for the data migration team
Negotiations with key users regarding all material management procedures
Hands on in customizing of consignment and subcontracting procurement
Hands on in writing test scripts and carrying out pre tests
Go-live mobilisation and support

Key functionalities implemented
Material requirement planning (MRP), inventory management, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipt, logistic invoice verification, external service management (MM-SRV)
Interface to plant maintenance module
Subcontracting procurement
Consignment procurement

Go live date: 1. March 2007

May 2006 - August 2006

SAP MM Consultant on an International SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.6C IS Gas and Oil) Implementation in Germany, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation

Project: World wide SAP R/3 (IS Gas and Oil) implementation with 73 company codes and 133 plants, Rel. 4.6C.
Role: SAP MM Consultant (Freelancer); working as trainer and giving go-live support in Germany, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation.
Project languages: English and German
Project location: I was located temporally on base locations in Germany, in UK, in Baku (Azerbaijan), in Tyumen (Siberia, Russian Federation) and at an on shore rig in Salym (in the Siberian forest, Russian Federation).

Main duties: Training and Go-live support, given in:
MM: master data maintenance, MRP, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, stock transfer orders, goods receipts, logistic invoice verification, IM, PI, procurement of materials and services, MM-SRV
PM: master data maintenance, rig plant maintenance, maintenance planning, PM notifications, PM work orders
RLM/WM: Remote Logistic Management (as part of IS OIL): Off Shore Logistics (base to rig), logistic execution, stock transfer order, delivery, transport order, picking, shipment, shipment receipt, return of goods from rig to base, return documents, repair purchase requisitions

Feb. 2006 - May 2006

SAP MM Consultant on an International SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.6C) Implementation in Belgium and Germany

Project: SAP R/3 roll-out into companies of the xxxxx group world wide, Rel. 4.6C. I joint this project three months before go-live date of phase 2 in a project, which was structured in three phases. Go-live date of second phase: 01.05.2006.
Role: SAP MM Consultant (Freelancer) on an international SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.6C) implementation, mainly working in the master data migration team, mainly responsible for bills of material migration/conversion
Project language: English
Project location: I was located in Germany and Belgium.
Main achievements
Successful conversion and migration of 20.000 bills of material out of three legacy systems into the target SAP system
Writing technical/functional specifications for migration and conversion programs for bills of material, testing conversion programs during development phases and operating the conversion programs for migration and go live mobilisation
Functional assistance and support for the data migration team, end user training in operating the new bills of material, support and issue resolution during acceptance testing and go live

June 2005 - Jan. 2006

SAP MM Consultant on an International SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.7) Implementation in GB and USA

Project: SAP R/3 roll-out into companies of the xxx Group in FR, GB and USA, Rel. 4.7. I joint this project six months before go-live date. Go-live date: 01.01.2006.
Role: SAP MM Consultant (Freelancer) on an international SAP R/3 (Rel. 4.7) implementation in GB and USA
Project language: English
Project location: I was located in GB and part time in USA.

Main duties
Purchase to pay process analysis and customizing, definition of development requirements
Support and issue resolution during integration and acceptance testing
Functional assistance and support for the data migration team regarding purchase to pay data migration out of three legacy systems, preparation of authorisation profiles
End user training and Go-live support for Europe and USA

Nov. 2004 - Apr. 2005

SAP MM Consultant on an SAP R/3 Implementation (IS Gas and Oil) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project: Implementation of an SAP R/3 system (Rel. 4.6C) in a Saudi Arabian petrochemical industry company, roll out into 17 affiliates in KSA and world wide. Go Live of the latest project phase on 1st of May 2005.
Project location: Al Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Project language: English
Project Details: From 11/2004 to 04/2005 I was contributing to an SAP implementation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From 11/2004 to 02/2005 I finished as a Senior SAP MM consultant successfully the implementation of the workflow for purchase requisitions releases. Go Live for this project part in ten affiliates of the client's company was the 29th of January 2005. After the successful go live of this implementation part I joint the training team and worked in the role of an MM trainer from 02/2005 until 04/2005.
My responsibilities from 02/2005 - 4/2005, working as an SAP MM Trainer
Creation of training scenarios and training materials
Configuration and customizing of the SAP training system
Delivery of trainings and work shops to trainers, super users and end users
My Responsibilities from 11/2004 - 2/2005 as an SAP MM Senior Application Consultant
Implementation of the workflow for purchase requisition release strategies and configuration of purchase requisition release strategies, role out based on a template, release strategies with classification, c. 6000 strategies in the client's live system
Defining of development requirements, configuration, test, presentation of the developments to the project management, user acceptance test, Go-Live and Post-Go-Live support

Aug. 2003 - June 2004

SAP R/3 Upgrading (from 3.1i to 4.7) and New Implementation (Release 4.7)

Project: SAP R/3 upgrading project, followed by a world wide implementation of a new SAP system in an American (USA) company, implementation starting in a German affiliate
Role: SAP R/3 Consultant MM (as Freelancer)
Project location: Germany
Project language: English
Project details: From 08/2003 to 06/2004 I contributed to an implementation of a world wide SAP system of an American (USA) company on their German location. At first the SAP system of their German (recently acquired) affiliate had to be upgraded to Rel. 4.7. This project was followed by the development of a blueprint and as well the realisation of a complete new world wide template, which was first implemented in the German affiliate. The earlier upgrading of the legacy system was carried out to support the planned data migration into the world wide new template system later. The upgrading project lasted from 08/2003 until 10/2003. The blueprinting and implementation of the new world wide template lasted from 11/2003 until 06/2004.
Responsibilities during the upgrading phase and implementation phase of the new system
Complete responsibility for all MM procedures in material requirement planning, purchasing and warehouse for implementation and upgrading phase
Preparation and conduction of work shop to create global business procedures for several geographic locations, preparation of AS-IS and TO-BE documentation, prototyping and baseline configuration
Preparation of test scenarios and test scripts, execution of unit tests and integration tests for implementation and upgrading phase
Preparation of authorisation profiles, end user training and documentation for implementation and upgrading phase
Support for data migration, Go-Live mobilisation, and Post-Go-Live support
Key functionalities/structures implemented
New organisational structures in MM, such as purchase organisation, plants, storage locations
Material requirement planning, purchasing, including implementation of release strategies for purchase orders and purchase requisition with classification and through workflow, inventory management, invoice verification, vendor evaluation with interface to QM module

Nov. 2002 - April 2003

SAP R/3 Consultant MM in transportation industry

Project: Migration Project from SAP R/2 to SAP R/3 Rel. 4.6 C
Role: SAP R/3 Consultant MM
Transforming several business procedures from R/2 to R/3 by using classical ASAP steps
Present analysis, Business Blue Print
Customizing and documentation, test scripts and tests
User acceptance tests and sign off by the client's users
Key functionalities implemented
Material requirements planning, consumption-based planning,
Purchase order, subcontracting purchase order, stock transport order, purchase requisition
Material valuation and balance sheet valuation procedures, message determination and print control

April 2001 - Oct. 2002

SAP R/3 Consultant MM/SD in automotive industry
Project: SAP R/3 reengineering project, Rel. 4.6 B
Role: SAP R/3 Consultant MM employed
Main achievements
Complete responsibility for all MM procedures in material requirement planning (MRP), procurement, and warehouse
Review and reengineering of several business procedures using classical ASAP standard steps
Design and configuring of new organisational structures in MM, such as plants, storage locations
Present analysis, Business Blue Print, customizing and documentation
New implementation of purchase requisitions, including new implementation of release strategies for purchase orders and purchase requisition with classification
Setting up a complete new inventory management (SAP IM) including material movements into and out of the warehouse, reengineering of the account determination in MM and SD
Extensive changes in SAPscript forms for SD module such as billing documents and delivery notes
Creation of test scripts, proceeding pre tests and leading end user acceptance tests
Training: Creation of training scripts, delivery of end user trainings
Go-Live and Post-Go-Live support

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin
Abschluss: Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) 1997

Teilnahme an mehr als 30 SAP-Kursen

Zertifiziert von SAP AG Walldorf, als SAP R/3 Application Consultant for Materials Management
Certificate ID: 0001717606

Zertifiziert von SAP Education Austria für Oil & Gas Processes and Organisation
SAP ID: WATOIL2006-000001


SAP-Beratung, Business Blueprint, Customizing, Test, Training, Data Migration Support, Go Live Support, Focus in SAP MM, IS-OIL, zusätzliche Kenntnisse in SD, PP, QM, PS, PM



SAP MM SAP Oil and Gas

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Zahlreiche SAP Kurs zu MM, SD, PP besucht
Zertifizierung als SAP R/3 Application Consultant Materials Management durch SAP
Zertifizierung in Prozesse und Organisation in der Gas- und Oilindustrie durch SAP
Sehr gute Projektpraxis in SAP MM (inkl. Customizing)
Gute Customizingkenntnisse auch in SD und PP
Kenntnisse auch in PP, PS, QM, PM
Praxis in allen Projektphasen: Business Blueprint, Customizinig, Test, UAT, Regression Test, Go-Live-Mobilisation, Support, Upgrading, Funktionale Unterstützung in er Datenmigration, Schreiben von technischen Spezifikationen und Begleitung der Entwicklung bis Go-Live, ABAP-Kenntnisse, SAPscript-Kenntnisse


Grundsätzlich bin ich in allen Branchen einsatzbereit,
Branchenerfahrung habe ich in:
Gas and Oil (vier Projekte und SAP Certification Processes and Organisation in Gas and Oil)
Maschinen- und Gerätebau (drei Projekte)
Food (ein Projekt)
Automotive (ein Projekt)

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