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Qualitätsmanagement (Einführung...)
Requirements Engineering
Software Analyse


Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


9 years 9 months
2014-03 - 2023-11


Senior business analyst UML Requi Konfli ...
Senior business analyst
  • Analysing, definition, documentation, and maintaining requirements for individual software
  • Describing user interface specificiations, use cases, and user stories for customers and developers
  • Managing and supporting customers and developers during the software lifecycle (waterfall model and SCRUM method)
  • Definition of business processes (internal and at customer's side)
UML Requi Konfli Projektm MySQ Atlass MS Of Prozess Qualitäts Scrum
2 years 3 months
2011-12 - 2014-02


Research and development manager
Research and development manager
  • Managing a software development team for a research project
  • Writing and presentation of reports to the research funding agency
  • Starting a PhD thesis in the field of computational linguistics
LIFE Lakeside IT Forschung & Entwicklung GmbH

Aus- und Weiterbildung

7 years 9 months
1994-10 - 2002-06

Study - Applied computer science

Dipl. Ing. (Master), Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria
Dipl. Ing. (Master)
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria
Computer linguistics, application engineering and compiler construction




Analysefähigkeit Qualitätsmanagement (Einführung...) Qualitätsplanung White-Box-Test Black-Box-Test Requirements Engineering Software Analyse Anforderungsanalyse UML Projektmanagement/Projektleitung Schulung

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Human- and animal energetics

My training as an energetic practitioner has had a significant impact on both my wellbeing and my personal development. My interest extends to understanding the energy systems of living beings and their effects on mental, emotional and physical health. Integrating energetics into my daily life has helped me to manage stress better, focus better and maintain a positive attitude. This also has a positive effect on my work, my working environment and the way I deal with challenges and stress.

Personality development

I see my personal development as a dynamic and continuous process of recognizing and improving my characteristics, behaviours, attitudes and emotional reactions. Self-awareness, self-reflection and continuous improvement have become important companions for my personal development. It helps me to be more relaxed, happier and to deal with difficult problems and crises more calmly.


Team player

Due to my emotional intelligence, my communication and cooperation skills, I can work very well with different people. Clear communication and joint goal achievement in the team is very important to me, as is the support and motivation of each team member.

Time management

Time management is an important part of my personal and professional life. Goal setting, planning, prioritization, delegation and focusing help me to execute the tasks efficiently and productively.

Effective communication

Understanding different opinions and finding a common basis for communication are very important to me. Active listening and empathy are among my strengths and are essential for effective communication.

Problem solving

My creative, critical and analytical thinking, enables me to find solutions to various problems. Furthermore, my emotional intelligence and decisiveness help me to solve problems in order to achieve the goal in time.

Realistic optimism

I am a very dedicated and positive thinking person and these qualities contribute to a motivating and friendly work environment. My optimistic attitude helps me to cope with challenges and conflicts more easily. It gives meaning even to difficult situations and to see something positive in them.


Due to my adaptability, I can adjust very quickly and efficiently to changing requirements and circumstances in professional and private terms. My flexibility and willingness to learn enable me to implement changing goals constructively.

Accuracy and diligence

I love to work and act particularly conscientiously and carefully, and I am very analytical and precise in my approach. This enables me to complete my tasks without errors, very accurately and in the required time.

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