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Product Management
Mobile Apps
Agile Entwicklung
certified scrum master
Product owner
Digital Video Broadcasting
high availability architecture
Produkt Lebenszyklus
UX Design
UI Design
UI Testing
GUI Testing
Excellent command / highly proficient in spoken and written English
Native speaker


Zürich (+10km) Basel (+10km) Zug (+10km) Luzern (+10km)

Offen für spannende neue Projekte.

Wohnort: Zürich

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1 Jahr 1 Monat
2022-10 - 2023-10

Implementierung Kunden Benachrichtigungsdienst und Migration internes Kunden CMS

Projektleiter, Product Manager, Product Owner Scrum Product Owner Scrum Scrum Master ...
Projektleiter, Product Manager, Product Owner

Benachrichtigungsdienst für Kunden

In diesem Projekt gab es grobe Anforderungen des Managements an einen neuen Benachrichtigungsdienst. Basierend auf diesen Anforderungen musste das Projekt dann detaillierter ausgearbeitet und spezifiziert werden. Die gesamte Konzeption erfolgte daher in Abstimmung mit dem Management. Anschließend wurde die Entwicklung durch alle Phasen von Backend und Frontend als Product Manager und Owner begleitet.   


Die Migration des Kunden CMS und somit das Herzstück des Kundencenters war bereits ein laufendes Projekt, welches jedoch nicht wirklich vorangetrieben wurde. Nach einem internen Wechsel durfte ich das Projekt übernehmen, da auch hier diverse Abhängigkeiten zum Benachrichtigungsservice bestanden. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit konnte dann die gesamte Migration effizient und transparent gegenüber dem Management umgesetzt werden.

Für beide Projekte standen mir insgesamt ca. 12 Entwickler in Belgrad und Zürich zur Verfügung. Raportiert wurde regelmässig an das gesamte C-Level. 

GraphML Vue.js JavaScript Back-End Front-End GUI-Entwicklung Google Analytics Kundendatenmanagement E-Mail Datensicherheit
Scrum Product Owner Scrum Scrum Master Product Management Projektleitung Kundendatenmanagement Datensicherheit
2 Jahre 5 Monate
2020-06 - 2022-10

Insurance Mobile Workplace Lead / Product Owner Mobile Workplace

Project Manager / Product Manager App-Entwicklung Versicherungsbranche
Project Manager / Product Manager
  • Responsibility over the "Mobile Workplace" department in the "Digital Agents Workplace" project. This role is a mixture of product management and project management as in this case the product is the iPad on which the entire Digital Agent Workplace project is mainly based on.

  • Close relationship with XXX as the most important strategic partner in this project. XXX is therefore also represented with a seat on the project steering board. In my role, I am responsible for working closely with XXX for possible workarounds or participation in services that are not yet publicly available.

  • Responsibility over the further development of 1200+ iPads Switzerland-wide in the project as the most important element of the mobile workplace. The improved integration of own tools under iPad OS plays an important role. In addition, the adaptation of new Apple features within the project is an important success factor.

  • Development of a new function on an agency level that additionally promotes the adaptation of the iPad extremely on site.

  • Stakeholder management to various IT departments within XXX Worldwide and especially with the business are part of the daily tasks.

During the project, the following additional roles were taken on in the project besides the "Mobile Workplace" leadership role:

  • Escalation Manager / Project Manager for solving serious performance issues with the different development teams but also key teams within XXX worldwide.

  • Application Owner (Ad Interim) for the app MyCustomer which is developed native Apple Swift code from Deloitte in Portugal by two teams. In addition, a dedicated admin backend and middleware was developed in- house using all important internal API's to make everything necessary inside XXX available in the app.

  • Incident Manager (Ad Interim) for the Digital Agent Workplace project. Elaboration of an optimization and improvement of the solution of all existing problems. As well as the operational management and monitoring of the incidents. Training of a 1st level support in Spain and on site in XXX.

Mobile Apps Mobile Device Management agiles Projektmanagement
App-Entwicklung Versicherungsbranche
6 Monate
2019-11 - 2020-04

Head of Product Management

Head, Product Owner scrum Product Management Stakeholdermanagement ...
Head, Product Owner
  • Go-to person for all digital roadmaps inside the SZ product worlds (Web, desktop, apps, newsletter/messengers, podcasts, user research, CMS and modules).
  • Coaching and responsibility for 13 internal product managers/owners.
  • Strategic focus on collaborations between different departments within the company and in optimising the efficiency of the digital products, whilst keeping an eye on the high quality standard of the digital products, including across different companies.
  • Identifying new markets and new potentials for new digital product development.
  • Continously improvement of agile workflows within multiple scrum-teams.
  • Product Owner role for a white label/modular news app for 14 publishers, as a strategic initiative introduced by the CEO directly.
  • Defining the main scope, creating a working governance structure, nominating the dedicated scrum tream members, collecting all technical requirements and transferring the CEO's vision into a product vision.
Confluence JIRA
scrum Product Management Stakeholdermanagement Mobile Apps SSO IT-Strategien agile Projectmanagement Project Lead Project Management JIRA Confluence
Süddeutsche Zeitung
3 Jahre
2016-11 - 2019-10

Head of Product Development 20 Minuten Group

Head of Product agiles Projektmanagement Product Management Stakeholdermanagement ...
Head of Product

Leading the areas of product, UX, design and analytics for all news-portals in the 20 Minuten Group (Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg). Management of external resources for design, UX and SEO, an internal team of Product Manager, Digital Analyst and interdisciplinary frontend/backend development teams for all digital products inside the 20 Minuten Group. During my time at 20 Minuten I worked in my positio in different roles and on different projects and the most important projects are highlighted below:

Project: web/app/IT infrastructure relaunch 2018/2019
Role: Product Owner
Full responsibility and leadership together with the editor-in-chief for all agency pitching phases, incl. selecting prefered agencies, briefings, defining the scope/goal of the pitch and makeing the final selectionof the right agency. Defining, prioritising and setting milestones for the entire relaunch project. Setup a new development team including the working infrastructure, in a seperate room for the entire project team. Responsibility for the entire UX/UI of the relaunch / acting as the lead for the external design agency. Setting up new meeting structures for transparent communication with all important stakeholders, including the CEO of Tamedia together with an external project lead.

Project: Launching of a new 20 Minuten social media / video-based brand 2019
Role: Product Owner, Project Manager, Project Lead
Transferring the idea of a new way of storytelling (mainly by videos) within 20 Minuten and on social media to a real product from scratch in just a few months. Defining, prioritising and setting milestones for the entire relaunch project. Hiring/acting as the lead for an external development agency to build a new platform for presenting stories in a similar format like Instagram/Snapchat stories, including the technical infrastructure based on cloud technology, plus a CMS where editors can upload their pictures, texts and videos.Responsibility for the entire UX/UI of the relaunch/acting as the lead for the external design agency. Launching a working product on a just-in-time basis.

Project: Switzerland in a day / video portal 2019
Role: Product Owner, Project Manager, Project Lead
Developing a user frontend for uploading and managing videos from all over Switzerland in 3 languages. Defining the entire project scope including a backend for a team of video cutters in Los Angeles and Berlin, thus allowing them to work instantly with high definition videos to create a movie from all the video files. Creating various dashboards for the news and the sales team.Defining, prioritising and setting milestones for the entire relaunch project together with all stakeholders. Hiring/acting as the lead for an external development agency to build a new platform based on Google Cloud technologies. Launching a working product on a just-in-time basis.

Project: Development of the Product Management Unit (including UX, Analytics) 2016-2019
Role: Head of Product, Product Owner
Starting in a single role as Product Owner at the 20 Minuten Group with product responsibility for the digital development of 20 Minuten plus all subbrands in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria. Go-to person for all IT/development questions and tasks. Responsible for various external agencies and partners in areas such as app development, backend and frontend development, UX/UI design, SEO and analyticsPurchasing responsibilty for various partnerships and tools at Tamedia (like A/B Testing, AI News Tools, ... i.e.) Developing the entire Product Development department from scratch with a focus on all digital products from the 20 Minuten Group

Project: Launching (Vienna) 2016-2019
Role: Project Lead, Project Manager, Product Owner

After the aquisition of the Austrian news brand , the goal was to copy the entire digital infrastructure from 20 Minuten over to too. That includes the CMS technology, apps, mobile (progressive web app) and desktop website including all adaptations for the Austrian market.
Project lead for the entire implementation of digital and technical delivery.

Defining the backlogs, roadmaps and team capacities for all the teams involved in Zürich. Go-to person for Austria for all technology questions relating to the relaunch of SEO implementation for all websites and building customized extensions for the CMS .

agiles Projektmanagement Product Management Stakeholdermanagement Teamlead certified scrum master Recruiting 13 - 50 Mio. Euro Umsatz english fließend Google Analytics Analyse optimize growth hacking IT-Koordination Content Management System iOS-Development Web App Mobile Apps Mobile Business UX Design Usability Optimizely A/B Testing Teamaufbau

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Informatikkaufmann / Information Technology Officer

1999 - 2002

Industrie und Handelskammer Essen

Final thesis:
Integration of a Web Content Management System based on the corporate CI/CD guidelines from DIHK Berlin


2018 - 2018

Leadership Course 

2016 - 2016
Growth Hacking

2014 - 2014
Apple Swift Development 

2013 - 2013
Management Training 

2011 - 2011
Certified Scrum Master (CSM) 

2009 - 2010
Web Programmer (PHP/MVC/OOP) 


  • Head of Product
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Community of Practice Lead
  • Project Manager,
  • Project Lead
  • Development Team Lead
  • Moderator
  • Trainer
  • Full Stack
  • Developer
  • UX/UI Designer



Product Management Mobile Apps Agile Entwicklung certified scrum master Product owner iOS-Entwicklung Android CMS Digital Video Broadcasting high availability architecture Produktdesign Produktentwicklung Produkt Lebenszyklus Budgetverwaltung Design-Konzept UX Design UI Design UI Testing GUI Testing


Agile Methodologys
App Development
Mobile Development
Product Development
Product Management
Produkt Lead
User Experience


agile Projectmanagement
agiles Projektmanagement
Mobile Web Entwicklung
Produkt Management
Project Lead
Project Management
UX Design
Web Analyse

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

A/B Testing
A/B Tests
certified scrum master
Content Management System
Google Analytics
growth hacking
Mobile Apps
Mobile Business
Responsive Design
UX Design
Web App
Zend Framework


Innovative thinker with a creative mindset and passionate about creating excellent digital web and mobile products. Clear focus on the importance of a great user experience and solving serious user
problems. Proven track record of 15+ years working in the field of agile web/app products and development teams. Hands-on manager with strong interpersonal and social skills. Analytical (data-driven) and problem-solving mindset. Excellent attention to detail and the ability to
make a digital difference. A/B testing ambassador for continous optimisation and fast adaption in rapidly changing enviroments.


  • 10 years of experience in agile projects (Scrum Master / Product Owner roles)
  • Continuous personell development to develop individuals with high potential and talent within the teams
  • Strong technical skills
  • Data-driven decision maker
  • High focus on usability and a great user experience
  • Mobile-first thinker
  • Creative mind to dedicated to ensuring continuous improvement of digital products
  • 100% design oriented
  • Always open to new ideas and technologies
  • Constantly observing of the development of new trends
  • Strong belief in multivariate testing
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Passionate growth hacker


  • Digital product management
  • Mobile apps
  • Product organisation
  • Scrum/Kanban
  • Digital transformation
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Research/innovation
  • Technical implications
  • Personnel development
  • Test-driven development
  • Analytics
  • Waterfall projects
  • IT infrastructure
  • User research
  • UX/UI design
  • Cloud solutions


Mac OS



Active in the Web industry since 1998 started coding with the first Versions of PHP, Open Source WCMS & Flash.  


MS SQL Server

Design / Entwicklung / Konstruktion

Mobile Payment
UX Research

Managementerfahrung in Unternehmen

13 - 50 Mio. Euro Umsatz


Deputy of the Managing Director
Leading 4 -25 Web Developers
Strong Social Competences
Swiss "Kader" Positions


  • E-commerce

  • Publishing

  • Media

  • Goverment

  • Politics

  • Advertising

  • Classified ads/ Marketplaces

  • Startups

  • Beauty

  • Telecommunications

  • B2B

  • B2C

  • Payment services

  • Insurance

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