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1 Jahr 6 Monate



Connected Vehicle App

Software-Architekt Flutter TypeScript NestJS ...

  • Adding a demo mode to a Flutter app installed by millions of users to show potential users the advantages: That was the brief. The requirements were to design the demo mode in such a way that all features behaved ?as if the app were connected to a real vehicle?. Since the individual features were developed by separate teams, there was no complete overview of the necessary development scope. We made a comprehensive analysis within a very short time: by systematically exploring the UI of production and analyzing the existing code. 
  • Half of our newly founded service provider team was based in Romania at the parent company. My employer had been taken over by the parent company but had acquired the project. Through my experience with nearshoring projects, I managed to harmonize communication within our young team. I also promoted networking with the customer organization, which had more than 200 developers. Here we quickly created trust through clear architecture documentation. 
  • In my role as an architect, I modified the basic structure of the app in such a way that the demo features were developed in parallel by individual developers. This loose coupling enabled us to achieve a high degree of scalability in development. 
  • The release of the demo mode was extremely successful and more core features were handed over to our team. As the team grew, I trained the new developers and architected the new features. In addition, I ensured a reliably high code quality in the team through additional reviews and training. 

Flutter TypeScript NestJS Docker Terraform iOS Android REST Jenkins
Car Manufacturer
9 Monate



Tariff Ordering System

Software-Entwickler ReactJS TypeScript PHP ...

  • An extensive JavaScript frontend was migrated React with TypeScript on the fly. The legacy code was mostly untested and had undocumented but highly business-relevant logic. Through Test Driven Development we enabled stable releases with the migrated React code base. We also helped the customer to document and further evolve the logic of the front end that has now been tested. 
  • Much of this logic evultion took place in the backend, a legacy PHP code base. Through clear architectural decisions and open communication between the teams, we managed to shift misplaced logic into the intended services. 
  • The team worked fully remotely with team members from Germany, Hungary and Egypt. At the same time, the customer organization was migrated to SAFe. In my partial role as Scrum Master, I was able to help the team to find their way around the new processes, to help shape them and to expand the superior position of CI/CD 

ReactJS TypeScript PHP JavaScript Jenkins
Telecommunications Provider
6 Monate



Assistant AI For A Packaging System

Analyst und Entwickler Python Machine Learning SQL ...
Analyst und Entwickler

  • In order to register industrial deliveries correctly with the recipient, the users of the customer system had to operate a complex web-interface. To specify a packaging strategy for the shipments, users had to perform a high number of complicated but repetitive manual steps. The reason for this was that years of adding features had made the software more powerful, but also more difficult to use. 
  • The team I lead analyzed the requirements and developed the AI-prototype. We held intensive discussions with various departments involved and ensured better communication within the customer organization. 
  • To train the AI, the prototype we developed had to access sensitive production data. Here I was able to help design an access pattern that was secured several times by remote desktop connections and VPN. Our AI employed a random forest classifier with a multi-label output. The algorithm learned the most likely packaging strategies from past deliveries, in order to later suggest these to the user in the interface. 
  • The successful AI-POC resulted in a follow-up order to bring the system into production. 

Python Machine Learning SQL Scikit-learn
Supply Chain Management
1 Jahr 3 Monate



Reinforcement Learning For A Foosball Table Gaming Robot

Entwickler, Researcher TensorFlow Python Machine Learning ...
Entwickler, Researcher

  • The client had built a robotic foosball table as a tech demo. Here human players competed against a robot contestant. The robot player was powered by industrial-grade motors and actuators and observed the playing field with a camera. With my team, I developed new control software for the robot side based on reinforcement learning. 
  • We reconstructed the foosball table exactly in a Unity simulation. The player AI trained itself in the Unity simulation by continuously playing against itself, using the reinforcement learning framework SpinningUp. Using our self-developed hardware drivers, we were able to connect the player AI directly to the real robot table. The playful performance of the player AI was amazing even for us developers. 
  • In this project, I managed to keep the complexity of this AI application under control through Test Driven Development. With the test suites as feature documentation, we were able to smoothly educate temporary team members on several occasions. 

TensorFlow Python Machine Learning Künstliche Intelligenz Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Deep Reinforcement Learning Reinforcement Learning Kabel BW
Factory Automation Company
1 Jahr 1 Monat



Quality Assurance Framework

Software-Entwickler ReactJS TypeScript Java ...

  • In the customer?s a SAFe framework, our team consisted of several service providers. The aim was to make a standardized quality management process (9S) with a complex status model accessible. In order to enable the most intuitive user experience, we chose Material-UI as the component library. 
  • The end product was a React frontend built according to functional principles with an extensive JavaEE backend, which was loosely coupled and deployed together with an existing JavaEE monolith. 
  • With my support we managed to keep the frontend free of business logic and to equip the backend with full test coverage. This enabled us and the customer to react quickly when requirements changed and to release logic patches through pure backend development. 

JBoss Application Server Flyway
ReactJS TypeScript Java Java EE Gerrit
Aircraft Manufacturer
1 Jahr 1 Monat



MLOps für Cumputer Vision auf Cloud und IoT Edge Devices

Python TensorFlow Android ...

  • A large provider of security infrastructure made a spin-off: an ecosystem for security cameras on which AI models with scene recognition could be installed as an app. As part of an interdisciplinary team, I developed and researched demo applications for typical use cases. Cloud-based model training and deployment with Python, Tensorflow, Terraform and Docker served as the basis. I supported the development of the data-driven architecture. We designed our custom machine learning pipelines to be scalable for inference and re-training feedback loops.
  • We optimized the trained models using quantization in order to be able to run them on mobile devices with hardware acceleration (e.g. with the Qualcomm Hexagon). We compared the performance of quantized models (MobileNet architecture) with it?s unquantized counterparts, and also against full-scale server side models like ResNet. Apps that were installed and run on the Android-based cameras served as the deployment shell. 

Python TensorFlow Android Docker Künstliche Intelligenz Machine Learning Industrielle Bildverarbeitung AWS
IoT Platform
4 Monate



Classification Of Anonymized Person Movement Data

Analyst und Entwickler Python Machine Learning
Analyst und Entwickler

  • The customer wanted to gain insight into customer behavior from anonymized personal movement data from cameras in a super market. Two challenges were apparent: Cleaning the data from spurious artifacts and classifying movement behavior. 
  • As a similarity metric of person movement, we computed the dynamic time warping (DTW) similarity measure. To identify behavior clusters with the non-euclidean distance metric of DTW, we applyied k-medoids-clustering and hierarchical agglomerative clustering to the multivariate movement data. Using the cluster centroids as archetypes for our classifier, our AI prototype successfully classified entering and exiting customer numbers, validated against a human-counted ground truth. 
  • Our deliverable was a containerizable software suite that estimated the performance of exchangeable algorithmic strategies. 

Python Machine Learning
Security Provider

3 Jahre 7 Monate




PhD, LMU München
Institution, Ort
LMU München

  • Assimilation von Beobachtungsdaten von Radar, Satellit, Flugzeugen und Bodenstationen
  • Numerische Wettervorhersage

2022 - 2021:

Software Architect

Zielpuls GmbH ? Part of Accenture

2020 - 2020:

Certified SAFe 4 Practitioner

2018 ? 2021:

Software Consultant

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH

2010 ? 2013:

Master in Physics/Meteorology

LMU München

Deutsch Muttersprache
Englisch Verhandlungssicher
Italienisch Fortgeschritten

Top Skills
Flutter React Machine Learning TDD Continuous Integration Plattformunabhängigkeit MLOps TypeScript Dart Python Java Firebase Spring App-Entwicklung Jenkins Docker Google Cloud TensorFlow Multi-Layer Software-Architecture JavaScript NoSQL SQL Apple App Store
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

  • With 4+ years of experience in software consulting and development, my scope in software is ample and I?m happy to tell you about it - contact me directly, or feel free to read along. Coming from the field of meteorology, I love to discover and analyze complex systems and huge amounts of data. With my empirical and scientific approach to problem solving, I create understandable and reliable solutions. As an architect and developer, I discover, create and communicate structure. I identify concerns and separate them. Respecting coworkers, customers and suppliers in courteous interaction is at the foundation of my self-conception as a human person. We make machines, but we are Menschen. 
  • As for specific stacks, my mind is invested in typesafe and opionated languages and frameworks. For web-applications and server development, TypeScript is my weapon of choice. For cross-platform development with Flutter, I adore the Dart language as a burden-free reconception of the needs that are presented by challenged in UI and UX. Creating reactive and well-tested components is my founding philosophy when developing frontends. 
  • In my various projects, I learned to apply and install CI/CD pipelines. While many developers feel restricted by CI-pipelines, I see a well-designed pipeline as a protective fence of my pasture where I?m free to roam. I work hard to teach this perception of freedom to other developers. 
  • Coming from the data-intensive field of statistical meteorology, I have an exceptionally good intuition about data and modelling. Learning new AI techniques is always a pleasure, and applying well-proven models in production is a satisfying deed. Knowing both sides (data science and development), I know exactly the needs that need to be brought together for an optimal workflow. 

My offer 

App Development 

Would you like to expand your business with an app for smartphones or a web application? I have successfully carried out all the steps for this several times, e.g. in my reference project Ramadama. 

  • Therefore I offer you the complete package: 
    • Conception and design of the features 
    • Design of user interface and user experience 
    • Production-ready prototyping 
    • Close cooperation during the development phase 
    • Development for several operating systems at the same time (iOS, Android, Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux) 
    • Publication in relevant app stores 
    • Operations and technical support 
  • I would be happy to work with you to develop the scope and functionality of your app idea. After this initial conception, I will make you an offer with a qualified price estimate. 

Support in development and architecture 

  • In my cooperation with your teams, these are your benefits: 
    • Test Driven Development makes your complex business logic manageable. 
    • Sustainable architecture decisions and automated architecture tests enable you to continuously develop features. 
    • A stable CI/CD environment allows you to make confident business decisions. 
    • Needs of data science and software development are reconciled in your team. 
    • My concise and at the same time relaxed communication and my focused development skills make all work processes flow. 
  • Thanks to my wide-ranging project experience in medium-sized and large companies, I quickly analyze the needs of your project. 
  • With my scientific background, I analyse complex systems in depth. My empirical approach to problem solving creates understandable and reliable solutions. I develop systems with a very low level of regression. 
  • My agile process knowledge forms the basis for daily cooperation with developers, product owners and departments. I adapt customer-specific processes quickly and guarantee smooth workflows. 
  • I am happy to support the communicative interfaces between requirements and practical implementation in the process. 
  • I perceive latent implications of any project. Thus I can offer impulses for supplementary features with low investment costs when needed. 



  • Test Driven Development 
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery 
  • Cross Platform Development 
  • Data Driven Development 
  • Data Science and MLOps 

Frameworks with project experience 


  • Flutter
  • React
  • React-Native 


  • Firebase
  • NestJS
  • JavaEE
  • Spring 

Data Base 

  • NoSQL
  • SQL
  • Flyway 

Server Side Rendering 

  • NextJS 


  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play 

Machine Learning 

  • Tensorflow
  • Keras
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn
  • Numpy 

Cloud & Deployment 

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure 


  • Jenkins 

Reference project ?Ramadama? 

Let?s make some room! 

  • That?s the motto of my app. In Bavarian that means: Ramadama! 
  • I want to help you create space at home and gain room to breathe. 
  • Whether it?s big, old armchairs with sentimental value, or that weird cactus that just can?t find a place, Ramadama lets you mark objects that get in your way and make a mark of how attached you are to them. Ramadama motivates you to keep going. The more things you part with, the sooner you will realize: Less is often more! 

Reduce your belongings 

  • Even if you buy a new pair of shoes (because new things are nice too!), you can use Ramadama to mark an old pair that you want to leave your home for. This is how you make sure that you always have enough space for yourself and your life. 
  • Living together means sharing the space together: Ramadama will help you here too, because you can invite other users into your household. Together you can then see which problem items are the rub and you can resolve your conflicts on the integrated clean-up map. In the end everyone has more space! 

Let Ramadama motivate you 

  • Get the app for iOS or Android and start your first clean-up challenge! 

Design and Technology 


  • Multiplayer mode 
  • Localization (German, English, Italian) 
  • Material Design 
  • Reactive UI with BloC and realtime updates 
  • Custom theme with drawings and dark mode 


  • NoSQL data base (Firestore) 
  • serverless Cloud Functions 
  • Push-Notifications on user actions and for regular engagements 
  • Dynamic Links for intra-App-Actions 
  • Scalability to millions of users 

TypeScript Python Dart Java JavaScript PHP HTML CSS C Fortran

  • Car Manufacturer
  • Telecommunications Provider
  • Aircraft Manufacturer
  • Factory Automation Company
  • IoT Platform
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Security Provider

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