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Enterprise Architect
Requirement Engineering
ETL Prozesse
highly proficient (2,5 years work experience in Nigeria, TOEFL, BERLITZ Level 6)
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1 Jahr 11 Monate
2022-03 - heute

Processing of data from General Transit Feed Specification

Software developer
Software developer
  • Feasibility study about trafficability of route sections within public transport of KVB 
  • Processing of data from General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS-RT) 
  • Retrieval and persisting of timetable data from ASS API of VRS 
  • Data analysis of GTFS-RT and timetable data in order to predict delays per route segments
city of Cologne
7 Jahre 2 Monate
2016-12 - heute

Application Management

Senior Geo-Spatial Expert
Senior Geo-Spatial Expert
  • Development of Geodata Infrastructure (GDI): Mapping servers, RDBMS and OGC services
  • Application Management (Incident management and product maintenance)
  • Data management (ETL)
Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH
25 Jahre 10 Monate
1998-04 - heute

geographical services

part time job
part time job
  • Geographical Services
  • Map Design
  • Data conversion
  • Spatial analytics
Business in the field of geographical services and EDP
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2014-05 - 2016-10

Management and Development

Head of Geo-Spatial Unit
Head of Geo-Spatial Unit
  • Management of unit Resources and personnel
  • Development of a GIS supported procedure to find optimal locations for field experiments
  • Similarity Analysis: Identification of possible cultivation areas for particular crops.
  • Setup of a web based Geo-Portal to serve spatial documents, maps and datasets
  • Evaluation and development of a database scheme to store data from agricultural experiments
  • Support scientist with the analysis of their various data
  • Creation of maps and presentation
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Nigeria
6 Jahre 9 Monate
2007-06 - 2014-02


Software Developer
Software Developer
  • Leadership of the software development section (5 persons) for the cultural department of LVR
  • Requirement analyses and authoring of technical detailed concepts
  • Programming of web based mapping applications in JAVA/PHP
LVR Infokom, System House of the regional authority of the Rhineland (LVR)
1 Jahr 2 Monate
2006-04 - 2007-05

Development of a web based application

  • Development of a web based application for querying and analyzing ArcIMS Services
federal state data processing centre of Hessen (HZD)
1 Jahr 1 Monat
2004-07 - 2005-07

Engineering, Providing

Junior Application Engineer
Junior Application Engineer
  • Providing software support for customers in the military and security branches
  • Certifying new software
  • Documentation of Software Issues and forwarding of these to development section in USA
Intergraph Deutschland GmbH
4 Monate
2004-04 - 2004-07

Introduction of aerial photographs

Teaching assignment
Teaching assignment
  • Theory: electromagnetic waves, absorption/reflectance, photo techniques and calculations
  • Practice: evaluation of aerial photos, contents and computer based classification
Institute of Geography of the Georg-August University Goettingen
2 Monate
2004-02 - 2004-03


Testing the WMS/WFS capabilities of two Inter-net Map Servers related to the WMS/WFS specifications of the “Open GIS Consorti-um“. “Arc IMS“ and „UMN MapServer“:

  • Setup of an OGC-conformal WMS and WFS with both products
  • Comparison and assessment of the abilities
  • Preparation of a final report
Intend GeoInformatik
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2002-09 - 2003-12


Scientific employee
Scientific employee

Design and programming of an internet mapping service:

  • Setup of an Internet Map Service (IMS) for satellite image investigation and its programming in PHP/MapScript
  • Setup of a relational data base for the archival of remote sensing data.
  • Programming of scripts to update the database and for maintenance purposes
Institute of Geography of the Georg-August University Goettingen
11 Monate
2002-09 - 2003-07

Introduction to GIS

Teaching assignment
Teaching assignment

Introduction to GIS: Arc View 3.2.

  • Theory: structure, functions and handling
  • Practice: accompanied carrying out of various tasks on the PC
Technical College of Hildesheim/Holzminden
2 Monate
2002-07 - 2002-08

SFB 552

  • Digital Image processing of satellite images from Sulawesi (Indonesia): land use classification
  • Production of various maps and illustrations
Georg-August University Goettingen
5 Monate
1998-06 - 1998-10

Production, Definition and Examination of development


Assistance for establishing a new route network fur public buses:

  • Production of various maps and illustrations
  • Definition of the labels on the signs at bus stops
  • Examination of development plans with regard to the routing of the buses
Stadtwerke Goettingen

Aus- und Weiterbildung

7 Jahre 9 Monate
1994-10 - 2002-06

Studies in the field of Geography

Acquirement of the diploma (Master) in Geography , Overall score: 1.95 (good), Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen
Acquirement of the diploma (Master) in Geography , Overall score: 1.95 (good)
Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen
  • major subjects: Remote Sensing with multispectral scanners, GIS and programming.
  • Minor subjects: soil science, sociology, environmental science
  • dissertation: „Investigations into the Information Content of High Resolution Satellite Image Data (IKO-NOS) of the Permanently Moist Tropics as Exemplified by an Area Investigated in Ecuador“



GIS Geoserver FME ArcGIS Java QGIS Enterprise Architect PostgreSQL Requirement Engineering ETL Prozesse Python

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Professional Profile

  • Proficient GIS data analyst and developer of Geo Data Infrastructure (GDI). With excellent skills in data transformation and management. 
  • Experienced in the use of various GIS and image processing tools with programming abilities as well. Well versed in Requirement engineering and software development. Used to organizing teams, project managing and working in agile teams (like scrum)
  • Very goof knowledge about OGC Standards and services such as WMS/WFS/SLD/GML and related Metadata Standards (ISO 19115:2003)

Core skills

  • Mastering various GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS, FME)
  • Spatial Data analysis
  • ETL (Extraction, Transform Load)
  • Configure GDI Components
  • Database design
  • Software development
  • Teaching GIS



  • MICROSOFT Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access)
  • Open Office/ Libre Office

Application Server

  • Apache Tomcat

Relational Data Bases

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Access


  • open source libraries and software products
  • INTERGRAPH GeoMedia Professional
  • QGIS (Quantum GIS)
  • ESRI ArcGIS Desktop/Server
  • OGC Specifications

Digital Mapping Server

  • GeoServer
  • UMN MapServer
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • deegree

Scientific Image Processing

  • PCI Geomatica
  • ERDAS Imagine
  • Global Mapper

Common Image Processing

  • ADOBE Photoshop
  • Corel Paint Shop Pro/DRAW
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Fotoware Photo Station
  • xnView


  • ADOBE Acrobat
  • ADOBE Framemaker
  • ADOBE InDesign
  • ADOBE Pagemaker



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