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Basic Knowledge


Frankfurt am Main (+200km)
Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich
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3 Jahre 1 Monat
2021-01 - heute

Management Consulting

Management Consultant
Management Consultant

  • As a consultant, I work with clients of any size to help them overcome challenges, especially regarding innovation. I've helped startups to launch and grow their businesses, and I've also worked with established companies to reignite their innovation efforts.
  • My unique experience is assisting in carve-out/spin-off situations of startup companies from classic enterprises or joint ventures set up as startups.
  • My goal is to help my clients achieve their objectives. I offer various services, including management consulting, corporate startup incubation, and startup coaching. I also work with startups, SMEs, and KMUs to help them scale their businesses. No matter what my clients need, I'm here to help them achieve success.
9 Jahre 4 Monate
2014-10 - heute

Podcast Global


Germany has a rich history when it comes to entrepreneurship. From Konrad Zuse, Carl Benz, and Ferdinand Porsche to Werner von Siemens, there is no shortage of success stories that can be told about German-based companies looking for global expansion opportunities abroad or investors seeking out fresh investment prospects at home/abroad. We continue this with, keeping you updated with the latest on the German-speaking startup scene in Germany (Europe?s largest economy), Switzerland, and Austria, collectively known as the GSA or DACH region. We deliver our exclusive content right to your device of choice each week. We have built an unparalleled network of startups, meetup hosts, investors, podcasters, bloggers, and event contacts since 2014.

  • Is a Top 0.5% Podcast Global (ListenNotes)
  • Scored as Top 20 Entrepreneurship Podcast - All Countries Apple Podcasts (PodderApp)
  • Scored as Top 100 Business Podcast - All Countries Apple Podcasts (PodderApp)
  • Is one of the global top 5% of shared podcasts on Spotify (FY 2022)
  • Global Top 60 Science Podcast (Chartable)
  • Global Top 110 Technology Podcast (Chartable)
  • Global Top 400 Business Podcast (Chartable)
  • We are a B2B podcast, with more than 91% of our audience listening for professional reasons. Also, 46% of our audience wants startups to invest in (source: audience survey). Our guest's startups have a certain maturity level (mostly Series A - Series C) and are looking beyond borders for international expansion, partners, or investors.
2 Jahre 4 Monate
2018-09 - 2020-12

Intelligence-enabled Banking"

Startup Scout
Startup Scout
Startup Scout for "Intelligence-enabled Banking" and the founding team of "Deloitte Catalyst Germany" within Deloitte Consulting's Financial Services practice. I helped Deloitte's clients to look for innovative startup solutions and integrate them into their organizations.
  • Scouting Startups from my Network
  • Connecting Startups to Partners and Directors
  • Deal Generation, Origination, Business Development
  • Scouting AI, SaaS, Deep Tech, Fintech, Insurtech startups
  • Building up the Academic Network across more than 50 institutions
  • Market Overviews / Scanning and Observations

Deloitte Consulting
6 Jahre 9 Monate
2012-01 - 2018-09

The Strategy and Operations (S&O) practice works

Management Consultant
Management Consultant

The Strategy and Operations (S&O) practice works with senior executives to help them solve their most challenging and most complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines deep industry knowledge, rigorous analysis, and insight to enable confident action.

I helped especially financial services organizations to make the most important decisions they have to make: defining choices that shaped their ambitions and gave them clear competitive advantages.

  • Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Mutual Funds
  • Alternative Investments
  • Successfully Managing Varying Teams with 30+ Members for 2+ years
  • Multiple Successful Project Lead Roles
  • Highly Sought After Subject Matter Expert (Buy Side and Sell Side in Capital Markets) in the Deloitte Network 

Deloitte Consulting
3 Jahre 8 Monate
2008-05 - 2011-12

I helped clients develop and implement strategies

I helped clients develop and implement strategies, operating models, and technology that integrated all aspects of their financial services offerings especially focused on asset and wealth management. I participated in business process optimization across a variety of functions. I evaluated the selection of new technologies and vendors (e.g. Asset Management Front Office Systems, Asset Management Compliance Systems for Investment rules ?), and was responsible for and assisted in several mutual fund custody surveys. I assisted with business development efforts, including assessments and proposal development. My industries have been focused explicitly on
  • Successful Deputy Project Lead
  • Co-Author of Depotbank Studie (Mutual Funds Asset Custody Survey)
  • Private Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Alternative Investments (Hedge Funds, ..)
  • Insurance Asset Management
  • Re-Insurance Asset Management
  • Asset Custody
  • Global Custody
BearingPoint, Financial Services, Asset & Wealth Management Competence Group
7 Monate
2007-02 - 2007-08

Intern - Asset Management Research

Research intern in the asset management bucket at the European Financial Institution Center.
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Management Survey
  • Alternative Investments
McKinsey & Company
7 Monate
2005-12 - 2006-06

Intern - GTZ Policy Advisory Service

  • I was working in ?The Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)? and assisted in high level policy advice to the Chinese government, which was divided in two sub-projects: ?Policy Advisory Service and Environmental Management for Enterprises? and ?GTZ Support for China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development CCICED?

GTZ Policy Advisory Service
Beijing, China

Aus- und Weiterbildung

5 Jahre 7 Monate
2002-10 - 2008-04

Accounting, Material Flow Management, Cost Control

Diplom Betriebswirt, Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld (HS Trier)
Diplom Betriebswirt
Umwelt Campus Birkenfeld (HS Trier)

The study time included a year abroad at Midwestern State University, half a year as an intern for the German and Chinese Governments, and an internship at McKinsey (5 months). I also founded a junior enterprise on campus, leading it for one and a half years.

  • Majoring in accounting and cost control (Controlling), with a minor in sustainable development in the form of material flow management
  • Intern in IFAS Institute für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement (Institute for applied material flow management)
  • Member of the University Senate (re-elected)
  • Speaker of the dorm (re-elected)

1 Jahr 10 Monate
2000-08 - 2002-05

Vocational Training

Certified Bank Clerk, Sparkasse Rheinhessen (Formerly KSK Alzey)
Certified Bank Clerk
Sparkasse Rheinhessen (Formerly KSK Alzey)

  • Training through all bank departments at the time with 1 bn DM of total assets, including payments, credit, and corporate clients.
  • External courses in international trade and securities at Sparkassen Akademie Schloss Waldthausen were also included.


Jahrelange Erfahrung in bekannten Beratungsunternehmen. Gerne helfe ich Ihnen bei Ihrem Business Development, Strategie und in den Prozessen.



Management Beratung Digitalisierung Anforderungsanalyse Advisory Deal Origination Deal Flow Generation JV Geschäftsprozessanalyse Business Development BPM Geschäftsprozess

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

  • I am an experienced management professional with a vast startup network from my global top 20 startup podcast. I help enterprises, investors, and startups by finding and connecting them, as well as advising them on different topics.
  • I am an experienced management professional with 12+ years in world-renowned companies. I run a global top 20 entrepreneurship podcast (Apple Podcasts) that gives me unparalleled insights and access to startups.
  • I have advised large enterprises and small startups, usually where both intersect. As a startup scout, I helped enterprises and investors to find the proper startup to invest in, cooperate with, or buy outright.


Finanzen, Fintech, Startup, Scale-Up, Joint Venture, Deal Scouting im Tech/Startup-Bereich, Asset Management, Wealth Management

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