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Internet of Things
Product Owner
Smart Home
Industrial Internet of Things


Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

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09.2022 - 03.2023

Nearshore Engagement Manager ? EnBW AG | Karlsruhe, Germany

Establishing strong corporate awareness towards nearshoring, identifying potential projects, products and capabilities for outsourcing approach, partner screening and onboarding, improving customer maturity, setup collaboration scenarios, change management, steering the success of partnership, performance measurement.

  • Nearshore consulting /Sourcing Strategy / ODC Concept

  • Energy sector experience

  • Digital Transformation / Digital Business

  • Stakeholder management

  • Partner management (international), governance

  • Collaborate with other departments to define, prioritize, and develop projects

03.2004 - Present Time

Founder & CEO ? [Company name on request] | Munich, Germany

Project management of complex IoT and embedded projects, consulting, implementation, reporting, coordination of development teams, requirements management, account management, subcontractor management, delivery management, outsourcing.

  • Strategical work with internal and external teams across the globe (engineering, design, marketing, sales, support, operations)

  • Draft new and improved project management templates, policies, and processes

  • IoT (Internet of Things) / Industry 4.0 / Factory Automation / AI

  • People responsibility

  • Profit & Loss Responsibility

09.2020 - 12.2021

Interim CEO ? ECO Engineering Global GmbH | Munich, Germany

Business strategy, Partnerships establishment, Launch and coordination of operations, Finances & Budget planning and controlling, IT Infrastructure Setup.

  • Organizing teams

  • Project Delivery/ Project Management/ Program Management

  • Collaborate with external partners to define, prioritize, and develop large cross-functional projects

  • Oversee the development of the projects and continuously evaluate project status

  • Strategic and operational Sales / Business Development / Key Account Management

  • Planning and Controlling of Time, Budget, Scope and Quality

  • Profit & Loss Responsibility

10.2019 - 08.2020

Interim CTO ? Creative Dock GmbH | Munich, Germany

IT due diligence and De-risk of innovation projects, Requirements Management, feasibility review of Fintech and Insurance projects, demand analysis for PE clients, market analysis, technology selection, market entry pilot project preparation, reporting.

  • IoT (Internet of Things) / Industry 4.0 / Factory Automation / AI

  • Digital Transformation / Digital Business

  • Ideation / Innovation / Design Thinking

  • Interface of Business and IT

  • Working across several teams

01.2019 - 10.2019

External Consultant ? Bavarian State Ministry | Munich, Germany

IT migration, coordination, reporting, documentation, 2nd and 3rd level troubleshooting, test management.

Under NDA

  • Enterprise IT Strategy & Governance

  • Digital Transformation

  • Enterprise IT Operations Management

  • Migration project experience

  • Working across several teams

04.2014 - 08.2017

External Consultant ? T-Systems International GmbH | Magdeburg, Germany

IT infrastructure conversion, migration concept, strategy.

Under NDA

  • Enterprise IT Strategy & Governance

  • Enterprise IT Operations Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • Document the project throughout its lifecycle, and provide reporting to executives

05.2013 - Present Time (Product Launch in 2016)

Founder & CEO ? [Company name on request] | Munich, Germany

Full cycle product development of a complex Smart Home Product (HW, FW, SW, AI based, prediction, OTA) from idea to mass production and market release.

  • Expertise in Utility and Energy Sectors

  • Product Ownership

  • Ideation / Innovation / Design Thinking

  • Technology Selection, Requirements Management, BoM Selection and Sourcing, Test and QA Management, Mass Production Coordination, Industrial Design, Hardware and Firmware Development

  • R&D / Product Development / Certification / Patents / Logistic

  • Plan project management, including understanding constraints and tradeoffs, mapping dependencies, estimating resource allocations, analyzing risks, setting timelines and assigning deliverables

  • Execution of the project, international (nearshore and offshore) development teams and subcontractor management

05.2010 - 06.2013

External Consultant ? Linde AG | Munich, Germany

IT infrastructure, system management, AD domain merge planning and implementation, security infrastructure support (McAfee ePO, LanCrypt), implementation of file encryption infrastructure.

Global software deployment worldwide, patch management, 2nd and 3rd level troubleshooting (approximately 20 sites, 8000 clients).

  • Technical Consulting, IT Infrastructure

  • Program & Project Management

  • Testing, Quality Assurance

  • Document the project throughout its lifecycle and provide reporting to executives

  • Collaborate with other departments to define, prioritize, and develop projects

04.2007 - 04.2010

CTO ? Inside-Out GmbH | Munich, Germany

Design, planning and implementation of a distributed server-based advertising network, Content Management System, CDA Infrastructure from Vodafone, wireless client connection via 3G, Face Detection System (in cooperation with Frauenhofer Institut).

  • Program & Project Management

  • Organizing teams

  • Quality Assurance

  • R&D / New Product Development

  • Oversee the development of the project and continuously evaluate project status against goals

04.2002 - 03.2007

External Consultant ? Munich Re / MEAG MUNICH ERGO | Munich, Germany

System management, software distribution concept development and implementation (approximately 60 sites, 10000 clients), Testing and QA, 2nd and 3rd level support, reporting.

As a part of the project in 01.2005-12.2005:

Interim Product Owner for SMS infrastructure worldwide, Rollout coordination, reporting, troubleshooting.

  • Enterprise IT Strategy & Governance

  • Enterprise IT Operations Management

  • Migration project experience

  • Collaborate with other department leaders to define, prioritize, and develop large cross-functional projects

Aus- und Weiterbildung

1986 - 1992 ? National Technical University of Kharkiv, Ukraine

Automation and Instrumentation ? The Degree in Telemechanics and IT

  • Dipl. Electrical Engineer

  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)

  • Author of technical patent

  • Author of two design patents

  • Red Dot Design Award design co-author

  • As CEO nominated twice among 30 Best Europe Energy Startups

  • IBM Smart Camp Berlin 2015 finalist


  • Planning, conception and hands-on management of complex HW/SW projects

  • Project management, stakeholder management, problem management

  • Team leadership, team responsibility, coordination of distributed teams

  • Market-oriented end-to-end development of complex technologies and products

  • Management of communication between technical and business departments

  • Monitoring and coordination of projects from planning to completion

  • Coordination of Off-/Near-Shoring partners in Eastern Europe and Asia

  • Partner management, moderation and negotiation, QA, acceptance procedures

  • Requirements management, test management

  • Communication with HW manufacturers and distributors (Sony, TI, Digi-Key)

  • Feasibility check, de-risk, tech due diligence, feasibility studies, review of external effort estimates, partner screening



Internet of Things Projektleitung Product Owner Smart Home Industrial Internet of Things


Persönliche und fachliche Stärken
  • Strong technical affinity, engineering background combined with over 20 years of hands-on IT project experience

  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting

  • Striving for Innovation

  • Analytical understanding and conceptual experience (IQ 132)

  • Empathic team leadership

  • Agile Experience

  • High ability to work under pressure and flexibility even in challenging projects

  • Broad network of valuable business contacts

  • Strong Intercultural and interdisciplinary expertise, near-/offshoring competence

  • Experience of working in a large, midsize and start up companies in dynamic markets

  • Social responsibility and competence


Know How und Projekterfahrung in folgenden Bereichen:

IT Technologies and Areas of Engineering Expertise (from business perspective)

Embedded development, IoT, Smart Home, Industrie 4.0, Machine Vision, Digitizing, Fusion, Sensors, IMU, Flowmeter, Radars/Lidars, Smart Connectivity (ZigBee, BLE, RFID, WLAN, GSM, LoRa, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT), embedded Linux, RTOS, Microcontrollers (STM32, ESP32, Nordic, Atmel), Microcomputers (NVIDIA Jetson etc.), FPGA, Consumer Electronics, Wearables, Low Energy Technologies, Energy Harvesting, CO2 Lasers, Mechatronic, Knowledge in product certification and standardization (CE, WEEE, RoHS, REACH), GTIN/EAN assignment, MAC addresses assignment, packaging regulation law.

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


Managementerfahrung in Unternehmen



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