Ich unterstütze Sie, die gewünschte Software zu erstellen. Ich bin erfahren in Go/Golang, Kotlin (Backend), Java, Typescript, clouds & on premise.
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Software Engineering


Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


7 months
2022-10 - 2023-04

CPIL Master Data Management

Full-Stack Developer golang aws lambda ...
Full-Stack Developer
Stammdaten-Management für das Crop Protection Innovation Lab. Digital und

Smart farming. (project language: english).

  • Support in stabilizing the backend (Go/Golang programming language): fixing bugs, changing the GraphQL API
  • Architecture/Refactoring: I helped complete the extraction of larger software parts into separate modules due to organizational changes.
  • Coaching: I helped the international team with their testing skills and demonstrated how unit tests can also be introduced in Legacy Code.
  • Support of the product owner in shifting/ transforming the existing business value into a new product vision: architecture, data sources, tech stack.
  • Architecture support: I started & ran several POC/ investigation tickets that led to architectural decision records (ADRs). For example: alternative database types, low-code tools.
  • Backend: I created a prototype to import (semi-)publicly available hierarchical data (taxonomies) into a new database via various APIs and synchronize it with already available data.
  • Frontend: After all frontend developers (React) left the project, I helped with debugging and providing new features.

golang aws lambda api-gateway s3 material-ui gitlab gitlab-ci terraform azure-devops React Go/Golang AWS: (Lambda APIGateway S3 Appsync Dynamo-DB RDS Neptune) Material-UI (MUI) Gitlab Gitlab-CI/CD Terraform Azure-Devops Graphql Postgres Pocketbase Supabase.
Bayer AG
2 years 6 months
2020-08 - 2023-01


Founder Go/Golang React Javascript ...
  • Development of a solution for guest registration in restaurants and pubs. Through a very simple digital recording of visitor data by scanning a QR code via smartphone, it is possible to trace reported guests including their notification in the event of a corona case. The entire system is realized as a Progressive Web
  • App and therefore does not require installation from an app store.
  • The full source code is published at: https://github.com/ damonkeys/covid-checkin.
Go/Golang React Javascript MariaDB PWA Framework7 Asana.
on Request
2 years
2020-10 - 2022-09

Digital transformation project

Full-Stack Developer/ Technical Product-Owner/ Domain-Specialist Typescript Expressjs React ...
Full-Stack Developer/ Technical Product-Owner/ Domain-Specialist

Digital transformation project of a service provider previously excluded from

digitization for the billing of clinics and chief physicians

  • Focus: The first module was completed on time and on budget under increased time pressure.
  • Team performance: I helped introduce Gitlab CI/CD instead of AWS Code Commit in the team.
  • Architecture: I have emphatically supported and promoted the switch to containers instead of pure AWS services (such as Lambda).
  • Leading: I took a leading role in the AFM team both as a developer and as a technical product owner. Ticket requirements, requirements engineering, support PO with requirements, moderation of review and planning meetings.
  • Implementation: I took responsibility for the process design and implementation for API-based, paper- and scan-based processes with the result that up to 300,000 pages a day or 5,000,000 pages per month could be processed 'on premise' (from zero to production).
  • Focus: I helped the team to push ahead with the elimination of technical debt during several sprints.
  • Implementation of different lambdas.
  • Implementation of various React components.
  • Coaching: Junit-Tests/Dependency-Injection/EBI.
  • Coaching: Workshop "Introduction to Requirements Engineering".
  • Focus: Establishment of code reviews.
  • Business details: Data model corrections & adjustments, as well as transformation of the so-called status concept.
  • Process: Standardization of ticket descriptions.
  • Leading: Restructuring of the agile development process.
  • Leading: Introduction of DB Migrations.
  • Leading: Stabilization of the customer API (Restful & HL7).

Typescript Expressjs React AWS Lambda AWS S3 AWS ApiGateway AWS cdk AWS Cloudformation AWS SSM AWS Cloudwatch AWS ECR AWS EC2 AWS CodeArtifact AWS CodeDeploy AWS CodePipeline AWS EKS Gitlab Jira Jest Docker Docker Compose Webstorm Bash Postgres Rest- API HL7 Sourcegraph Keycloak Git Yarn JWT Cypress Post- man Active Directory Grafana Prometheus Loki Tempo Kubernetes K8S AWS: (Lambda Api-Gateway S3 Cloudwatch-Events/ Cloudwatch Event-Bridge) Material-UI (MUI) Gitlab-CI/CD CDK Kubernetes (K8S/K3S) Miro Minio Keycloak.
on Request
Remote/ Saarland
3 years
2018-01 - 2020-12


Founder Go/Golang React Javascript ...
  • Prototype - mobile payment system (monkeycash.io) for small and very small money transactions.
  • Development of a first prototype for a mobile payment system based on QR codes.
  • The background idea was processing payments over small amounts at low frequency at high speed. The entire system is realized as a Progressive WebApp and therefore does not require installation from an app store.
Go/Golang React Javascript MariaDB PWA Framework7 Asana
on Request
1 year
2019-10 - 2020-09

Implementation of the Target2 requirements

Full-Stack Developer Java jee Jee ...
Full-Stack Developer

Implementation of the Target2 requirements as part of the further development of SWIFT (MX/MT), integration into existing (inter) banking systems.

  • I presented agile working methods (team of 80+ people) and implemented them in my area
  • I have introduced automated tests and implemented the necessary adjustments in the existing code.
  • I have clarified unclear requirements and transferred them to the relevant documents for the technically responsible persons.
  • I have implemented prototypical implementations of the new Swift messages so that the old messages are compatible with the new ones.
  • Extensive refactoring of "copy and paste driven application development" within a very old framework towards - suitable architectural patterns - in compliance with the underlying framework: introduction of EBI at the process boundary (hexagonal architectural idiom) and thus achievement of testability and architectural structure in the first place.
  • Introduction of automated test cases and massive increase in test coverage.
  • Introduction of an orderly procedure to derive technical specifications from the so-called technical concept into a ticket-based backlog (Jira).
  • Coordination of the introduction of the aforementioned procedure as well as team meetings/workshop - do the persuasion work.

eclipse osplus jira
Java jee Jee OSPlus Jira DB2 Javascript Microfocus (HP) Quality Center
Finanzinformatik GmbH & Co.KG
1 year
2019-01 - 2019-12

structured financing

Full-Stack Developer gitlab docker Intellij ...
Full-Stack Developer
  • After the spin-off of a digital trading platform for promissory note loans (structured financing) as a startup as part of the innovation laboratory of the Landesbank: Further support in the startup finpair.de - financing from 50,000.0000 EUR volume
  • Continuation of full stack development (see preliminary project "Developer/ Startup Consultant").
gitlab docker Intellij angular7+ Kotlin Java kubernetes jasmine karma selenium Keycloak postgres google cloud (gcloud) Gitlab Gitlab-CI/CD Docker IntelliJ Angular Javascript Jee JAX-RS JPA Kubernetes (K8S) Jasmine Karma Selenium Postgres Google cloud (gcloud) Minio
finpair (Tochtergesellschaft der NORD/LB)
1 year
2018-01 - 2018-12

Support in the spin-off of a digital trading platform for structured financing

Full Stack Developer/ Startup Consultant gitlab docker intellij ...
Full Stack Developer/ Startup Consultant

NORD/LB iLAB (Innovation Lab) Support in the spin-off of a digital trading platform for structured financing (debt note loan - SSD) as a startup as part of the innovation laboratory of the Landesbank. Financing from 50,000.0000 EUR volume.

  • Planning and design of the process to be digitized with stakeholders of the analog process.
  • Implementation of the MVP with jboss wildfly-swarm and Angular NG (4+).
  • Support, planning and reinforcement of the spin-off as an independent (subsidiary) company.
  • Mediation and coordination of third party deliverables (design artefacts, HTML implementation).
  • Integration of third-party systems/ interfaces/ APIs such as hubspot, mailgun and idnow.

gitlab docker intellij Kotlin Java javascript Postgres Gitlab Gitlab-CI/CD Docker IntelliJ Angular Javascript Jee JAX-RS Kubernetes (K8S) Jasmine Karma Selenium Keycloak Google cloud (gcloud) Minio
NORD/LB iLAB (Innovation Lab)
1 year 5 months
2016-08 - 2017-12

NEO/ Onlinebanking Prozesse

Developer stapes.js guice Eclipse ...
  • Implementation of the customer banking process to manage online banking with Javascript and Java. Use of eclipse and Webstorm and use of the OSPlus Neo Framework. Programming with the help of central components, services and services.
  • Central printing services and DynS-based HOST interfaces
  • Banking. Banking. Concrete implementation of technical processes:
  • Edit Online Banking (customer online/ stationary)
  • Create online banking contracts (customer online/ stationary)
  • Manage Exemptions/ NV Certificates (customer online/ stationary)
  • DWP depot opening
  • Investment configurator
  • Workflow design
stapes.js guice Eclipse Stapes.js Guice OSPlus (neo) Java Jee Javascript GPS.
Finanzinformatik GmbH & Co.KG
1 year 4 months
2015-04 - 2016-07

Connection of two federal authorities

Lead Developer/ Senior Developer Federal Authority Eclipse Git Tomcat ...
Lead Developer/ Senior Developer Federal Authority
  • Connection of two federal authorities (Customs and Employment Agency) via soap-based interface designed after business requirements.
  • Reimplementation of existing specialist applications with an extended range of functions and newer technical solutions, partly by means of reverse engineering. Implementation a HTML5 web interface using a lightweight JSF variant.
  • Inter-federal-authority communication
  • Software design
  • Implementation of SOAP web service interfaces
  • Build management
  • Release management
  • Implementation of a lightweight JSF variant
  • Implementation of a Java library for the technical encapsulation of the federal-authority interface
  • Infrastructure planning and coordination of multi-level deployment
  • Coordination of firewall configuration
  • Test support
  • Implementation of automatic click tests
  • UI guidelines coordination
  • Estimation of project effort
  • Preparation for project planning
  • Requirements management - risk management
  • Requirements management - estimation and planning
  • Project support in the field of infrastructure: networks, Websphere systems, interfaces
  • Introduction of devops procedures (checklists, open task lists) between production and development
  • HTML frontend
Eclipse Git Tomcat Jee Java JAX-RS Oracle Doors Selenium.
Customs ITZBund
1 year 4 months
2015-03 - 2016-06

Planning, control and product development of the IT department.

Interims IT Manager Business Development PHP XML XSLT ...
Interims IT Manager Business Development
  • Introduction of agile processes
  • Introduction of agile project management
  • Introduction of agile project planning
  • Product development B2B pricing tool (market price observing) as a "tag team"
  • Support with annual IT project planning
  • Planning and preparation of outsourcing of IT projects (Nearshoring)
  • Outsourcing of partial functions to external service providers (newsletter)
  • Support of the management in recruiting/personnel planning
  • Preparation for the introduction of structured requirements management.
  • Introduction of the mobile sales channel for IOS and Android (app launch)
  • Technical lead and process coordintation for internationalization (EU/ non-EU, DHL, customs, forwarding) project
  • Coordination of IT requirements
PHP XML XSLT Youtrack Mailgun Mailchimp Wrike.
1 year 9 months
2013-11 - 2015-07

Connection of second federal authorities

Lead-Developer/ Senior Developer Eclipse Git Websphere ...
Lead-Developer/ Senior Developer
  • Connection of second federal authorities (customs and DRV) via a professional,Soap-based interface in the federal network: DOI. Implementation in comprehensive Websphere cluster environment with application server, Webseal, Oracle database, Rational Application Developer as well as Rational Doors as requirements tool.
  • Inter-federal authority communication
  • Software design
  • Definition of SOAP web service interfaces
  • Definition of security standards
  • Implementation of SOAP web service interfaces
  • Design and implementation of an HTML5-based test Workbench based on Junit regression tests
  • Infrastructure planning and coordination build management and release management
  • Multi-level deployment test support
  • Test management
  • Test programming
  • Load test and edge test case preparation and execution
  • Requirements management - change requests
  • Requirements management - risk management
  • Requirements management - estimation and planning
  • Requirements management - Traceabability
  • Project support in the field of infrastructure: networks, Websphere systems, interfaces
Eclipse Git Websphere Jee Java Oracle Doors JAX-WS StAX
Customs ITZBund
Hannover, Hamburg, Berlin, Würzburg
3 years 2 months
2010-10 - 2013-11

Cloud/ Technologie Startup

Managing Partner Asynchrone Programmierung (nodejs) Single Language Architektur (JavaScript) No-SQL Datenbank (CouchDB) ...
Managing Partner
Managing founder and shareholder in the cloud/technology startup doctape. Asynchronous programming (nodejs), single language architecture (JavaScript), no-SQL database (CouchDB), hybrid mobile apps (Appcelerator, HTML5, IOS, Android).
  • Management activities
  • Business development
  • Roadmap management
  • Press and publicity measures
  • Employee management
  • KPI measurement (K), detection und analysis
  • Test management
Asynchrone Programmierung (nodejs) Single Language Architektur (JavaScript) No-SQL Datenbank (CouchDB) Hybrid Mobile Apps (Appcelerator HTML5 IOS Android) Nodejs CouchDB Riverbed S3 AWS Gitlab.
on Request
1 year 4 months
2011-12 - 2013-03

Dialogue modeling in UML

Business Analyst/ UML Modeller Enterprise Architect (Sparxsystems) SAP Oracle ...
Business Analyst/ UML Modeller
Object-oriented modeling of leasing-relevant components in highly distributed SAP and mainframe system landscapes In the specialist procedure leasing. Implementation of technical fine concepts in UML with the help of and within the framework of software architecture patterns, e.g. Entity Control Boundary (ECB) for component separation and Publish & Subscribe for system encapsulation.
  • Modeling of the software components in direct cooperation with the department and the developers
  • Onboarding of new employees with the complex software development process and the modeling guidelines
  • Support and implementation of quality gates during the creation and addition of the technical fine concepts and modeling
  • Estimation of expenses of change requests
  • Dialogue modeling in UML
Enterprise Architect (Sparxsystems) SAP Oracle UML Mainframe Oracle.
Volkswagen Financial Services
1 year 3 months
2010-10 - 2011-12

Project management

Projektleitung Rational Software Architect (RSA) ClearCase (CC) ClearQuest(CQ) ...
Implementation of the technical concept for the highly automated processing of KWG $18 compliant document requirement for german credit law (KWG $18) ready Document request in the credit procedure (see related project in period 07/2010 until 10/2010).
  • Creation and maintenance of project plan
  • Estimation and control of expenses
  • Planning and control of work packages
  • Status and general reporting to the client
  • Business related Contact person for the planing of project staffing
  • Implementation of internal QA measures
  • Implementation of QA measures of the contractor (for example: procedure model and framework compliance)
  • Planning and creation of test cases
  • Processing of change requests as well as their effort estimate and appropriate offer formulation
Rational Software Architect (RSA) ClearCase (CC) ClearQuest(CQ) ClearCase-Remote-Client (HOST-) DB2 Cobol Java Hewlett- Packard Quality Center (HPQC) Hewlett-Packard Testdirector (HPTD) Rational Software Architect ClearCase ClearQuest DB2 Microfocus Quality Center Microfocus Testdirector
Fiducia GAD AG - vormals GAD
Hannover/ Münster (Westf.)
4 months
2010-07 - 2010-10

Creation of the technical concept

Business-analyst/ Conceptualizer, Technical concept Rational Software Architect Bizagi Business Process Modeller.
Business-analyst/ Conceptualizer, Technical concept

Creation of the technical concept. Implemented for the highly automated processing of a KWG §18 (germany credit law) Compliant document request in the credit process (see related Project in period 10/2010 - 12/2011). The application is integrated into the core banking system bank21 and has a high proportion of highly automated (mass) dark processing. It determines the need for documents to be requested and controls the mass dispatch of the cover letters at certain times. - Accompaniment and moderation of requirement workshops

  • Creation of the technical concept in close coordination with the customer
  • Business process modeling (BPMN)
  • Use case modelling
  • Modeling of the technical data model
  • Professional service modeling (service cut)
  • Modeling of the domain class model
  • Design of desk tests

Rational Software Architect Bizagi Business Process Modeller.
Fiducia GAD AG - earlier: GAD
Hannover/ Münster (Westf.)

Aus- und Weiterbildung


Diplom (Master) in Business

informatics. (Applied Sciences)


Trainee and study Program with ending with title ?Sparkassen- Business-economist?


Abitur (High-School/ College)


I like a role in software engineering. Best would be for a product focused company with a strong IT/software background. The role should be focused on developing software sprinkled with some devops style. Further I am able to communicate with the stake holders and/ or support the product owner in doing his job.



Software Engineering Kotlin Go Golang Java Jee E-Commerce Startup Banking Finance

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Amazon Web Services
Java EE
Mobile Entwicklung
JavaScript library
About me
With a sound education in the economic environment and a degree in software engineering, I have worked for various companies, including banks, retail and e-commerce companies, companies from the automotive sector, medical companies and startups.
My expertise lies in the successful implementation of software projects. I was part of a founding team of a successful startup that was later bought by Atlassian. In addition, as an IT consultant, I have accompanied projects with teams of different sizes from two to over 800 participants in different positions. These projects included app launches, further developments of banking applications in the foreign, treasury and securities sectors, migrations of core banking systems and the introduction of agile processes.
Some of my projects were digital transformation projects. These included, for example, the establishment of a digital communication platform between independent federal authorities for the exchange of social security data, the reestablishment of an independent spin-off through the transformation of an investment banking financing product at a state bank and the comprehensive transformation of a previously undigitalized service provider that carries out billing for clinics and chief physicians.
As part of my activities, products were developed that are used by millions of people. These include, among other things, components for online banking of one of the largest German financial service providers as well as services for the online purchase of tires or the purchase of Scandinavian residential design objects. 

In addition to the pure software engineering activities, I have also taken on project management, sub-project management and interim roles as a technical product owner.


Java, Go, Kotlin, Dart, Flutter, Typescript, Javascript, webassembly/wasm, Linux, Bash AWS-S3, AWS-Lambda, AWS-ApiGateway, AWS-Cloudwatch, AWS-SQS, AWS-SES, AWS-RDS, Docker, Kubernetes (k8s/k3s), Gitlab, Gitlab-CI/ CD, Github, Github-Actions, UML, BPMN


React, Angular, Svelte, Spring, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Wildfly, Micronaut, Hibernate, JPA, EJB, Jee, JAX-WS


Keycloak, Tomcat, Jboss, Kafka, Memphis, Grafana, Prometheus, Playwright, Selenium, Puppeteer, Cypress

Additional technologies

Material-UI (MUI), Daisy-UI, Tailwind, Figma, Framer, Miro, Canva, SQL, Postgres, Mariadb, Mysql, Oracle, DB2, Photoshop, AWS, Google Cloud (gcloud), Jira, Rest, Graphql, Json, Protobuf, GRPC




banking, investment, finance, ecommerce, automotive, trade, startup

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