Language technologist, translation/terminology expert, requirements engineer, data manager
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Language Technology
Software Localization
Requirements Engineering
Englisch verhandlungssicher
Französisch fließend
Master Data Management
SDL Passolo
Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian Confluence
mother tongue
business fluent, written and spoken (C2)
fluent, written and spoken (C1/2)
fluent, written and spoken (C1/2)
Very good knowledge




3 years 9 months
2020-03 - now

Ensure text quality on Websites

Language Technologist
Language Technologist
  • SEO
  • Technical Writing IT
on request
1 year 6 months
2021-05 - 2022-10

Project coordination

Data Cleansing and Migration Project Manager
Data Cleansing and Migration Project Manager
  • Data cleansing, data mapping of source and target system
  • Interface between IT, Business und migration team
  • Responsible for data quality
  • Best Practice documentation 
Komax AG, Dierikon
4 years
2018-11 - 2022-10

Manage translations and terminology internationally, automatize

Translation & Terminology Specialist
Translation & Terminology Specialist
  • Enhance source text and translation quality of machine software texts, localize
  • Decrease translation costs
  • Proofread technical and Marketing documentation
Komax AG, Dierikon
1 year
2017-01 - 2017-12

IT-purchase project management, ?Terminology checker software?

  • Business analysis, requirements specification
  • Calculate costs of business cases
  • Risk assessment, select providers, apply for budget
ABB Switzerland Ltd, Zurich
4 years 9 months
2013-04 - 2017-12

Proofread/check multilingual texts on quality

Translation & terminology expert
Translation & terminology expert
  • Manage terminology
  • Technical writing, prepare document migration Quicksilver to Schema ST4
  • Deputy group manager
  • Elaborate writing rules, program automatic CMS language test
  • Editor-in-chief of internal newsletter
  • Manage global, virtual team of translation experts (6)
  • Build up a world-wide stakeholder network
  • Centralize a cross-divisional translation & terminology management
ABB Switzerland Ltd, Zurich
1 year 6 months
2015-04 - 2016-09

Co-project management, ?Global translation & terminology project?

  • Cowork global rollout of translation and translation management
  • Business analysis, requirements specification
  • Build a world-wide stakeholder network 
ABB Switzerland Ltd, Zurich
4 years 2 months
2011-05 - 2015-06

Proofread articles of colleagues, author my own articles

Publisher & freelance journalist
Publisher & freelance journalist
Weka Media, Deutschland
6 years 6 months
1997-09 - 2004-02

Training, Promotion, Sales, Marketing

Trainer for Fitness & Bodybuilding
Trainer for Fitness & Bodybuilding
Trainer for Fitness & Bodybuilding
2 years 6 months
1994-10 - 1997-03

Securities administration

Securities administrator
Securities administrator
Commercial education for grammar-school graduates

Aus- und Weiterbildung

1 month
2023-06 - 2023-06

Python_Excel_Structured Data

Linkedin Learning
Linkedin Learning
2 months
2023-03 - 2023-04

Introduction to Software Engineering and Scrum

Linkedin Learning
Linkedin Learning
6 months
2021-10 - 2022-03

CAS Translation Technology and Al

University of Zurich
University of Zurich
5 months
2018-03 - 2018-07

Python (Programming)

self-tuition at, online
self-tuition at, online
4 months
2018-01 - 2018-04

Seminar Digital Leadership

FHNW, Basel
FHNW, Basel
5 years 11 months
2012-02 - 2017-12

Diverse courses for Compliance & Integrity

ABB Schweiz AG, Zürich
ABB Schweiz AG, Zürich
1 year 1 month
2011-09 - 2012-09

CAS Specialized Translation / terminology

ZHAW, Winterthur
ZHAW, Winterthur
6 years
2006-01 - 2011-12

Various courses for operational safety

BDS, Baden
BDS, Baden
4 months
2006-02 - 2006-05

Farsi, Teach yourself

self-tuition, online
self-tuition, online
10 months
1997-09 - 1998-06

Trainer B-license for body building & Fitness

BSA-Akademie, Zurich
BSA-Akademie, Zurich
2 years 1 month
1992-10 - 1994-10

Commercial education for grammar-school graduates

Kaderschule, Zurich, Bank Hofmann Ltd, Zurich
Kaderschule, Zurich, Bank Hofmann Ltd, Zurich
3 months
1991-01 - 1991-03

Spanish, 2 diplomas C1/2

Eurocentres, Madrid
Eurocentres, Madrid
2 years 1 month
1988-11 - 1990-11

Phil. I, Ethnology

University of Zurich
University of Zurich
4 years 7 months
1984-03 - 1988-09

grammar-school type B, A-levels

Kantonsschule Wattwil
Kantonsschule Wattwil



Language Technology Software Localization Requirements Engineering Terminology Englisch verhandlungssicher Französisch fließend Spanisch Master Data Management Python Sozialkompetenz CAT-Tools SDL Passolo Git Atlassian JIRA Atlassian Confluence Linux

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

SDL Passolo
Schema ST4
MS Office
  • Recognized expert for CAT- und CMS-interfaces and with an affinity for automation
  • Solid experience with ChatGPT
  • Translation expert with long-term experience and strong cost-awareness
  • Localization expert
  • Expert for consistent and high-quality language according to CI
  • Experienced and skillful terminologist and data manager
  • Solid experience in Requirements Engineering
  • Solid experience in Data Migration (SAP S/4 Hana Cloud)
  • Experienced and solution-oriented project manager
  • Uncomplicated, socially competent and management-experienced leader of virtual, local teams
  • Skilled in technical and journalistic writing


  • Through my conviction that artificial intelligence should serve mankind (and not the other way round) and my passion for efficient processes I optimize the interaction between interfaces to enable a controlled data flow for automation.
  • As language is important to me, my passion is writing specialized text in a translationfriendly and standardized way and validating them in different languages. This enhances quality, and translation and revisions costs decrease significantly due to reuse of text. With the help of self-created Python scripts I automatize text correction.
  • Terminology concerns everybody. By my commitment I standardize and consolidate terminology of different sources. The database is available online for all users worldwide at no costs which helps to write texts faster and more consistent according to the CI.
  • Saving costs is a challenge for me which I love to take on. As an expert for cost-optimized translation and terminology management for companies with an international as well as national set-up I consolidate language service providers, streamline processes and ensure exchange formats suitable for translation memories.
  • As a skilled interface between internal and external customers, developers, and service providers and open to innovation, I am a very good at translating customers? demands into technical requirements in order to find a common language without misunderstandings.
  • With my passion for driving things forward, I love to manage projects starting from requirements engineering to risk assessment up to budget preparation and selection of a provider. Thanks to my interfaced thinking, organizational talent, my focus on solutions and my tenacity I even master more complex challenges.
  • As an open-minded, empathic person I love to motivate other people, know how to solve conflicts objectively and with a good sense of humor. I like teamwork, but I can also work on my own on a topic. Interdisciplinary exchange and cross-cultural cooperation are very essential to me master challenges in a global setup.
  • Writing informative texts is a real pleasure to me. Through target group analysis I succeed in journalistic as well as technical writing. Thanks to my broad general knowledge and interest in science I familiarize fast with new topics and subjects

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