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2 Jahre 8 Monate
2021-03 - heute

Transformation/Simplification/Migration/Consolidation Program (One Strike Program)

Program / Project Manager and Scrum Lead
Program / Project Manager and Scrum Lead

  • Joined during the Discover phase of the Program, and so defined goals, standards, expectations, and SAP best practices coming from the BU´s overall organization and so influencing our LoB and particularly adopting them to my 3 Workstreams where I´m actively leading and coaching to apply Agile and Scrum / Lean methods
  • Currently we are within some components of the project in the Explore phase and, on others approaching the Realization (Migration to S/4 Hana Cloud and to Public Hyperscalers GCP, Azure, AWS), and so applying Scrum -running workshop´s, squads? sessions-, and certain retrospectives to review in advance the MVP -Minimal Version of the Product- (including the new SaaS Microservices, evaluating RAID and so to gain a better level of adjusts vs PoC
  • I applied lean methods and agile principles to 3-4 major business processes and so interacting intensively with other LoB´s to obtain the actual + forecast figures to get better KPI´s and so less demand of Hyperscalers capacities
  • I´m liaising on daily basis (through Jira, Confluence, X-Ray, Slack, Teams, ?) with my team -15 internals and 12 externals -responsible to deliver new micro services, setting-up of the tooling-systems, and perform the migration to Google Cloud Platform -GCP- and for certain Business Units to AWS and Azure
  • I attend and present status of our Project and interactions of our WS´s (at hight level) during a Bi-weekly to the board of the Program and, during the Sprint Kick-Offs
  • I organize at least 3 series of weeklies with technical and business wise teams. I also scheduled daily stand-ups for the periods of releases deliveries and promote workshops to review-solve Open Architectural Topics

SAP Germany
1 Jahr
2019-11 - 2020-10

Migration/Consolidation to Change-Transformation Programme (7M? Budget) with scope to European wide and APAC regions

Interim SAP Scrum Lead and PM
Interim SAP Scrum Lead and PM

  • Overall planning and follow-up of the 9 Waves / Gates of the Programme -including Sprints, Scrum Cycles, and overall tasks of the both sides of the assigned team -IBM as main Integrator Partner- and so around 50 resources Onsite + Offshore with scope of European wide + APAC Markets
  • Weekly Planning Management and Status meetings together SME´s, WS´s Leads and the integrator Project Management area to get guidelines, detailed tasks assignments, and evaluating potential overallocated resources, risks, constraints, deviations of the 2Wk´s Sprint Planning view related to any Open Design Architectural Topic or the technical critical points due the new processes on both SAP ECC and on SAP S/4 HANA Sales including Migration of Master Data
  • Definition of the Change Management Control (based on the PMBok and their contents JIRA + Xray + Confluence tools) to track and open potential Business or Technical wise CR´s among their Status and the Derivate Statuses
  • Support the main Project Manager in their presentation activities to the Work Stream Leaders, the business, and the integrator project management
  • Detecting potential deviations, dependencies, risks, constraints, GAP´s -when participating in business or technical workshops to review the migration to SCBN Cloud
  • Handling weekly meetings with the WS Leaders to review in detail the progress, Sprints, Backlog, BPI and so the key figures to inform the 3 boards (Project Management, Change Administration Board, and the Cutover Board)

Electrolux Sweden
Main Office -Nürnberg, Bayern
10 Monate
2019-01 - 2019-10

Change-Transformation-Simplification Programme (5M? Budget)

E2E SAP Business Processes Manager
E2E SAP Business Processes Manager
  • Collaborating in the settlement of HLD -High Level Design- and the corresponding Workshop all round sales, logistics and quality optimization processes
  • Together the SME´s and Product Owners -proposing CRS´s and FRS´s to obtain the level of specification according to the 5 workstreams (2 of them under Proof-of-Concept stage) we are concentrated in current stage
  • The programme involves high level of compliance due EDGVP, GDPR, IFRS and monitoring, among topics of SAP IBP, BI-BW, Automated Testing, and the digitalization ordering processes
  • Leading 2 Scrum Teams and so obtaining drivers and principles as tangibles to our weekly reporting during the status meeting of the steering and operations committees
  • Presenting open design topics, among current constraints, assumptions, dependencies, risks, and the actions to mitigate when attending Sprint Demo, Sprint Releases Reviews and BPI -Product Backlog Items (bi)-weekly meetings
  • Tracking of the content, status, and dependencies of the Changer Requests -applying PMBok and feed-in the SAP ChaRM, JIRA, Xray and Confluence contents
  • Attending daily Stand-up´s together Onsite + Offshore core WS´s and SME´s
Global supplier of financial services with HQ
Essen, NRW
6 Monate
2018-06 - 2018-11

LEAN Global Programme HC Germany

SAP Change-Transition Manager / E2E SAP Business Processes Architect (BPA)
SAP Change-Transition Manager / E2E SAP Business Processes Architect (BPA)
  • Collaborating as an E2E BPA in the LEAN SAP Programme HC Germany especially for the integration of the Business Processes between a template SAP + Ariba + SFDC and a vertical software solution ONESource owned by EY
  • SPOC and Change Manager for the project -among responsible of the communication channel to concentrate business, functional and technical topics of such integration (compliance related to IFRS15)
  • Analysis and detection of GAP´s, Open Design Topics and Preparation of the Testing Scenarios
  • Specially focus on regions-markets scenarios (doble drop-shipment, consignment, plant abroad) with highly local peculiarities -e.g., Easter European Countries, Asian Pacific -Vietnam, China
  • Weekly reporting in the status meeting of the stream committee
  • Attending daily LEAN call of the overall streams related to the Programme and the areas related (Data Migration, Global Trade, Compliance, and Architectural Open Design Topics)
  • Collaborating in maintain and to adjust when necessary the Gathering of Requirements, the Customer Requirements Specification -CRS- the corresponding -FRS- Functional Requirements Specifications, among Cutover activities affected per the GAP´s (mainly Open Design Topics and Manual Workaround)
  • Preparation of Training Materials -among to maintain the HP ALM and JIRA documents of the project (with an active follow-up of the Issues related to our Stream)
  • Procure strong bridging with all stakeholders and project team members
Merck KgaA
8 Monate
2017-11 - 2018-06

new Transformation Change Management -Digitalization and Support to the Marketing Programme

SAP E2E Lead Consultant
SAP E2E Lead Consultant

approved by the Digital Advisory Committee and the SAP / SFDC SME´s to be implemented globally

  • Driving weekly Change Management activities to the overall business analysis -mainly Financials, Order to Cash, e-Invoicing, IP ? Immediate Payments, Consolidate Reporting, SAP and SFDC processes (new Use-cases), among the Commercial Support Cutover global activities.
  • To collaborate during the Eliciting, Gathering of Requirements focus on OTC, CS, Contracts, IP- Immediate Payments, SFDC, and E-Invoicing to develop Customer Requirements Specification -CRS- and the corresponding -FRS- Functional Requirements Specifications, among Cutover activities.
  • Giving service to @35 stakeholders in weekly basis and reporting besides SAP Managers to both the Global Product Owner (based on Singapore) and the Marketing Support Global Manager (HQ, Belgium).
  • ASIS ? TOBE of the pricing-methods, pricing principles and how to adapt the related postings to give a clear profitability and pricing reporting cross the global sales organizations, the regions and zones.
  • GAP Fit-Analysis of how to synchronize returns between SFDC and SAP master contracts due the cancellations of complex connectivity kits (firmware) due client?s new terms and conditions and releases.
  • I´ve maintained a strong bridging with all stakeholders, SAP and SFDC SME´s and the project team members (in Asian HQ -Singapore and KL, among American HQ in USA) with highly weekly communications
7 Monate
2017-06 - 2017-12

GAP Fit-Analysis for the Controlling and Procurement areas

Logistics SAP Senior Business Analyst
Logistics SAP Senior Business Analyst

  • On charge of the SAP project settlement, the corresponding blueprint and of the main Business Requirements Gathering related to the areas under my responsibility (Materials, Inventory Management. Demand Planning, and Scheduling)
  • Detected risks, assumptions and potential impacts and so working on the GAP´s to solve (focused to S/4 HANA new processing, Settlements, PUR, PR ? PO batch automated matrix through the purchasing portal, and parameters for Stock Transfer Orders and Inventories and some related to payments and controlling)
  • Done weekly international Workshops to define potential impacts and the GAP´s to solve (mainly PUR, MTO, Master Data, MPS, APO-DS, LTP, STO, Quality Certificates, and the parameters for Transfer Production and Stock Orders)
  • Development of the functional design and definition of the key points of customization related to the improvement of the structures of composed BoM´s, Routings, and the materials structures
  • Revision of scenarios due missing controls to track prepayments of machinery in the OBIC transaction and so tracking and proposing GAP-Fit analysis together payments and finance controlling areas
  • Liaison activities, among analysing document management processes and proposals (with helicopter and detailed one) when 3rd- party suppliers were involved (mainly vertical ones and consultancies)
  • Maintained the project in order Programme principles under Agile / SCRUM and Change Management ones
  • Facilitation during the weekly international Workshops and Training sessions with all the PUR, IM, P2P and LSP´s stakeholders involved

5 Monate
2017-02 - 2017-06

MD & Transactional for Segmentation, MRP Live, QM, Regulatory and Foreign Trade -FT-, GTS

SAP Logistics (PP-MM, MES, WM) senior consultant
SAP Logistics (PP-MM, MES, WM) senior consultant

Collaborating during the Roadmap scoping and the blueprint and functional-technical design stages of an international and Innovative approach of migrating certain Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Quality Management processes to Segmentation S/4 Hana premises

  • GAP Fit Analysis to accomplish Roadmap, and so to start BBP stage Segmentation S/4 Hana and MM/PP/SD/MES integration to help the client to reduce their highly customized processes
  • Liaison to translate requirements (under Agile approach) for each Sprint of the Backlog (in continuous growing and negotiation) between SAP ES ? SAP DE and the SAP Custom Development team (based on SAP HU)
  • Proof of concept test to demonstrate Segmentation process and the reductions around BoM´s Mass Changes, Pricing methods re-definition, returns and Production Archiving in order the logic of conversion to gain +37% of the volume of the complex conversions
  • Analysis and testing of the new features of ECC 6.0 and the involved processes (SD -OTC, e-invoicing, MRP live, S/4 HANA, PS) and presenting the business cases and scenarios during international workshops (mainly North American and European wide regions)
  • Multiple weekly meetings -applying Agile methodology together client´s IT SAP managers, Key Users and SME´s
Probitas Pharma - Grifols
9 Monate
2016-06 - 2017-02

Team Leading & SAP Logistics Consultation

SAP Interim Team Lead / PM due the Production Merge
SAP Interim Team Lead / PM due the Production Merge

Collaborated due the Merge of both organization -especially focused on Production Planning -PP-, Quality Management, into the growing group of companies Unilin Industries -a global leader manufacturer with European HQ in Gent area, Belgium and - Mohawk -US market leader- I´ve executed many short GAP Analysis cycles to obtain best solutions to accomplish consolidation and migration of Master Data and Transactional -all round the 7 European manufacturing plants under the 1st and 2nd wave of Merge

  • I´ve actively participated in the weekly workshops and CAB´s to agree the corresponding technical-functional AS-IS ? GAP ? TOBE and so to obtain the final customizations in order the affected SD processes (OTC, Pricing, Returns, CS) and on GTS (Certificates, Trade Policies, Workflows, Roles and Authorizations) with the scope of the activated Merge SAP Programme -including European and North-American sites.
  • Review of some models to improve their positioning of their sales and procurement channels (including distribution) -I added some conditions, document classes and defined the outbound delivery as sales order VL01- through workflow business rules to support all the sales and procurement based in GRC´s polices due the merge.
UNILIN ? Mohawk Group
5 Monate
2016-01 - 2016-05

Global Rollouts PMO

Global Rollouts PMO
Global Rollouts PMO

Collaborating in a Global SAP + SFDC Programme -Responsible of cross functional-mix between (especially for plant locations in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and USA) and the involved Customizations and Template adaptations.

  • Especially focus on improve the raw materials inbound process and the MRP – LTP processes involved with MES integration and the better control of patterns to define capacities related to the most complex Materials, BoM´s and Routings and the corresponding Archiving of Material.
  • Collaborated to improve the functions Pricing principles for Foreign markets SD-FT and the highly dynamic regulated to certain markets, proposing a workflow of notifications to the affected channels.
  • Support to solve some GAP´s related with the WBS function and the parameters involved in the PS sections.
  • I applied weekly change maintenance to the logs and overall RfC´s tracking, among preparing the PMO, the Steering committee agenda, follow-ups & reporting under my functional-technical rolling-out responsibilities.
BORGERS Automotive AG
9 Monate
2015-01 - 2015-09

SAP Rollout and Change Requests Consolidation Coordination


Reporting to one of the PSLM -Procurement, Supply, Logistics and Materials Global Managers. Responsible for the Change Management Coordination, Systems and Processes Integration for top 5 LSP´s (DBSchenker, Dawson,...)

  • Liaison in between European SAP and integrators of legacy systems (1 of them off-shore to India) for a long-run European deployment using Template Procurement and Logistics customizations to solve GAP´s of Production, Manufacturing, MRP processing to the NAFTA market (including subsidiaries, clients, master contracts, vendors, LSP´s, distributors and the decision making, stakeholders) and the SAP key users of a Consolidation Programme
  • For certain periods (during UAT, Go-Live and Cut-Over weeks) highly interaction with key users KONE to execute delivery of Operations focus on OTC, Procurement -PUR, MTO- and Production Orders
  • Continue Business Analysis to develop matchmaking of overall tasks to accomplish the Consolidation, Migration and Reconciliation for Master Data procedures of the project including -SAP MM-PP, MRP, LE, legacy, EDI integrations
  • Collaborated to develop Dashboards for the view of the Foreign Trade functions and the workflow related with certain regulatory of the metal manufacturing industry
  • GAP Analysis in-between the new MRP functionalities involving MDM, BI-HANA, and demand planning, productionlogistics- commercial extractions to accomplish the UAT and Cut Over

    KONE Industrial
    4 Monate
    2014-09 - 2014-12

    GAP Analysis and proposal of regulatory management

    Senior SAP BI-BW and Reporting Consultant
    Senior SAP BI-BW and Reporting Consultant

    GAP Analysis and proposal of regulatory management focus on new logistics centers for complete the 2 and 3-tier rings for their clients in Automotive sector

    • Facilitator in between deployment Germany - southern Europe. Responsible to define layout for KPI´s logistics centers and sales and exportation regulatory related
    • Collaborated in the re-view analysis for the configuration of the BOM´s by-product, co-product and the MRP controls all around their current and TO-BE structures
    Metal Machine tools 2nd. German Distributor
    NRW, Germany
    9 Monate
    2014-01 - 2014-09


    SAP, SFDC Senior Consultant
    SAP, SFDC Senior Consultant

    Collaborator in the PMO with change management and system integration / migration tasks for the matchmaking alignment of their MM-SD, PP and SCM Business Processes, Functional and Technical Design of a corporate KPI´s Analysis and performance template view -including business process mapping for new criteria of the workflows

    • I´ve collaborated with overall activities during Blueprint Analysis, Functional and Technical Design for the main OTC processes and their GAP´s involved
    • I collaborated to the improvement of the sales document structure when third parties of suppliers are involved with margin levels in order consumption
    • I designed and applied the basic approach to determinate cost reduction in the production plan orders and purchase requisitions for 2-3 groups of kits, families and categories of products
    Group Puig
    7 Monate
    2013-06 - 2013-12

    Deployment, GAP fit analysis, Data and Systems Migration

    SAP GAP Fit-Analysis Team Lead
    SAP GAP Fit-Analysis Team Lead

    Responsible for the Deployment, GAP fit analysis, Data and Systems Migration, Integration and Change Management of a Template (SIDBO/Optimus, mainly SAP R/3 PP-MM-LE, PS-SD and EDI focus on the Certification and Testing of Production Lines and Industry Processes

    • I´ve driven requirements and the corresponding translation to modeling, design and Implementation stages (currently in development and UAT) of around 20 Key Users (mainly Finance and Sales, Production and Logistics, Material Management and the Projects for Certification Processes Areas -under SAP PS)
    • Collaborated to the blueprint and analysis of the Template GAP´s for the European organizations related to partners, contracts, sales units, workflow among parameters of the production plants and requirements analysis for the new laboratories / locations
    • Customized matchmaking between inventory and trade policies in LE when certain materials and components of the equipment to certifies became listed
    Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group)
    6 Monate
    2013-01 - 2013-06

    Business Processes Improvement, Business Intelligence and Change Management Programme

    SAP BI-BW Change Management & Key Users Prime Contact
    SAP BI-BW Change Management & Key Users Prime Contact

    Key Users Prime Contact for a Business Processes Improvement, Business Intelligence -under SAP BI/BW and Change Management Program, Including Systems Migrations in-between Spain and UK), Reporting and Quality Assurance

    • I´ve done tasks as Project Manager (Planning of the overall Project Blueprint Analysis, Functional-Technical Design, Implementation and support milestones, deliverable, and follow-up. I´ve done presentations to decision makers and run of workshops with multiple Key/Super/Global Users together one of the IS suppliers -IBM UK
    • Gathering of the alignment of cross business areas (Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Planning of Production Orders, Plant Management, and the workflows requirements for 2 & 3 ? Tier suppliers
    • I collaborated to follow-up the Inventories validations of the labeling enhancement processing and to define improvements to the inventory management
    • Highly interaction with near shore ? offshore teams between UK, Spain and India.
    Scottish Power
    1 Jahr 1 Monat
    2011-09 - 2012-09

    Blueprint obtainment

    Senior BI-BW Reporting Consultant
    Senior BI-BW Reporting Consultant

    Blueprint obtainment, Functional and Technical Design of a GAP stage between an BI-BW functional evolution of the new Corporate Balance Scorecard, the Reporting project and certain Master Data.

    • Extraction tasks through ODS´s and running of Reports from the verticals -mainly FICO, MM-IM-PP-SCM control tables.
    • Given functional – technical auditing of some fixes related with the alignment of all the group accounts for to solve the forecast and planning portfolio.
    1 Jahr 1 Monat
    2010-06 - 2011-06

    development of the Functional Analysis and Design of the New Strategically Reporting Obtainment

    Senior SAP BI-BW & Procurement and Sales Reporting Consultant
    Senior SAP BI-BW & Procurement and Sales Reporting Consultant

    Collaborator for the development of the Functional Analysis and Design of the New Strategically Reporting Obtainment (including KPI´s analysis, Balance scorecards and reports).

    • I developed Blueprint and functional-technical design to solve requirements for procurement and sales for the invoicing, payments and receipts -trying to follow-up standard processes MTO, PUR, OTC.
    • In charge of the workshops for together T-Systems, exchange with Seat Motor Key users the detailed analysis to develop the best Blueprint and Functional Design of the solution, especially to adapt new reporting to use the front-end infrastructure.
    SEAT Motor
    10 Monate
    2009-09 - 2010-06

    development of a Reporting Template

    Senior SAP Commercial-Logistics Consultant
    Senior SAP Commercial-Logistics Consultant

    Collaborator in the development of a Reporting Template to align diverse analytical data repositories between financial organizations.

    • GAP Analysis between the CORE Functional Design of the corresponding Material Management and Sales and Distribution business processes (OTC, P2P, EDI) for the new plants.
    • I collaborated to the best Ad-hoc reporting, modeling and workflow requirements of the involved key users.
    • I’ve done the modeling-reporting analysis for to customize in order depth functional-technical design (including architecture) for the new distribution centers and production plants (Hanover and Rotterdam).
    2 Jahre 1 Monat
    2007-09 - 2009-09

    full life cycle implementation

    PMO / Key users Facilitator (Prime Contact)
    PMO / Key users Facilitator (Prime Contact)

    Request of full life cycle implementation of a BW Global Reporting Template mainly financial (corporate, operations) logistics and distribution areas and the rollout to 3-4 countries.

    • I’ve been the match-channel between the business-processes of the Allianz international Key Users and the Technical-Functional solutions coming from 3 teams -the one from a financial consulting firm (FACT), my team and the Reporting Managers of Allianz Spain in order Allianz Headquarters.
    • Analysis, Design and testing of business cases into the constantly built Template defined in Allianz Germany and so the analysis, design and implementation of the customized changes and CFA’s for each regional location following International reporting and accounting standards (IFRS; IAS)
    • Gap Fit-Analysis to integrate PEGA services platform to customer care & contracts to the channel of the agents. Template Reviews and Enhancements to apply regulatory, tax and accounting planning processes.
    • Multiple meetings with the Corporate Investment area to review Investment Portfolio GAP´s to adjust on our Technical-Functional Specifications.
    Allianz Spain

    Aus- und Weiterbildung

    5 years

    MscEngIT / Dipl.-Ing., Superior Information Technology Engineering Degree, Engineering Faculty, UNAM

    Last Sourcing, Procurement, Regulatory & Foreign Trade Seminars


    IHK Düsseldorf

    Main topics:

    • Foreign Trade Statistics, Goods Duties and Pursuanties, Customs Law, Foreign Trade Law, Foreign Regulations, ATLAS Regulation
    • Seminar: ?Aktuelle Änderungen in Zoll- und Außenwirtschaftsrecht zum Jahreswechsel 2016/2017?


    IHK Düsseldorf

    Main topics:

    • Importation, Import duties, Documents, Zollagente, Marking, AEO, C-TPAT, Transport
    • Seminar: ?Zoll- und Außenwirtschaftsforum USA und Mexiko?


    Position(s) last 10 yr.:

    • SAP Cloud / SaaS Project Manager
    • Change-Transition-Consolidation Project Manager
    • Scrum Master
    • E2E SAP Business Processes Lead
    • SAP Logistics Business Processes Architect
    • SAP Migrations, Cut Over, Rollouts & Consolidations Coordinator
    • SAP senior SD-MM-PP/BI Consultant



    Change Management Business Analyse SAP Portfolio und Projekt Management SAP Sales and Distribution SAP Materials Management Business Inteligence market intelligence SAP Global Trade Service CRM Salesforce Atlassian JIRA Agile Scrum Lean Manufaturing BPM Cloud internationale Projekterfahrung internationaler Rollout Migrationen Template S/4HANA Purchase-to-Pay Einkaufsprozesse Internationale Märkte (Ausbau

    Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

    Profile description

    • SAP Cloud / SaaS Change-Transition Project Manager / Driver between Technical-Functional Integration and the ASIS ? TOBE Business Processes -when new Programs related to Migration, Consolidation, Transformation to SAP S/4 HANA, Private & Public Cloud, Digitalization, Change Management, SCM, or improvement of the Logistics, Procurement, Sales and Distribution, Foreign Trade, among main Finance and controlling processes involved
    • Strong know-how, experiences, and abilities for the facilitation of the integration and delivery focus on Agile/Scrum business processes approaches (under Templates, Rollouts, Migrations, Consolidations, Cloud, Digitalization, e- Invoicing, IM ? Immediate Payments, Pricing and the corresponding Improvement, Delivery, and Change Management approaches) for diverse industries (Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals - Life Science, Chemical, Utilities, Automotive)
    • +15 years involved on the scoping, explore, blueprint / business analysis, processes mapping, technical ? functional requirements translation, Blueprint, Functional-Technical Design, Requests of Change, GAP analysis, and the corresponding operational follow-up, delivery, change management, UAT, Integrated testing, cutover, and support
    • Able to activate strong bridging between key users, managers and WS´s members to contribute to the Assessment, E2E Architectural Landscape, High Level Design, Proof of Concept, GAP-Fit analysis, UAT, tests scenarios, integration testing, support, and delivery
    • Since 2003 between 70 ? 100% in big Change-Transformation-Simplification Programs applying Agile/Scrum and Activate Methodology to rollout -templates, enhancements, migrations of Sales - Distribution, Logistics, Process Manufacturing among involved Business Intelligence, Segmentation and new ramp-up´s to S/4 HANA and the involved devops / cloud systems integration
    • Strong know-how within Sales, Distribution, Production, and Industry Processes (Batch Management, LOT´s, Master Recipes, Kanban Plant, Independent Requirements, OTC, Change Master Contract, Service Master, Consignment, Drop-Shipment, Plant Abroad, BOM´s, Quotations, Rebates, Discounts, Pricing, DC´s, e-Invoicing, MRP, MRP live, MPS, EDI ? EDIFACT) among some on GTS (Certificates, Trade Policies, and Customs)
    • I?ve worked with Negotiation and Management Methods and the convenient Control & Management Methodologies (Lean, Agile, Scrum -Kaizen, Six Sigma-) and so used to apply teams collaborating to detect causeroots, GAP-Fit analysis, to solve Challenging Business and/or Technical Scenarios, among other project milestones
    • Strong attention to define very-well requirements and to get in advance the acceptation criteria. I´m self-driven, self-starter, and highly responsible to give add value to the continuous improvement

    Main Focused areas

    • Activate and Scrum-Lean Agile Project Management. Enthusiastic to apply methodologies, Agile approach, and SCRUM-Lean methods to collaborate to the simplification-transformation of business processes. -I´m experienced on Rollout´s, Consolidations, Greenfield, and S/4 HANA and Cloud Migrations Programs.
    • Business Process Mapping and ASIS <-> FIT-GAP <-> TOBE Approaches. Able to define, differentiate and followup the acceptation criteria -being business, functional or technical wise- cross the WS´s.
    • Business ? Functional ?Technical gathering / re-engineering of Requirements. Well experienced in balancing the requirements-driven and the solutions-driven approaches.
    • Business Processes ? Functional Integration. When Templates, Rollout´s, Merges & Acquisitions, New Plants / Production Processes, Change Management, Consolidations, Processes Integrations, Digitalization, Cloud

    Competence/work area

    2007 - 2022

    Program / Project Management -Standards, Approaches, Methods and Tools -Agile, SCRUM, LEAN, Prince2, Waterfall, MPMM, ITIL, COBIT, ISO9001-2, SAP Methodologies (ASAP, SAP Extend, SAP Activate) Volere, Confluence, JIRA, Xray, PEGA, ARIS and Business Analysis and Mapping, GAP-Fit Analysis, among others.

    2007 - 2022

    Scoping, Settlement, PM Office -PMO Set-up, Planning, OCM, E2E BA Business Processes, Change Management, Business Requirements Specification, Functional / Technical Requirements Specification, Follow-up of Change Processes Control -RFC´s and Management, Process mapping, Proof of Concept, Global Implementations, Rollout´s, Upgrades & Ramp-up´s, Cutover, and SLA´s definition and monitoring

    2007 - 2022

    Architecture, Development and Process Integration, Master Data Governance ?MDG., Migrations of Master Data, Consolidation and Migration of Transactional Data throughSystems Migrations Methods and Tools (API´s, SaaS, ETL, EDI/EDIFACT, System Integration, Legacy Systems, IDO´s, SAP SolMan, SAP ChaRM, SAP Authorizations, Automated Testing), Archiving (SAP, ARTEC Solutions -EMA-) Cloud (SAP, SCBN, GCP -Google Cloud Plataform, Azure, AWS)

    2007 - 2022

    Development Tools, Monitoring (AzureDevOps, SAP Full-Stack Grafana, Promethius, API´s, Scripts), Root Cause and GAP-Fit Analysis (Lean, Six Sigma, Manugistics, Ultimus, Kewill, SCM, Toolsgroup), Processes Mapping, ETL, Ishikawa Diagrams, Volere, SIPOC Analysis, Agile, Klockwork, UML, UAT Tests, Integration Testing)

    2009 - 2021

    SAP Sales and Distribution (OTC, Q2C, CS, MTO, Rebates, Returns, Pricing, Intercompany, Forecasting, External Distribution, Billing, EDI ? EDIFACT, Shipping, Delivery, Transportation, Workflow, Digital Order Fulfillment?)

    2009 - 2021

    SAP Materials and Inventories Management (Create and Delivery -Materials, Orders, BoM´s, Evaluations and Structures-, among processes IM, PUR, P2P, Authorizations, Workflow, Integration to FI-CO, PP, SD)

    2007 - 2021

    SAP Logistics (PP, PM, PS, LE, MRP, MPS, IBP, Forecasting, Demand Planning, Procurement, Provisions, MRP, Inverse Logistics, Regulatory, Trade Polices, GTS (Settlement, Regulatory, Trade Polices, Customs, Sanctions, Embargo-), SCM Process mapping

    2007 - 2022

    SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP S/4 Hana, SAP Cloud Analytics, SAP Ariba, EDI, BI ? DataWarehousing ? Fiori, Reporting Tools (SAP FI-CO, SAP BI / BIW / SEM / IP ? BPS / BCS, Portal, BO), Public Cloud Hyperscalers -GCP, SCBN, AWS

    2007 - 2021

    Financial Processes (Budgets, Contracting, Payables, Receivables, Treasury) Corporate (Corporate Finance Management, Finance Supply Chain Management, Corporate Clients, Global Reporting, Templates, Portfolio Dashboards), International Reporting (IFRS, IAS)

    2007 - 2021

    Production Lines and Plants Planning and Management (MRP Live ? S/4 HANA, MRP, LPT, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Testing, Production Launching, Cost Controlling Plants Planning, Fixed and variable costs analysis, Plant Management, MES Integration, Migrations, Quality and certifications cost analysis)

    2009 - 2020

    CRM (SFDC, SAP CRM, Siebel, Vantive) BPM (Oracle -Peoplesoft, JDE, MSDynamics, PEGA, Metastorm, Kewill) BI Tools (Oracle, Cognos (8,0), SAS, Crystal Reports, Qlikview, SQL)

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