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AI, data, project management, team management, analytics

Künstliche Intelligenz Datenanalyse Managementberatung Teamleading Managementerfahrung Python Dashboard Azure
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8 Jahre 9 Monate



various projects

Independent Data and ML Consultant
Independent Data and ML Consultant

Solving clients? business needs; churn, revenue growth, cross-selling, business insights, segmentation and dynamic customer interaction with BI (Power BI) and AI (R, Python, Azure)

Consulted Swisscom and Salt on among other things on how to build new business to monetise the data they collect in privacy preserving way

07/2021 - 02/2022

Interim head of the data analytics team of 7 employees in Germany and in India for Qualcomm managing relationships with business users, suppliers, subcontractors and the team ? ensuring reliable delivery of quality and timely insights and development projects.

09/2021 - 07/2022

Delivery of personalisation solution for Keski-Suomalainen (a Finnish media group) to select an optimal campaign for each customer to drive upselling

Customer journey optimisation for several companies (UBS, OCBC, MSC Cruises, Park Hyatt Zürich, Shangri La Hotels?) ? using CRM, operational, transactional and feedback to identify the main customer journey friction points and quantifying their monetary and satisfaction impact and real-time alerts and recommendations of customer at risk with the main pain point and the recommended next action

03/2017 - 10/2019

Customer life-time value optimisation for Future Energy, Vantaan Enegia and Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkö, British and Finnish electricity companies. An analytics cloud service predicting churn and its reasons, how long each customer is going stay and what will be their life-time spend. Managed the IT operations of data extraction, ETL, predictions and recommendations and integrations with client systems

11/2017 - 12/2018

Developed a live Power BI dashboard for tourism markets by using data from mobile networks, social media and credit cards providing details of visitors, origins, spend, likes and dislikes

02/2019 - 12/2019

In a pro bona project for the International Red Cross built a solution to analyse textual data to monitor of the Ebola outbreak more efficiently and faster.

Berlin, Germany & Geneva, Switzerland
2 Jahre



Artificial Intelligence

Fonder & CEO
Fonder & CEO
  • Led all the aspects of the company and a team of 5

  • Developed the concept, tested the product-market-fit and build the company strategy

  • Coded the prototype (R, MS ML studio and Azure cloud services, ETL scripts, REST APIs, Git)

on request
Geneva (Switzerland)
3 Jahre 2 Monate



ETL and predictive analytics SaaS solution

Head of Analytics, Middle East and Africa
Head of Analytics, Middle East and Africa
  • Managed daily BI and AI solutions business and operations across the Middle East and Africa

  • Headed a team of 8 including data scientist, consultants, project managers and sales ? decreased churn for a client by 13% and increased revenue per touch by 300% by choosing the right customers to target

  • Sold and managed the delivery of BI and predictive analytics services such as; churn prediction, churn prevention, best next product, demographics and interest segmentation, new customer acquisition, upsell, revenue boost, fraud detection, fault prediction, real time customer experience management and network optimization

  • Managed the integration of external (Oracle CRM, MS data warehouses, SQL and NoSQL, batch and real-time) and internal data sources, the design ETL/ELT scripts and data architectures (project teams of 10-30 engineers)

Comptel, Dubai (UAE)
11 Jahre 11 Monate



Technical Sales and Business Development

Various Technical Sales and Business Development Roles
Various Technical Sales and Business Development Roles
  • Heading technical sales teams to promote Nokia?s solutions to telecom operators and to find optimal solutions to fulfil customer needs

  • Line manager to a technical team of 28

  • Responsible for innovation collaboration with global mobile operators, IT vendors and content providers for new mobile internet services and apps

Nokia Networks, Farnborough (UK), Moscow (Russia), Dubai (UAE)
3 Jahre 5 Monate



Project Management

Project Manager
Project Manager
  • Run large IT and telecom implementation projects for CRM, billing systems on time and in budget

  • Head of daily operations ? 6 direct reports plus team members from other departments and vendors

  • Business requirement collection, project planning, budgeting and resourcing, change management, stakeholder communication, vendor and subcontractor management

Elisa Communications, Helsinki (Finland)

1987 ? 1993

Study - Electrical Engineering

University of Technology, Helsinki (Finland)

Main Focus: Computer Architecture, Computer Communications, Product Development, International Marketing and Strategy

Degree: Master of Science

Finnish mother tongue
French good
English fluent
Russian good
German good
Swedish good

Top Skills
Künstliche Intelligenz Datenanalyse Managementberatung Teamleading Managementerfahrung Python Dashboard Azure
  • team leadership

  • resource management and prioritisation

  • requirements gathering and management

  • project planning and management

  • stakeholder communication

  • change management and versioning

  • training

  • testing

  • documentation

  • team work

  • people and organisation development

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
  • machine learning

  • artificial intelligence

  • business intelligence

  • analytics

  • R

  • Python

  • NumPy

  • Pandas

  • PySpark

  • NLP

  • SHAP

  • Scikit-learn

  • Jupyter

  • Git

  • Power Pivot

  • Power Query

  • M

  • DAX

  • Power BI

  • ETL

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