SAP S4/Hana Technical Management, Rollout and Project Rescue - Industry 4.0 and AI - Offshore/Multinat. Management (Indien, Africa, Pacific)
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Industry 4.0
SAP Training
SAP Replacement
Change Request Management
internationaler Rollout
Dynamics NAV
Agile Entwicklung


Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Weitere Länder: Ich bevorzuge international ausgerichtete Projekte mit Einsatzbasis in Europa, gerne auch mit intensiver Reisetätigkeit.

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3 Jahre 6 Monate
2020-08 - heute

Relocation Global IT from France to Germany and SAP S4/Hana migration

Technology Head IT Relocation in M&A
Technology Head IT Relocation in M&A
After a M&A the Global-IT in France was abandoned and all tasks and technology components and relocated to Hamburg.
Sportfive Hamburg/ Boulogne
8 Jahre 7 Monate
2015-07 - heute

Education Strategy for Digital Transformation (India, Asia, Africa)

Technical advisor to policy makers on Industries 4.0 in emerging countries
Technical advisor to policy makers on Industries 4.0 in emerging countries
Cooperation with ACP-EU (European Union) to assist building an education system for enhancing the technology awareness in agriculture. We designed an incubation and academy incl. a cyber security defense lab and blockchain strategy.
on request
6 Monate
2023-06 - 2023-11

Interim Head of IT

Interim Head of IT
Interim Head of IT

Take the vacant role of the department head until a permanent solution is recruited. 

Responsible for all department line functions for an International team.

7 Monate
2021-11 - 2022-05

Project Lead International Rollout Microsoft BC (Navision)

Project Coordinator and Expert Advisor
Project Coordinator and Expert Advisor
Acting as senior change management advisor and coordinator of external suppliers for a European rollout .  Build an agile infrastructure based on Microsoft Dynamics for fast-growing industry.
Dynamics NAV
Arrowhead Europe
2 Jahre 8 Monate
2017-02 - 2019-09

SAP Carve-Out S4/Hana

Technology Head agile Project Management
Technology Head

Technical project lead for SAP carve-out planning and execution France/Germany

  • The project was a complex carve-out from two independent companies and subsequent merger into one company It was a multi-national project in several French and German locations with a team from France, Germany, India, and Africa. My duty was to lead the technical implementation team and communicate between customer, business units and teams. 

agile Project Management
STS Group Paris, Saint-Désirat
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2015-09 - 2016-12

Design and implementation of a webshop facade to SAP SD

eCommerce Technology Architect
eCommerce Technology Architect
Technical advisor for design and implementation of a web shop façade to SAP SD
  • The challenge was to build the interface between an OXID Web-shop with real-time synchronization to SAP and payment gateway. Data maintained in SAP only and all price-calculation as well as order confirmations and billing is handled by SAP
F.A.Z. Frankfurt
5 Jahre 8 Monate
2011-05 - 2016-12

Improvement of the webshop solution on WebDynpro

Technology Advisor
Technology Advisor
Expert advisor for various SAP related topics; improve web shop solution on WebDynpro
  • Task was to redesign an existing internal SAP web shop implementation based on Web Dynpro with respect to enhanced functionality and performance. Support was taken over internally for cost reasons.
Stadt Zürich
1 Jahr 3 Monate
2014-05 - 2015-07

SAP Rollout

Project Leader
Project Leader
Project Leader SAP Rollout to China ? implementing SD, MM, PP, QM for China
  • Project was a rollout and adoption of SAP installation in the Chinese autonomous subsidiary. I managed a Shanghai Chinese team to deploy the SAP in China while making all changes in SAP to roll-in improved processes to headquarter.
Sanner Packaging Solutions China
1 Jahr 6 Monate
2013-07 - 2014-12

SAP Carve-Out

Technology Head
Technology Head
Technical project lead for go live transition for SD, MM, PP, QM and EDI
  • The project was a M&A transformation with carve-out of SAP system from vendor and setting up a clean new system with data. I managed the technical strategy and led the team for an efficient migration.
MWS Friedrichshafen
8 Monate
2013-07 - 2014-02

Project Realignment

Project rescue mission to realign failed SAP green field in automotive
  • The SAP implementation was not implemented according the requirements by the contracted implementation partner. I was called in to design the needed works to complete the implementation and reduce manual post-processing.
Streit Armoured Cars Ras al Khaimah, UAE
1 Jahr 6 Monate
2011-12 - 2013-05

SAP Big Data Processing

Software Architect
Software Architect
Expert advisor for pre-study for a high-performance Hybris web shop with SAP backend
  • My task was designing a high-performance pricing simulator for SAP SD. The solution outperforms by far the SAP internet pricing calculator by using parallel processing features of SAP engine.
Papyrus AG, Ettlingen/Mölndal
8 Monate
2009-05 - 2009-12

Onsite-Management Satyam

Programme Coordinator and Mentor
Programme Coordinator and Mentor
Tech Mahindra had taken over the failed SATYAM Inc India after bankruptcy. BASF IS had contracted SATYAM as extended work bench and I was the bridgehead between Indian team while simultaneously looking after the M&A by tech Mahindra as well as influencing to extend the long-term service support contract with BASF.
Tech Mahindra Satyam, Chennai/India
3 Jahre 11 Monate
2005-05 - 2009-03

Green field implementation of SAP FI, SD, MM and LO

Development Lead Technology Team Lead
Development Lead Technology Team Lead
I came in as mentor for the implementation team to assist in customizing and ABAP development and as communicator between business units in Austria and Germany and the implementation teams.
Wuppermann, Austria
2 Jahre 5 Monate
2006-10 - 2009-02

Connecting hundreds of suppliers via EDI to SAP FI and MM

Programme Coordinator EDI/ Programme Manager
Programme Coordinator EDI/ Programme Manager
My duty was to set up the EDI communications with all vendors and major wholesale customers. My achievement was to use a partnership strategy, that did not dictate the partners a certain strict EDI format but rather follow an agile path and assist the smaller partners in weaving a win-win solution.
Quelle GmbH
4 Jahre 8 Monate
2004-05 - 2008-12

Benchmarking SAP landscapes

Technical Advisor
Technical Advisor
Maturity is specialized in cross-company benchmarking to optimize the work processes. Since most customers depend on SAP installations it was my duty to analyse both technical implementation and service organization of their SAP landscapes to identify potential areas for optimizing. This included both analysing costs versus effort of external service organizations and suggest improvement of the runtime for SAP and interfaces.
Maturity Consulting, Frankfurt
1 Jahr
2006-03 - 2007-02

Mentoring and Audit World-wide Rollout

Technology Strategy Advisor/ EAI/SOA Strategy Advisor
Technology Strategy Advisor/ EAI/SOA Strategy Advisor
My duty was to mentor the functional SAP team in planning a roll-out to eventually 70 world-wide sites on technology subjects. The project was cancelled due to a severe failure of large consultancy that had the lead.
INA Schäffler KG

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Studies of Mathematics & Medical Computer Science


Focus on multinational coordination and management of critical projects including project rescue especially in the industrial environment for complex SAP S4/Hana projects. In addition, I offer strategy consulting for Industries 4.0 (focus: agriculture and logistics) also for SAP replacement and developer coaching for critical development projects.

I am active worldwide and offer offshore coaching (India, Africa, China, Pacific) and multinational project management.



SAP S/4 HANA Projektrettung Industry 4.0 SAP SAP Training SAP Replacement Change Request Management internationaler Rollout Rollout-Management Infor Dynamics NAV Agile Entwicklung Carve-Out EDI Indien China

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

agile Project Management
artificial intelligence
Karoona Service Eco System
SAP S4/HANA migration, upgrade, carveout and Industry 4.0 data integration
  • He joined SAP in 1990 and soon became a respected technical development mentor and author on many international projects. He has conducted projects on all releases of R/3 and S4/HANA and also advises on SAP replacement.

Review, Audits, Sparring, Project Realignment & Rescue
  • The candidate is your sparring partner for your IT strategy. In case your current project partner has thrown your project into turmoil, he has the team at hand to act professionally, put out fires and change actions from PowerPoint to real actions.

Mentoring Technology and IT Strategy for Industry 4.0 Design and Integration
  • He is a pioneer of Industry 4.0 - the use of artificial intelligence to process Big Data collected through the Internet of Things. He is developing strategies to extend the concept to agriculture and the Blue Economy.

Education on Agriculture 4.0 for rural areas in Africa and Asia
  • Africa will double its population every 20 years. His big mission is to bring knowledge and practical technology education to the rapidly growing young generation in rural Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Asia.

Bridgehead and nearshore-offshore consulting (India, China, Middle East, Africa)
  • The candidate has established a deep industry network and good political relationships in the high technology sectors for nearshore/offshore activities in India, Middle East, China, Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Mauritius, Malawi) and Eastern Europe. 

Evangelist of the digital future for Industry 4.0. 
The candidate is a board-level mentor for Industry 4.0 and Evolution by Design and a respected international conference speaker. He teaches the use of Artificial Intelligence in building holistic Zero Waste ecosystems for Agriculture and Wildlife 4.0 as well as Healthcare 4.0 and Logistics & Mobility 4.0. He may be known to many as an SAP guru, but he also has a reputation as a protagonist for Ultra-Large Distributed Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence since 1984 when he founded his own consultancy. Through his writings, talks and consulting, he helps companies get the best value from their investments. He helps governments and companies in emerging markets with his international network to find ways to play in the top business league and shows European companies opportunities in India, China, Asia, MENA and Africa. The candidate is a true practitioner and follows the education-first paradigm. He does not stop at theory, but teaches practical approaches to emerging technology trends and standards such as Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, SOA and cloud integration, cybersecurity and blockchain family, Big Data and artificial intelligence. He has travelled with his high-calibre team to most continents to convey the essence of Economy 4.0 to decision-makers in companies and governments and to accompany global transformation projects for building great strategies for the future. He predicted many years ago that digital transformation will turn the rules for the global economy upside down and open up unprecedented opportunities for emerging economies to become leaders in a future technology sector, as is already proving to be a reality in India and China. This firm specialises in rescuing large international SAP and software transformation projects. 50 Experts Consortium is a global consulting firm for future technology strategies. 

  • SAP
  • HANA
  • S4/Hana
  • SAP R/3
  • SAP PI
  • ESB
  • ABAP
  • Project Rescue
  • Strategy
  • Audit
  • Merger
  • Carve-Out
  • Migration
  • Integration
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Agile
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Cyber security
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Industries 4.0
  • Agriculture 4.0
  • Precision Farming
  • Smart Cities
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • C-Level
  • India
  • China
  • Africa

Career Milestones

Artificial Intelligence for health sciences

Asia travels as electronics scout

Robotics and industry automation

SAP R/2 implementation

Industry automation and Integration

SAP development lead; Elastic Cloud, ESB and EDI

Agile manifesto, SCRUM, Hologramming 

SOA, EAI and Big data with SAP

India and China Onsite/Offshore

Cyber Physical Systems, Industries 4.0

IoT, Big Data Artificial Intelligence

S4/Hana Migrations and Implementations

Cyber security, autonomous systems

Agriculture 4.0 for Africa and Caribbean

Woven Africa Education in Agriculture 4.0


MVS, OS/390
Windows CE




MS SQL Server


Internet, Intranet
Message Queuing


Digitale Signalprozessoren
Hardware entwickelt
IBM Großrechner
Software design engineer für Genmark Automation

Managementerfahrung in Unternehmen

Industry 4.0


  • Stahl
  • Chemie
  • Pharmazie
  • Automotive

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