Mobile App Developer (Android & iOS) with React-Native. JavaScript Expert. NodeJs
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München (+200km)
Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz


3 Jahre 2 Monate
2020-07 - heute

App and Web with React-Native and NextJS

Fullstack Developer (Interim CTO)
Fullstack Developer (Interim CTO)
Zwopr brings employees together via an app to help each other, socialize and engage in communication.
  • Handoff from another agency
  • Replacement of existing PWA with a new React-Native App
  • Admin and Web Version with NextJS
  • New monorepo setup with typescript and react-native-web
  • Firebase authentication with Google Identity
  • Sendgrid Emails, Push-Notifications and other integrations
  • Building a remote team
ReactJS PostgreSQL AWS Firebase React-Native TypeScript Node.js
Zwopr GmbH Munich, Germany
4 Jahre 7 Monate
2019-02 - heute

FUN FIX - Einfach. Treffen

Fullstack Developer, Co-founder, CEO react-native aws hasura ...
Fullstack Developer, Co-founder, CEO
  • Spin-off of the mobile App ?happyfloat? from 2015

Current version

  • React-Native with Typescript (iOS and Android)
  • GraphQL Backend with and postgreSQL
  • Geo-spatial DB queries with PostGis
  • Serverless functions with nodeJS
  • FIFO queues for race condition free business logic (match making)
  • Multi-stage environment with CI/CD
  • Admin panel with material-ui

            Flutter (2020)

            • Bloc/Streams architecture
            • ... Flutter was not production ready in 2020 for my requirements

            React-Native (2019)

            • Serverless backend with AWS and nodeJS
            • AWS DynamoDB as main database
            • Real time functionality with Websockets and AWS ApiGateway
              react-native aws hasura postgreSQL
              on Request
              Munich, Germany
              3 Jahre 5 Monate
              2017-02 - 2020-06

              Development of a next generation CMS

              Freelance Senior Frontend Engineer Websockets reactJS redux ...
              Freelance Senior Frontend Engineer
              Tamedia AG is a media company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Through a portfolio of daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and digital platforms, as well as own printing facilities, it is the largest media group in the country.
              • Development of the next generation content management system
              • Used by thousands of journalists and editors to write and publish their contents
              • Integrated real time features and multi-tenant support
              • Advanced Rich Text Editor
              • Full Frontend integration tests, powered by puppeteer and visual screenshots
              Websockets reactJS redux styled-components jest puppeteer
              Tamedia AG
              4 Jahre 1 Monat
              2016-06 - 2020-06

              Project AFOS

              Head of mobile apps development react-native redux redux-saga ...
              Head of mobile apps development
              Webcy specialises in digital experiences with focus on ?social media? and ?mobile friendly?. The work includes full social media services, website design and development. Webcy also takes on new app projects for clients and, on occasion, offer investors a chance to invest in it.
              • Project AFOS: Advanced food ordering system
              • Used by over 5000 people on a daily basis in Iceland
              • Responsible for the client mobile apps, e.g. ?Eldsmidjan?
              • Continuous maintenance agreement

              react-native redux redux-saga code-push
              Webcy Reykjavik, Iceland
              1 Jahr
              2017-01 - 2017-12

              Personal project in a start-up environment

              Backend Architect monorepo docker kubernetes ...
              Backend Architect
              • Platform to offer & book fishing guides.
              • Setup of a microservice architecture
              • Exited due to time effort

              monorepo docker kubernetes gce rabbitMQ nodejs
              MrFishGuide Bottighofen, Switzerland
              6 Monate
              2016-08 - 2017-01

              Partly refactoring of the existing flux architecture

              Freelance Senior Frontend Engineer Scrum Atlassian JIRA ReactJS ...
              Freelance Senior Frontend Engineer
              HolidayCheck AG operates the biggest independent hotel review and booking portal in the German-speaking area. HolidayCheck enables people to find the ideal hotel to meet their needs, get in touch with others, and book their holiday directly.
              • High traffic website, used by millions of users daily
              • Implementation of new features and improvements at the offer list
              • Partly refactoring of the existing flux architecture
              • Extending parts of the most critical site (booking form) which is written in outdated technology (backbone js)

              Scrum Atlassian JIRA ReactJS React NodeJS Backbone SSR reactJS backboneJS googleMaps microservices docker jenkins scrum
              HolidayCheck AG
              Bottighofen, Schweiz
              6 Monate
              2016-05 - 2016-10

              Development of a mobile App with React Native

              Fullstack developer (frontend and backend) nodeJs hapiJs postgreSql ...
              Fullstack developer (frontend and backend)
              • development of a complex backend and database structure with nodeJs, hapiJs and postgreSql
              • development of a complex mobile App with React-Native for Android & iOS

              nodeJs hapiJs postgreSql react-native JavaScript
              2 Monate
              2016-05 - 2016-06

              Temp App development for Start-Up

              consultant & developer Scrum Atlassian JIRA Agile react-native ...
              consultant & developer
              • setup react-native project architecture with redux and redux-saga
              • consultation in thinking the react way and best practises (unidirectional data-flow)
              • share knowledge and insiders' tips
              • developing some of the more complex and cirical features of the App

              Scrum Atlassian JIRA Agile react-native javascript redux redux-saga Git
              Zizzle eLearning Inc.
              1 Monat
              2016-04 - 2016-04

              app for learning Chinese

              React-Native Consultant, stand-in JavaScript ReactJS React-Native ...
              React-Native Consultant, stand-in
              Zizzle App is the first mobile app for learning Chinese that does not primarily focus on rote repetition. Instead, Zizzle is the first Chinese app based on proven memorization techniques: visualisation, the keyword method and association.
              • Implementation of the basic architecture
              • Consulting in react-native specific problems and challenges

              XCode Android Studio 2 SublimeText 3 Git Sketch3
              JavaScript ReactJS React-Native react-native redux redux-saga
              4 Monate
              2016-01 - 2016-04

              Developing in-house projects

              Fullstack Developer, Co-Founder react-native nodeJS postgreSQL ...
              Fullstack Developer, Co-Founder
              • Timemate Social Network, similar to Instagram
              • Room7 Real estate platform

              react-native nodeJS postgreSQL expressJS hapiJS Websockets
              on Request
              10 Monate
              2015-04 - 2016-01

              Social Network App - Timemate

              Fullstack Developer ReactJS React-Native JavaScript ...
              Fullstack Developer
              • iOS Mobile App (with React-Native)
              • Image & Video
              • Follower
              • complex Time Managament
              • NodeJs Backend

              XCode SublimeText 3 Git
              ReactJS React-Native JavaScript NodeJs PostgreSQL
              andoho UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
              4 Jahre
              2012-01 - 2015-12

              Social network for leisure activities with match making

              Frontend Developer, Co-founder, CEO BackboneJS AngularJS 1.X Cordova
              Frontend Developer, Co-founder, CEO
              • Website
              • Hybrid-App
              • Custom CMS

              BackboneJS AngularJS 1.X Cordova
              on Request
              1 Jahr 1 Monat
              2014-03 - 2015-03

              Social Network App - happyfloat

              Frontend Developer and Project Manager Cordova AngularJs Geolocation ...
              Frontend Developer and Project Manager
              • Android & iOS Mobile App with Cordova
              • Push Notifications
              • Geolocation
              • Offline Usage
              • Chat
              • AngularJS
              • CRM
              Cordova XCode Android Studio SublimeText 2 Git
              Cordova AngularJs Geolocation Push Notifications JavaScript CRM
              happyfloat UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

              Aus- und Weiterbildung

              4 Jahre 5 Monate
              2011-10 - 2016-02

              Automotive Technology and Management

              B.Eng. Automotive Technology and Management, Coburg University of Applied Sciences
              B.Eng. Automotive Technology and Management
              Coburg University of Applied Sciences
              • 10 Semesters, archived general higher education entrance qualification
              2 Jahre 1 Monat
              2008-10 - 2010-10

              Building Services Engineering

              B.Eng. Building Services Engineering, Munich University of Applied Sciences
              B.Eng. Building Services Engineering
              Munich University of Applied Sciences
              • 4 Semesters



              React.js react-native Node.js

              Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

              Android Studio
              Atlassian JIRA
              Atlassian JIRA Agile


              ES6 / ES2015





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