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ISO 27001
IEC 62443
Internet of Things


Hamburg (+50km) Kiel (+50km) Lübeck (+50km) Heide (+50km)

Remote - weltweit möglich.
Regional aktuell auf Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachen und Mecklenburg Vorpommern beschränkt, basierend auf Relevanz, Dauer und Aufgabenhorizont.



1 Jahr 1 Monat
2022-11 - heute

Military project

  • Establishment of an analysis of the technical and professional BSI (Federal Office of Information Security) requirements and specification of the military security catalog for ITSecurity 
  • Establishment of an analysis of the network and their network requirements 
  • Establishment of an vulnerability remediation concept for the network with focus to harden the network security 
  • Setting up the virtualized cluster server systems (virtualization platform Microsoft Hyper-V) of new networks on Linux Debian 
  • Configuration of Cisco firewalls using Ansible scripts 
  • Execution of system tests and documentation 
  • Elimination of errors according to previously created concepts 
  • Creation of detailed technical documentation  
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2022-08 - heute

Found of a new business

Founder / CEO
Founder / CEO
  • Found of a new business unit with the scope of all IT and -Security services 
1 Jahr 2 Monate
2021-10 - 2022-11

Professional management

Senior OT Cyber Security Specialist Service
Senior OT Cyber Security Specialist Service
  • Professional management and responsibility for global Cyber Security of the team Cyber Security (currently 4 FTE) in Service, Germany

  • Planning, implementation and further development of OT Cyber Security strategies for Security Incident and Event Management and Monitoring

  • Architecture and conception of network zones for implementation acc. IEC 62443 certification

  • Implementation of ISO 27001 policies, guidelines and processes

  • Coordination, identification and analyses of Cyber Security incidents and development of countermeasures

  • Project management with the scope of different Information Security related Cloud- and Onpremise applications and systems

  • Development of processes, methods and tools to detect anomalies

  • Performing Penetration Tests against IT / OT Infrastructure with the scope of Web apps, databases, hardware and mobile devices

Nordex Energy SE & Co. KG, Hamburg
2 Jahre 10 Monate
2019-01 - 2021-10

Planning, implementation and further development of IT security systems

IT-Security Specialist & Information Security Officer
IT-Security Specialist & Information Security Officer
  • Planning, implementation and further development of IT security systems and operational mentoring systems (SIEM, SOC monitoring) and improvement of automatic reports

  • Standardization of network schemes/designs in the IT and OT wind energy sector

  • Design, modeling, implementation and documentation of information security management systems (ISMS management, guidelines, processes) according to ISO 27001, KRITIS and BSI Grundschutz

  • Coordination and analysis of incoming security incident reports

  • Establishment of a Computer Emergency Response Team and be first contact to IT related security incidents and Penetration tests

  • Project management with the scope of different Information Security related Cloud- and Onpremise applications and systems

  • Implementation and coordination of security recommendations based on non-conformities in the area of LAN/WAN, SCADA, IT & OT Wind turbine systems and encryption

  • Design/modeling of IT security networks zones & systems including automated vulnerability analysis/scans

  • Management and administration of IT security systems to detect malware/ransomware and anomalies in network and web/mail traffic

  • Establishment and execution of regular audits in the context of ISO 27001

  • Establishment of regular Microsoft Active Directory audits


  • Successful company certification according to ISO 27001 in 2019

  • Establishment of an extended security concept within the scope of IT security training courses

  • Project planning and implementation of penetration tests in the energy sector

  • Certification as TÜV Rheinland Information Security Officer (ISO)

  • Additional examination KRITIS topic of "Additional test procedure competence for § 8a BSIG" incl. IT-SIG and BSI-KritisV

Nordex SE, Hamburg
1 Jahr 2 Monate
2017-11 - 2018-12

Creation of process documentation

IT System Administrator
IT System Administrator
  • Creation of process documentation and documentation standards in IBM DOORS

  • Coordination of IT systems and their security requirements with internal and external customer projects

  • Administration and management of the VMware ESX server farm

  • Configuration of Juniper switches (EX4300/EX4550) and firewalls (SRX1500)

  • Installation and optimization of the Windows Active Directory DS infrastructure in customer projects

  • Administration and maintenance of existing Linux servers (Ubuntu/CentOS)

  • Administration of virtualization and deployment environment with CI/CD tool chains under the scope of Linux and Windows deployment servers in Enterprise environments

  • Hardening of Windows and Linux servers and application services

  • Implementation, documentation and testing of operating systems, networks, applications on technical equipment in the field of shipping (defense technology)

  • Planning and execution of penetration tests in customer projects

  • Implementation of vulnerability management, IT/live forensics, security information and event management (SIEM) and firewalling in customer projects

  • Creation of developmental product documents, requirements specifications and software documentation


  • Project support with adherence to deadline targets

  • Establish and improve virtualization & deployment processes including hardening parts and solutions in Military Marine projects

  • Execution of automated penetration tests to increase security in projects

Ratheon Anschütz GmbH, Kiel - Engineering
8 Monate
2017-03 - 2017-10

Global IT Infrastructure

System Engineer
System Engineer
  • 2nd/3rd Level Support

  • Infrastructure project management (project planning, design, implementation)

  • Administration and management of Cisco FirePower (IPS SIEM) and IronPort for e-mail security infrastructure (International wide)

  • Planning, preparation and implementation for VDA/TÜV and ISO 27001 certification

  • Administration and maintenance of Linux servers (RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo)

  • Administration and maintenance of the Shopfloor Management System (SFMS)

  • IT Security monitoring with Nagios/OMD - Check_MK

  • Configuration of Cisco routers, firewalls (ASA & IOS) and switches

  • Installation and optimization of the Active Directory environment

  • Administration of the VMware ESX server farm (based on HP Blade Center)

  • Design/administration and maintenance of the Symantec Backup EXE, Commvault and Veeam backup infrastructure (World Wide)

  • Ticket handling through OTRS / RT ticket system

  • Installation and administration of the MobileIron Mobile Device Management (MDM) global wide

  • Installation/administrate of the patch management environment for Operating systems and applications

  • Establish and developments for automated installation based on Windows Deployment System

  • Migration of Windows NT to next generation Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2

  • Process documentation and establishing documentation standards


  • Implementation of the security concepts, mobile device management system, patch management environment and automation of software and operating systems deployment

  • Accelerate further Cisco-based network structures in the LAN/WAN area

Motivation to change

Company should be sold to PSA group France. Decision was clear to enter a new path. My skill set and experience in IT security is needed in the market.

BRUSS Sealing Systems GmbH, Hoisdorf - Automotive supplier
11 Jahre 3 Monate
2006-01 - 2017-03

Technical and professional personnel management

Department Sergeant and System - & Network Engineer
Department Sergeant and System - & Network Engineer
  • Technical and professional personnel management leading employees up to 10-15 FTEs

  • Optimization of IT processes

  • Cost optimization, negotiation of contracts and vendor relationships

  • Reporting of budgeting in a quarterly review

  • Training of civilian, military and military service employees

  • Planning and contributing to hospital internal IT strategies and external sites

  • Main responsible for IT related material, hardware & software

  • Administration and maintenance of Microsoft Windows (NT 4.0 up to 2012 R2) and Linux based operating systems (RedHat, Debian, SuSE)

  • Administration and optimization of Microsoft Windows AD domains

  • Hardening of Windows and Linux server systems and applications according to BSI, CERTBundeswehr, Best Practices and NIST, as well as other internal guidelines to best practices

  • Configuration and maintenance of appliances like Cisco Firewalls (ASA, PIX), routers & switches, Enterasys Networks core switches and Checkpoint firewalls

  • Administration and optimization of Lotus Domino Server from version 4 to 8.5.3

  • Installation and administration of VMware ESX server farms

  • Responsibility to BCM acc. Backup and Recovery ArcServ Backup and IBM TSM

  • Configuration/administration and maintenance of the Symantec security environment, Sophos SafeGuard environment (UTM, Endpoint Protection, SafeGuard Easy)

  • Wi-Fi design and planning, installation and administration of the Cisco WLC environment to secure hospital networks

  • Creation of process documentation and documentation standards

  • Customer site visits (planning, troubleshooting and remediation)


  • Implementation of security concepts to state-of-the-art security configurations and systems

  • Implementation of IT-Security training

  • Extensive experience on the Internet provider side (routing, switching) with support from external companies

  • Planning and implementation of the in-house telephone system to VOIP in cooperation with external service providers

  • Implementation of external properties and companies to the VPN network of the Federal Armed Forces Hospital Hamburg

  • Establishment of automation solutions for operating systems and applications

  • Establishment of an internal patch management system

  • Migration of all client systems from Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP to latest Microsoft Windows 7/10

  • Establishment of a time recording system in cooperation with external service providers

Motivation to change

Time based contract of 12 years ended on March 1, 2017. IT and Security skills are in high demand in the private market economy; gaining new experience and overcoming challenges

Federal Armed Forces ? Military Hospital, own Datacenter, Hamburg
3 Monate
2001-07 - 2001-09

Design and programming of websites

Training IT system merchant and Information electronics technician
Training IT system merchant and Information electronics technician
  • Sales team member 

  • Design and programming of websites 

  • Installation, configuration of IT supported computer systems 

  • Installation and setup of TV based satellite connections 

  • Support of the in-house IT

Lorenzen Team, Regional specialized dealer for electronics
5 Monate
2001-03 - 2001-07

data order input department

IT-System Administrator
IT-System Administrator
  • Team member in the data order input department 

  • Entry of customer orders/cancellations into the inventory control system 

  • Checking of customer orders based on automated scripts 

  • Supporting in-house IT 

Motivation of change

Direct offer from a recruiting firm to prove yourself in a different role and start an apprenticeship in IT.

Markisen Spettmann GmbH, Neumünster
10 Monate
2000-05 - 2001-02

Military defense service

  • Military defense service for 10-month located in Roth/Bavaria and Kropp/Jagel, SchleswigHolstein, German

Federal Armed Forces, Germany
8 Monate
1999-09 - 2000-04

Sale of hardware and software

IT System Technician & Administrator
IT System Technician & Administrator
  • Up to 09/1999 Company named Comf@ctory, later renamed to Comsystem GmbH, Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 

  • Sale of hardware and software 

  • Setup, configuration and administration of heterogeneous networks 

  • Modifying/Conversion of consumer goods 

  • Installation and modification of electronic components in various devices   

Motivation to change

Federal Republic of Germany drafts me into 10-month military service.

Comf@ctory GmbH

Aus- und Weiterbildung

2 Jahre 10 Monate
2002-09 - 2005-06

Ausbildung zum Fachinformatiker

Grade: 3, Hard- & Softwarelösungen B. Pommerening, Neumünster und Stadtwerke Kiel AG, Kie
Grade: 3
Hard- & Softwarelösungen B. Pommerening, Neumünster und Stadtwerke Kiel AG, Kie
  • IT Specialist System integration 
  • Focus areas: System analytics / planning / cost optimization 
  • Network Administration for the Energy Control Systems 
  • Planning, Installation and administration of Network-Attached-Storage environments 
  • First- und Second-Level Support Helpdesk 
2 Jahre 10 Monate
2002-09 - 2005-06

Specialized High School ? Economy

Termination due to support my freelancer career, Theodor-Litt-Schule Neumünster
Termination due to support my freelancer career
Theodor-Litt-Schule Neumünster
1 Jahr 11 Monate
1996-08 - 1998-06

Berufliche Schulen Rendsburg ? Wirtschaft und Sozialwirtschaft

Secondary school diploma in Economy / Grade: 2, Theodor-Litt-Schule Neumünster, Two-year business school (Economy)
Secondary school diploma in Economy / Grade: 2
Theodor-Litt-Schule Neumünster, Two-year business school (Economy)
1 Monat
1996-06 - 1996-06


Grade: 2, Klaus-Groth-Schule, Büdelsdorf
Grade: 2
Klaus-Groth-Schule, Büdelsdorf



IT-Sicherheitsarchitektur Penetrationstest ISO 27001 Auditor KRITIS VPN Firewall IEC 62443 OT-Security Internet of Things ISMS IT-Security Penetrationstest Informationssicherheit Infrastruktur Anforderungsanalyse Vulnerability Microsoft Linux Cloud Mac


Interim CISO / CIO
Information Security Management Systems
Penetration Tests including Vulnerability Management
Strategy and standardization IT infrastructure
IT-Infrastructure architecture
Network architecture
Datacenter architecture
Identity and Access Management
Backup- and Disaster Recovery
Personal- and organizational planning datacenter operations

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


Technical expert with experience over 20 years in IT/OT/Cyber Security, a comprehensive knowledge of Computer Information System Security, System Administration and Network Operations, and Datacenter Operations. Extensive knowledge in the areas of system security, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, risk assessment and cyber security analysis. Experienced in leadership management over 10 years with a team up to 25 members, project coordination and system implementation of Government systems, telecommunication and larger computer networks. Security clearance (German Ü2/Ü3) is possible, if needed. Highly organized team player with the ability to effectively manage project milestones and project delivery. International work and leadership experience.


Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft Terminal Server solutions, VirtualBox, VMware ESXi, VMware Horizen, VMware Workstation, Parallels Desktop, VDI, Citrix Hypervisor, QEMU and Proxmox

LAMP System

Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP


Bash Scripting, Basic, Delphi, Pascal, C++, HTML with PHP and CSS, JavaScript, Hudson/ Jenkins/ Puppet/ Chef/ Ansible/ Vagrant/ Chocolate Git/ Tortoise SVN


Amazon AWS/MWS, Google Workspace/GCP, Microsoft Azure, Hetzner


Bash, Batch, Python, Ruby, AutoIT, VBS, Powershell


sendmail, postfix, AmaViS, SpamAssasin, clamAV, policy-weight, sqlgrey Exchange 5.5 / 2000 / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016

Web Servers

Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Varnish, Lighttpd Plesk, ISPConfig, Webmin


Microsoft PKI, easyCA, GnuPG, PGP and S/MIME


Cisco VPN Anyconnect, OpenVPN, WireGuard, FortiNet VPN


Active Directory, DNS, FileServices, WSUS, WDS, SCCM, SCOM, Radius, RRAS, OpenLDAP, , IPtables, BIND9, ProFTPd, Nagios (OMD+Check_MK), Squid2+3, TFTP/PXE, DHCPd, dnsmasq, Asterisk, Plesk, Shopfloor Management Systems (SFMS), Hospital Information Systems (KIS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS/LIMS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Mikrotik RouterBoard, nmap, tcpdump, Whireshark, SELinux, Graylog, Sysprep, i-doit, cmdb, Docusnap, Secunia CSI, MobileIron MDM, JDisc, Netflow, OwnCloud, and a lot more.

Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker

  • Penetration Test (Art): Networks, Applications, Operating Systems, Mobile, Web & Wireless
  • Vulnerability scanning: automatic or manual triggered
  • Bugs hunting: Reverse engineering & code review
  • Applications: Knowledge about Linux distributions, Open source & commercial applications, Frameworks


  • > 14.000 User
  • > 2.500 Applications
  • high complexity
  • very high security standards / requirements
  • worldwide connected locations


  • Network LAN and WAN
  • Datacenter
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Infrastructures (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS/MWS)
  • Infrastructure setups with other Cloud providers like Strato, Hetzner, Telekom, and others
  • ISMS implementation for ISO 27001 needs  


  • Network Security based on firewall designs and -implementing for high security needs,
  • SIEM: Splunk Enterprise, LogRythm and IBM QRadar
  • Web Application Firewalls (Palo Alto, FortiWeb, Azure WAF, ?)
  • FireEye EX (E-Mail), NX (Network) and HX (Host) security
  • Cisco, Sonicwall and Checkpoint Firewalls
  • Squid Proxy (2, 3), FortiGate Proxy, HAproxy
  • Wireshark, tshark, 



Cisco ASA, FortiGate, CheckPoint, WatchGuard, SonicWall, Ubiquiti, IPtables and other   


Paessler PRTG, OMD, Nagios, Check_MK, NetFlow, Icinga, Zabbix, Prometheus, Microsoft SCOM  

Penetration Testing:

Network, Applications, Operating System, Mobile, Web- & Wireless testing plus vulnerability research  

Vulnerability scanning:

Greenbone GSA / OpenVAS, Tenable Nessus Pro/Expert, Burp Suite Pro, Metasploit, Nmap, Acunetix, HCL AppScan, Qualys VMDR, GFI Languard and a lot more 


Hudson, Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Chocolate, Bash, PowerShell, Git/Tortoise SVN, Microsoft SCCM, Microsoft Intune/Autopilot, Microsoft Windows Deployment Services, Secunia CSI, Sysprep, WSUS, Microsoft SCOM, Microsoft Intune


external DNS servers, BIND9, dnsmasq


Cisco Anyconnect, Forticlient, OpenVPN/WireGuard, IPsec, Microsoft RRAS 


Asterisk, VOIP, MobileIron MDM, BlackBerry Server, Cisco Jabber


Omnitracker, i-Doit, CMDB, Docusnap, JDisc 


  • Shopfloor Management Systems (SFMS)
  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS/LIMS)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Hospital Information Systems (KIS)
  • OpenLDAP
  • Radius Servers
  • Mikrotik Routerboards 


1994 - 1994

Role: Schülerpraktikum

Customer: Ing. Büro M. Karp, Königs Wusterhausen


  • Learning area Office technology
  • Installation of SAT-Communications facilities
  • Installation and configuration of Office computers with Microsoft Windows 3.x
  • Installation and configuration of Computer networks with Microsoft Windows 3.x


Apple Mac OS X
Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, Gentoo
Microsoft Server
starts with NT / 2000 up to current Server 2022
Microsoft Windows
3.x / 9.x up to Windows 11
HP UX / Solaris
SELinux variants


Microsoft MSSQL
IBM Rational DOORS


  • Automotive
  • Militär
  • Behörden
  • Energiewirtschaft
  • Gesundheit
  • Musik / Record
  • Finanzen

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