Product management from discovery to delivery. Strategy and execution, Roadmap, problem-solving, mentoring, hiring, team leader.
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Product Management
Problem Solving
User Stories
Product Lifecycle
Incident Management
Business Development
Scrum Master
Software Deployment
Business level


Berlin (+500km)
Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


1 Jahr 5 Monate
2021-08 - 2022-12

microservices architecture and graph database or relational database

Product Manager (Technical) Discover Define Develop ...
Product Manager (Technical)

  • Increase feature delivery by 50% by defining a clear strategy, roadmap, KPIs, and breaking the big picture while creating strong ownership of the team.
  • Build a clear process to cover the customer integration in 2 days (from 1 month) which enabled BM x4 faster customer acquisition and better revenue stream.
  • Reduce launching new service version down time to 0.
  • Manage and empower 2 cross-functional teams of designer (UI\UX), QA, and Developers (12 people) doing Authorisation\Autentication and custom structures using microservices architecture and graph database or relational database.
  • Discover customers and internal stakeholders pain points, and translate it to business opportunities.
  • Support, Mentor, and hire Product managers \ owners in buildingminds.

Jira Confluence Git Databases Grafana
Discover Define Develop Deliver User Stories Lean Scrum Kanban Diagrams user flows Software Architecture Product market fit Team leading OKR KPI
BuildingMinds GmbH
2 Jahre 2 Monate
2019-06 - 2021-07

Multiple Dating websites - B2C

Lead Product Manager (Technical) Technical product management hypothesis discovery ...
Lead Product Manager (Technical)
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs by improving the targeting tools for anonymous users in early marketing funnel stages to help to create more efficient campaigns.
  • Enable marketing automation to millions of users by Integrating a cross-brand CRM tool that supports different channels (Web, Mobile, in-app) to enable targeted campaigns.

  • Implementing A\B test tools to collect customer feedback and optimization in the early stage (hypothesis, discovery, research)

  • Define a vision and develop a cross-brand billing system to support different pricing models and help brands expand (Model breakdown, stakeholders communication, rollout plan to support multi-brand setup). 

SAP qlikview Power BI A\B test tools marketing automation Braze CRM snowflake Prometheus
Technical product management hypothesis discovery research customer feedback CRM Web Mobile marketing automation cross-brand user activation
Spark Networks Services GmbH
1 Jahr 6 Monate
2017-12 - 2019-05

Global automotive supplier - B2B

Tech lead and Product Owner quality assurance Diagrams user flows ...
Tech lead and Product Owner
  • Translate complex needs to development and delivery.

  • Add a Service desk as a communication channel between the development to the users. As a result, improve user satisfaction and better release cycles.

  • Improve quality by creating a comprehensive release test plan which reduces overall errors.

  • Manage in-house and offshore web development team (Scrum, Jira, Confluence, Git) to help with various infrastructure and stability changes to increase scalability.

Jira Confluence Git
quality assurance Diagrams user flows requirements management
HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH
Berlin, Germany
1 Jahr
2016-12 - 2017-11

Improve system stability, analytics, and user experience

Senior software developer JS PHP MySQL ...
Senior software developer
  • enable the company to automatically process orders by implementing a Salesforce connectivity module
JS PHP MySQL Magento
Berlin, Germany
5 Jahre 10 Monate
2011-02 - 2016-11

Software development, Project management

  • Launched 15+ products with different companies as a freelancer, to increase revenue, improve user experience, and open new markets.
  • Develop web-based or real-time solutions for customers by request (User experience, REST API with Angularjs, MongoDB, MySQL, Express JS, AngularJS, Node JS + Bootstrap)
  • Develop Replication system for SAP to data-warehouse (Teradata) based C++
  • Develop real-time systems for customers (C++ with Berkeley DB for sensors system, C# with MariaDB for Museum show display - images recognition )
on request
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Berlin, Germany

Aus- und Weiterbildung

5 Monate
2021-03 - 2021-07


Intense training to become an effective product leader\ Head of product
1 Monat
2019-06 - 2019-06


Professional Scrum Master,
Professional Scrum Master
1 Monat
2019-02 - 2019-02

Certified Scrum Product Owner

CSPO, Scrum Alliance
Scrum Alliance
1 Jahr 10 Monate
2001-02 - 2002-11

Practical software engineer

Practical software engineer, Tel Aviv University
Practical software engineer
Tel Aviv University

  • Software engineering and computer science
  • Learned various programming languages, Algorithms, project management.



Product Management Strategy Problem Solving User Stories Product Lifecycle CSPO Incident Management Business Development Strategieplanung Scrum Master Projektleitung Teamleading Software Deployment Softwarearchitektur

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


Lead product manager with over 20 years of experience in different R&D positions (5 years as a product manager, 14 years as a Software developer, 2 years as QA). Entrepreneur by heart and love building products and teams that focus on business goals


  • Vision
  • Coaching, mentoring.
  • OKR, KPIs
  • Team leading
  • Product market fit
  • Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver
  • E2E Customer experience
  • User Stories
  • Diagrams and user flows, Gantt
  • Mock-ups
  • POC, MVP, full release
  • Jira, Confluence, Git
  • Lean, Scrum, Kanban
  • Software Dev (C++, C#, JS)
  • Software Architecture
  • Databases - Hands-on
  • MS SQL, MongoDB,
  • ArangoDB, Maria DB,
  • Couch DB, MySQL and more).
  • knowledge of Snowflake, Prometheus, and Grafana dashboards

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