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Software Architect & IT Consultant specialising in Cloud & Dev-Ops projects, with a focus on back-end app. dev., microservices, & environment scaling.

ACS Cloud Dev-Ops Scala Kafka J2EE Troubleshooting Grafana Apache Hadoop Docker InfluxDB OpenShift RedHat Enterprise Linux Admin Splunk Elastic Search Python Kubernetes
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1 Jahr 5 Monate



SAP DITA GCP Migration Project

Cloud & DevOps Expert Java Groovy GoLang ...
Cloud & DevOps Expert

Cloud & DevOps Expert working within a team of platform & product specialists migrating a large in-house legacy DITA based document publishing system handling millions of html, pdf, chm and other document types for the majority of SAP business units. This system was redesigned to fit a smaller footprint on-demand cloud based microservice model using serverless technologies.

Designed and implemented a GitOps strategy based on a new generic modular CICD pipeline framework utilising a re-usable custom shared library ( based on GitHub Enterprise, Jenkins-as-a-Service, Hashicorp Vault, Artifactory ) and a series of third party REST API services ( SAP Piperlib / HadoLint / SonarQube / BlackDuck / WhiteCross / Fortify / etc ) to build a series of microservices ( Docker components based on Python / Go-Lang / Java ) and update them in various cloud environments ( GCP / SAP Sideras / etc ) with Terraform, and integrated channel update notifications into Microsoft Teams to highlight build progress, validations and failures.

Active participation in key project areas such as Architecture Design, Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Scalability, as well as Security Concepts (Least Priv., CAM roles, etc ).

Design and implementation of CICD build progress, validation and failures as well as various Go-Lang based serverless functions into the SAP Sideras OpenFAAS on k8s cloud for use within the project.

IXIASOFT Docker Google Cloud Platform Serverless Jenkins Terraform Prometheus Grafana Google BigTable Fortify WhiteSource BlackDuck Hashicorp Vault OpenFAAS SAP PiperLib HadoLint SonarQube K8S Artifactory Google Container Registry Google Artifact Registry Postgres DB Google Cloud Build Google Cloud Run GitOps SAP Sideras GitHub Enterprise Git
Java Groovy GoLang Python Docker REST Bourne-again-shell Shell-Script OpenFAAS Monitoringsysteme Security Konzepte CI/CD K8S Google Artifact Registry Google Container Registry PostgreSQL Google Cloud Build Google Cloud Run GitOps Git GitHub Enterprise WebHooks
4 Monate



BMW Global API Management Project.

Architect / DevOps Lead CI/CD Java Python ...
Architect / DevOps Lead

Worked in a small team of platform & product specialists to create a detailed analysis of the current architecture for the Global API Management Portal ( APIM ) at BMW and various proposals for migration of parts of the current API Management platform as well as the current build system to a newer microservices based architecture.

The platform solution currently in place consists of APIGEE and various cloud based components such as OpenShift + Helm and containing various heavily customised Docker-ised instances of ForgeRock IDM + Prometheus + Grafana + custom Java and Typescript based applications.

High level proposal details included adjusting the architecture to remove bottlenecks and increase High Availability, stability & overall throughput across all the environments and proposals for enhancing the current security practices employed within the build system as well as proposals to migrate the current Jenkins based build system / Openshift Container Registry towards an Azure DevOps based toolchain and Azure Container Registry.

OpenShift ForgeRock Java Python APIGEE Prometheus Grafana Helm K8S Azure RHEL-Administration Red Hat Enterprise Linux RPM Docker
CI/CD Java Python Javascript OpenShift ForgeRock IAM Prometheus Grafana Azure Applikationsarchitektur RHEL-Administration Red Hat Enterprise Linux RPM Docker
8 Monate



SIEM Project - QRADAR Integration

DevOps CI/CD GoLang Agile Entwicklung ...

As part of the SIEM team, and ongoing quality control & software improvement processes, I developed a PoC for external support tooling for QRADAR, in order to provide continuous versioning of parts of the user data model within QRADAR ( currently non-existent in the standard QRADAR architecture ). I designed & implemented a Domain Specific Config Language ( DSL ) and implemented a parser in GoLang based on the HCL2 spec ( as used in Terraform from Hashicorp ). This DSL was used to map QRADAR?s Custom Event Properties ( CEP ), Log Sources, and other assorted QRADAR data types from the DSL to JSON and back again on the fly within a software proxy block which interfaced with the QRADAR RESTAPI. I also setup an environment consisting of a small QRADAR instance, a GitLab instance and developed and implemented a CI/CD pipeline based on GitLab Runners triggering build sequences with Docker in order to validate the GoLang code, build and execution sequences for this project.

IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform QRadar QRadar Security Intelligence Platform SIEM Git GITLAB Go Go-Developer HCL Hashicorp Config Language JSON REST Configurationmanagement
CI/CD GoLang Agile Entwicklung DSL Configuration REST QRadar SIEM Git GITLAB
VW Financial Services AG
4 Monate



Business SLA Monitoring Project

Software Architect / BackEnd Dev / DevOps
Software Architect / BackEnd Dev / DevOps

Architecture, Design & Implementation of a Proof of Concept for a Cloud Based Monitoring Sub-System to display, in near-real-time, continuous transaction conformance to Business SLA?s for a private cloud based application with external service dependencies.

The project required analysis & integration of various monitoring technologies ( Influx / Cassandra / Prometheus / TimeScale ). Each of the technologies was integrated into a sample version of the client?s SCALA application using Java and SCALA API?s and built using the clients GitLab CICD build pipeline. Custom dashboards were created and adapted for the customer. The pro?s & con?s of each technology along with sample data from dashboards were presented to the client, and based on a final presentation to the client, a customized solution utilising TimeScale was implemented,and further JAVA & SCALA code refinements were integrated into the clients? final application, and deployed using scalable Docker containers for each of the Scala apps, Grafana, TimeScale / Postgres instances and finally deployed to their Docker based Private Cloud and tested with real data.

BITMARCK Software GmbH, Essen
9 Monate



Sentinel Private Cloud Migration Project

Senior Back End Dev / Ops
Senior Back End Dev / Ops

Developing custom log and event exporters using Dev-Ops methodologies for application level metrics (both functional as well as non-functional monitoring) as part of the migration of the in-house monitoring system (Sentinel), and served as part of a larger Proof-of-Concept for a cloud based monitoring concept (ACS ARGOS) based on Prometheus+Grafana monitoring system.

  • Migrating previously written Python exporters into GoLang as well as writing new custom exporters natively in GoLang
  • Created custom GoLang client code to extract data from SPLUNK REST interface / transform / Present to Prometheus ( ETL ) 
  • Created dockerisation and unit test layer for the exporters and integrated this into the CICD build system and pushed out to OpenShift 
  • Created Sample Grafana Dashboards within the OpenShift to test that the Prometheus metrics were valid 
  • Provided assistance & created proof-of-concepts for possible Cloud Migration projects with Kubernetes ( viability studies ) for various Amadeus Public Cloud projects targeting Google Cloud ( S-Box / X-Box ) by migrating the ACS project scripts using Terraform, Ansible etc. and including log based monitoring and event extraction with FluentBit and FluentD
Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, Erding
1 Jahr 1 Monat



Cloud Migration & Airline Customer Dashboard

Senior Back End Dev / Ops
Senior Back End Dev / Ops

Implemented new functionality in the Airline Dashboard Project within an Agile team developing custom in-house ETL ( implementing data collectors in Python to extract, aggregate, clean & transform data ) to provide sanitised data views to Business Intelligence teams in a customisable dashboard for end-customer airlines such as AirFrance & Lufthansa etc. Also provided Cloud Support for Cloud Migration Projects based on the reference Amadeus Cloud Services architecture

  • Developed new Docker-ised components using Python and GoLang to interface to legacy Flight Booking Systems via REST API?s 
  • Created micro-batching techniques ( 1min windows ) to extract details from Passenger Name Record ( PNR ) : AirlineIDs &3rd party office ID ?s etc and re-aggregated these to generate new time series e2e monitoring views of systems accessible via REST & Grafana
  • Developed custom metric exporters in Python which interfaced to BI Systems which used ELK and executed Elastic Queries 
  • Aggregated and reformatted and exposed via REST and made the results Prometheus scrape-able
  • Created sample dashboards in Grafana to test that the Prometheus metrics were available
  • Wrote a Proof of Concept to extract data from SPLUNK and transform this to be Prometheus scrape-able
  • Providing assistance for Cloud Migration to other Amadeus Private Cloud projects targeting RedHat Private Cloud ( R-Box ) by migrating the ACS project scripts using Terraform, Ansible etc
Amadeus Data Processing GmbH, Erding
2 Jahre 3 Monate



Cloud Project

Senior Back End DevOps / Big Data
Senior Back End DevOps / Big Data

Architecting and implementing a microservices based cloud monitoring solution for an e-Commerce business unit within the Amadeus Cloud Services ( ACS ) private cloud for the back end e-commerce booking engine for the Inter-Continental Hotel Group ( IHG ) booking website. The proposed high level solution was based on the Netflix Lambda Architecture but heavily modified to run on VMWare / OpenStack / OpenShift and utilise Java based Middleware, Kafka Broker Cluster, Apache Spark Cluster, Zookeeper, Diamond, InfluxDB, Grafana, MapR, and FluentD along with Docker, Puppet & Hiera.

  • Implemented a CI/CD build system based on an implementation of a Jenkins with custom multistage builds / BitBucket / SonarQube
  • Used Terraform to create and update the MVP cluster of VM ?s within OpenStack & populate with docker images from Artifactory
  • Coded & maintained parts of the monitoring workflow using GoLang, Python, JAVA, and DockerFiles and build tools ( Maven / Makefiles ), to build and wrap components such as Diamond / FluentD / Kafka / Influx / Grafana and IAM / LDAP clients in a Lambda Architecture along with unit tests in a local environment, packaging, deploying and running. ( development to production ) 
  • Big Data : Developed custom in-house tooling ( ULF-CLI ) in SCALA ( SPARK-Client ) within MapR HADOOP cluster to allow parallelised searching for application events across terabytes of data within AVRO encoded files in the MapR HDFS repository, based on user provided regex & time patterns
  • Developed in SCALA an automated cleaning tool to maintain the optimal amount of data in the HDFS before triggering HDFS clean up
  • Working with QA teams, Application Teams and SRE Teams to test and deploy updates and patches across various environments
  • Providing real time assistance and support to 1st & 2nd Level Support Teams with the monitoring system after Go-Live
IHG Group
5 Monate



Consumer Channels Dev-Ops Team

Tech Lead/ Application Manager
Tech Lead/ Application Manager

Technical Application Manager - Responsible for a range of Agile projects within the Consumer Channels dept of Vodafone GA: Providing technical support at all layers of the application SW & HW stack for the entire project portfolio for Vodafone Business Units throughout the various key project delivery lifecycle stages from Architecture Design Phase / Environment Rollout / Production & post Go-Live and SLA definition & implementation along with SLA Reporting & Dashboarding.

Vodafone GA, Ratingen
6 Monate



Pharmaceutical Project

Deployment Architect
Deployment Architect

Worked within a small Dev-Ops team to design, develop & implement an automated ‘on-demand’ environment rollout for a number of Dev and Test environments each of which were based on the Document Management Stack from Oracle (i.e. Apache/ Weblogic/ Web Center/ Web Center Portal, Oracle RDBMS) for a German Government project for Pharmaceutical Evaluation (AMNOG) which required end-to-end TLS security across all layers of the application stack

Materna GmbH, Dortmund
1 Jahr 9 Monate




Tech Lead Dev-Ops/ Application Manager
Tech Lead Dev-Ops/ Application Manager

Deployment and Rollout of the SEPAHUB financial payments clearing system across all Vodafone operating companies across Europe. Including Linux System Administration and multiple environment setup, installation, & configuration. Package management definition, creation, automation of package checks as well as automation of packaged software deployment and smoke testing etc. Provision of 3rd Level Support to the SEPAHUB Production Operations teams.

Vodafone GA-Online, Dusseldorf
11 Monate



Germany Online Shop Project

Deployment Architect
Deployment Architect
  • Definition and implementation of a roadmap for all new deployment process in the project to implement a CI/CD approach for all rollouts
  • Troubleshooting performance and stability related application and system issues during Acceptance Testing phases
  • Provision of Deployment Support to globally distributed teams for ATG Commerce, Oracle, WebLogic, Solaris, Apache, IAM & LDAP
  • Architectural Design support for the proposed SEPA pan-European bank integration in 2014 of the Vodafone Germany Online Shop project
  • System Administration of Solaris and RHEL based systems for various test and prod environments
Infosys, Dusseldorf
3 Jahre 7 Monate



Mobile Portals

Team Lead/ Performance Specialist
Team Lead/ Performance Specialist

Vodafone Live ! & MyWeb : Operations Team Lead & Single Point of Contact for Deployment & Integration activities ? in charge of a team of 5 Agile specialists responsible for maintaining the core application stacks to provide 24x7 service for 5 different Vodafone Live! country portals analysing and implementing performance and stability enhancements for all components of the Live! portal architecture on the Production systems. Assisted in the eventual migration plan & implementation to migrate users to MyWeb platform. Core Enablers Team : Providing configuration, deployment, integration and debugging support for apache and complex java based web applications in the production and pre-production Event Rating systems (Vodafone Global billing and mediation systems) for all opcos.

1 Jahr 4 Monate



Content Management / Portal

Web Analytics Specialist
Web Analytics Specialist

Content Management / Portal / Web Analytics on site Specialist for Vignette, CoreMedia and Weblogic. Clients included Telecom Italia Mobile, ValueTeam, Hamburg.de, Sal Oppenheim Private Bank, Vodafone (EITO), T-Mobile (KIWI), T-Systems,  Autostadt. 

Tallence, Hamburg
9 Monate



Deployment, Configuration, Integration, Profiling and Debugging

Deployment Specialist ATG (now Oracle)
Deployment Specialist ATG (now Oracle)

Deployment, Configuration, Integration, Profiling and Debugging of the ATG Dynamo Application Server, ATG Search (Primus Knowledge Solutions), ATG Portal, ATG Publishing, ATG Commerce, etc across EMEA for clients.( DGI French Tax Office, MAIF, Groupama, AGF, Orange, France Telecom, Masterfoods / Mars, Premier Farnell, DNB Bank, Louis Vuitton, etc )

Reading, UK
6 Monate



Analysis of the VISTA in order to improve system stability, performance and scalability


Analysis of the VISTA (Vodafone Intranet system) in order to improve system stability, performance and scalability via a series of workshops, code & architectural reviews looking at the utilisation of Weblogic and Vignette.

Vodafone, Malaga (Spain)/ Ratingen (Germany)
3 Monate



Content Management

Content Management Specialist
Content Management Specialist

On site architectural performance and scalability reviews of the CMS in use Daimler Chrysler (Stuttgart) and T-Mobile (Bonn). 

Tallence, Hamburg (Germany)
1 Jahr 4 Monate



Analyzing, troubleshooting and optimizing

Project Manager/ Technical Architect
Project Manager/ Technical Architect

Analyzing, troubleshooting and optimizing the ALLTIM intranet portal and its subsidiary Weblogic systems.

Leading a team of 5 developers to design and implement the RPDA (Report Piani Di Azione) project for TIM, using Weblogic, Vignette V7 and 3rd party software in order to visualise the state of any project that is active displaying GANTT charts, etc.

Telecom Italia Mobile (Italy)
6 Monate



Integrating and Configuring for VISTA intranet portal

Integration Specialist
Integration Specialist

Integrating and Configuring Vignette, Epicentric, Weblogic, Volantis, Oracle, and Sun for Vodafone VISTA intranet portal. 

Vodafone Germany

further projects gladly on request

1990 - 1994

Electrical Engineering

University, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

Courses and Certifications


Red Hat System Administrator Certification


Red Hat System Engineer Course


  • Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration Course
  • Oracle10 OCP Course


  • Red Hat System Engineer Exam.
  • Oracle Solaris 10 System Administration Exam.

Freelance IT Consultant / Cloud & Dev-Ops 

English Native Speaker
German Good / B2 level
Italian Working Professional Proficiency

Top Skills
ACS Cloud Dev-Ops Scala Kafka J2EE Troubleshooting Grafana Apache Hadoop Docker InfluxDB OpenShift RedHat Enterprise Linux Admin Splunk Elastic Search Python Kubernetes
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
Agile Entwicklung Configurationmanagement Git IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform QRadar QRadar Security Intelligence Platform REST SIEM

Java/ Scala/ Middleware/ Enterprise

  • Java (6,7,8)
  • Apache SPARK
  • Servlets/JSP
  • MVC
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • EJB
  • JMX
  • Tomcat
  • Jetty
  • JBoss
  • Websphere
  • Apache
  • Selenium
  • WebSockets
  • Kafka
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • WS
  • JMS
  • MQ Series
  • Tibco
  • Microservices
  • FluentD


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • XML
  • JSON
  • JSP
  • PHP
  • Perl

Development tools

  • Atlassian Bitbucket
  • JIRA
  • Confluence
  • HipChat
  • Jenkins
  • SBT
  • Maven
  • Eclipse
  • IntelIiJ IDEA
  • PyCharm
  • GoLand
  • Git
  • SVN
  • CVS
  • Mercurial
  • P4

Storage/ Reporting/ Big Data

  • Hadoop MAPR 5 / 6
  • HDFS
  • Spark (1.6, 2.x)
  • MySQL 5.2
  • Oracle 10g / 11g
  • DB2
  • Postgres
  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • MongoDB
  • Graphite
  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana
  • RRD
  • cacti
  • nagios

Hashicorp Tools

  • Terraform
  • Consul
  • Vault
  • YAML
  • HCL2


  • InfluxDB
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus
  • Splunk
  • Kibana

Configuration Management / Software Languages

  • Ansible, Puppet, Hiera, Ruby, GoLang, Python, C
  • Git, SVN, CVS, Mercurial / Jenkins / SBT / Maven, Kaniko, Crane
  • PL/SQL, Shell scripting, BASH, YAML, Hashicorp HCL2

Cloud & Operating Systems

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud ( GCP ), RedHat Cloud, VMWare VIO
  • Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes ( GKE / EKS ), OpenStack, OpenShift
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL ) System Administrator / Centos, Debian

Development / Software Lifecycle Support

  • ITIL / Change Management / Remedy Ticketing
  • Eclipse, IntelIiJ IDEA, PyCharm, GoLand
  • Bitbucket / GitHub / Gitlab / JIRA / Confluence


  • For the last few years ( 2015 ? 2022 ), I have worked in various cloud projects architecting, implementing and troubleshooting on-premise as well as public cloud for high volume transactional application stacks. I have also designed and implemented CICD systems using Jenkins and GitLab to build scalable microservice based components that are cloud ready ( GCP / AWS / Azure / Sideras / OpenFAAS ). I have also extensive experience in setting up monitoring systems to help troubleshoot and visualize data flows and provide indicators of service availability and application stability.
  • Prior to 2015, I have worked for over 15 years as a Freelance IT consultant in DevOps / SRE related areas in Telecoms across the EMEA region.


  • over 25 years of experience designing, implementing, deploying, & scaling complex IT solutions for large size organisations.
  • over 5 years experience implementing On-Premise & Public / Multi Cloud based architectures with Kubernetes / OpenShift / OpenStack.
  • over 10 years of Infrastructure Deployment Automation ( VM?s & Application stacks ) using tools such as Puppet, Ansible, Python.
  • over 10 years experience working in teams with process models including : Agile, Kanban & Scrum and the Atlassian toolsuite ( Jira etc ).
  • over 10 years experience managing Production customer application rollouts ( monolithic and distributed microservice architectures ).
  • over 10 years experience extending & adapting legacy JAVA / Python / GoLang based applications into microservice based architectures.
  • over 5 years experience implementing ?Infrastructure as a Code? ( IaaC ) with tools from Hashicorp ( Terraform, Vault, Consul )
  • over 5 years experience in setting up VPC?s in a cloud environments using Terraform / Docker / Pods / Kubernetes / OpenShift and VM ?s.
  • over 5 years experience implementing & utilising Kafka Message Broker clusters ( incl. MirrorMaker / KStreams ) in Kubernetes.
  • extensive experience troubleshooting & resolving Apache Kafka clusters relating to ZooKeeper / Leader Election issues in VM ?s.
  • experience developing sample Kafka test clients using Python and GoLang based API?s to test and trace Kafka message throughput.
  • experience in architecting and developing custom ETL pipelines with Python and GO-Lang for data extraction for external BI teams.
  • experience in implementing CI / CD pipelines - set up & config utilizing Jenkins & GitLab to build, test, tag & store artifacts in repos.
  • experience in developing CI-CD pipelines to create and populate cloud envs using Terraform, Artifactory, Ansible, Puppet, Hiera, BitBucket.
  • experience in designing & implementing M-a-a-S monitoring systems for Functional / Non Functional Requirements for application stacks.
  • experience in implementing custom dashboards for monitoring systems for application stacks based on Grafana / Elastic ELK / Splunk.
  • experience in migration of Legacy Data Centre Monitoring systems to cloud based Monitoring-as-a-Service using Prometheus and Thanos.
  • experience implemented and utilized time-series monitoring technologies such as Prometheus, Thanos, Influx, Timescale and Grafana
  • experience dealing with complex application data formats : PNR, AVRO, XML, JSON, YAML, HCL.
  • experience working with Elastic ( ELK ) & SPLUNK ? dashboard creation as well as GoLang & Python API?s to extract data etc.
  • experience with ITIL / Change Management systems and Remedy Ticketing Systems.
  • experience with Serverless tools and technologies ( OpenFAAS / Sideras / Cloud Functions / Cloud Build / Cloud Run )

Consul Docker GCE k8s Openshift Openstack RedHat Linux certified SysAdmin Vault VIO VMWare
Ansible BASH C/C++ Go Go-Developer GoLang Java JSON PL/SQL Python Ruby Scala Shell scripting
Hadoop MAPR 5 / 6 HDFS Spark 1.6 / 2.x SQL
MySQL, Oracle RDBMS, Postgres
Elastic Search ELK Kibana MongoDB ETL
Design / Entwicklung / Konstruktion
CI/CD Configuration GITLAB Hashicorp Config Language HCL


Travel & Logistics


Financial Services

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