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Mobile Development
Clean Code
App Development


Munich (+50km)
Deutschland, Schweiz, Österreich


6 months
2023-08 - now

Flutter Web App including Spring Boot Backend

Flutter Developer | Software Architect Flutter Dart Softwarearchitektur ...
Flutter Developer | Software Architect

I inherited a live platform distributed over 4 compute instances which are all manually

managed. Despite no documentation and no possibility of contacting the previous architect.

I managed to successfully integrate a pipeline for new deployments of both front and

backend, created database backups on a separate server, renewed a very oddly hidden

SSL Certificate and added a development environment for the new Frontend Team to

work with.

Flutter Dart Softwarearchitektur Spring Boot Spring Core Spring MVC
5 months
2023-09 - 2024-01

Azure Cloud Architect for Signature Platform

Azure Cloud Architect Azure
Azure Cloud Architect

Developing a platform where clients can sign documents, upload CVs, and manage their

applications. I specifically worked on integration of notion, SharePoint and the deployment

on a Microsoft Azure cluster using Docker Containers.

Keyplayer Interim Management
10 months
2023-01 - 2023-10

Union Investment, Visual Vest and GLS Banking App

Senior Flutter Developer Flutter Dart
Senior Flutter Developer

Freelancing for the Visual Vest, Union Depot Investment Apps as well as the Investment

Section of the GLS Banking App.

Tackling technically challenging tasks such as the integration of authentification with the

German national ID card, optimizing the platform interface, and revamping the whole unit

and widget test setup, large-scale refactorings of the whole code base to enforce clear

layer separation and architectural constraints.

Flutter Dart
Visual Vest GmbH
Frankfurt am Main
7 months
2023-02 - 2023-08

Smart Booking App

Senior Flutter Consultant Flutter Dart PostgreSQL ...
Senior Flutter Consultant

Consulting a well funded Startup with the architectural decisions of their Flutter App,

introducing many new approaches resulting in better layer separation, testability, and fewer bugs as well as faster development speed.

I also consulted on the setup and deployment of their backend, the database integration,

optimization of some queries to reduce latency, and eventually helping migrate to a more

cost-efficient solution. Furthermore, I functioned as a Quality Gate for outsourcing some

development to non-European countries.

Flutter Dart PostgreSQL Softwarearchitektur
2 months
2023-05 - 2023-06

Code Base Review for Acquisition

Senior Flutter Consultant Flutter Dart
Senior Flutter Consultant

Review of entire Code Base of a Startup for a corporate aquisition. Evaluation of their

Flutter App including the Backend as well as their data processing pipeline.

Flutter Dart
1 year 8 months
2021-05 - 2022-12

Flutter Engineering

Flutter Lead Flutter Dart
Flutter Lead

Leading a Team of 5 Flutter Developers at various levels of experience.

Freelancing/Working externally on the Toni Kroos Academy App (by Real Madrid Player Toni Kroos) focusing on Video Streaming as well as tackling the challenge of implementing a DSGVO conform tracking for an App mainly aimed at children.

Flutter Dart
Envidual GmbH
1 year 1 month
2021-10 - 2022-10

Toni Kroos Academy App

Flutter Lead Flutter Dart
Flutter Lead

Taking over the Flutter Lead Role.

Improving existing features as well as implementing several new ones.

1.000.000 Downloads in the App

App Store Rating of 4.8/5

Flutter Dart
Toni Kroos Academy
7 months
2020-11 - 2021-05

About You App

Flutter Developer Flutter
Flutter Developer
Working in a team of five engineers on the about you app with 15 million monthly active users. I was involved in implementing several features focusing on animations as well as setting up a stable automated testing infrastructure.

About you

Aus- und Weiterbildung

4 years 1 month
2016-10 - 2020-10

Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics

B.Sc., TU München
TU München

Degree at TUM with my Minor focused on Linear Algebra and Probability Theory.

Exchange Year in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

1 year
2018-06 - 2019-05

Computer Science | Machine Learning

Exchange Year, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Exchange Year
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Exchange Year focused on Machine Learning and getting conversationally fluent in Russian.


Flutter Projects both as a Freelancer as well as working with other Freelancers in the Form of an Agency



Flutter Dart Mobile Development Clean Code App Development iOS SWIFT

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