Ich bin Software und Data Engineer. Meine Tech Stack besteht vorrangig aus Python, C++ und AWS.
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Internet of Things
Cloud Computing


Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

Ich bevorzuge die Möglichkeit remote zu arbeiten. Der Projektort ist dabei zweitranging. Für On-Boarding und gelegentliche Meetings kann ich natürlich vor Ort sein.



2 Monate
2023-07 - 2023-08

Proof of Concept for an Industrial IoT Data Pipeline

IT Consulant MQTT Python Internet of Things
IT Consulant

This project is about retrieving sensor data from industrial IoT devices to monitor their operation in remote locations. This is a proof of concept for the customer.

My responsibilities:
? Consult the project partner regarding the implementation of an IoT data pipeline with Azure IoT Hub.
? Implementation of the proof of concept which shows that it?s viable to retrieve sensor data via Azure IoT Hub for further analytics.
MQTT Python Internet of Things
6 Monate
2022-10 - 2023-03

LMRTFY ? remote procedure calls without the hassle

Software Engineer Python AWS MQTT ...
Software Engineer

LMRTFY is a python library with a corresponding webservice to simplify remote procedure calls for the party deploying the procedure as well as the party calling the procedure. Available remote procedures were discoverable with a catalog?like feature.

  • Implementation of the client?side Python library to deploy remote procedure calls via MQTT
  • Implementation of CI/CD with GitHub Actions

5 Monate
2022-08 - 2022-12


Simulation Software Engineer C++ CMake Python ...
Simulation Software Engineer

Training data for medical AI is hard to acquire due to privacy regulations. This projects aimed to generate synthetic medical image data by first?principles simulation of virtual patients.

  • Implementation of medical simulation tools (X?Ray, Ultrasound, Radar) in C++ to generate synthetic data for medical AI training
  • Python?based implementation of a control interface for medical domain experts
  • Continuous Integration with travisCI and migration to GitHub Actions

C++ CMake Python AWS CI/CD
2 Jahre 5 Monate
2020-04 - 2022-08

blazeRT ? double?precision ray tracing

Developer and Maintainer C++ CMake Python ...
Developer and Maintainer
blazeRT is a double?precision ray tracing library for rapid algorithm development in large scale electromagentic wave propagation research. For scientific use case double precision is of high importance and this projects adresses this need.
  • Implementation of ray?primitive intersection tests with C++
  • Unit testing with catch2 and implementation of the CI with travisCI and GitHub Actions
  • Documentation of the API and creation of examples with C++ and Python
C++ CMake Python Continuous Integration Wave Propagation Modeling
1 Jahr
2021-01 - 2021-12

Simulation Tools for Radar Simulations and Data Processing

Software Engineer C++ CMake Python ...
Software Engineer

This project was about the development of novel multiscale simulation tools in C++ and Python for remote sensing applications in space missions of NASA and ESA.

  • Implementation simulations based on ray tracing and first?principle physics
  • Implementation of a Python interface for simplified usage by scientists in the project
  • Documentation of the public API
  • Presentation of the system and simulation results to key stakeholders

C++ CMake Python Wave Propagation Modeling Radar

Aus- und Weiterbildung

1 Monat
2023-03 - 2023-03

Product Analytics Certification

1 Monat
2020-07 - 2020-07

Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++




C++ Python AWS Git Linux CMake Engineering Internet of Things Cloud Computing

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Software Engineering Experience

C++ ecosystem

  • Development of high performance software solutions as libraries and applications in C++11/14/17/20
  • Benchmarking, performance profiling and code optimization
  • Experience with CMake, static analyzers, and sanitizers
  • Unit testing with catch2 and doctest

Python ecosystem

  • Developing Python interfaces for C++ code with Cython and PyBind11
  • Developing Python code for data analysis in engineering applications
  • Implementation of imaging solutions for radar applications
  • Developing REST APIs and CLI tools
  • Packaging of software


  • 10+ years of experience with Linux desktop and server environments
  • Experience with high performance computing on Linux with Slurm
  • Maintainer for 2 packages in the Arch Linux User Repository
  • Bash and Python scripting for automation tasks


  • Experience with several CI/CD systems, such as TravisCI, GitHub Action and GitLab CI
  • Experience with Docker and writing Dockerfiles

Other Experience


  • MS Office
  • LibreOffice
  • Notion
  • LaTeX


  • Rust(basics)
  • bash scripting
  • AWS (basics)
  • Azure (basics)
  • MQTT
  • Apache Kafka

RF Engineering

  • Wave Propagation Modeling
  • Computational Engineering
  • Signal Processing

Work Experience

2023-06 - today

Place of Work: Leipzig

Role: Freelance Software Engineer & IT Consultant


  • Offering software engineering and consulting services.
  • Focus on engineering applications in high performance and low latency environments.
  • Examples: simulation software, high performance computing, code optimization, cloud migration, physical modeling

2021-01 - 2022-07

Place of Work: Dresden

Role: Research Software Engineer 

Customer: Chair of RF and Photonics Engineering, TU Dresden


Electromagnetic Simulations

  • Electromagnetic wave propagation modeling for space and medical applications
  • Software development for wave propagation simulation in the context of space applications
  • C++ code optimization to increase simulation efficiency by 50 percent
  • Implementation of tooling to simplify usage of simulation code (private cloud)
  • Investigating market opportunities for simulations and related tooling

2019-01 - 2020-12

Place of Work: Bochum

Role: Research Software Engineer

Chair of Microwave Systems, Ruhr?University Bochum


  • Modeling of wave propagation for large scale scenarios
  • Algorithm and software development for electromagnetic wave simulations in C++ and Python
  • Administrating custom GitLab CI runners to enable automated testing
  • Mentoring and supervising students

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