Senior Embedded C developer, 18+ years of exp, looking for contract based remote work.
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Embedded C
MEM stack
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Timisoara (+10km)


8 Monate
2022-11 - 2023-06

implementing a software service

Senior Embedded Software Developer Infineon TLE9015/9012 UART communication Infineon TC3xx ASCLIN communication
Senior Embedded Software Developer
The client, test designer for an automotive controller, required the
software a service to communicate with the BMS controller unit

  • Covered 95% of the BMS communication needs by implementing a software service that allows the user write or read data of the controller IC registers on the BMS side.

Infineon TLE9015/9012 UART communication Infineon TC3xx ASCLIN communication
UART communication service | Ford
8 Monate
2022-03 - 2022-10

Effects of the electronic components shortage

Senior Embedded Software Developer SPI Real Time OS
Senior Embedded Software Developer
The client, an electronic control unit producer, was affected by the electronic components shortage due to the last pandemic and required a software update for its modified hardware.
  • Avoided the locks in the ECU production by implementing the services to set up and test the newly introduced electronic component.
  • Raised by 25 % the ASIC portfolio by introducing the variable size for the communication buffer
SPI Real Time OS
7 Monate
2021-08 - 2022-02

Programming issue on the production line

Senior Embedded Software Developer CAN FLS Real Time OS
Senior Embedded Software Developer
A client, a car producer in the South-Korean market, required a reduced
production time on its electronic units? production line.
  • Reduced time from 19s to 10s by using a more performant feature of the Flash driver (setting the page size to a greater value) during the Flash memory programming.
  • Reduced time by 1.5s by implementing in the application layer OS a strategy to stop the unnecessary background tasks execution while the programming is performed.
  • Improved by 3x the communication robustness at the application layer by a better design of the communication check and by bringing the timeout mechanism to the same layer - using the OS.
CAN FLS Real Time OS

Aus- und Weiterbildung


Technical University of Cluj Napoca

BA in Automation Engineering




Automotive-E/E Firmware Embedded C Cybersecurity MEM stack COM stack

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


I'm a Senior Embedded Software engineer / contractor / freelancer with 18+ years of experiencein Automotive, interested in remote work only.

I help my clients design and implement software solutions needed in their product development.

Drop me a message if you think I am a good match to your business!


  • Cyber security 
  • HSM client 
  • Memory management
  • Boot control 
  • Can protocol 
  • Rtos 
  • SPI Bus 
  • MSC Bus 
  • ASIC user 
  • Infineon TC3xx 
  • HW analysis 
  • CAN tools 
  • IMS 
  • PTC modeler 
  • Trace32 
  • PC-Lint Misra checker
  • CESSAR configurator
  • L Tresos 
  • L RTR unitary testing 

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