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10 Monate
2022-10 - 2023-07

Supporting the client in the operation, development and optimization

Shopify Plus Developer
Shopify Plus Developer
  • Supporting the client in the operation, development and optimization of multiple Shopify Plus stores
  • Extensive development of new front end features for different countries and languages
  • Working in interdisciplinary teams according to agile working methods
  • Introduction of a CI/ CD workflow to improve work processes and accelerate deployments
  • Working with various Shopify Plus features, such as Shopify Flow, writing Shopify Ruby scripts, Flashsale events and more
  • Advising the client on the use of Shopify Headless solutions, analyzing existing functionalities and writing documentation
Quality Group GmbH (ESN, MoreNutriton, Fitmart)
7 Monate
2022-03 - 2022-09

Design and Development of two Shopify Apps

  • Elaboration of the complete UI/UX design for the creation of two public Shopify apps
  • Development of the two apps with React and Node.js
  • Setting up the database structure with mongoDB
  • Implementation of the necessary functions
  • Creation of the app store listing and submission of the app into the Shopify app review process
On Request
5 Monate
2022-02 - 2022-06

Platform for selling refurbished products

  • Elaboration of a complete UI/UX design for the redesign of the website
  • Implementation of the design in Shopify with individual theme adaptations and dynamic sections for independent maintenance and expansion of the content by the customer
  • Instruction in the use and handling of the new theme and adjustments of the SEO settings
Stuffle GmbH
10 Monate
2021-08 - 2022-05

Coffee marketplace

  • Creation of a marketplace (multi vendor) with Shopify as Proof of Concept (PoC) for the launch of a new product in the Greek market
  • Elaboration of the concept, design and testing of options, collaboration with various internal teams (IT, product management, design, legal and compliance)
  • Development of the complete marketplace according to the specified UI/UX design
  • Implementation of the desired functions, connection of Stripe Connect, testing of the functionality
  • Mapping of orders and customers of the different sellers for further processing using the Admin API
Roastelier by Nestlè (with Cocomore AG)
3 Monate
2021-06 - 2021-08

Consultation for the introduction of Shopify

  • Consulting and advising on the development of a new market segment for the agency
  • Leading the inhouse developer team in the implementation of the first two Shopify projects
  • Collaborated with department manager and other project stakeholders
  • In addition to consulting, I developed a private Shopify app for one of the two projects
  • The app is used for cross platform user tracking
Consultation for the introduction of Shopify
4 Monate
2021-03 - 2021-06

Creation of an online store

  • Advising the customer on the design of his new online store
  • Creation of the responsive design in Adobe XD
  • Creation of the complete design in Shopify
  • Customization of the selected theme, adding new custom sections and functions according to the customer s wishes and the design specifications
  • Selection of appropriate apps for specific functions
  • Integration of the apps into the theme
4 Monate
2020-12 - 2021-03

Redesign of an online store

  • Supporting and advising the client in moving their online store from their old store system to Shopify
  • Relocation of existing products to the Shopify ERP system
  • Creation of the new screen design, implementation of the frontend through individual theme development in Shopify
  • Implementation of various B2B functions
Kimmy Jeans GmbH

Aus- und Weiterbildung

2 Jahre
2021-07 - 2023-06

Bachelor Professional of Commerce

  • Participate in the education lectures and take the exams to become a Bachelor Professional of Business at the Chamber of Commerce
2 Monate
2022-07 - 2022-08

Certified Scrum Master

  • Completion of the training course and exam about the Scrum Master Competencies
2 Jahre 5 Monate
2017-09 - 2020-01

Education in information technology, Hamburg

  • Education in information technology at the German Electron Synchrotron DESY, graduation with the grade ?very good?
3 Jahre 1 Monat
2014-08 - 2017-08


Secondary school, Stade
Secondary school, Stade
  • Acquisition of the university entrance qualification with a grade point average of 1.7



Shopify Frontend Liquid JS TS GIT

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


I have been a passionate developer for ~5 years and love Shopify! In the last years I was able to work as a freelancer for various companies and in many different teams. Besides my skills in theme and app development, you will also benefit from my experience through my involvement in a wide variety of projects. From small startups (e.g. Stuffle) to large corporations (e.g. Nestlè), I have worked on an extensive range of different Shopify and Shopify Plus projects. Of course, I bring not only my technical knowledge but also my personal experience to the table to get the most out of your project. With my passion for workflows and documentation, I will help you optimize your development process and improve code quality.

Tech Stack:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Shopify Liquid
  • JSON
  • Shopify?s ecosystem
  • REST and GraphQL API
  • Node.js
  • React
  • mongoDB
  • Figma
  • AdobeXD
  • (Git)hub
  • Jira
  • Confluence

Process Skills:

  • Write documentation on development processes and workflows
  • Helping teams with introducing CI/CD pipelines
  • Testing and reviewing code, e.g. ESLint, Selenium, BrowserStack

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