agile software development(Kanban, Scrum), testautomation, business analysis, stakeholdermanagement, technology- and architecture consulting
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Java 17


Wien (+50km) Graz (+100km) München (+100km)
Deutschland, Österreich


9 Monate
2023-01 - 2023-09

Development and consulting mandate

JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle21c PL/SQL ...
  • various java17 microservice migrations to spring boot 3.1, automatic integration tests impl.
JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle21c PL/SQL SpringBoot Apache Camel node.js/nest.js puppeteer/headless crome Git Github Actions Argo CD Helm Maven Confluence Docker a.o.
automotive sector
1 Jahr
2022-01 - 2022-12

Development and consulting mandate

JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle19c/21c Toad ...

  • bug hunting and reengineering of legacy backend payment processing
  • code (java11?java17); data-flow analysis, post doc of current architecture, integration tests impl. 
  • Sql query tuning

JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle19c/21c Toad PL/SQL SpringBoot Wildfly infinispan Git Jenkins Maven Ansible Docker Selenium
payment provider sector
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2021-02 - 2022-06

Development and consulting mandate

JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle21c PL/SQL ...
  • Reengineering legacy backend apps and implementation of various java11/17
  • Spring boot microservices (AWS,PCF) / pdf document handling and reportings/web scraping
JakartaEE/Java17 Oracle21c PL/SQL SpringBoot spring cloud config Apache Camel Hazelcast vue.js node.js/nest.js puppeteer/headless crome bouncycastle_pgp Apache Kafka PCF AWS(EC2 RDS EKS API Gateway) Git Jenkins Maven Confluence Docker Toad a.o.
automotive sector
1 Jahr 3 Monate
2019-10 - 2020-12

Various free consulting mandates

OpenLiberty19.x OpenJDK11 JSF2.x ...
  • Oracle related course development (DB and Java),EJB migr., test platform development (Java11), Swing GUI migrations
OpenLiberty19.x OpenJDK11 JSF2.x DataPower OpenJPA EclipseLink Jboss Weld SE Docker Toad H2 FishEye Jenkins Confluence Jira Mockito GreenMail Oracle 12.2 PL/SQL PostgreSQL12
2 Jahre 3 Monate
2017-07 - 2019-09

production responsibility Oracle ODA production systems

Senior Lead Architect
Senior Lead Architect
  • Reenginering and post-documentation various PL/SQL Packages and DB-Model besides Java Spring Boot Applications (Frontends: React / Angular)
  • Oracle migrations, development of the CI/CD test environment
  • Stakeholdermanagement
  • development of various cloud centric reactive applications (Java 8/11)
  • ASP.classic to Razorpages migration/refactoring planning of a legacy portal software
  • development of Legal Reportings within Intergraph environment( track path search )
  • Technology consulting and Scouting, technical management in various committees
Transportation sector (permanent appointment) GIS system
4 Jahre 7 Monate
2013-06 - 2017-12

product responsibility / Oracle Exadata

Senior Lead Architect
Senior Lead Architect
  • Incident Management / Appl. Bug detection with AWR
  • further development serverapplication and Oracle Backend
  • Database migration management and execution, Database CI/CD automation
  • Technology consulting and Scouting, technical management in various committees, Oracle Trainings development
Transportation sector (permanent appointment)
1 Jahr 10 Monate
2011-09 - 2013-06

Greenfield Development of a multi-parallel train-schedule loader

  • Planning and development high workload, distributed EDA style applications and hotdeploy database CI/CD automation
  • DB-Model Design
Transportation sector (freelance)
6 Jahre
2006-01 - 2011-12

Consulting appointment credit risk and trading systems

Freelance Developer
Freelance Developer
  • Consulting appointment credit risk and trading systems
  • Planning, development, documentation and operations of Java EE lightweight Multi-Tier / Event driven applications within Basel II domain (VLDB, Grid-Computing/ Oracle Exadata 10g/RAC(4n) SAP BO and others )
  • DB-Model Design
International banking company
4 Jahre 5 Monate
2005-08 - 2009-12

Consulting and development of .Net/Java EE Multi-Tier applications

Freelance Developer
Freelance Developer
  • Consulting and development of .Net/Java EE Multi-Tier applications
Health insturance
7 Monate
2005-08 - 2006-02

Consulting and development Solidworks 2006

Freelance Developer
Freelance Developer
  • Consulting and development Solidworks 2006 add-in (BOM calculations) with database interface 
Mechanical engineering company
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2003-02 - 2005-07

Startup insurance brokerage B2B

  • Business Process Design/Development and Infrastructure operations (.Net)
  • Application Design and Development with .Net (Front- & Backend), SSRS,customer advisory service
  • Design and development of a generic insurance calculator core
2 Jahre
2001-01 - 2002-12

Startup insurance brokerage B2C (permanent appointment)

Senior Software Designer
Senior Software Designer

  • Design, Development and documentation of various Multi-Tier applications
  • Performance tuning presentation layer

Aus- und Weiterbildung

Industrial engineering and management studies

Dipl.Ing. (FH)

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Key Focus:

  • Thesis: on request

Precision engineering studies

Dipl. WirtschaftsIng. (FH)

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Key Focus:

  • Thesis: on request


  • CSM (2007)
  • iSAQB CPSA (2019)



Java 17 PL/SQL Spring


agile software development (Kanban, Scrum)
technology- and architecture consulting
distributed systems

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Techstack shortform

  • JavaEE / JakartaEE / SE(11/17)
  • SpringBoot
  • PL/SQL
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker

Applicationserver / Runtime / Middleware 

  • Jetty, Tomcat - Expert
  • IBM Websphere Liberty, Spring Boot, Vert.x - good knowledge
  • Payara,WildFly, Weld SE, TomEE - good knowledge
  • OpenShift, Ansible Tower, Terraform  - good knowledge
  • Oracle APEX - good knowledge
  • MS SSIS, PowerCenter - good knowledge
  • Apache Kafka, Kafka Streams - good knowledge
  • Apache Spark/Camel/NiFi, Grafana - good knowledge
  • Amazon AWS / PCF - good knowledge
  • Micronaut, Quarkus - good knowledge

various Frameworks / Tools / Comm. 

  • Junit, DBUnit, Selenium, Mockito, Maven, Jenkins, Confluence, Cucumber, Swagger - Expert
  • UtlPlsql, rSocket, nest.js, Docker  - good knowledge
  • EclipseLink / Hibernate / OpenJPA, AMQP, MQTT  - good knowledge
  • Svelte.js. Vue.js,Hugo, Tailwindcss - Expert
  • Angular (2-11) / React.js  - good knowledge


  • Multithreading, Distributed Computing, TDD, FDD, OOD, Data-oriented Design  - Expert
  • Scrum/Kanban  - good knowledge
  • OLAP/OLTP  - good knowledge
  • Microfrontends  - good knowledge

Technical Specifications

  • JavaEE, .NET, REST (JAX-RS), JPA/JTA, JMS, CDI 2.0, TCP/IP, DMARC - good knowledge / Expert
  • Html5, Idoc - Expert
  • webassembly - good knowledge


  • Eclipse, IntelliJ, VSCode, Oracle Toad - Expert
  • Android Studio, VSCode - Basic knowledge

various applications

  • PVS-Studio, SonarQube - Expert


  • banking & insurance
  • eCommerce
  • transportation
  • medical Engineering/healthcare
  • mechanical engineering

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