The focus is working as a scrum master, agile coach or RTE. At moment I've got all the SAFe certifications which allows me working in these roles.
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Scrum Master
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2022-05 - heute

configuring agile methodologies processes within the company

Agile Master, consultant
Agile Master, consultant

  • I work as a consultant for Vodafone, where my role involves configuring agile methodologies processes within the company
  • I am responsible for training and supporting three teams and internal stakeholders located in Portugal, Germany, Egypt, and the UK 
  • My support in agile processes includes driving continuous improvement to enhance visibility and value in the teams' deliverables for product managers and stakeholders
  • As part of my responsibilities, I configure, update, monitor, and present performance indicators of the teams to the management and superintendence. I highlight important topics and areas for improvement in the progress of activities
  • Additionally, I actively contribute to resolving impediments and facilitating Scrum meetings to ensure effective collaboration and progress. I utilize tools such as Jira, PowerBI, eazyBI, and Excel for monitoring and generating indicators

2 Jahre 3 Monate
2020-02 - 2022-04

Monitoring all sprints

Scrum Master
Scrum Master

Working with major clients such as BTG Bank, Pan Bank, and Inter Bank, I have served as an Agile Master driving digital transformation. I have utilized methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, OKR, and SAFe for tribes and squads. My responsibilities included:

  • Monitoring all sprints, providing reports on activities completed and deliveries, including the current status, impediments, and risks
  • Collaborating with the Product Owner to present a well-defined set of user stories with clear acceptance criteria, which are then delivered to the architect and development team
  • Facilitating and participating in sprint planning, daily meetings, grooming, review, retrospective, design, and estimation. We have used the Miro tool for these meetings and applied techniques based on Management 3.0.
  • Working with developers to ensure the definition of "done"
  • Monitoring reports, conducting presentations to managers and the team using metrics such as Work in Progress (WIP), lead time, Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD), burndown, and activity types. We have utilized Azure DevOps, Jira, and PowerBI for report generation
ACT Digital
8 Jahre 1 Monat
2012-01 - 2020-01

facilitating Scrum ceremonies

Scrum Master
Scrum Master

I acted as a Scrum Master for the institutional systems of the Navy's Nuclear Development Directorate. In this role, I was responsible for overseeing two squads and conducting project scope planning. 

  • My responsibilities included monitoring task development, facilitating Scrum ceremonies, assisting the product owner in designing the product backlog, removing impediments, and supporting the development team throughout the sprints. The ultimate goal was to deliver valuable software increments to the customer
  • Additionally, I provided suggestions for technology solutions and collaborated on planning and alignment with the Superintendence and Management teams
  • This involved ensuring adherence to development standards, on-time deliveries, and the high availability and performance of hardware and software
  • For the development of these systems, we utilized technologies such as PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, Postgres, and Access
  • The systems were hosted in a private cloud, leveraging Citrix's virtualizationsolution and the concepts of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Our operating systems included Windows Server and Linux. We also utilized various support tools such as Excel, JIRA, PowerPoint, and PowerBI. 


Aus- und Weiterbildung


  • Postgraduate in Project Management ? USP University. (2018)
  • Graduation ? Electronic Engineering ? Santa Cecilia University. (2008)
  • Technical Industry Computers ? Technical School Fortec. (1999)

Certifications and Courses

  • Certificate in SAFe-Advanced Scrum Master, Scrum Master ( and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
  • Courses in PMI, ITILV3, PowerBI, C# e .Net, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, PHP 7, JIRA, SAP (CO) e CISCO CCNA



Scrum Master SAFe Kanban ITIL V3 CSS3 JavaScript PostgreSQL PHP CCNA SAP FI/CO Microsoft Sharepoint Atlassian JIRA Atlassian Confluence Git DevOps Eclipse

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

Summary of Qualification
Results-oriented IT professional with a solid track record of 21 years in the industry, specializing in Agile Project Management for the past 9 years. Proven expertise in coordinating system development projects, providing effective team leadership, and implementing industry best
practices including SAFe Lean-Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and ITIL. Skilled in process mapping, systems development, and delivering successful implementations. Recognized for driving continuous improvement and applying agile methodologies to enhance project visibility, stakeholder value, and team deliverables. Proficiency in English and intermediate Spanish communication.

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