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Cloud Computing
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
AWS Certified Solution Architect - Professional
professional scrum master
Atlassian JIRA
Azure Devops
AWS Certified
Solution Architect
AWS Professional
AWS Lambda


Aachen (+100km)


3 Monate
2023-05 - 2023-07

AWS Architect: cloud cost optimization / Finops

AWS Architect
AWS Architect
Pivotal role in the optimization of customers IoT platform, focusing on cost reduction and scalability enhancement. Key achievements and responsibilities include:
? Conducted an in-depth analysis of the AWS services utilized by the IoT platform, providing insight into resource usage and associated costs.
? Devised and implemented strategies for cost reduction, resulting in a leaner cost profile that facilitated maximized scalability and operational efficiency.
? Introduced best practices for AWS resource management, tailored to the specific needs of the platform.
? Optimized Kubernetes clusters by employing AWS-specific best practices for resource allocation, autoscaling, and rightsizing, thereby driving additional cost efficiencies and performance improvements.
? Engaged with stakeholders to communicate findings and recommendations effectively, ensuring buy-in and successful adoption of cost optimization strategies.
? Continuously monitored and adjusted strategies in response to evolving platform requirements and AWS cost structures to ensure long-term cost-effectiveness and scalability.

AWS EKS Kubernetes
2 Jahre 8 Monate
2020-10 - 2023-05

DevOps Consultant / Architekt - Global Telecommunications

Senior DevOps Consultant / Architekt AWS Terraform Gitlab ...
Senior DevOps Consultant / Architekt
  • Multi-Account Kubernetes environment , AWS EKS 
  • CI Workflows and PipelInes. 
    Terraform - on AWS Gitlab / Codebuild / Github
  • Kubernetes Container Security -  Aquasecurity Trivy / Falco 
  • AWS Serverless technology implementations inc. StepFunctions
  • Python Development - internal data analytics application
  • architect and developing a bespoke  Cost and Usage optimization data pipeline for internal Data Visualizations
AWS Kubernetes Terraform Cloud-Native Python Lambda Serverless Applikationsarchitektur Architekt DevOps
AWS Terraform Gitlab Github Kubernetes
4 Monate
2020-01 - 2020-04

Life-Sciences DevOps

DevOps Consultant
DevOps Consultant

  • Grafana - data visulaization
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes

Azure Grafana Kubernetes Terraform
11 Monate
2019-02 - 2019-12

Agile Project Management and Build-development

Development Work-stream Lead / Project Manager (interim) AWS Architekturmanagement Product Management
Development Work-stream Lead / Project Manager (interim)

Providing Agile Project Management and Build-development guidance to local and near-shore development teams to move the project from Red to Green. 
Ensuring the team have a focused ?ready? backlog and follow Agile practices continually producing and delivering API interfaces, stress testing these with Gatling as part of a continous integration workflow, end target was a music copyright and royalties management platform. These interfaces already exist in a current legacy mainframe system that is also in the process of being retired but these need to be adapted  to work with an AWS provisioned cloud platform. Build management of the (AWS) Music platform , working with our software partner ensuring impediments removed and focusing on iterative development to match the user journeys that are currently in place for copyright operations.

AWS Amazon RDS
AWS Architekturmanagement Product Management
ICE Services
1 Jahr 9 Monate
2017-04 - 2018-12

SaaS cloud analytics and sales insight product

Technical SRE Manager (interim) AWS public cloud EC2 RDS ...
Technical SRE Manager (interim)

Hands on role leading a Global SRE team supporting a bespoke in-house SaaS cloud analytics and sales insight product built by McKinsey for their clients (known as Periscope). In addition to our daily team synchronization and knowledge sharing activities, we work with our practice product delivery teams (Solution Practice managers, Product Owners, Security, Architects and Developers) and ensure there are reviews in place for architecture sign off, planning capacity in our schedule and deployment roll-out procedures before each go-live iteration. This role was 100 % hands on with the application stack, app lifecycle monitoring as well as managing the overall deployments pipeline. 

AWS Amazon EC2 Amazon RDS AWS OpsWorks AWS EKS
AWS public cloud EC2 RDS S3 PostgreSQL Hadoop / Impala Exasol Elasticsearch InfluxDB Docker Kubernetes Github/Gitlab Jenkins. 
McKinsey & Company
1 Jahr 4 Monate
2016-01 - 2017-04

Developing Energy Visualisation and Management solutions

Agile PM/ Scrum Master Python Business Intelligence Agile Softwareentwicklung
Agile PM/ Scrum Master

Leading a software product development team developing Energy Visualisation and Management solutions for E.ON consumers. The cross-functional DevOps team I managed was involved in developing a new energy consumer visualisation product. We set out on utilising as much of the Azure PaaS services to gather the IoT sensor data that would be used, in addition to building a robust application stack Nativescript, Typescript, Angular open-source based Software-Stack to deliver a new visualisation product platform for E.ON customers. DevOps tasks were also maintained in my team and we leveraged Azure Containers, Kubernetes, Kafka in addition to MongoDB/DocumentDB, Influx.

Python Business Intelligence Agile Softwareentwicklung
E.ON, Germany
10 Monate
2015-03 - 2015-12

Managing developments

Agile PM
Agile PM

Staples International with a digital and retail presence in over 16 EU countries had a need to drive more dynamic pricing decisions across their markets. Reporting to the Head of European Pricing Solutions I was brought in to kick-start, manage, lead, act as agile evangelist for this new product innovation that would drive increased price changes in the product assortment as well as shorter reaction time to market changes.

  • Manage Development teams (HTML5, C#, AngularJS, .Net, MVC development stacks)
  • Ensure SCRUM process are known and followed. Mentor team and Business Product Owner
  • Product backlog formation (greenfield new product) and prioritization
  • Technical Product Owner
  • Promote Agile thinking to daily decisions and in the area of Pricing Solutions Europe to drive new features and development (Senior management Team, Product Owners, Stakeholders)
  • Setup a CI (Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment) process that can be re-used and applied for future developments, enhancements and automated test in STAPLES (using JIRA Agile, Confluence, Build and Integration Applications and Services)
  • Implement ElasticSearch (ELK Stack) for centralised application insight and visualization across Pricing Apps
STAPLES International, The Netherlands
4 Monate
2014-11 - 2015-02

Leading the software development project

Agile PM
Agile PM

Leading the software development project (internal & external resources) for this public sector client to roll out an innovative new platform to enable Dynamic Spectrum Access, often referred to as ‘whitespace’, in the UK Digital TV Spectrum. Applying Agile principles in prioritization, prototyping workshops for the Ofcom team to focus on the right business value in the product backlog.

3 Monate
2014-03 - 2014-05

Software project

Agile Coach
Agile Coach

Anglian Water Services are the largest geographic Water supplier in England, and they were having some trouble getting their Software project back on track when migrating from a waterfall approach to an Agile process. I was brought in specifically too:

  • Independently review their current approach on the project with SCRUM from their software partner
  • Suggest improvements - Develop a change in business mind-set process to using SCRUM
  • Change Agent and Champion - challenging old beliefs in the project team
  • Leadership: mentor stakeholders briefing them on Agile and explaining the pitfalls of their previous non-performing approach, tailoring the Agile framework to align to Anglian governance model.
  • Mentoring development team, incumbent Product Owner and Project Manager
  • Provide and Lead Workshops and prepare a new Product Backlog
  • Work with Anglian resources to set up new tooling TFS / Visual Studio Online for transparent and accessible view on backlog and burn-down reports for all stakeholders
  • Implement DSDM (AgilePM) governance framework for Project Board with SCRUM at the development and engineering core
  • Promote core Agile Principles of transparency and collaboration
  • Challenge Product Owners on definition of stories and getting to the right level of detail and prioritization
  • Lead workshops with Anglian and offshore development partner on user stories creation, pruning
  • Support the program transitioning from Waterfall to Agile
Anglian Water Services, UK
8 Monate
2013-05 - 2013-12

Digital Transformation

Agile Project Manager
Agile Project Manager
Philips, The Netherlands
7 Monate
2012-11 - 2013-05

Project Management Transformation

Project Manager Transformation
Project Manager Transformation
EE ? Everything Everywhere, UK
1 Jahr 5 Monate
2011-02 - 2012-06

Project Management/ Test Management

Project Manager, Test Manager
Project Manager, Test Manager
Deutsche Telekom, Germany
3 Jahre 3 Monate
2009-01 - 2012-03

Company foundation (Digtal agency/ consultancy)

on request
1 Jahr 11 Monate
2007-07 - 2009-05

Project Management

Senior Project Manager
Senior Project Manager
T-Mobile, Germany
2 Jahre 6 Monate
2005-01 - 2007-06

Delivery Management

Senior Delivery Manager
Senior Delivery Manager

Aus- und Weiterbildung

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

  • FinOps Practitioner

  • FinOps Engineer

  • AWS Data Analytics - Specialty

  • AWS Certified SysOps Associate

  • AWS Certified DevOps Associate

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

  • Professional Scrum Master - PSM1

  • Agile Practitioner


DevOps, SRE, Agile, AWS, Azure, project management, architecture, Product Owner, Solution architekt



AWS DevOps Cloud Computing AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional AWS Certified Solution Architect - Professional DevOps professional scrum master digital cloud Atlassian JIRA transformation Azure Devops AWS Certified Solution Architect Infrastrukturberatung Beratung Consulting AWS Professional Python Pandas AWS Lambda StepFunctions

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden

AWS Cloud


Dynamic AWS Certified Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer, I thrive on finding creative solutions to complex problems. With a diverse background in Digital, Retail, Media, Energy, and Telecommunications, I bring a wealth of experience to your team. My expertise in Agile practices, Cloud Computing, Serverless, Data Analytics (Pandas) , GitOps, JIRA, and technical product and project management make me an asset in accelerating processes and driving success. 


Als dynamischer AWS Certified Solution Architect & DevOps Engineer finde ich kreative Lösungen für komplexe Probleme. Mit einem vielseitigen Hintergrund in den Bereichen Digital, Einzelhandel, Medien, Energie und Telekommunikation bringe ich eine Fülle von Erfahrungen in Ihr Team ein. Mein Fachwissen in den Bereichen Agile Praktiken, Cloud Computing, Serverless, Data Analytics (Pandas), GitOps, JIRA und technisches Produkt- und Projektmanagement machen mich zu einer Bereicherung bei der Beschleunigung von Prozessen und der Steigerung des Erfolgs. 


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect ? Professional
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional
  • FinOps Practitioner
  • AWS Data Analytics - Specialty
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect ? Associate, Certified Developer - Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator ? Associate
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • DevOps Culture and Practice implementation
  • Experience in team mentoring and coaching to develop high-performing teams.
  • Expertise in stakeholder management and strategic road-map management
  • Proven ability in technical and solution architecture, delivery planning, and management
  • Strong leadership and people management skills
  • System delivery (Waterfall & Agile SDLC) and program management
  • Agile Project Management Practitioner (DSDM) / PRINCE2 ? Practitioner
  • Professional ?certified? SCRUM Master - PSM1

Applications & Technology

  • Designing, building, and deploying highly scalable, fault-tolerant, and secure solutions on Hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and 100% cloud and Serverless models.

  • Extensive experience in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, CloudFormation, Bash scripting, and Python coding, as well as knowledge of Ansible and Chef. Containerization and Orchestration (Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, EKS, AKS, GKE)

  • Serverless application and infrastructure design, including Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions

  • Cloud-native technologies such as AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions

  • Cloud Storage and Databases (S3, RDS, Aurora, Cosmos DB, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage)

  • Container security and vulnerability management, including experience with tools such as Aqua (Trivy), Sysdig.

  • Cloud Hardening and Security Automation (e.g., CIS, NIST)

  • Strong skills in observability and telemetry, including experience with Kibana, Grafana, Instana, New Relic, and Splunk, as well as knowledge of OpenTelemetry / Jaeger.

  • Expertise in Big Data and Analytics processing platforms such as AWS Redshift, BigQuery, Influx, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AWS MSK, as well as experience with AWS EMR

  • Expertise in Kubernetes, AWS Serverless application and infrastructure design, including Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB, and EKS

  • Cloud Infrastructure Cost Optimization and Resource Allocation

  • Expertise in data visualization tools such as Quicksight, Tableau, and Power BI, as well as knowledge of Python visualization libraries such as Matplotlib / Seaborn / Bokeh.

  • Kubernetes, AWS Serverless application and infrastructure design including Kinesis, Lambda, DynamoDB

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - Terraform, CloudFormation, Bash scripting, Python coding, also some Ansible knowledge.

  • Container security and vulnerability management

  • Observability and Telemetry (Kibana, Grafana, Instana, New Relic, Splunk)

  • Streaming IoT data and event application tracking (AWS and Azure technologies)

  • Strong skills in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline design and implementation with Gitlab / Github / Jenkins, AWS development tools (CodeCommit, CodeDeploy..)

  • Proficient in Atlassian tools such as JIRA, Confluence

  • Proficient in project tracking tools such as JIRA, TFS, Clarity, Rally, MS Project, and Azure DevOps, including experience in project planning, risk management, and stakeholder communication.


  • Energie
  • Digital Media and Music
  • Start-Up
  • Telekommunikation
  • Retail

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