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1 Jahr 11 Monate
2022-03 - heute

Migrate Customer data common Oracle db

  • Merge crm data with Mdm project
  • Managing backend Oracle scripts called from UI
  • Fixing Crm Data/Packages related customers needs
  • Performance tuning
  • Parse flat files to db from vendors
  • With data team, fixing data related problems and making solid solutions for not to occur again
  • Working closely with qm, development, po teams to coordinate business development
  • Agile framework
  • Svn for code repository
  • Inhouse CI/CD tool
  • Job scheduler
  • Python
11880 Telkom-Crm-Mdm(Salesforce-Oracle)
5 Jahre
2017-04 - 2022-03

verschiedene Projekte

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant (Full stack)
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant (Full stack)
Banking-BI/DWH/ETL/Pl/Sql-QlikSence Architec
As a Scrum master and architectural team member,
  • Setting architectural standards for informatica Power Cnter development teams.
  • Following up on the implementation of architectural standards for the maintenance-performance-health for Exadata db environments.
  • Setting up infrastructures for Qlik Sence /BO reporting teams in accordance with Exadata db architectural standards.
  • Create reporting and dashboard standards for reporting teams
  • Monitoring the implementation of these rules
  • Designing the kpi algorithm that checks whether etl workflows are made according to Informatica ETL standards
  • As a result of this algorithm, non-standard uses, code quality kpi's will be reported
  • Detecting the regulation findings and taking precautionary actions before the finding comes.
  • Following modern technologies, checking that existing structures are up to date.
  • Implementing best practices in ETL tasks
  • Documentation after ETL standards settled on jira/ Confluence
  • Creating and manage Dynamic Data Masking rules for GDPR/KVKK regulations by using Informatica DDM tool
  • Support Big Data temas via Informatica BDM
  • Create dwh and database standards procedures for dwh/database teams on Oracle Exadata
  • Use Informatica power designer for db/dwh data model and structures to create data dictionary and enterprise data vocabulary

Projects I have completed:

  • Convert QlikSence versions
  • Tns/Odbc/Db2 Connection Uniqueness project for all 10 Informatica servers
    • Gathered all tnsnames.ora odbc.ini files into one common file to connect all source and targets
    • Create, connection creation standards
  • Collect all informatica server's repository databases on one oracle db


Telecommunication (SSIS-SSRS-T-Sql): As a BI consult on customer location;
  • Maintenance business intelligence applications name Beqom- personnel / dealer premium calculation system
  • Developed and maintenance Ssis etl jobs with T-SQL
  • Developed Reports with SSRS
Premium calculation processes are managed with a web-interfaced business intelligence
platform named Beqom. business unit can change the calculation rules with this interface regarding business requirements. We calculate dealer premium data with these rules and make SSRS reports for Finance teams.


Télécommunication(MSTR): As a MicroStrategy developer in the BI developer team;
  • Developed reports regarding requests business units in accordance with the mstr model structure
  • Transfer Business need to the self-service reporting platform
  • Prepare Mstr reports that work directly from the source with add-hoc queries
  • Improving query performances
  • Keep the mstr environment up-to-date and stable
  • Add new data sources into the mstr structure


Telecommunication (Pl/Sql-ODI-Informatica):
  • Transfer data from source systems (Sql?Oracle ? Oracle?Oracle)
  • Data load to Dwh system with ODI and Oracle Pl / sql packages
  • Performance Tuning for Plsql scirpts
  • Make SAP universes BI reports
  • Maintain Dwh
  • Development and performance improvements.

Project -5:

Retail-Cosmetics (SnowFlake-PostgreSql-Oracle):
  • Migrate PostgreSql?Oracle
  • Migrate Greenplum?Oracle
  • Convert BI-DWH to Snowflake project
  • Make sql views and datamarts for reporting platform especially Microstrategy and Tableau teams
  • Manage user role/authorization matrix by country
  • Making snowflake datamarts by sql scripts for reporting environments
  • Use Wherescape Red automated data integration Etl tool, gather all countries market data and convert them into one common dwh environment


  • Migrate Salesforce?Oracle
  • Merge crm data with Mdm project
  • Make sql views and datamarts for BI Team
  • Manage user role/authorization matrix by customer profile
  • Fixing Crm Data/Packages related customer's needs

Project -7:

Insurance (Informatica-Pl/Sql-Qlikview-QlikSence-SSRS-SSIS):
  • Manage and develope all Etl processes with Informatica PowerCenter and SSIS. Collect data regarding customer and Self BI platform requirements from the core system to DWH
  • Manage Dwh structure, performance improvement of etl process and queries
  • Resource management; finding the best way of getting data from multiple sources.
  • Manage additional development requests on existing environments and reports
  • Manage Reports/Ad-hoc query performance
  • Manage and maintain BI operational processes for Reporting environment: Preparing reports and dashboards using QlikView/Sense, SSRS, Power BI(Dax) reporting tools
  • Maintain reports, making additional improvements, report sql performance improvements

Projects I have completed:

  • Informatica PowerCenter 9 to 10.4 version migration
  • Split Dwh into Four layers, ODS,STG,DWH,DataMart
  • Developed Informatica E-mail Alert and recovery mechanism for important tasks
  • For Etl,convert etl jobs from truncate/insert to Incremental data load (Informatica)
  • Dwh (Oracle) ?index maintenance
  • Developed Error/Log/Performance watch mechanism with Pl/SQL for whole Etl jobs and SSRS Reports and their subscriptions
  • QlikView to QlikSence migration
  • Convert Qlik report data loads from direct Db add -hoc query to Dwh DataMart
  • Convert Qlik data loads from Qvd files instead of full SQL script (For Qlik Performance
  • Improvement)
  • Smart massage(for loyalty project): collect customer data on a DataMart and manage sending company announcements email /SMS regarding what they give permission
1 Jahr
2016-05 - 2017-04

software development

Software Development Manage
Software Development Manage
I worked as a software developer in the software development team of the Geneks software. It is a stock exchange brokerage software. Codes developed by Oracle Forms / Reports and Pl/sql on the Oracle 12c database. In the software development team, I worked as a scrum master/developer. In that Project i am responsible for developing Pl/Sql core business codes and for sending customer orders by using FIX protocol. At the same time, I worked on Dwh / Etl, BI and reporting tasks.

Projects I have completed:

  • Create a bi/Dwh environment for reporting
  • Create plsql packages for etl OLTP?Dwh
  • Transfer data to the third-party stakeholders regarding banking/kvkk(GDPR) compliance policies
  • Work as a scrum master/developer in an Agile team
Investment (AK Yatirim/Akbank)
1 Jahr 9 Monate
2014-09 - 2016-05

Converting forms desktop

Senior Software Developer
Senior Software Developer

I worked as a senior consultant software developer at Allianz Insurance. In the Individual and Corporate Health Insurance Unit, I worked as a software developer in the insurance production department and in the bugfix team as the developer of Pl-SQL and Oracle Forms-Reports. We were able to analyze the bugs on the live system and develop software for the solutions to solve the problems permanently. With the completion of the project, my work life in Allianz was completed

Projects I have completed:
  • Oracle Forms ?WebLogic
  • Converting forms desktop screens to WebLogic
  • Maintenance pl-sql codes and SQL scripts
  • Manage SQL query performs
  • Manage printing spool system for insurance policies
  • Join CAB meetings for deployments
  • Work as a scrum developer an Agile team
Allianz Insurance
1 Jahr 6 Monate
2013-04 - 2014-09


Senion Software Developer
Senion Software Developer
I was working as a senior database-software engineer for Private Anadolu Medical Center (John Hopkins) as an outsource in a company serving the health sector. To get data to 3rd party companies, I was able to integrate data with Etl to different Db's and to feed the view and Stored procedures and business tables with HIS data.

Projects I have worked:
  • E-Appointment: Patients can make appointments online via the web
  • E-Health: Patients can view all lab results and radiology results on the web in-line via
  • E- Pulse: A single health platform integrated with the Ministry to send medical history of patients to the National Health Database under the Ministry of Health and to view these files from each health institution they visit.
  • I was monitoring and managing the software specific to the devices used for the integration and management of the devices in the hospital clinical laboratory and the data flow to the hospital information system.
Simeks medical systems (Anadolu Heathcare Hospital (John Hopkins)
3 Jahre
2010-05 - 2013-04

retail merchandising we developed code with oracle forms

Senior Software Developer
Senior Software Developer

The company in the retail merchandising we developed code with oracle forms and .NET tools on Oracle database such as warehouse, cash software, Erp, Backoffice, customer tracking, business intelligence, accounting for companies such as ?ok, Migros, Benetton, Carrefour etc. My job definition was software developer and analysts. I developed software for B2B, Customer Tracking and Promotion systems, Crm. Talend, Datawarehouse, Db-2-Db I am experienced in B2B data transfers, db installations.

Projects I have worked:

  • Worked on an MDM project for Boyner(Hopi). It is a loyalty/campaign project include whole Boyner holding group company customers.
    • Single Customer: making duplicated customers to unique customer entries (Oracle Pl/Sql). Gather customers data from all group companies regarding KVKK(GDPR) regulations policies
    • Data Quality: create some algorithms to align all customer data to one format
  • B2B Team :BusinessToBusiness , Data flow project from customer to customer and providing Etl-based data transfer project. With Pl-Sql codes, we were providing the transfer of data to the other party by converting the data into related formats in customer DBs, both sides of which are Oracle.
  • Customer Tracking and Promotion systems (loyalty card):
  • A Crm Software provide, keeping the points earned by customers from their spending on loyalty cards, and that enables them to use in their next purchases
  • Dot Net Transformation Team:
  • I was working in the team that carried out the project of transferring the operation to the Database layer by developing Oracle Pl/Sql codes for .NET products and the transformation of Forms screens to .NET screens.

Obase Information Technology and Services
7 Jahre
2002-11 - 2009-10

projects were developed using oracle forms-reports

Senior Software Developer / Product Owner
Senior Software Developer / Product Owner

  • Unipa, a software company of Ege University Faculty of Medicine, was developing software for state and university hospitals, municipal and university rectorships, and special purpose laboratories in hospitals. 
  • I n the company's health unit, I worked in hospital automation personnel, salary personnel, warehouse, and laboratory modules. 
  • projects were developed using oracle forms-reports and pl-SQL on the oracle database.

Ege University Unipa Software Company

Aus- und Weiterbildung

5 Jahre 1 Monat
2018-01 - 2023-01

Microsoft Excel (Expert)

1 Monat
2018-11 - 2018-11


Institution IFINSEC
Institution IFINSEC


  • A seminar in which information security in the finance sector is discussed, where managers and directors of the related units of the sector participate as speakers and to undermine their own structures

1 Monat
2018-10 - 2018-10

Professional Scrum Master

Certificate Institution
Certificate Institution
1 Monat
2018-10 - 2018-10

Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Master, Test Conducted by
Professional Scrum Master
Test Conducted by
1 Monat
2018-09 - 2018-09

Professional Scrum Fundamental

Acm Software
Acm Software
  • Préparation for PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) certification exam
1 Monat
2018-05 - 2018-05

Business Analyst Fundamentals

  • Description Agile framework and foundation of Agile software product development methodologies, application examples in the field were transferred
1 Monat
2018-03 - 2018-03

Scrum Fundamentals

  • Agile product development methods, Scrum methodology and the fundamentals of the development of real-life
  • Software development examples to try to consolidate simulation and games Interactive-applied training
2 Monate
2018-02 - 2018-03

TOGAF 9.1 Corporate Architecture

  • The Open Group Architecture Framework Togaf 9.1 Foundation The basics of Togaf and its implementation
1 Monat
2018-02 - 2018-02

MS 10990- Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services

  • MS 10990- SQL Server Reporting Services Report Builder Using SQL Server Data Tools to extract data from SQL Server via Etl on SQL server via SQL Server
1 Monat
2018-02 - 2018-02

MS 20761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL

  • I tried to learn SQL Server 2016 on SQL Server 2016 queries with SQL-Server commands and to learn the basics of sol
  • In this tutorial I get to develop DB code with stored proc and function and I wanted to see the differences between
  • Pl-sql

1 Monat
2018-02 - 2018-02

Microsoft Excel (Advanced)

1 Monat
2018-01 - 2018-01

Java Programming

  • In Java Programming tutorial, participants were given the basic features of Java programming language, OOP (object oriented programming), writing applications connected to the database.
2 Jahre
2014-02 - 2016-01

MIS-Management Information Systems

Master, Ankara Gazi University
Ankara Gazi University
Thesis Study:  auf Anfrage
11 Jahre 10 Monate
2000-09 - 2012-06

Computer Technology and Programming

Associate degree, ?zmir Ege University, Computer and Technology School of Higher Education
Associate degree
?zmir Ege University, Computer and Technology School of Higher Education
5 Jahre 10 Monate
2004-09 - 2010-06

Business Administration

Bachelor, Eskisehir Anadolu University
Eskisehir Anadolu University
4 Jahre 10 Monate
1995-09 - 2000-06

Computer Software/Hardware

Ayd?n Anatolian Technical High School
Ayd?n Anatolian Technical High School



PL/SQL Datawarehouse Informatica PowerCenter BI Reporting MS SQL Server QlikView Oracle ETL PostgreSQL Python MS SQL Server Reporting Services MS SQL Server Integration Services Engineering Oracle Data Integrator TOAD Office 365 Cloud Talend

Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden


After working in different projects for many years in my career, especially in Oracle, MS SQL and RDBMS fields, I improved myself in Business Intelligence and supported my career by working in Dwh and Etl fields.

 I also worked with many software development methodologies and project management architectures in these projects. I worked in Scrum and Agile teams and waterfall project teams. I am also a certified Scrum Master.

 My master's degree is on Management Information Systems (MIS) and my graduation thesis is on data analysis and reporting in Hospital information systems.

Sectors I have experience in my working life are Hospital / Health HIS, Insurance, Banking / Finance, Retail, Capital markets, Telecommunication.

Working with different technologies, domains and different disciplines has given me an extremely broad perspective and the ability to think in different dimensions.

I can call myself an easy adaptable and problem solver.


  • Oracle (Senior) Pl/Sql
  • Oracle DB Administrator
  • Pl/Sql Tuning
  • Oracle Developer Oracle Forms-Reports, Apex, EBS
  • Microsoft MS SQL Server, T-Sql, Visual Studio
  • TFS Git, Java (junior) Eclipse
  • Business Intelligent (Mid) SAP: BO, BW, SSRS ,MicroStrategy, QlikView, PowerBI


  • Talend
  • Informatica Power Center
  • Informatica IICS
  • SSIS
  • ODI
  • Agile: Scrum Master
  • PMP-Project Management, MS Project
  • C#, Delphi, MySQL, MS Office, MS Windows
  • Web Programming: Html, CSS, JavaScript, Php

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