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Erfahrener IT-Architekt und Entwickler mit Schwerpunkt Java und Spring (Boot).

Java Spring MySQL Agile Softwareentwicklung Scrum Master Scrum MongoDB Jenkins Linux Atlassian JIRA DevOps Teamleading Scrum Product Owner Continuous Integration Cloud Atlassian JIRA Agile Docker PostgreSQL Hibernate JPA Spring Boot
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7 Jahre



VP Technology


  • Part of the global management team that defines and implements the company strategy. 
  • Mondia had significant technical problems triggered by an accelerated growth path. I've managed to reduce technical dept, containerized parts of the platform and migrated to hybrid-cloud deployments (Azure, AWS, private cloud), in order to be able to manage the growth and scale accordingly.
  • Led the design and implementation of various new services and products that contributed successfully to enhance Mondia's technical capabilities and product portfolio (see selected projects).

Mondia Group
2 Jahre 7 Monate



Research & Development

Head of Research & Development
Head of Research & Development
  • Headed software development and quality assurance of the core platform teams located in Hamburg, as well as external teams in Poland and Hungary.
  • Successfully build up a new development center (Cairo, Egypt) with eventually over 120 employees, ranging from development, QA, product and IT operations, reducing internal man date rates by 60%. 
  • Worked on (pre) sales pitches and contributed to RFP/RFQ processes from international telecommunication companies, resulting in various new businesses, especially in North and Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Acted as architect and lead developer of Mondia's Public Partner APIs. 
  • Researched and introduced new technologies like Node.js and MongoDB and established them as a second standard stack within the organization.
  • Established a DevOps practice with CI/CD based on Ansible, Puppet and Jenkins.  
Mondia Group
6 Monate



Implemented a SCRUM-like development process

Technical Consultant
Technical Consultant

  • Led the recruitment, on-boarding and training of off-shore development teams as extended capacity to our teams in Hamburg. 
  • Introduced the new teams to our java based platform and trained them on it's usage and internal workings. 
  • Implemented a SCRUM-like development process adapted for the needs of distributed teams across multiple time zones. 
  • Worked as a lead developer as part of the delivery teams for multiple cross-content (games, music, videos) entertainment portals  

FPT Software // Mondia Media Germany GmbH
Hanoi, Vietnam
1 Jahr 4 Monate



Developed and optimized highly scalable backend services

Senior Developer & Scrum Master
Senior Developer & Scrum Master

  • Developed and optimized highly scalable backend services that serve as the backbone of Mondia's entertainment platform. 
  • First introduction of a unified API layer that allowed external developers to access Mondia's platform in a convenient and secure way. 
  • Supported the transition to an agile organization by training and coaching the development teams as well as key stakeholders of others departments.

Mondia Media Germany GmbH
4 Jahre 4 Monate



Architecture and development for various client portals

Software Developer
Software Developer

  • Architecture and development for various client portals as well as internal billing and invoicing systems
  • Led the migration of a NATURAL based profit sharing system to a newly developed system based on J2EE and JSF  

BEIT Systemhaus GmbH

Heimdall (a fraud detection framework)


Mondia ran many performance marketing campaigns focusing on markets which allow a quick conversion (single click to purchase). Such campaigns are often prone to fraudulent actors, pushing dirty traffic which might lead to the acquisition of unaware customers. I've led the design and implementation of a fraud detection framework (based on Spring Boot) that monitors such campaigns in real time and is able to interfere based on certain metrics. As a result a significant portions of fraudulent activities were blocked with a positive impact on customer lifetime value and a reduction of complains.


Spring Boot, Redis, MySQL

Mondia Pay NG (a direct carrier billing plaform)


Complete revamp of Mondia's payment platform from a Spring 3 monolith to a (micro-) services based architecture based on Spring Boot (REST) and Spring Cloud with the goal to providing a unified interface towards all merchants and preparing the platform for future growth. In order to further decouple services and improve resilience, most data flows were moved to Apache Kafka. This allowed to implement more complex pause and retry scenarios while at the same time providing deeper insights into the used capacity and throughput (by using tools like Lenses, Apache Druid and Snowflake). The deployments were modernized (Docker, Nomad) and additional monitoring based on Prometheus and Grafana was introduced.


Java, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, MySQL, Kafka, Docker, Nomad, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus

TIM Music (a music streaming service)


After a formal RFP process, Mondia got appointed to provide the platform for the music streaming service of Italy's biggest telecommunication provider TIM. Providing "clean" music meta data for a catalog of millions of local and international songs required the integration of additional metadata provider and finding the right strategy to match their catalogs. In addition, the complete music catalog had to be transcoded in additional formats (up to 320kbit/s) which, as a side effect, resulted in the migration to a cloud based storage solution (MS Azure Blob Storage). Mondia now delivers the complete world-wide music catalog (over 50 million unique pieces of music) through it's Music API. It allow allows browsing and searching based on an extended set of metadata while also providing dynamic features like radios and mood playlists based on the user's past consumption behavior.


Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, SOLR/Lucene, PredictionIO

Andromeda App Store (a Google Play alternative)


In order to provide a seamless user experience for an alternative app store the usage of certain native Android SDK functionality is required which lead us to decide to implement a fully native app store.In deep collaboration with hardware manufacturers (e.g. Samsung) and telecommunication providers (e.g. Vodacom in South Africa) we've managed to implement an own app installation mechanism which avoid the usual "unknown sources" warning from untrusted app stores.


Android SDK, Gradle, RxJava

2002 ? 2005

Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker (BA), DHBW Stuttgart, Stuttgart

Specialization: artificial intelligence (genetic algorithms), resource constraint scheduling problem, agent based market simulations


Received an endowed award of the ?BA-Kommunity? for exceptional research achievements

2002 ? 2005

Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours, Open University, London

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Top Skills
Java Spring MySQL Agile Softwareentwicklung Scrum Master Scrum MongoDB Jenkins Linux Atlassian JIRA DevOps Teamleading Scrum Product Owner Continuous Integration Cloud Atlassian JIRA Agile Docker PostgreSQL Hibernate JPA Spring Boot
Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen / Methoden
Java Spring/Spring Boot JPA/Hibernate SQL MySQL Linux/Unix Administration HTML CSS Git EVM-compatible Blockchains
Ethereum, Avalanche, BSC
Android PHP


"Hands on" IT executive, architect, and software engineer with over 17 years of experience in the software industry. Fluent in technology and business, with the ability to translate between both worlds, to align on common goals and develop and execute a strategy to reach these goals. Expert on Java and Spring Boot, experience with a wide array of open source technologies (MySQL, Kafka, Git, Jenkins, ELK-Stack, Grafana etc). Comfortable to cover also other related roles such as product and project management. International project experience in Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland), MENA (UAE, Egypt, Algeria), Africa (South Africa, Tanzania, DRC) and North/South America (Mexico, Argentina). After many years in management positions (during which I never stopped coding), I'd like to focus again on development. I know how to get things done and I'm a strong believer that my leadership experience helps me to also be a better engineer. 

  • Research and/or Scientific Papers auf Anfrage

  • Telekommunikation

  • Mobile Payment

  • Digital Entertainment (Games, Music, Videos)

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