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• Interim Management, Consultant, Program Management, Project Management

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[Name and title on request] is a physician, computer scientist (B.Comp.Sc) and scientist. He has worked at various global healthcare companies and university hospitals and has expertise in the following areas:

Medical IT solutions, electronic health records, medical software application, digital transformation, neuro-informatics, medical devices, e-commerce, R & D and clinical patient care.

Building on more than 20 years of medical, digital health and R & D experience, he serves as an interim manager and consultant, helping clients strengthen and enhance their business with digitization.


Interim Management

As an Interim manager, he can fill vacant positions for the various areas of marketing, digital / IT and management functions (for example general manager, head of a department or team) for a certain period of time or lead program or project teams.



The digitally enhanced business models are the key to the current and future success of sustainable business stability and growth. Especially in the highly regulated healthcare sector, the digital transformation requires a wealth of expertise from a single source.

As a consultant he helps with strategic planning, creates concepts and, if desired implements them as a program or project. The consulting and implementation services are i.a. these following areas:

  • Digital Transformation: Strategy, Planning, Implementation of Agile Methods
  • Eco-system design: products, services and solutions as a business model
  • Design of digital system solutions: digital macro architecture and eco system structures
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): business area analysis and elaborating how KI can enrich and enhance the portfolio.


[Contact details on request]


05/2019 - Heute

7 Monate

[Name on request] is a one-stop shop for medical, digital and creative scientific expertise.

Managing Director and Owner
on request

02/2017 - 04/2019

2 Jahre 3 Monate

Strategic planning of Renal Software Solutions

Director Renal Software Solutions
Fresenius Medical Care, Bad Homburg (Germany)

Fresenius Medical Care is a global acting Healthcare company, (worldwide > 110,000 employees)

  • Strategic planning of Renal Software Solutions for the external and internal market with development of marketing concepts and determination of required resources. Preparation of the marketing budget and the marketing plan for the area of responsibility.
  • Consolidation of existing software systems and transfer to a new software platform.
  • Support of all software products and services in the assigned area of responsibility and coordination of cross-departmental activities for definition, creation, promotion and optimization of the software portfolio
  • International market introduction and support of new software systems and services. Acquisition and exchange of therapy-specific expertise on site through continuous exchange of experience with physicians /opinion
  • leaders and sales managers
  • Responsible director of one software development team.
  • 6 direct reports (total of 13 in the team)

01/2013 - 02/2017

4 Jahre 2 Monate

diverse projects

Abbott Diabetes Care EMEA, Wiesbaden (Germany)

Abbott is a global acting Healthcare company, (worldwide 74,000 employees)

03/2016 - 02/2017

Senior Manager eCommerce Solutions EMEA

  • Responsible for the operations of existing and the new set-up of Direct to Patient eCommerce Solutions cash-paid by customer and/or reimbursed by payer/ health insurances across other EMEA countries.
  • Establishing the growing eCommerce team and managing the Direct to Patient Program for innovative Flash Glucose Monitoring System FreeStyle Libre.
  • Defining the strategy for the DtP eCommerce Solutions.
  • 4 direct reports

01/2013 – 02/2016

Direct to Patient Project Manager EMEA

  • I was the leading Project manager for the creation of a new business model for Abbott Diabetes Care that encompasses the entire eCommerce Solution across 8 major European markets selling the innovative Flash Glucose Monitoring System FreeStyle Libre cash-pay.
  • The solution was from scratch created.
  • Third party service provider has been for Financial Services, Web-development, Warehousing and Fulfilment selected and contracted.
  • More than 50 cross functional and cross countries internal and third party project stakeholder have been managed.
  • I contributed to the business transformation from B2B to B2C.
  • In a later stage, the German DtP eCommerce Solution has been with a new innovative reimbursed business model with new customer journey, consumer-facing web-shop with a reimbursement engine processing individual pre-approval and payer invoicing and payment and product order fulfilment enhanced.
  • In parallel, I gave guidance and support for the investigation and design of basic flows for DtP eCommerce based Reimbursement Solutions across other EMEA countries - in some cases we have been pioneering without any existing reference.
  • Status reports and solution demonstrations up to divisional level.

03/2007 - 01/2013

5 Jahre 11 Monate

diverse projects

Nihon Kohden Europe, Rosbach vdH (Hessen), Germany

Nihon Kohden is a global acting medical technology company, (worldwide > 3,500 employees)

04/2008 - 01/2013

Business Unit Manager IT Solution

  • Definition of IT Solution product portfolio for the Patient Monitoring, Cardiology and Neurology devices, system design, Europe wide project management, implementation and management of product launches, organization and performance of trainings, market observation and knowledge transfer to development, built up the department IT Solution
  • 2 direct reports

03/2007 – 03/2008

Product Manager Neurology

  • Combined marketing and technical oriented product management with i.a. launch of a new medical device for measurement of electrical brain activity, product presentation on national and international congresses and exhibitions.

09/2006 - 02/2007

6 Monate


11/2004 - 08/2006

1 Jahr 10 Monate

Design, specification, project and product management

Project & Product Manager
ICW AG, Walldorf (Baden), Germany
  • An international acting company producing software for the e-health market (worldwide > 400 employees)
  • Design, specification, project and product management for the:
  • web-based software LifeSensor (personal health record) Nutrition-Assistant, LifeSensor Emergency Assistant and Mobile Applications for LIfeSensor
  • Support and advice of the managing board in strategic development of the web-based personal health record, presentation of ICW AG products on exhibitions and conferences.

10/2001 - 06/2004

2 Jahre 9 Monate

Planning, execution, analysis and interpretation of the results of numerous studies

Scientific Position
DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology Center, Ulm, Germany - (parallel to computer science studies)

Planning, execution, analysis and interpretation of the results of numerous studies (influence of driving to humans), presentation of research results by internal and external lectures, reports and publications, collaboration in the supervision of test series performed by external university cooperation partners of DaimlerChrysler.

07/1999 - 06/2001

2 Jahre

Treatment and care of neurological

Physician and Scientific Officer
Clinic of Neurology and as cooperation Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of Ulm, Germany

Treatment and care of neurological in- and outpatients, collaboration in the interdisciplinary research group Neuro-PET (Positron Emission Tomography), performance and result analysis of clinical trials and studies with PET, presentation of scientific results on national and international congresses by lectures and scientific poster.

01/1998 - 06/1999

1 Jahr 6 Monate

Treatment and care of patients at the neurological intensive care unit

Physician and Scientific Officer
Department of Neurology, University of Goettingen, Germany

Treatment and care of patients at the neurological intensive care unit and others while emergency and hospital consultation services, scientific management of the clinical trial „Drug compatibility of Interferon beta-1b by primary progressive multiple sclerosis patients”, preparation of samples and performance of molecular biological and immunological examinations (ELISA, PCR, etc)



Life Sciences


E Commerce



Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen

I am a physician, scientist and computer scientist with >20 y professional experience in medical areas: Medical devices, Direct to Patient, Digital Transformation, eCommerce, Medical IT solutions, Neuro computer science, research and clinical patient treatment.
My personal skills are in my job references described i.a. with overview in most difficult situations, pronounced analytical and fast thinking, systematic and result-oriented approach, high reliability, imaginativeness, consistent implementation of ideas, high ability to work under pressure and willingness to take responsibility.

IT- Skills

Application software

  • MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook,
  • Lotus Notes, various Photo Editing Software, various Video Editing Software, etc

Medical standards

  • HL7
  • xDT

Data analysis

  • Matlab
  • Stata

Software develop.

  • Software Engineering
  • UML


Turbo Pascal

business fluent
like native speaker


Patents and Publications on request

Aus- und Weiterbildung

10/2001 - 08/2004

2 Jahre 11 Monate

Computer Science Studies

Bachelor of Computer Science/ grade: gut (corresponds to B)
Institution, Ort
Albert-Einstein University Ulm, Germany

Bachelor thesis:

Sensorfusion in a (mobile) cooperative application grade: 1.3 (corresponds to A)

10/1991 - 11/1997

6 Jahre 2 Monate

Medical Studies

State Examination/ grade: 1.99 (corresponds to B)
Institution, Ort
Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany

within top 13% of all German medical graduates in the same year

06/1997 - 08/1997

3 Monate

Visiting student physician

Visiting student physician
Institution, Ort
University of South Alabama Medical Center, Mobile, Alabama, USA

06/1991 - 06/1991

1 Monat

high school

Allgemeine Hochschulreife (general matriculation standard)
Institution, Ort
Staedtisches Gymnasium Bad Laasphe (high school), Germany


1.5 (corresponds to between A and B)



PhD in Medicine, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Grade: Sehr gut (corresponds to A)


Investigation of genetic and socioeconomic factors influencing the infection with Helicobacter pylori and its associated diseases

  • Trial planning,
  • ascertainment of epidemiological data,
  • preparation of samples (cell separation, culture of cells, DNA purification),
  • performance and interpretation of molecular biological examinations (PCR, gel electrophoresis, Satellite DNA, Immunogenetics) and statistical data analysis and evaluation.