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Projektmanagement, IT Organisation, IT Servicemanagement, IT Prozessanalyse und -(re)design, kein Techniker aber fundierte IT Kenntnisse Datacenter, LAN/WAN, etc.

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International programme management

International project management

ITIL consulting

IT organization
IT business process analysis
IT sales-, support- and service processes
IT strategy



12/2015 - Heute

3 Jahre 8 Monate

Several Software development projects with agile and hybrid methods; design and implementation of a project management office

Project Manager
hagebau, Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG, Soltau

Project planning and management, requirement and demand  management, managing the specification, development, test and live going phases

Short description 

  • hagebau has in total about 1,750 locations in eight European countries.
  • One of the projects was an integration of a web shop to an existing ERP system and connection to a SAP Business Warehouse for multiple management and controlling information.
  • Another Project was to move ERP functionality to mobile device apps based on android OS

01/2015 - 09/2015

9 Monate

Data centre migration project: Migration of Coventry data centre to Hannover.

Transnational Project Manager
TUI Group, Hannover, Coventry, Luton

Project planning and management, scope definition, discovery, assessment, preparation, execution planning, testing, migration execution, decommission within the source data centre.

Short description   

TUI Group had planned to consolidate the external Coventry data centre into TUI data centres in Hannover. Due to early cancellation of the Coventry data centre contract the project had to be completed by end August. Part of the project was the TUI UK&I Exchange DR environment containing over 40,000 mailboxes, File Server for over 10,000 users, business critical apps running on virtual servers in DR mode, virtualised database servers running Oracle and MS SQL databases, 20 Domain controllers and other apps.

01/2014 - 11/2014

11 Monate

Windows 7 rollout on ca. 18,000 devices across Europe.

Transnational Project Manager
Airbus Defence and Space (on behalf of T-Systems), Munich, Paris/Elancourt, Helsinki, Newport

Optimization of deployment-related processes, deployment planning per country, synchronization of transnational businesses, progress tracking and reporting, rollout of 18,000 devices.

Short description

The goal was to re-organise the project on T-Systems International side, streamline and optimise the delivery processes and synchronize deployments with the Airbus D&S units and project responsible.

01/2013 - 12/2013

1 Jahr

Windows 7 rollout on ca. 80,000 devices across Europe.

Transnational Deployment Manager, Deputy Programme Manager
Airbus Operations S.A.S., Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Bristol

Optimisation of deployment-related processes, deployment planning per country, synchronisation of transnational businesses, progress tracking and reporting, rollout of 80,000 devices.

Short description   

The operational period of the Windows 7 rollout project. Most of the Airbus businesses are transnationally organised and therefore transnational coordination of the Windows 7 rollout project was mandatory.

01/2012 - 02/2013

1 Jahr 2 Monate

Development of a rollout management system.

Project Manager
Airbus Operations S.A.S., Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Bristol

Requirement management, specification and high level system design, change management, test management, move into production.

Short description   

The rollout project demanded a proper configuration management database (CMDB) to assure that all the device-related data are accurate, up-to-date and accessible by all project members. The objective was to consolidate existing source data bases into a consolidation database (daily one-way synchronisation) and add a project database covering all project related information. The system was used by over 300 people.

04/2011 - 12/2012

1 Jahr 9 Monate

Project planning and preparation of a Windows 7 rollout on ca. 80,000 devices across Europe

Project Manager, Deputy Programme Manager
Airbus Operations S.A.S., Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Bristol

Project management, risk management, budget planning, process design, method and tools definition, project reporting.

Short description   

Based on the project study and due to XP time window (support will end in April 2014) Airbus decided to start the Windows 7 rollout project with the planning phase in April 2011. All non-operational phases (planning, conception and preparation) were to end in December 2012.


implementation of Zero Touch migration methods, project preparation of the development of a rollout management system.

07/2010 - 03/2011

9 Monate

Project study and initiation of a Windows 7 rollout on ca. 80,000 devices across Europe

Project Manager
Airbus Operations S.A.S., Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Bristol

Multiple studies, cost benefit analysis and recommendations, project management, risk management, budget planning, high level project planning, organisation, quality, CMDB concept.

Short description   

After the XP rollout project was finished and based on the lessons learned study Airbus requested a project study for a Windows 7 rollout including deviation methods for non-validated applications. The lessons learned study brought up three subjects that had impacted the XP rollout: a late Application Readiness start and no deviation methods, no asset management and no configuration management database (CMDB), a manual deployment mode for all affected devices.


study of virtualisation methods like VDI, virtual applications or session-based desktop virtualisation, study of Zero Touch migration methods, cost benefit analysis.

01/2010 - 06/2010

6 Monate

Windows XP rollout on ca. 60,000 devices across Europe

Crisis Manager
Airbus Operations S.A.S., Hamburg, Toulouse, Madrid, Bristol

Crisis management, re-planning of remaining deployments, measures of compensating for missing application readiness, transnational synchronisation of migrations and refreshes, setup reporting and progress tracking, lessons learned study.

Short description   

At the beginning of 2008, Airbus decided to consolidate multiple operating system versions to Windows Vista with the objective to have as few OS masters running as possible. The following year, Airbus decided to move to Windows XP instead because Application Readiness in Vista was not manageable. Due to Microsoft support expiry for Windows 2000 in April 2010, Airbus started the deployment before Application Readiness was conducted. Coupled with non-existent asset management, the project almost failed at the end of 2009. Following crisis management the project was successfully delivered in 9 months.


project was delayed by 6 months, above budget by €1.5 million and application readiness was not properly performed.

08/2009 - 12/2009

5 Monate

Modification and restructuring of existing service contracts

Service Level Manager
Wincor Nixdorf Portavis, Hamburg

Definition of standard IT services, definition of standard SLAs, definition of a standard cost model, feasibility of combination of services, SLAs, and cost to support sales consulting.

Short description  

Wincor Nixdorf Portavis was the IT system provider for Hamburger Sparkasse and Sparkasse Bremen (savings bank). Along with the sales strategy to extend the business to other companies in the financial sector, Wincor Nixdorf Portavis had to rebuild their offering portfolio to support sales.

09/2008 - 08/2009

1 Jahr

Foundation of own Company

Interim Manager, Transition Manager, General Manager, Project Ma
[on request]

Transition completed within 6 weeks, quality and productivity assessment, re-design of processes to change from time & material to ticket based charging, measures to improve quality and productivity, cost reduction (e.g. release of 25 staff out of 119), project planning, process design, budget planning for the refresh project, coaching Hemmersbach project managers to take over the refresh project.

Short description   

Prior to the merger, Hemmersbach Germany was a HP desktop service supplier in Germany and Italy for GE. Due to cost implications, HP decided to outsource this service to an external service provider. Hemmersbach was chosen as the supplier for the UK and was requested to set up a branch in the UK with a transfer of 119 people from HP CDS.


transition of 119 employees from a service company called HP [on request], re-structuring of [on request], preparation of ca. 20,000 devices refresh project for General Electric (GE) across the UK and Ireland.

03/2006 - 09/2008

2 Jahre 7 Monate

Account management for all TUI owned airlines and the TUI Scandinavian tour operators, support of the implementation of ITSM processes.

Account Manager
TUI InfoTec, Hannover, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Luton

Assessment and specification of demands, Bid management, contract preparation and negotiation, management of move into production, revenue planning, management of accounting variances, host of customer satisfaction meetings, Service Level Reporting, Feedback on implemented ITSM processes, weak-point analysis of ITSM processes, proposal of improvements from customer point of view.

Short description   

TUI InfoTec provides IT services to the TUI enterprise; including airlines, tour operators, cruises, hotels and more; in multiple areas such as hosting, database, desktop and application services.

07/2005 - 01/2006

7 Monate

Business process analysis of the sales department.

Business Process Analyst
Universal Music, Berlin, London

Process analysis, documentation of existing structures and processes, weak-point documentation, proposal of improvements and recommendation of actions.

Short description   

Universal Music was using a proprietary system for the sales process but SAP for all other production and delivery related processes. The study was meant to identify weaknesses within the sales process and describe the potential of improvements and cost reduction along with a transition to SAP.

01/2005 - 06/2005

6 Monate

Conception and implementation of contingency and change management, support to implement configuration management.

ITSM consultant
Universal Music, Berlin, London

Contingency Management manual including concept for backup data centre, timetable for data centre shutdown in case of power blackout, fire protection, backup offices and more. Change management process design and description with the setup of necessary change boards for standard and emergency changes.

Short description

Along with a companywide implementation of SOx compliant processes Universal IT was requested to improve their ITSM process landscape.

01/2004 - 08/2004

8 Monate

Conception and implementation of the ITSM process “Supplier and Contract Management”.

ITSM consultant
TollCollect, Berlin

Analysis of existing Supplier and Contract Management structures and sub-processes, process redesign and process implementation, analysis of existing contracts and investigation of SLAs cross contract, reopening of existing contracts to solve issues with cross contractual SLAs.

Short description   

TollCollect was set up as a company by Daimler and Deutsche Telekom to collect toll charges from trucks on all German motorways, with the intention of implementing a fully automatic charging method. The technology required was provided and maintained by multiple suppliers.

03/2003 - 12/2003

10 Monate

Introduction of a network and system management tool.

ITSM consultant
Universal Music, Berlin, London

Requirement dossier, identification of affected services, system evaluation, decision memo.

Short description   

Following the move to Berlin and the merger with Koch Music, Universal Music IT was growing and operating an increasing number of mission critical systems. It was necessary to introduce a management system with a link to several ITSM service delivery and service support processes.



08/2002 – 02/2003

Universal Music Group

IT integration of “Koch Music” after merging into Universal Music Group


11/2001 – 07/2002

Universal Music Group

Management of the IT move project within the frame of the relocation of Universal Music from Hamburg to Berlin


10/2001 – 12/2001

Universal Music Group

Recruitment of IT staff for Universal Music for the time after their relocation to Berlin


Branchenübergreifend im IT Umfeld


Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen

IT skills

  • Client/Server Systems, LAN/WAN environments, Storage Area Networks
  • Data centre design and operation
  • Development of service offerings, service structures and service processes
  • Service design implementation and operation within a client/server environment based on ITIL
  • IT-governance based on COBIT/Coso
  • Sabarnes Oxley Act (SOx) implementation for IT organisations
  • Business process analysis


Financial skills

  • Budget planning and management
  • Investment planning, cost benefit analysis, cost reduction practices
  • IT cost control
  • Business planning
  • Sales and account management


Management expertise

  • Project management
  • Personnel planning and personnel management
  • Human resource development and career management
  • Team formation and team leadership
  • Budget responsibility
  • Performing competitive market analysis and set up of future strategies
  • Definition, initiation and implementation of service offering strategies in collaboration with sales and executive board
  • Risk management and risk mitigation strategies
  • Problem solving methods


Core skills

  • Ability to lead and work in a team or as an individual
  • Highly motivated and eager to learn
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Customer orientated approach
  • Analytical understanding of complex issues
  • Transparent and solution orientated way of working
  • Strong experience in conflict resolution

ITIL Process

Supplier & Contract Management

  • Evaluation of new suppliers and contracts
  • Establishing new suppliers and contracts
  • Supplier and contract review
  • Contract renewal or termination

Change Management

  • Change management support
  • Assessment of change proposals
  • RFC logging and review
  • Assessment and implementation of emergency changes
  • Post implementation review and change closure

Project Management

  • Project management strategy method and tools
  • Project initiation
  • Project planning and coordination
  • Project control
  • Project reporting and communication

Continuity Management

  • Continuity management support
  • Design services for continuity
  • Service continuity training and testing
  • Service continuity review

International Key Account Management

  • Acquisition and sales
  • Customer relationship
  • Customer controlling reviews and reporting

Business Relationship Management

  • Maintain customer relationships
  • Identify service requirements
  • Sign up customers to standard services
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Monitor customer complaints

Demand Management

  • Demand management support
  • Assessment of demands
  • Demand logging and review
  • Transition into service
  • Post implementation review and demand closure

Strategy Management for IT Services

  • Strategic service assessment
  • Service strategy definition
  • Service strategy execution

Service Level Management

  • Maintenance of the SLM framework
  • Identification of service requirements
  • Agreements sign-off and service activation
  • Service level monitoring and reporting

Configuration Management

  • Configuration identification
  • Configuration control
  • Configuration verification and audit

Work experience


Managing Director, Behlinx GmbH (ltd), Bremen (see list of projects)

11/2001 - 02/2013

Self-employed as IT Business Consultant (see list of projects)

04/2001 - 10/2001

Director Consulting, EINSTEINet GmbH, Munich/Hamburg

08/2000 - 03/2001

Director Business Development of ”Application Services“, debis Systemhaus PCM Computer AG, Munich

01/1999 - 07/1900

Head of Sales Consulting, debis Systemhaus PCM Computer AG, Hamburg

01/1995 - 12/1998

Senior Project Manager, debis Systemhaus PCM Computer AG, Hamburg

05/1993 - 12/1994

Junior Project Manager, debis Systemhaus DCS GmbH, Hamburg

05/1989 - 04/1993

IT Organizer, Mercedes-Benz AG, Plant Bremen

04/1988 - 04/1989

Contractor, Mercedes-Benz AG, Plant Bremen



  • Prince2 foundation certified, Prince 2 practitioner in progress, Prince2 Agile in progress
  • ITIL Expert in progress
  • Requirements Engineering nach Sophist