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Experienced Telecommunications and Test Automation professional with a positive attitude towards the work and result oriented approach.

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01/2020 - 05/2020

5 Monate

Develop test automation scripts in Python

ValueLeaf GmbH

Intel Germany & Apple

  • Develop test automation scripts in Python to test production Intel based modem iPhone devices.
  • Integration work (configuration and python modules development) between Apple Wireless Automation Framework and Network simulators from Anritsu and Rohde Schwarz to enable and extend Test Automation scope for Interoperability Testing.

03/2019 - 01/2020

11 Monate

Level 2 Support

Modis GmbH

Evolved Packet Core Operations Engineer - Vodafone Germany

  • Preventive Maintenance for PS & EPC NW elements Cisco (ASR5000, ASR5500)
  • Level 2 Support – Incident Management for problems arriving to Data Core team
  • Working on automation related tasks starting from cronjobs provisioning to recover system information, data analyses with a python-based test engine, visualizing the health check states and test verdicts in a web-based application
  • Configure EPC related KPI graphs in Grafana and Splunk.

10/2014 - 02/2019

4 Jahre 5 Monate

Support Test Automation Operations activities

Senior Verification Engineer

Test Automation Operations – Intel Germany

  • Support Test Automation Operations activities for Intel modem chipsets (XMM7x60) test campaigns in Network Simulated Environment as a Test Automation Engineer.
  • Operate and develop test automation scripts (python & java) for verification campaigns in NW simulated environments; the following areas were covered: Enhanced Network Selection, Device Aggression Management, Radio Performance, LTE Protocol Stack testing.
  • Report and follow up on product defects or 3gpp non-conformities providing relevant UE logs (firmware, protocol stack, SIM card logs) or Network/System logs to the Back Office team during various issues investigations.

10/2013 - 09/2014

1 Jahr

Provide on-site expertise

LTE System Test - LTE E2E Engineer
Alcatel-Lucent Romania
  • Provide on-site expertise for integration and testing of ALU LTE Small Cells and Macro eNodeb solutions during FOAs and trials; activities required skills on a range of ALU LTE equipment from E-UTRAN (FDD Metro MCO, FDD Macro) to “Model Network” EPC, SAM and transport nodes as well as an end to end approach (WMM, S&P-GW, SeGW, 7750 SR).
  • Participate in the Lab phase of the project executing performance, CS Fallback and mobility (intra freq, inter RAT) tests;
  • Integration of the Lab MCO eNodebs with the Certificate Management Server (CMS) - the ALU PKI Solution, for the PnP architecture where the MCO eNodeb contacts the CMS right after the boot process, authenticates with the factory certificates and then downloads the operator specific certificates prior to establishing the final IPSec tunnels for OAM and TLC planes;
  • Working on Lab ALU CMS and ALU SeGW to import and define specific configuration for the eNodeb factory, operator specific certificates and CRLs (certificate revocation lists);

11/2012 - 10/2013

1 Jahr

Executing reconfiguration work orders

Change Management Engineer
Vodafone Romania
  • Part of the Regional Network Operation Center team in charge of configuration activities of the RAN, PS core and EPC network of Vodafone Romania in Banat Region. The activities are very heterogeneous ranging from access, core network (CS, PS, EPC), transport and IP (Ericsson, Huawei and Cisco)
  • Executing reconfiguration work orders for 3G/4G access network elements (Ericsson [2xxx,3xxx,6xxx series] & Huawei) or PBX interconnection services (PRA ISDN or SIP/IP/IMS)
  • Operate the Cisco IPN solution for 3G backhauling - operate the Huawei EPC solution (MME, UGW, CG)

02/2012 - 10/2012

9 Monate

Perform new features and regression testing

Interoperability Test Engineer
Intel Mobile Communications Germany
  • Participate in Interoperability 2G/3G test campaigns in major NW vendors labs around the world (Ericsson lab in Montreal, Huawei lab in Shanghai R&D Centre, NSN lab in Espo, ALU lab in Paris) to test and certificate 3GPP wise Intel's modem chipsets platforms (XMM6360).
  • Perform new features and regression testing with Intel's 2G/3G modem chipset platform; HSDPA/HSUPA+, Dual Carrier, enhanced FACH, mobility, inter RAT, performance (throughput, delay) areas
  • Troubleshooting and investigating of problems at layer 2 and 3 of the UMTS protocol stack
  • Reporting and follow up of issues and non-conformities in a fault reporting online application

02/2011 - 01/2012

1 Jahr

Installation, upgrade and provisioning

Core Network Technical Service Engineer
Huawei Germany
  • Part of the local Huawei Technologies - Core Network Technical Support team in charge of delivering and maintaining the EPC of the O2 LTE commercial network in Munich and Berlin.
  • Installation, upgrade and provisioning of the O2 EPC testbed and production environments
  • Active involvement in the O2 EPC domain acceptance test campaign
  • Participate in the implementation of the ‘O2 Go’ mobile data service as a principal onsite support engineer for the PCRF activities (service deployment, installation and configuration)

02/2010 - 01/2011

1 Jahr

Installation and configuration

LTE Trial & FOA Expert Engineer
Alcatel Lucent Romania
  • Part of a team that conducts ALU LTE solution FOA’s and trials.
  • Installation and configuration of the LTE Evolved Packet Core elements of an on-air ALU trial LTE network in Telecom Italia Labs premises in Turin; the EPC elements include: Multimedia Management Entity, Serving
  • Gateway, PDN Gateway, Home Subscriber Server, Policy & Charging Rules Function; the RAN elements included 2 over the wire lab eNBs, 6 macro on-air eNBs and 2 pico on-air eNB nodes running in 2,6 GHz frequency
  • Act as the main onsite ALU responsible of the EPC and S1/X2 domain trial tests (default & dedicated bearer creation, VoIP & video calls, mobility, idle mode tests); follow-up and report non-conformities of different software releases of the core network elements
  • Identify and troubleshoot backhauling and ALU-TIM interconnection problems during the LTE trial network build and operation; the backhauling solution consisted of FO and MW links on top of which an ALU MPLS network was implemented; configuration of MPLS transport nodes: ALU 7705 SAR (service aggregation router) and ALU
  • 7750 SR (service router) OAM extension switches (ALU Omniswitch 6850 family)
  • Ensure optimal configuration of Linux based application servers used during the demo sessions throughout the trial (FTP, HTTP, E- MAIL, SIP, Video Streaming); daily checks of core network side traces on different LTE interfaces (S1u, S1mme, S5, SGi, S6a, Gx); work closely with the
  • RAN OAM team to consolidate the LTE RAN & OAM and facilitate an easier end to end approach


  • Telecommunications
  • IT & Programming



Produkte / Standards / Erfahrungen


  • Packet Core Networks
  • Test Automation
  • Network Operation s
  • Python Programming


  • Cisco
  • Huawei

Be part of an enthusiastic international team based in Munich or elsewhere (WHO w/ travelling) providing practical solutions in the new Digitalization era. Ideally contributing to Telecommunication Test Automation (i.e.: Cisco DevNetOps, Network Programmability) or Data Science applied in Telecommunications Projects.


  • Linux
  • 5 star badge for Python on Hackerrank
  • PyCharm, Django, Jenkins, Ansible
  • Data Science Python libraries: pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit
  • SQL (mySQL), mongoDB
  • Object Orienting Programming (able to read & modify C++ code)
  • AWS


  • Applied Data Science with Python
  • University of MICHIGAN

  • Packet Core – Cisco; Huawei (S-GW, P-GW, GGSN, MME, SGSN)
  • LTE Architecture & Flows / General 5G Concepts
  • Python Automation – development of customized full stack applications for data parsing, analysis and presentation
  • Splunk, Grafana for data analyses and visualization
  • Shell Scripting (Bash & expect)
  • Network protocols (GTP, UDP, TCP, SIP)
  • Wireless Network Simulators (R&S, Keysight)


  • BSc. Telecommunications